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Call Review 03/07/23

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 03/07/23

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Okay, guys, we are going to do another call review. This is one of the goats, Jacob. He sent me over a couple of calls. We might skip around a little bit because this would be extremely long video. Be like three hours long if I don't listen to all of it. So we're going to skip around a little bit, try to find everything that he wanted me to listen to, to see what we can improve. All right. So let's begin this.

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Hi. Good morning, Jean. Yeah. Hello, sir. This is Jacob George with Senior Life Services. Calling you back yet? Reached out to us online about our state regulated life insurance here in Florida for final expenses.

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Okay. I did do something online.

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Okay. Yeah, we spoke yesterday. Was it yesterday? Actually, a few days ago. Your phone was broken and that's why I was calling back. It's clear enough to talk now. Oh, yeah. Okay, great.

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Be careful with questions like that, because I really like the intro, by the way. That's why there's a lot of play. Um, the question be careful with questions are not assumptive like you don't want to put in their head. Oh yeah the phone is still kind of mean any this this applies to everything but you don't want to put in their head that oh, is this not a good, you know, things like that. It's it's not a good time. Oh it was the phone, you know, you know working now, you know things like that. It just lets them gives them out. I'm about no outs in this business. You get no outs unless it's a rail out.

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So you reached out to us just to confirm the information. Gene. Your last name is Kushal SQL. L. Correct. And your full name at Gmail is the email address provided?

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Yes, but it failed. Yes.

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Oh, I see. I see. The spelling is okay. Kushal. So the.

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My wife. My wife messed up my.

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We shared our accounts and we missed it. Gotcha. I lost the ability to access it, so I just set up a new one within this folder.

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Oh, I see. I see. Oh, gotcha.

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She missed the first two, and she set up her new one with a nine at the end or whatever, But that gets.

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Yeah. Now you're like an OG with the Gmail. You don't need a number at the end. I hear you. So. And the birthday provided is May 14th, 1959.

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What is it? There was very good, like an OG, you know, just you can have a lot of fun with people as you as you call them and, you know, make these calls. So, you know, just just have as much fun as you want without crossing any lines.

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Yes. And you're looking for $5,000 or less with Wayne Kaushal as your beneficiary.

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I wasn't looking, but I said freeze. So I started. Check it out.

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Okay. Yeah. These are state regulators.

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That is a very loaded statement. Like, I wasn't looking, but I thought I would check it out. So let's see how it goes from there. That gives me a warning sign. That's flag number one policies.

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I'll go over with you. We're consulting firm. So what we do is we work with several companies, with state whole life plans. And that's what we'll be discussing. Right now I am able to go through different companies, not just 1 or 2, like most of these companies, and that way I could find you the best rates and benefits available. Okay, Gene.

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I see. I can get better if I get sure, But the term is going to be expensive in my age at this point.

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You're 63. Well, I'll ask you some.

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Basic health questions. Do you have a policy in place?

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Um, I have one on me from my past, on my wife. I used to have a half a million on me. Oh, for my wife. But I never got any from on her for me because I've always been the main provider.

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So a lot of people talk in circular logic, so sometimes he, like he might go to where I think he's going to go, Well, maybe we should talk about the wife, talk to her. You know, you really got to find the need.

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Yes. And she passed.

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Away. That doesn't help me. That doesn't help me in any way. Your wife passed away. Transfer her. I can transfer from her as a beneficiary of my policy, but I. To somebody else, which I have to have no idea who I would do. Probably my brother. But. Oh, who is that? What's your.

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What's your relation to Wayne?

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Is my brother.

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Oh, okay. I just want to list that. So I'm trying to understand. So your wife. She does. She. She's alive, correct? No. Okay, so you're a widower, but she didn't get a policy, unfortunately.

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No, she did. Oh, and I don't believe in I believe usually I try to combine them on a policy. I don't know if they have the policy fees and all that. I used to be licensed years ago and insurance and securities and a whole bunch of different states. You know more.

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Yeah. What the only benefit with not doing it together. What I've learned is women are usually cheaper. In your case, it's unique where she passed before you because women are usually they pass away.

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She didn't want me to pay the money.

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To insure her because she was ten years older than me, even though her health was better than mine. I mean, I'm the one that should have died last year instead of her. I almost died and came back.

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Okay, so that's a good rapport. You're getting a just these little talks, you're getting a feel for what does he really need? So this this kind of rapport is 100% where you want to be. So I'm going to try to just let it play.

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Oh, wow. And passed away not too long after that. Well, not like a month after that, because they said she was getting better. She was coming home and then all of a sudden there's internal bleeding. And before, you know, it just plugged it up to a machine.

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Oh, my condolences, Gene. That's so that was 100%.

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The only that was because all she had is a little bit of emphysema left lower lobe. Also, I was. Was she.

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A smoker?

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I was a nurse and a nurse practitioner. No, she was in a.

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Lot of.

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Jobs we're talking.

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About decades ago. Yeah. Okay.

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Wow. But yeah, that's really scary.

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She wasn't vaccinated. I tried to talk her into that being vaccinated, but I'm not either.

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That's why I'm worried because I refused it a couple of times.

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Yeah, I have a lot of family that refused it and a lot of them, they got they got sick for a few days and then they got better and they're selling their plasma now for. 250 bucks a week.

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Extra as.

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Monaco tires. So that's the extra money for them.

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Why? Because now they have immune.

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They have an immunity that's better than.

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That's what I.

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Think. I got this thing. I think I got this a few weeks ago, and I was in hell for, like, five days. But then now I feel fine.

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Back into it. If you got the antibodies, you can sell them for 250 bucks a week. It's a simple procedure. I used to give plasma and blood and never sold.

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And it depends on the plan to just put it in there, it'll stop you. Then that would be 35th standard.

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Sorry guys had to answer that question.

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I didn't do anything for it. So that's kind of sincere.

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Yeah, I have other conditions so they wouldn't. But your wife had no other conditions other than.

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All right, so what they're are. You're kind of mean. You're now you're building rapport, but you should probably get off the wife. She has passed on so she can't be insured. So we really got to focus in on the guy because you don't want to waste your time. You know, you have a lot of people have a pattern. Jacob, You're one of them who sometimes you have a lot of talk time, but you're kind of not getting to the nitty gritty issues and maybe building too much rapport. I don't like what I have to say that. But mean it's I don't want so much more that, you know, they're losing sight of what we're trying to accomplish.

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I'm sorry to hear that. That's yeah, that's really.

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Destroyed organs and everything. I'm wondering I'm not unsure of the treatments that exactly she got. I couldn't check into it because I was homebound and I was in a wheelchair and I couldn't go to the hospital just to see her or anything. Oh, I'm.

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Sorry to hear that. What's your home address?

00:08:31:22 - 00:08:35:20

01006 Parkwood Circle, West Jacksonville, Florida.

00:08:36:07 - 00:08:38:23

201 Parkville Circle.

00:08:39:17 - 00:08:49:20

No. Park Ridge. I'm sorry. I thought you were reading it and confirming it with me, but it's. It's Parkridge Circle.

00:08:49:22 - 00:08:51:09

West West.

00:08:51:11 - 00:08:54:18

Okay. Gotta get that somewhere. So that's good. We might as well get it.

00:08:54:20 - 00:08:55:13

When you can get it.

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If you put in the zip code, it should automatically come up in your software that.

00:09:00:21 - 00:09:05:09

Will once we do the application side, this is just me entering it. What is your zip there?

00:09:06:22 - 00:09:08:12

Fifth. Three, two, two, one, one.

00:09:10:08 - 00:09:10:23

I like that.

00:09:11:05 - 00:09:18:15

Actually, like life insurance policy. I made all the arrangements ahead of time for both myself and my wife. Oh.

00:09:21:03 - 00:09:44:19

So that's what I'm worried about when he when he says something like that. I love the fact that. That you're like, what wouldn't thought the application I felt your application that's being very assumptive. So if it's somebody that wants it there is going to be like, all right, yeah, okay. When fill out your application then, you know, of course I'll need to do that. And then that puts in their head, of course, that we are going to go forward with this. But this guy is answering pretty directly here. So let's find out what what happens.

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With the funeral home a long time ago.

00:09:48:01 - 00:09:50:04

Did you use that when she passed away?

00:09:51:08 - 00:09:58:20

Yeah. So they cremated her, and they were supposed to cremate me because they won't take your body and drop it and potato sack in the ground.

00:09:59:01 - 00:10:01:22

Yeah. That's very not friendly.

00:10:03:06 - 00:10:08:04

Well, it's cheaper and it's as far as I'm concerned, that's on me anyway, according to my face. So.

00:10:08:21 - 00:10:11:21

Well, you could not legal.

00:10:12:00 - 00:10:14:21

Well, it's not legal. I don't do. You know.

00:10:15:05 - 00:10:16:10

There's some cool.

00:10:16:12 - 00:10:30:00

Techniques, but they're all overseas within America. Very strict. You know, they even put it where they put the body on top of the mountain and let vultures and eagles eat it. But, you know, it's weird. It sounds weird, but do that.

00:10:30:03 - 00:10:31:06

But that's called.

00:10:31:08 - 00:10:34:19

The sky burial. That's one of the weirdest. Not the weirdest. I think it's actually cool.