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Call Review 03/02/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 03/02/23

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All right, guys, we got another call review to do. Nathan is a dominant agent.

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He is also struggling a little bit. So he basically asked me to do these call reviews, see if there's anything changing. Um, and we'll, we'll get right into it and find out, you know, if we hear anything that needs to be changed or, you know, obviously we'll point out the good, the bad and ugly. So let me share a screen. Get this ready.

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Okay. All right. So I'm going to just start taking calls. This is from this week.

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Hello. Hey, Sarita. How's it going?

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Who am I speaking with?

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Okay, so right there you could have said. Hey, Rita. How's everything been going in Durham or whatever the city is? How's everything been going? Simply because they don't know you. But if you say something like that, it's going to put them on their toes for a second and you'll be able to actually, you know, get into the presentation or at least at least confirm the information easily. Oh, it's.

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Me, Nathan, the life insurance consultant you spoke with a few days.

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Ago. Okay, so forget everything I said.

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This is her mother. Hold on.

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Uh, so it's a follow up.

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Oh, take your time.

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All right. So we're not going to listen to that follow up simply because it only lasted four minutes and either she wasn't interested or she was too busy to answer the phone.

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All right, here are some intros. Play this bad boy.

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Hey, William. I'm sorry. I think we got disconnected.

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And not that one.

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Please enter your remote access.

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Liz, How's it going, darling? I'm with Mr. Mike Freiermuth. We had him.

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Okay, guys, let's hit the a little bit longer here. Eight, nine minutes.

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Hey, Rhonda. How's it going?

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It's fine. Yes.

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Oh, it's me, Nathan, your life insurance agent.

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Okay, so it's just a ton of, uh, ton of follow ups right now, so we need to actually get into a full presentation.

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Guys. Like when I do these, sometimes I cut a little short, but a lot of the time I just continue and continue and continue.

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Hey, Daniel.

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How's everything going in your of Atwater? Oh, cold. Hey, that's better than terrible, Daniel.

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All right. So always use guys, always use what they're giving you. So if they're saying it's cold, like you could simply say, okay, how what kind of temperature you got going today? You know, something, something just to get them off and talking.

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My name is Nathan over here. It's Senior Life Services. I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps about the state regulated life insurance programs here for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have just to verify you're.

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Still at 32 Castle Drive.

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Yeah. And I see your birthday's October the 3rd, 1951. Yep.

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So if you notice that transition is really good. There's a very small pause, but he's basically. All right, So we're going to confirm this information. There's really no option there. There's no pauses there because it's like, I don't know what this is about. Goodbye.

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And we are looking for some coverage. I saw the children would be our beneficiary. Yeah. And you're not a smoker, correct? No. Yes. So then the live 14.

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1977 when my oldest daughter was born.

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Hey, so how about that, Daniel? I'll tell you a really good story. I wouldn't quit for the longest. My wife was freaking getting all up on me for that. But the day I learned that my son was coming through, I put it down and I never went back.

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Okay, so this is completely made up. Can't be doing this kind of stuff. This is a waste of time. It sounds like it's made up, so don't do that. You don't need to make things up when you're presenting to people.

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Yeah, I think we got them. Well, something in common there. Daniel, I saw you were looking for the cover. What?

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You said there's important. I mean, you do want to try to find commonalities. So if it's. If it's warm where the guy is and it's warm here, you can talk about that, You know, find as many commonalities. Like I'm just like you. That's what Nathan was attempting to do there. So. Nathan Yeah, you definitely don't want to make up elaborate, especially elaborate stories. It's okay to be like, you know, you can be anybody you want on the phone, but making up stories that you've never said before, especially like when my A.I. alter my story a little bit to pertain more to like having to like I had to come up out of pocket for it.

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But to our clients said we had life insurance and it's a lot easier with life insurance. But you know, making up complete fabrication is going to be difficult. And then if you ever call this guy back and he asked, you know, how's your wife or child or anything, then you're in bad shape.

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Something in common there. Daniel, I saw you were looking for the coverage to leave behind to your children as your beneficiary. Yeah. Yes, sir. Well, Daniel, we are a consultant firm. It just means work for our clients, not one particular company. So my goal. I searched through many of the top companies here in the state, and it's just my job to help figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. You with me on that?

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Daniel Yeah.

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Yes, sir. Now, Daniel will be looking for benefits just for yourself today or what we're looking more towards for someone else in the family.

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It's just mind.

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Okay, great. And when it comes to handle.

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I'll let you get right down my chart.

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So when I say just yourself, you really you know, you don't need to do that. So. So have your beneficiary as your children. The first very next question, like what are their names? So you never really got that the names earlier. So if when I'm confirming if I can get their name, I'll say it real quick. But if I can't, then this is the place to get it.

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Puts it down my chart. Phone's on the charger right now.

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Okay. Okay. Daniel So is this life insurance?

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Okay, so that's. He probably asked. Almost certainly. Is this something that's important to you and then set a callback? You know, obviously we're not going to call people back. Don't set a bunch of appointments. If you are in an agency where you're, you know, you're dialing out, don't set a bunch of appointments for people that say call me back when that you've never said this is about life insurance or you haven't confirmed that, you know, they want life insurance because it's just a waste time. You'd be setting a million callbacks. So you got to learn how to deal with that opening objection, which you can find in the other videos.

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Yeah. Let's see. We need a longer one.

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Nice. This one's five minutes. 27 seconds.

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Hey, Joyce. Hey, Joyce. How's everything going in your part of San Diego?

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Hey, that's better than terrible. Well, Joyce, darling, my name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services. I do.

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00:07:47:02 - 00:08:03:06

For not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps about the state approved final expense programs for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have.

00:08:04:04 - 00:08:35:20

Oh, this don't mean Nathan. I don't know if there's. It doesn't seem like a lot of uniform. Like you're sounding different on a lot of these calls, so you got to think what a big thing is going to be. You got to get back to you. Just do it the way you always do it. The more we repeat, like, you know, what is that? You know, what's that saying? Repetition is the mother of mastery, something like that. And it really is true, like but you got to do it the way that you do it. So the way I say it is going to be a little bit different than the way you say it. But very similar in the way I taught you.

00:08:35:22 - 00:08:48:07

So it's like, Hey, my name is Ernie. I mean, you're doing good, but I just want you to sound the same so this isn't bad at all. There's nothing wrong with the way you're saying this, but if you sound the same every time, then it will be a lot easier. Just sound a little different.

00:08:49:13 - 00:08:52:23

Just to verify. I see your stud for a 330.

00:08:54:03 - 00:08:55:21

Just yeah, you're going right into it. So that's good.

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00:08:57:04 - 00:08:57:19


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And I see your birthday's July the 4th, 1949. Right. Okay. And you were looking for about 15,000. I saw your children, Nathan.

00:09:08:16 - 00:09:14:00

You're a little stuffed up in some of these calls, so understand that. That, you know, it's part of the reason we're to be your beneficiary.

00:09:15:17 - 00:09:42:15

And you're not a smoker, correct? No. Yes, ma'am. So, George, darling, we are a consultant firm for seniors. It just means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So my goal, we searched through many of the top companies here in the state, and it's just my job to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates of benefits. You with me on that? Yes. Yes, ma'am. Well, Joyce,

00:09:45:08 - 00:09:51:12

were you looking for benefits just for yourself today, or were you looking more towards for someone else in the family?

00:09:51:16 - 00:10:00:15

Okay. So don't like the way that's worded. Um, are you looking for benefits for just yourself? Today is enough because they don't know what the hell the benefits are if you're.

00:10:02:13 - 00:10:17:09

If you're mentioning a bunch of people, like because you'll confuse people. So it's like, where are you looking for benefits for just yourself today? And if you know, if the husband is the beneficiary, then that's fine or wife's a beneficiary. Like are you looking for both of you? You know, things like that, but don't want to confuse anybody.

00:10:18:01 - 00:10:19:06

And myself.

00:10:20:16 - 00:10:21:15


00:10:21:17 - 00:10:57:10

And it's always so because we're, we're about assuming sales here. So it's always there self like. So you're looking for benefits for just yourself today. So you're saying that is there anybody else that we're also going to be looking for? It is not. Are we looking for you or somebody else we're looking for? You mean that's Claire's day? So are you looking for benefits for just yourself today that almost always say yes? Me Okay. But if you say it the way you said it, or is there looking or are you looking for somebody else in the family? What if you put in their head, well, maybe somebody else they should think about that would be more important to do now.

00:10:58:02 - 00:11:01:11

So it's all psychology. Every all this is psychology. It's all it is.

00:11:02:00 - 00:11:12:01

And when it comes to handling your finances, putting your insurance together is that business you typically handle yourself or is that something the children normally help out with?

00:11:13:07 - 00:11:16:17

You're Lebanese, right? Again, I'm afraid. Oh, that was right.

00:11:17:09 - 00:11:19:04

So you handle that yourself, Joyce.

00:11:20:03 - 00:11:22:00

Worth it with the children.

00:11:22:08 - 00:11:29:24

So the children, normally they make the decisions when it comes to that. Yes. Okay. So one of them, they're with you right now?

00:11:30:01 - 00:11:30:16


00:11:31:14 - 00:11:32:04


00:11:32:06 - 00:11:35:03

So here. What's their number? I can give them a little ring for you, Joyce.

00:11:35:15 - 00:11:37:16

Yeah, I think I got it.

00:11:38:06 - 00:12:10:08

Oh, not a bad not a bad way to do this. But you definitely, you know, you want to confirm that they want it. You could actually go into health qualifications a little bit real quick. I don't like third party payers or, you know, people that are because they don't really want to pay for somebody else's. I mean, a lot of people don't really want to pay for their own. They will because they love their families. But a lot of people do not want to pay for their because, you know, they're putting immediate needs above, you know, long term, you know, success or long term planning.

00:12:10:11 - 00:12:15:10

So they're not going to want to put $100 a month for somebody else. It doesn't matter if that's their mom.

00:12:17:18 - 00:12:19:17

Heaven. Yes.

00:12:19:19 - 00:12:21:15