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Call Review 03/02/23

Updated: Apr 17

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All right, guys, we got another call review to do. Nathan is a dominant agent.

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He is also struggling a little bit. So he basically asked me to do these call reviews, see if there's anything changing. Um, and we'll, we'll get right into it and find out, you know, if we hear anything that needs to be changed or, you know, obviously we'll point out the good, the bad and ugly. So let me share a screen. Get this ready.

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Okay. All right. So I'm going to just start taking calls. This is from this week.

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Hello. Hey, Sarita. How's it going?

00:00:53:19 - 00:00:54:14

Who am I speaking with?

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Okay, so right there you could have said. Hey, Rita. How's everything been going in Durham or whatever the city is? How's everything been going? Simply because they don't know you. But if you say something like that, it's going to put them on their toes for a second and you'll be able to actually, you know, get into the presentation or at least at least confirm the information easily. Oh, it's.

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Me, Nathan, the life insurance consultant you spoke with a few days.

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Ago. Okay, so forget everything I said.

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This is her mother. Hold on.

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Uh, so it's a follow up.

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Oh, take your time.

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All right. So we're not going to listen to that follow up simply because it only lasted four minutes and either she wasn't interested or she was too busy to answer the phone.

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All right, here are some intros. Play this bad boy.

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Hey, William. I'm sorry. I think we got disconnected.

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And not that one.

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Please enter your remote access.

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Liz, How's it going, darling? I'm with Mr. Mike Freiermuth. We had him.

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Okay, guys, let's hit the a little bit longer here. Eight, nine minutes.

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Hey, Rhonda. How's it going?

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It's fine. Yes.

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Oh, it's me, Nathan, your life insurance agent.

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Okay, so it's just a ton of, uh, ton of follow ups right now, so we need to actually get into a full presentation.

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Guys. Like when I do these, sometimes I cut a little short, but a lot of the time I just continue and continue and continue.

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Hey, Daniel.

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How's everything going in your of Atwater? Oh, cold. Hey, that's better than terrible, Daniel.

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All right. So always use guys, always use what they're giving you. So if they're saying it's cold, like you could simply say, okay, how what kind of temperature you got going today? You know, something, something just to get them off and talking.

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My name is Nathan over here. It's Senior Life Services. I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps about the state regulated life insurance programs here for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have just to verify you're.

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Still at 32 Castle Drive.

00:03:31:23 - 00:03:37:14

Yeah. And I see your birthday's October the 3rd, 1951. Yep.

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So if you notice that transition is really good. There's a very small pause, but he's basically. All right, So we're going to confirm this information. There's really no option there. There's no pauses there because it's like, I don't know what this is about. Goodbye.

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And we are looking for some coverage. I saw the children would be our beneficiary. Yeah. And you're not a smoker, correct? No. Yes. So then the live 14.

00:04:02:08 - 00:04:05:10

1977 when my oldest daughter was born.

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Hey, so how about that, Daniel? I'll tell you a really good story. I wouldn't quit for the longest. My wife was freaking getting all up on me for that. But the day I learned that my son was coming through, I put it down and I never went back.

00:04:23:16 - 00:04:34:05

Okay, so this is completely made up. Can't be doing this kind of stuff. This is a waste of time. It sounds like it's made up, so don't do that. You don't need to make things up when you're presenting to people.

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Yeah, I think we got them. Well, something in common there. Daniel, I saw you were looking for the cover. What?

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You said there's important. I mean, you do want to try to find commonalities. So if it's. If it's warm where the guy is and it's warm here, you can talk about that, You know, find as many commonalities. Like I'm just like you. That's what Nathan was attempting to do there. So. Nathan Yeah, you definitely don't want to make up elaborate, especially elaborate stories. It's okay to be like, you know, you can be anybody you want on the phone, but making up stories that you've never said before, especially like when my A.I. alter my story a little bit to pertain more to like having to like I had to come up out of pocket for it.

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But to our clients said we had life insurance and it's a lot easier with life insurance. But you know, making up complete fabrication is going to be difficult. And then if you ever call this guy back and he asked, you know, how's your wife or child or anything, then you're in bad shape.

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Something in common there. Daniel, I saw you were looking for the coverage to leave behind to your children as your beneficiary. Yeah. Yes, sir. Well, Daniel, we are a consultant firm. It just means work for our clients, not one particular company. So my goal. I searched through many of the top companies here in the state, and it's just my job to help figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. You with me on that?

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Daniel Yeah.

00:05:55:16 - 00:06:02:11

Yes, sir. Now, Daniel will be looking for benefits just for yourself today or what we're looking more towards for someone else in the family.

00:06:03:13 - 00:06:04:08

It's just mind.

00:06:06:03 - 00:06:09:04

Okay, great. And when it comes to handle.

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I'll let you get right down my chart.

00:06:14:11 - 00:06:31:21

So when I say just yourself, you really you know, you don't need to do that. So. So have your beneficiary as your children. The first very next question, like what are their names? So you never really got that the names earlier. So if when I'm confirming if I can get their name, I'll say it real quick. But if I can't, then this is the place to get it.

00:06:32:18 - 00:06:35:04

Puts it down my chart. Phone's on the charger right now.

00:06:36:07 - 00:06:40:20

Okay. Okay. Daniel So is this life insurance?

00:06:41:00 - 00:07:11:06

Okay, so that's. He probably asked. Almost certainly. Is this something that's important to you and then set a callback? You know, obviously we're not going to call people back. Don't set a bunch of appointments. If you are in an agency where you're, you know, you're dialing out, don't set a bunch of appointments for people that say call me back when that you've never said this is about life insurance or you haven't confirmed that, you know, they want life insurance because it's just a waste time. You'd be setting a million callbacks. So you got to learn how to deal with that opening objection, which you can find in the other videos.

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Yeah. Let's see. We need a longer one.

00:07:20:16 - 00:07:22:23

Nice. This one's five minutes. 27 seconds.

00:07:30:11 - 00:07:31:01


00:07:32:10 - 00:07:36:06

Hey, Joyce. Hey, Joyce. How's everything going in your part of San Diego?

00:07:37:08 - 00:07:37:23


00:07:38:16 - 00:07:45:18

Hey, that's better than terrible. Well, Joyce, darling, my name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services. I do.

00:07:45:20 - 00:07:46:14


00:07:47:02 - 00:08:03:06

For not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps about the state approved final expense programs for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have.

00:08:04:04 - 00:08:35:20

Oh, this don't mean Nathan. I don't know if there's. It doesn't seem like a lot of uniform. Like you're sounding different on a lot of these calls, so you got to think what a big thing is going to be. You got to get back to you. Just do it the way you always do it. The more we repeat, like, you know, what is that? You know, what's that saying? Repetition is the mother of mastery, something like that. And it really is true, like but you got to do it the way that you do it. So the way I say it is going to be a little bit different than the way you say it. But very similar in the way I taught you.

00:08:35:22 - 00:08:48:07

So it's like, Hey, my name is Ernie. I mean, you're doing good, but I just want you to sound the same so this isn't bad at all. There's nothing wrong with the way you're saying this, but if you sound the same every time, then it will be a lot easier. Just sound a little different.

00:08:49:13 - 00:08:52:23

Just to verify. I see your stud for a 330.

00:08:54:03 - 00:08:55:21

Just yeah, you're going right into it. So that's good.

00:08:55:24 - 00:08:56:14


00:08:57:04 - 00:08:57:19


00:08:58:10 - 00:09:08:14

And I see your birthday's July the 4th, 1949. Right. Okay. And you were looking for about 15,000. I saw your children, Nathan.

00:09:08:16 - 00:09:14:00

You're a little stuffed up in some of these calls, so understand that. That, you know, it's part of the reason we're to be your beneficiary.

00:09:15:17 - 00:09:42:15

And you're not a smoker, correct? No. Yes, ma'am. So, George, darling, we are a consultant firm for seniors. It just means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So my goal, we searched through many of the top companies here in the state, and it's just my job to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates of benefits. You with me on that? Yes. Yes, ma'am. Well, Joyce,

00:09:45:08 - 00:09:51:12

were you looking for benefits just for yourself today, or were you looking more towards for someone else in the family?

00:09:51:16 - 00:10:00:15

Okay. So don't like the way that's worded. Um, are you looking for benefits for just yourself? Today is enough because they don't know what the hell the benefits are if you're.

00:10:02:13 - 00:10:17:09

If you're mentioning a bunch of people, like because you'll confuse people. So it's like, where are you looking for benefits for just yourself today? And if you know, if the husband is the beneficiary, then that's fine or wife's a beneficiary. Like are you looking for both of you? You know, things like that, but don't want to confuse anybody.

00:10:18:01 - 00:10:19:06

And myself.

00:10:20:16 - 00:10:21:15


00:10:21:17 - 00:10:57:10

And it's always so because we're, we're about assuming sales here. So it's always there self like. So you're looking for benefits for just yourself today. So you're saying that is there anybody else that we're also going to be looking for? It is not. Are we looking for you or somebody else we're looking for? You mean that's Claire's day? So are you looking for benefits for just yourself today that almost always say yes? Me Okay. But if you say it the way you said it, or is there looking or are you looking for somebody else in the family? What if you put in their head, well, maybe somebody else they should think about that would be more important to do now.

00:10:58:02 - 00:11:01:11

So it's all psychology. Every all this is psychology. It's all it is.

00:11:02:00 - 00:11:12:01

And when it comes to handling your finances, putting your insurance together is that business you typically handle yourself or is that something the children normally help out with?

00:11:13:07 - 00:11:16:17

You're Lebanese, right? Again, I'm afraid. Oh, that was right.

00:11:17:09 - 00:11:19:04

So you handle that yourself, Joyce.

00:11:20:03 - 00:11:22:00

Worth it with the children.

00:11:22:08 - 00:11:29:24

So the children, normally they make the decisions when it comes to that. Yes. Okay. So one of them, they're with you right now?

00:11:30:01 - 00:11:30:16


00:11:31:14 - 00:11:32:04


00:11:32:06 - 00:11:35:03

So here. What's their number? I can give them a little ring for you, Joyce.

00:11:35:15 - 00:11:37:16

Yeah, I think I got it.

00:11:38:06 - 00:12:10:08

Oh, not a bad not a bad way to do this. But you definitely, you know, you want to confirm that they want it. You could actually go into health qualifications a little bit real quick. I don't like third party payers or, you know, people that are because they don't really want to pay for somebody else's. I mean, a lot of people don't really want to pay for their own. They will because they love their families. But a lot of people do not want to pay for their because, you know, they're putting immediate needs above, you know, long term, you know, success or long term planning.

00:12:10:11 - 00:12:15:10

So they're not going to want to put $100 a month for somebody else. It doesn't matter if that's their mom.

00:12:17:18 - 00:12:19:17

Heaven. Yes.

00:12:19:19 - 00:12:21:15

Okay. I'm gonna give them a little ring real quick.

00:12:22:11 - 00:12:24:05

A mailbox belonging to.

00:12:25:01 - 00:12:44:05

Okay, so that's good. Get off the phone. It's only been five minutes. You've already tried to establish that. You know, talk to the beneficiary, because otherwise get them. Get them out of your leads because you don't need them. If the beneficiary says no and she doesn't control our finances or the pay doesn't says no, whatever, whatever the case, get rid of it.

00:12:46:23 - 00:12:47:13


00:12:48:19 - 00:12:51:15

Hey, Louise. How's everything going in your part of the book?

00:12:52:08 - 00:13:22:23

A little more. You need to be more upbeat with these intros. Because, you know, I've seen. I've heard your upbeat intros, and they're solid. It's like, Hey, Bob, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? All right, man. Yeah, it's cold. Blah, blah, blah, blah. But, you know, if they say nothing, then, yeah, that's good to hear. Or, Oh, not too good. Well, that's better than terrible. You guys have heard it over and over again, but, yeah, a little more upbeat, especially in the intro. We got to be an authoritative expert. We're the ones that are going to have to listen to. And you know, you know, it has to be expert.

00:13:23:00 - 00:13:33:07

I'm the authority and I'm enthusiastic as hell with bottled enthusiasm. I'm not Tony the Tiger, but I am very excited about what I'm doing and happy to be here.

00:13:35:01 - 00:13:35:16


00:13:35:18 - 00:13:38:13

I guess that's better than terrible.

00:13:40:05 - 00:13:41:04

Okay, So, yeah.

00:13:41:20 - 00:13:42:20

My name is Nathan.

00:13:43:14 - 00:13:44:23

Over here at Senior Life.

00:13:45:00 - 00:13:46:18

Services. I do apologize for.

00:13:46:20 - 00:13:47:10

Not getting back.

00:13:47:12 - 00:13:58:02

To you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps about the state approved final expense programs for Iowa.

00:13:58:17 - 00:13:59:09

My job.

00:13:59:16 - 00:14:07:18

Okay. Sound insane. So. All right. So we're going to go back. I think you just got to get back to you. Just. Just do you?

00:14:08:04 - 00:14:09:05

Okay, I guess.

00:14:10:03 - 00:14:25:14

All right. That's better than terrible. Louis, my name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services. I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps about the.

00:14:26:07 - 00:14:30:23

You're like one of my I mean, it's just state approved. Very interesting program.

00:14:31:14 - 00:14:36:10

Iowa. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions.

00:14:36:12 - 00:14:42:10

You may have just to verify you still at 944 two Newman Street. Lot 115.

00:14:43:13 - 00:14:44:21

No, none. Yeah.

00:14:46:02 - 00:14:48:07

Yes, ma'am. And your birthday is March.

00:14:48:09 - 00:14:49:04

The 15th.

00:14:49:06 - 00:14:50:07


00:14:51:02 - 00:14:53:09

No. And that's definitely a big thing.

00:14:53:11 - 00:14:56:05

Oh, I'll correct that for you, Louise. I apologize.

00:14:57:01 - 00:14:59:06

It's 26, 1950.

00:15:00:02 - 00:15:15:02

26. I guess she clicked the number behind each of them on the keyboard, and we're looking for about 5000. I'll leave behind to your daughters your beneficiary. I see you're not a smoker. And as your security question, your favorite color is the color blue.

00:15:15:23 - 00:15:16:13


00:15:16:22 - 00:15:26:03

Yes, ma'am. So, Louise, we are a consultant firm for seniors. It just means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So my.

00:15:26:09 - 00:15:49:23

And that's good. I mean, it's really about. Yeah, tonality is big guys mean. Obviously you want to hit the words that you need to hit hard like I'll just give you that line. So Mary, we are consulting firm, which means we represent our clients and not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out specifically who will give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that? That's the way to say that mine's.

00:15:50:00 - 00:15:58:01

Not one particular company. So my goal, we searched through many of the top rated companies here in the state, and it's just my job to help.

00:15:58:03 - 00:16:01:20

Figure out give you specifically the best rates.

00:16:01:22 - 00:16:03:24

And benefits. You're with me on that dollar.

00:16:05:04 - 00:16:05:19


00:16:06:06 - 00:16:12:15

Yes, ma'am. Although we were. We looking for benefits just for yourself today? Or were we looking more so for a loved one?

00:16:13:05 - 00:16:49:04

All right. So get rid of that, because that's I've heard that a bunch of times. Get rid of or we're looking for a loved one. They're looking for themselves. Make that real clear with special with leads. If the lead comes through like this and they're putting their birthdate and their stuff or, you know, go to a different lead campaign like, you know, there's a telephone lead their date of birth they said 5 to 50 non-smoker daughter as a beneficiary. So they're looking for themselves. So you always want to say, or are we looking you know, are you looking for just sorry, are you looking for benefits for just yourself today? Because that's a that's an open ended question.

00:16:49:06 - 00:16:51:20

You don't have to add to that at all.

00:16:53:19 - 00:16:54:18

Nope. Myself.

00:16:55:16 - 00:17:02:23

Okay, great. When it comes to managing your finances, putting your insurance in places, that business, you typically handle yourself.

00:17:03:16 - 00:17:04:06


00:17:04:20 - 00:17:35:21

And you guys know, don't like that question because it's it's to direct handling your finances. And basically you're letting every single week wife or husband off the phone by saying, oh, no, I'd have to talk to my wife and now you're going to have to deal with that. He once he says that like if somebody says something like that, they are committed to that statement. So way down the line, 30 minutes later when you're trying to close like, oh, I told you earlier we to speak to my wife. So you don't want them saying things like that. You can get, you know, do you handle your own business yourself? Yes.

00:17:35:23 - 00:17:42:12

Okay, that's enough. So you don't want to add a bunch of extra words and complicate this whole process?

00:17:43:04 - 00:17:53:02

Yes, ma'am. So, Louise, I see here your daughter would be your beneficiary. Is there anybody else you'd like me to add?

00:17:53:15 - 00:17:54:05


00:17:55:03 - 00:17:57:18

Okay. So we'll keep her. What's her name?

00:17:59:03 - 00:18:04:17

Jerry. Creepy. Kramer. Kramer.

00:18:05:05 - 00:18:06:21


00:18:07:13 - 00:18:09:17

No. Creamer.

00:18:10:02 - 00:18:12:21

Oh, I was almost past.

00:18:12:24 - 00:18:24:10

Perfect this time. Getting the beneficiaries names. Now, the faster you get them, the better. I will not present the people that refuse to give me their beneficiaries name. That's. It's game over for them. I'm done with.

00:18:24:12 - 00:18:26:11

Them. The spelling test on that one.

00:18:28:24 - 00:18:32:14

But anyways, beautiful name. Did you name her Louise or did that name her?

00:18:34:06 - 00:18:37:16

It's after her great grandmother. Oh.

00:18:38:04 - 00:18:46:09

That's awesome. Well, Louise, tell me, would this be the first type of life insurance or final expense program for you?

00:18:47:04 - 00:18:47:19


00:18:48:08 - 00:18:49:21

Oh, that's great. It's probably.

00:18:50:20 - 00:19:02:17

Uh, great. Okay. But, you know, would this be a first policy for you? You don't really want to ask about annuities because that's not that. That solves a different problem. That's like lifetime income, not, you know, immediate need.

00:19:03:17 - 00:19:12:10

One of the companies we represent. So this must just be an additional layer of protection or we're just trying to find a better rate.

00:19:13:09 - 00:19:13:24


00:19:15:22 - 00:19:21:12

I don't know. I just questioning. I don't think I have enough, but I don't know.

00:19:22:03 - 00:19:32:14

So, Louise, let's let me just ask a few questions. Let me see how I can best help you, or at least maybe give you that satisfaction of knowing maybe you do have enough. So how many policies do you have? As of current.

00:19:34:06 - 00:19:34:21

We can have?

00:19:35:05 - 00:19:36:11

I've got two.

00:19:37:00 - 00:19:40:08

Two And in total. How much do they add? Up to.

00:19:41:05 - 00:19:42:02


00:19:42:15 - 00:19:46:15

11,000. Okay. So I understand the need for wanting more. Are they both whole life.

00:19:46:17 - 00:19:47:09


00:19:47:11 - 00:19:49:12

Or what kind of policies are they?

00:19:50:20 - 00:19:53:11

Oh one my mom and dad.

00:19:53:13 - 00:20:28:11

The next question I'd like to ask after that is, okay, so how long ago did you get those? Because that's going to make a big determination whether you were actually going to look through all the companies and try to replace the policy? Or if you're just adding more, obviously you can become their friend here. If they say something like, you know, I've had it for ten years, I don't need to ask them what the rate is because I don't want them comparing the rate anyway, like in their mind, like after I give them the rates for ten years later. So essentially, like, I want to know how long ago they got it and you could become friends with them by saying, okay, you got something ten years ago.

00:20:28:13 - 00:20:38:09

If it's a whole life policy, it's something you should hold on to because you're not going to find anything, you know, but at a better rate. But we do represent the best companies out there, so we will get a good rate for you. Boom, move.

00:20:38:11 - 00:20:40:01

On. But what kind of policies are they?

00:20:41:10 - 00:20:50:17

Oh one, my mom and dad. And it's a payment policy that I got for $1,000 and the other one is a whole life.

00:20:51:07 - 00:20:55:05

Okay, so that's awesome. How much are you paying for the 10,000 every month?

00:20:56:09 - 00:20:58:24

Uh, $46.

00:20:59:09 - 00:21:03:18

Okay. So I assume that must have been something you've had for quite a few years now?

00:21:04:09 - 00:21:05:20

No, not that many.

00:21:06:21 - 00:21:07:15

Not that many.

00:21:08:14 - 00:21:09:04


00:21:10:21 - 00:21:13:09

So how long have you had that policy now for Louise?

00:21:14:19 - 00:21:15:09

All right.

00:21:15:13 - 00:21:33:09

So, I mean, you can work it a little bit differently, but that's fine. You're asking a direct question. Uh, usually I'm not as direct until I'm really trying to close somebody or just confirming information in the beginning. I'm super direct in the beginning, but you can always say, okay, has it been months? Has it been years? Like, like, like, what are we talking.

00:21:33:20 - 00:21:35:17

Oh, I don't know, maybe 4 or 5 years.

00:21:36:23 - 00:21:37:13


00:21:37:19 - 00:21:42:02

Five years. So you probably got that in your later 60s.

00:21:43:09 - 00:21:43:24


00:21:45:09 - 00:21:46:23

Okay. What company did you get that?

00:21:47:00 - 00:21:49:03

With my day.

00:21:51:04 - 00:22:10:03

You're asking a lot of questions. It sounds like she's just kind. Doesn't know the answers to all of them, and she's just not sure. So she doesn't want to feel stupid. Might be the reason why this call is about to end, but you can always say. You know, if you don't know the name of the company, that's okay. Like, I can cross-reference that later, whatever, and then just move on.

00:22:12:01 - 00:22:13:10

I don't remember.

00:22:13:22 - 00:22:15:08

See? Yeah. You don't remember?

00:22:16:00 - 00:22:17:20

I don't. So you don't?

00:22:18:22 - 00:22:19:18


00:22:20:07 - 00:22:20:22


00:22:21:15 - 00:22:30:17

Okay, so I do see here. Okay. Yeah. America, they're a great company, and we do a lot of business with them. So obviously, I do see the need.

00:22:32:08 - 00:22:36:10

Okay. I don't know what happens or why it ends. Uh, it.

00:22:36:12 - 00:22:37:17


00:22:38:24 - 00:23:14:01

Yeah. Don't know why that ended, but it's but like basically there she has 11,000. So if you can get her more, that'd be better. You know, you guys, if you're on the website, you can use all of these, uh, all these resources here, especially, you know, cost of funeral chart. He said late 60. So she's got to be like 73, 74. I mean, you could add another 5000 pretty easily and she'd be happy or even 9 to 10, you know, normal, 10,000, she'd have 21,000. And then she won't outlive the coverage or she won't be underinsured when she passes, regardless of how old she is.

00:23:15:08 - 00:23:17:24

All right, guys, let's find some more. Okay.

00:23:24:12 - 00:23:25:15

There's ten minutes.

00:23:32:09 - 00:23:32:24


00:23:35:04 - 00:23:42:17

Hello. Hey, Clarence. How have you been doing? Huh? How have you been doing, Clarence?

00:23:43:14 - 00:23:49:03

I am blessed. I still have a little problem with my glaucoma.

00:23:49:09 - 00:23:53:22

And what about the car? No. You was put out in your car. What happened with that?

00:23:54:22 - 00:23:55:12

My car.

00:23:56:19 - 00:23:57:09


00:23:57:14 - 00:23:58:07


00:23:59:20 - 00:24:00:23

Well, it's my.

00:24:02:11 - 00:24:04:20

Uh, well, it was the truck.

00:24:05:19 - 00:24:09:18

Yeah. Do you have a clear roof over your head now? Everything's going on.

00:24:10:00 - 00:24:26:09

Okay, so that's probably somebody you might not even want to schedule an appointment to follow up somebody homeless. I mean, they have much bigger problems than getting life insurance. Unless it's something, you know, if somebody is in a terrible situation, adding another bill to them is not going to help them. Hello?

00:24:26:18 - 00:24:29:04

Hey, Maria. I'm sorry. I think we got disconnected.

00:24:29:22 - 00:24:36:03

You know what? My phone, when a new call comes in, is hanging up on the one I'm currently on.

00:24:36:24 - 00:24:38:13

So now that I.

00:24:38:15 - 00:24:40:03

Understand what we're looking for.

00:24:40:05 - 00:24:43:18

What I just want to do, take some time to ask you some health questions.

00:24:43:23 - 00:24:49:03

I think this is the same lady that was before. So let's continue this call.

00:24:49:19 - 00:24:53:21

I'm sorry to hear that, Maria. So here, I'll break it.

00:24:53:23 - 00:24:54:15

Down you real quick.

00:24:54:17 - 00:24:57:11

So when did you lose me?

00:24:57:13 - 00:24:59:11

What was the last thing you heard me say?

00:25:00:24 - 00:25:01:18

The last thing.

00:25:01:20 - 00:25:09:10

I actually guys, right here, these these are this is a full call. So this is ten minutes and the next one is 20 minutes. So let's start from the beginning.

00:25:11:11 - 00:25:12:01


00:25:14:06 - 00:25:16:14

Hello. That's a different person.

00:25:22:00 - 00:25:23:11

23 minutes.

00:25:25:04 - 00:25:32:17

All right. Don't know what happened with the rest of the call, but we're going to find one that is brand new. First contact.

00:25:35:10 - 00:25:36:09

11 minutes.

00:25:38:20 - 00:25:39:10


00:25:40:18 - 00:25:43:13

Hey, Ramona. How's everything going in your part of Fairfield?

00:25:44:22 - 00:26:04:13

So don't want you to say this part of me. Guess that's fine. I'm just trying to, like, get you back to basics. So, how's everything been going in Toledo? I mean, your part. Like, I don't know if there's any need there. Like, how big are these cities? Like where it's your part or how's everything going? Is it different than a mile away? You know, it's not a war zone.

00:26:05:20 - 00:26:06:18

Oh, pretty good.

00:26:07:14 - 00:26:35:14

That's great. Well, Ramone, my name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services. I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with a few of my representatives I see about the state approved final expense programs for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have. Just to verify your study. 1101 Union Avenue.

00:26:36:17 - 00:26:37:07


00:26:37:15 - 00:26:40:19

And your birthday is June the 12th, 1948.

00:26:41:11 - 00:26:42:01


00:26:42:14 - 00:26:48:02

And I saw we were looking for about 20,000 to leave behind to your spouse as your beneficiary.

00:26:49:03 - 00:26:49:20

You're right.

00:26:49:24 - 00:26:51:18

And you're not a smoker, correct?

00:26:52:07 - 00:26:53:14

No. Don't smoke.

00:26:54:04 - 00:27:03:12

Yes. So, Ramon, we are a consultant firm. For seniors, it just means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So. Okay.

00:27:03:14 - 00:27:17:00

You sound insane. Like, I don't know, like, where this is coming from, but it's just like, you don't care, like, at all. Like, so, you know, you're not going to get the kind of responses that you want. Definitely don't sound like you're the authority expert or enthusiastic.

00:27:18:05 - 00:27:23:00

For seniors. It just means we work for our clients, not one particular company.

00:27:23:02 - 00:27:35:04

So my it's almost like you're like you're reading it and getting paid by the hour, like you're just going to read this shit and, you know, just, you know, who cares? Get paid no matter what. But we don't, guys. So we get paid based on how good we do our jobs.

00:27:35:19 - 00:27:41:15

Cool. We searched through many of the top companies here through the state, and it's just my job to help figure out.

00:27:42:00 - 00:27:42:24

Like through the state.

00:27:43:01 - 00:27:45:20

I don't know if that's the word you want to accentuate.

00:27:45:22 - 00:27:46:14

We'll give you.

00:27:46:16 - 00:27:47:14


00:27:47:16 - 00:27:48:18

The best rate.

00:27:49:05 - 00:27:51:21

Is good rates and benefits.

00:27:51:23 - 00:27:52:13


00:27:52:24 - 00:28:01:11

Yes, sir. Now, Ramon, we looking for benefits just for yourself today? We're we're looking more towards. It's for a loved one.

00:28:03:01 - 00:28:03:21

Just for me.

00:28:05:02 - 00:28:10:15

Okay, great. And when it comes to managing the finances, putting your insurance in places.

00:28:11:02 - 00:28:11:17

So you're.

00:28:11:19 - 00:28:28:14

Just taking a mod podge of crap that you heard from other people, It doesn't mean it's good, it doesn't mean it's bad. But at this point, you know, you got to get back to the basics because, you know, putting up, you know, 2018, K 15 K a week is obviously where you want to be.

00:28:29:02 - 00:28:32:14

Finances putting your insurance in places that.

00:28:32:16 - 00:28:41:18

But from the previous calls you guys realized that don't like this as to it's too much like you're going to have some negative reactions where you're going to lose some sales immediately.

00:28:41:20 - 00:28:46:03

Business you typically handle yourself or something that maybe someone normally help.

00:28:46:05 - 00:29:17:02

Definitely don't say that as something someone helps you with. Unless it's power of attorney, you don't care like it's you're presenting to them. I've sold so many wives and so many husbands that the husband and wife aren't there. I mean, they can show them to it. I mean, there's one of the person wears the pants or, you know, one person can easily get the policy and be like, okay, well, I do like everything I see here. Uh, some spouses are going to be proud of their husband or wife for taking care of something that needs to be taken care of.

00:29:17:17 - 00:29:19:23

Only helps out with, like, maybe the wife.

00:29:20:23 - 00:29:21:16


00:29:22:07 - 00:29:26:02

You said wife like you're basically talking yourself out of the sale.

00:29:26:20 - 00:29:27:14

So which one?

00:29:28:20 - 00:29:29:10

The wife.

00:29:30:17 - 00:29:32:09

So the wife makes the decisions?

00:29:33:02 - 00:29:34:11

Oh, no, No, I do.

00:29:35:12 - 00:29:37:16

Oh, so. So you handled the finances remote?

00:29:38:20 - 00:29:39:10


00:29:39:24 - 00:30:12:10

Oh, So handling the finances. Because if you say stuff like that, guys, you're handling the finances. So one person usually does, like, look at the bank statements and like, know how much money is going in and out. It doesn't mean the other person isn't allowed to spend any money. I mean, a lot of couples have rules like if you spend more than $500 and you know, you need to tell me something like that, but this is usually like 50 to me. It can be all the way up to like $500 a month. But if they if you're putting that out there, all you're doing is solidifying in their head that they're not going to buy because they haven't talked to their wife yet.

00:30:13:17 - 00:30:14:07


00:30:14:21 - 00:30:27:13

Okay. Okay. My mom. So I see here your wife would be your beneficiary. She's the one you want to protect with this policy put in place. Is there anybody else you want to add or really, really just be the wife?

00:30:28:20 - 00:30:30:24

Uh, yeah.

00:30:31:04 - 00:30:38:09

Well, they really don't have to add, like, all the stuff. Like, I think you're saying too many words. Is there another person you want to add? That's. That's enough.

00:30:39:14 - 00:30:41:07

I guess I could add my brother.

00:30:42:03 - 00:30:49:07

Well, him and your wife both be responsible and taking care of your final expenses, closing any accounts?

00:30:50:00 - 00:30:57:18

I don't like closing accounts and stuff like that. It's about the final expenses. You know, adding more stuff is not going to help you. Just going to confuse people.

00:30:57:20 - 00:30:58:11


00:30:59:01 - 00:31:00:12

Okay. So, yeah, we'll put them.

00:31:00:14 - 00:31:31:01

Our clients are procrastinators. They need help with this and they need, you know, they need to be told what they're what to do. And frankly, that's it. Like, you know, it's basically like if need a contractor or something for my house, I don't know how to do all that stuff. I mean, I've gotten better over the years, but so many things would rather hire somebody because it's so much easier and don't have to deal with it. So when he tells me what needs to happen, you know, unless it sounds insane, I'm just going to say, okay, same thing here.

00:31:31:03 - 00:32:02:06

Like, this is what you need. You know, I pull up the chart every single time I present, like at the end when I'm like, okay, so we're going to look at different face amounts and stuff like that. It does say Social Security recommends you have 23,000 because you're a 65 year old female. And you know, they base that on average life expectancy. It doesn't cost that today, but it will cost that 20 years from now. So there's so many things that we're just telling them what to do, like. All right, go grab your checkbook. Okay. Is there anybody else you want to add? Okay. And then you'll find little spots to, you know, have some fun with people. I just have fun with people.

00:32:02:08 - 00:32:11:24

My whole style is usually I'm very direct. I know they have a problem and I'm just selling the problem, not the solution. And I joke around a lot.

00:32:13:03 - 00:32:13:18


00:32:14:05 - 00:32:18:18

Okay. So, yeah, we'll put them both. We'll start with your beautiful wife, Ramone. What's her name?

00:32:19:20 - 00:32:21:01

Dan? Janice.

00:32:21:16 - 00:32:27:05

Janice. Oh, beautiful name. Janice. And same last name, as you always know.

00:32:27:07 - 00:32:28:14

So Janice Pike.

00:32:29:03 - 00:32:32:19

Janice Pike. Beautiful name. How long have you two been together? Remote?

00:32:33:12 - 00:32:35:00

Oh, about 30 years.

00:32:35:19 - 00:32:53:17

So these are good. This is a good mean. Nathan is actively trying to build a little rapport here, so this is very solid. You want to ask questions that relate. You don't want to talk about the weather. If you can talk about something that relates to the family and the beneficiary that is going to build a lot more emotional appeal than, you know, just shooting the shit about anything.

00:32:54:13 - 00:32:56:04

About 30 years. Wow.

00:32:56:06 - 00:33:00:22

30 years. What about that man? Me and the wife? We're just trying to make it to seven.

00:33:02:20 - 00:33:05:06

Oh, my goodness. And what's your brother's name?

00:33:06:01 - 00:33:06:16


00:33:07:09 - 00:33:11:04

Hector. Okay. And what's his last name? Is it same as yours?

00:33:11:11 - 00:33:12:11

Yes, I'm in mine.

00:33:12:19 - 00:33:22:17

Vallecano. Sure thing. So, Ramon, would this be the first type of final expense or life insurance program for you?

00:33:23:09 - 00:33:23:24


00:33:24:13 - 00:33:31:02

Okay, so this would be the first money that Janice and Hector see when the good Lord calls you home.

00:33:32:02 - 00:33:32:17


00:33:33:01 - 00:33:33:16

That's good.

00:33:34:18 - 00:33:40:17

Oh, okay. So here, tell me, have you ever had to go through that process of

00:33:43:11 - 00:33:47:08

burying somebody, taking care of someone's final expenses yourself?

00:33:48:00 - 00:33:53:10

So now it does look like you're trying to look at the script because you know, you're just trying to get back to the basics. So this.

00:33:53:12 - 00:33:54:02

Is better.

00:33:56:05 - 00:33:57:05

Yeah, my mom.

00:33:59:05 - 00:34:00:20

Sorry to hear that, Ramone.

00:34:01:08 - 00:34:18:11

So don't really say that kind of stuff like sorry to hear that. Like if somebody's 90 years old and you lose them, you know, of course you're sorry when you know that day happens in a month from here, but you know she's dead for five years. You don't you know, it's doesn't sound authentic when you do it like that. It's like, you know, I'm. I'm so sorry to hear that. Basically.

00:34:19:14 - 00:34:21:00

Yeah. Yeah. My mom.

00:34:23:01 - 00:34:28:04

Sorry to hear that, Ramon. I had to take care of my dad. How long ago was that?

00:34:28:22 - 00:34:30:07

Well, it's been quite a while.

00:34:30:24 - 00:34:49:13

Yeah. Toothache. You don't have something like. Okay. Was that a while back? Okay. And then, you know, the whole goal is to make it in their head that, you know. Do they have life insurance? Was that easier? Do you want to do the same for your family? Or if they didn't have life insurance, it doesn't matter what that question. I don't care if they say yes or no. They both work for me.

00:34:50:13 - 00:34:51:03


00:34:51:24 - 00:34:58:05

I can see him. Did she have life insurance put in place or did you have to come out of pocket for everything?

00:34:58:12 - 00:34:59:09

I had a pocket.

00:35:00:17 - 00:35:07:15

Right. I know how hard that can be. Mom. I had to take out three loans here for my old man.

00:35:07:17 - 00:35:10:24

It's all right, Fabrication. Get rid of it.

00:35:11:01 - 00:35:12:12

Tell you it was a travesty.

00:35:13:00 - 00:35:13:15

Oh, yeah.

00:35:15:03 - 00:35:31:14

I know. It probably wasn't in today's economy where everything is so expensive. But it doesn't matter if a burial is a burial regardless. It was. Is that really the main goal and why you requested this information to really make sure. Don't say.

00:35:31:16 - 00:35:35:19

That. Requested information. You're not giving them information. We're not information.

00:35:35:21 - 00:35:36:13


00:35:36:17 - 00:35:41:03

But Janice or Hector never, never has to go through that kind of financial.

00:35:41:05 - 00:35:43:13

Hopefully that makes sense. Guys like we're not information kiosks.

00:35:43:16 - 00:35:44:06


00:35:44:08 - 00:35:55:15

You're not putting in, you know, typing in some stuff and wanting a quote and then walking away. Our job is to sell you the policy. So we're consultants. We represent more than one company. We're going to find the best one. And you're going to take one.

00:35:55:17 - 00:35:57:23

Burden when the good Lord calls you home.

00:35:58:02 - 00:35:59:01

Oh, yeah.

00:36:00:22 - 00:36:13:12

Come on. I'll tell you, that's a very noble reason to get any sort of insurance put in place. We'll definitely look through all of our options here through the state, and we'll make sure that we find the best fit for you. Okay, my friend?

00:36:13:24 - 00:36:14:16


00:36:14:21 - 00:36:35:22

Yes, sir. So, Ramon, based on everything I've gathered from you so far, I'd say a a whole life policy definitely tailored more towards the final expense would definitely be the perfect fit for you. I'll just give you a little brief overview. All of our plans here, they do offer a number of benefits. First year.

00:36:36:22 - 00:36:47:15

So you're a little you sound a little, you know, groggy. And I know you've been sick, so it's not like it's that big a deal because could definitely bring us down. Guys, We're 5% off mentally. We're going to lose 50% of our sales.

00:36:47:18 - 00:36:48:08


00:36:49:00 - 00:36:53:21

So yeah, just I mean, you can hit these a little harder, a little more direct and more tonality.

00:36:53:23 - 00:36:54:20

Our life services.

00:36:54:22 - 00:37:26:17

We work with many reputable insurance companies as a quickly growing company. We've made many of these insurance companies designed products specifically for our customers unique situations. They must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government. They are state approved whole life plans, which means the premiums you put in every month never goes up and the benefits never go down. So make sure to really important things here. One that the promises I'm making to you last for the rest of your life.

00:37:26:19 - 00:37:34:11

But most importantly, too much Dennis or Hector here is never going to have to suddenly come up with that wheelbarrow.

00:37:35:00 - 00:37:36:23

Yeah, okay. That's fine. Cash, right?

00:37:37:15 - 00:37:44:15

Yeah. But I. Like I told you the other day, I'm really not interested because I'm a cheap, so. Excuse me.

00:37:45:20 - 00:37:47:13

Oh, you were a soldier.

00:37:47:23 - 00:37:48:13


00:37:48:24 - 00:37:51:08

Ramone, thank you so much for your service.

00:37:51:10 - 00:37:53:23

So to fake it.

00:37:54:00 - 00:38:09:00

Can't be like that. Thank you so much. You know, tonality could be okay, but it's like. All right, well, thank you for your service. I really appreciate that. You know, it's like, you know, you're not lowering it. Lowering it is like when it's actually bad. Losing your mom 20 years ago is not does not warrant.

00:38:09:06 - 00:38:10:11

Oh, my God. I'm so.

00:38:10:13 - 00:38:31:00

Sorry. It just doesn't warrant that if it's you, it was yesterday. Well well, sorry then that dropping of the voice and doing that tone tone will work. But until you know that you don't want to do that same thing here. It's just too much, uh, too much dropping your voice lower and too much sympathy when, you know, sympathy is good, obviously. But you know it can't be here.

00:38:31:05 - 00:38:38:06

Yeah, but I. Like I told you the other day, I'm really not interesting because I'm a GI, so. Excuse me.

00:38:39:10 - 00:38:41:03

Oh, you were a soldier.

00:38:41:13 - 00:38:42:04


00:38:42:15 - 00:38:55:02

My mom. Thank you so much for your service. Oh, my goodness. I come from a long military family, so I've done a lot of research and, you know, but you still don't have a policy to cover your burial from

00:38:57:06 - 00:38:57:21


00:38:58:04 - 00:39:05:01

So that stuff suck for Nathan, because when did he say he wasn't interested? I did not hear that anywhere, so that just sucks.

00:39:07:07 - 00:39:08:01

Well, remember.

00:39:08:08 - 00:39:39:12

When he's talking about GI, he thinks that I mean, this is a common misconception. He thinks the military is going to bury him because he served three years in 3 or 4 years in the military. They will not. If you're in a you know, you still have a ton of costs. Almost certainly they don't bury everybody in Arlington. Usually that's for people that actually passed away during, you know, combat. So the guy that, you know, the Social Security, they might give them a little bit of money, but it's going to be under $1,000. It's not going to do much.

00:39:41:04 - 00:39:55:11

Well, Mom. My dad was a veteran, too. I still had to take three loans out for him. You know, just because you have your plot and, you know your headstone paid for, there's a lot more expenses that go into a barrel than that.

00:39:55:13 - 00:39:57:23

Ramone Yeah, I guess so.

00:39:58:17 - 00:40:34:01

I'm telling you, you're not going to probably need 15,000 like, you know, the average person would need at your age, but you still shoot 48. That makes you what the young age of 74, you probably still need at least 7500. $8,000 is a barrel like the main thing that you have your eyes set on a traditional Christian burial. Yeah. So really with these programs remote, it just makes sure that, you know, your family's not going to have to suddenly come up with that wheelbarrow full of cash.

00:40:34:03 - 00:40:49:10

When it comes to that, the benefit paid out is still 100% tax free. And unlike most companies, they do pay out within that 24 to 48 hour period. So and I really do stress that, Ramon, because

00:40:51:11 - 00:40:58:13

with a lot of these programs you see out here, they make your wait weeks and weeks, sometimes even months. That's why with these state approved plans, you know.

00:40:58:16 - 00:41:09:19

Okay, you're talking too much. You don't have to convince them of this. You just tell them, okay, So you're still going to need like eight grand or, you know, we're in agreement on that. That was all I would say. If he says no, then okay, well then, bye.

00:41:10:24 - 00:41:39:14

You got to make sure that even if, you know, you don't like what's offered here through the state. Ramone that, you know, with any program that you look into, you need to make sure pen to paper that money is going to be there for your wife within that 24 to 48 hour period, and that she's not going to be waiting months and months to get that money. Because when I'm sure, as you know, from handling your mom's expenses, it goes by way too quick. Right. You don't have within weeks, months and months. And I'm.

00:41:39:17 - 00:41:47:03

All right. You're painting a picture here. I mean, some of the stuff is really solid, But then but you're talking too long about this. So that's that's what my main point is.

00:41:47:05 - 00:42:21:23

Guarantee you all that because every company we do work with is a plus accredited with the Better Business Bureau. You follow me so far? Yeah. Yes, sir. Now, Ramon, you've told me a lot about yourself, and I understand why this is important to you. What I want to do now is just take a moment to ask you some health questions. Whenever you look at life insurance or any program that pays for final expenses, you just always want to be asked health questions. Because as your consultant, it just allows me to find you the best plan with the best rate, right?

00:42:22:20 - 00:42:23:09


00:42:23:19 - 00:42:37:06

Yes, sir. So I've been doing this for quite a while now, so I'm not going to need to read every question off of every application. I know what company will be best by asking a few general ones. That's not fair enough.

00:42:38:06 - 00:42:43:09

Yeah, but like I said, you know, I'll get back to you on that. I'm not ready for that right now.

00:42:45:19 - 00:42:47:10

Hello? What's going on, Ramon?

00:42:49:03 - 00:42:50:15

I got talk to my wife about it.

00:42:51:01 - 00:42:52:17

So it came back. Okay.

00:42:52:20 - 00:42:56:18

This be something you'd rather her be involved with in this conversation?

00:42:57:07 - 00:42:57:22


00:42:58:22 - 00:43:03:15

Okay. Is she there with you right now? I can go over all this information with her as well.

00:43:05:11 - 00:43:06:15

She's not here right now.

00:43:07:04 - 00:43:10:00

Okay, so when would be a time both of you would be together?

00:43:11:04 - 00:43:17:14

Um, I guess, like, I don't know, because she works to, you know.

00:43:18:05 - 00:43:21:10

When, when does she off the mornings or the evenings.

00:43:22:12 - 00:43:33:24

You know. I just in the evening, I got to call her up. I had to call her up and find out. But look at these guys. Talk to you about both of us. Yeah.

00:43:34:01 - 00:43:37:03

See how you handled the end of the table?

00:43:37:09 - 00:43:59:24

Well, I can be flexible. You know, I normally leave the office at 5 p.m., but I can call you from my home office if it makes it a little bit easier. But is this something that you really care about, Ramon? Because I want to make sure we can help your family, you know, get that valuable protection in place. But, you know, because, like, obviously, you know, when your wife is home remote, like.

00:44:00:11 - 00:44:01:01


00:44:01:09 - 00:44:02:03

Okay. All right.

00:44:02:05 - 00:44:10:17

So that came back. It came back to bite you. Kind of like I thought it would because you're putting it in their head. Get it out of their head. They don't need to talk to anybody.

00:44:14:15 - 00:44:47:11

And guys like and that's a blanket statement. So if if they say it almost immediately, like, okay, I'd have to talk to my wife. All right. And then what Nathan did at the end there was very good. Uh, if if, if the person that is making a decision, get them on speaker and start talking to them. I've told people, husband and wife on speaker, and that is a very good way to do things. So so, Nathan, basically, energy. It's got to get back up. Uh, stop saying so many words. You don't need to come off the cuff this much, especially when, when it comes to that, you're off the cuff.

00:44:47:13 - 00:45:02:11

This is only going to be like, you know, you know, bullshit and shooting this shit. You know, don't say stupid shit, but the rest of it is okay. So I will end that and this session. So, guys, if you want more videos, just go to Grace all teams and we will be done here.

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