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Call Review 03/01/23

Updated: Apr 15

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 03/01/23

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All right, guys, we're going to do another call review. And this agent just asked for like a little bit of a tune up. So found a couple of calls and we are going to go over them together. So I'm sharing sound. Let's go download this one first. 24 minutes, 11 seconds. So we'll find out how this one went first.

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Hey, Johnny. How's everything going out there in your part of Louisiana?

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They're doing fine.

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Good. Good intro. How's everything going out in your part? Probably didn't have the city, so that's perfect.

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That's really good to hear. How's your day been today?

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So far, so good.

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That's really good. My name is Jerome. I'm watching your life services. I see that recently you spoke with one of my representatives here regarding that state regular life insurance program for the state of Louisiana. So.

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So don't want you to say, uh, it's, you know, it shows here. You'd be like. It's like, all right, have your information be a little more assumptive and just go into a little fact. I just wanted.

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To go over some information with you here in.

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I'm 80. I'm 84. I don't qualify for any.

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Oh, absolutely.

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Dude, there's a lot of coverages out there. I work with Patriot. They're a really great company. There are some other companies that we could look to see who would accept you. Here we got Pioneer.

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So you can you should address like, I mean, you don't have to go into a list of the companies. You could just simply say, well, you're 84. Some of these plans do go all the way up to age 89. So we can almost find something for anybody under the age of 89 and then you can move on. So we're going to see how this plays out with, you know, going over these companies.

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Do it also accept you depend on your medical records Here we could see which company would be best for you here. But today we just need to see.

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My mother used to sell insurance a long time ago. She worked for American National.

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Oh, really? That's. That's amazing. That's a really good company.

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Today I just wanted to assist you with.

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So you got a letter talk? This is a good. This is a good spot to build a little rapport. Okay. How long did she do that? Okay. Did she set up some family? You know, whatever you want to talk about, but you should address that because, you know, she might have some objections later because she might know more than most people do regarding life insurance.

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No, Just seeing what your options were and what you'd be qualified for. And I know you just mentioned that you don't think that you'd be qualified, but I'm sure that.

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Well, I don't think I could afford it, frankly. I have Medicare and don't.

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Hey, so yeah, interrupting is not good. Be like let let them finish their thought and then you can you can move on but don't you don't want to really want to interrupt people there.

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Do you have any coverage in place at the current time.

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Yes, I do have some.

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Oh, you do, huh? That's funny that I've had for a long. You should start with that.

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Then you should start with that. Because if you did, then that would be good. So. Or were you looking for some additional coverage here to leave behind to your loved ones? I see here that your you listed here, your estate would be the beneficiary here. Who would you be naming here on on the list for the beneficiary?

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Well, I don't I don't know really. I hadn't really had figured that out yet. I actually have like even though I'm 85, I have permanent. You said you.

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84 or you.

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I'm 84.

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Okay, good. So this might be a lost cause. Like if, you know, she doesn't know who her beneficiary is, it's really hard to sell somebody without a beneficiary. There's no no emotional appeal there. Also, she started talking about not being able to afford it. So that's common anyway. But you really want to hear, like put the whole picture together. So mean you're barreling through, which is good in a way, but you definitely want to take the time to really hash out their needs. So obviously we're only two minutes in, so we're going to continue.

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Oh, you 84. Yeah. You sound really healthy.

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Time 38. Just a minute. How's it going in 1938? But I'm also racing in July. I have permanent legal custody of a 17 year old.

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So like. Yeah. So let them talk. I mean, they can. They should talk more than you talk and it actually makes our job easier.

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Granddaughter Well, she's 16. She'll be 17 in August. She'll be a senior in high school, and I should be the beneficiary. Well, probably not, because I have other kids, too, but she probably.

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Was one of the kids. You said the.

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Most responsible, so.

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Yeah, you got to let them talk. So you're kind of interrupting this person, like, nonstop.

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Well, to leave that money to as far as, you know, deal with that, you know and.

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And you know Jerome so I yeah I don't mind at all that you are very being assumptive and just kind of ignoring objections that don't really matter. But you can let them talk and then you can address it and then you move on a lot easier if you just let them talk.

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Really, I probably would leave it in a joint state and the state. Okay. Leave different things to different people. I haven't made a will yet.

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Okay. I mean, you know, with the packet that I would customize for you today, it would also come with a free will, which you just have to get an authorized at your local bank.

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And you know, Louisiana is kind of strange about Wales.

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Pardon me.

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Louisiana is a little. A bit strange about wealth, but I really haven't given this a lot of thought. So I'm not really.

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It is. I know it is a strange subject.

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Sometimes it's a really hard subject to talk even about answering. So think about it to be honest or even think about, you know, that for that matter. So it's not a really subject that, you know, that many people really want to talk about, but it's something that.

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Do have some real estate and I do have a house. Yeah, not living in my house right now. I'm living with my living at my daughter's house because she had bad luck with the year and has security to assist them. And it's on a main road. And with me and my granddaughter, we need a security system, you know, two women my other self. So I'm basically housesitting her house. But I can see my house.

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I Hey, I hear you. Do I hear you? I mean, sometimes it can be it can be harsh, but.

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And then I have 50 acres of land that I have to decide.

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So she's basically laying out, like all the reasons why she wouldn't do this. And it's okay. Some people don't. If the people don't need our product, then there's nothing you can really do to all of a sudden make the need there. Like if she has some life insurance she's had for a long time, she's got a bunch of property, the life insurance will take care of the final expenses. And then she's got a bunch of assets to leave the family.

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What I want to divide it up. So I have got a lot of decisions to make.

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I hear you. I hear so.

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But, guys, this is our typical client. She's got a lot of decisions to make because there's no will for an 84 year old person. This is just a good example of, you know, when you're trying to sell life insurance, you really got to tell them what their what they have to do to get it and basically tell them and hold their hand and make them do it. If they say there's a need there and our job is to finish finish the solving the problem.

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Anybody. It makes me mad. They better watch it.

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I hate having.

00:07:25:22 - 00:07:27:02

Weird sense of humor.

00:07:27:10 - 00:07:32:06

No, I hate it. But let's get back to the subject here. Is this something that you think would benefit you?

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Okay. I mean, it's a little bit abrasive. So like I said, just let them talk. I'll tell you everything you need to know.

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Getting a policy to leave behind them even as a a love offering to them.

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If you and just to go back when she's when she was talking about I've had life insurance for a long time you really want to hash all that information out of them. You have some rapport here. So she's probably going to answer your question like, okay, so she already told you that she set it up a long time ago. It's like, oh, okay. So you already have something in place. How much coverage that you actually take out when you did that.

00:08:10:21 - 00:08:15:00

Even if you got your, you know, your funeral plan that lets you I'm sure you'd want to live?

00:08:15:02 - 00:08:16:19

Well, I do have some.

00:08:17:02 - 00:08:38:01

I do. I do have some insurance, but I do have my plot already because my my husband's deceased for over 15 years. So I do have that all that's all that's all taken care of. I do have plots and.

00:08:40:16 - 00:08:44:03

Sometimes we just got to turn our headset up because I could hear her pretty good.

00:08:44:07 - 00:08:45:11

On that, so.

00:08:46:20 - 00:08:47:21

Okay, I got you.

00:08:47:23 - 00:09:07:16

So, I mean, if there's anything that I could do for you, I mean, like, what I would suggest is that we enroll you in the lowest coverage amount. You could start at least at $2,500 if you want to. As far as if you want to pay that monthly, you could start with that. Just so you know, you have that in later on, you could increase that.

00:09:07:18 - 00:09:09:06

You know, how much would that be?

00:09:10:09 - 00:09:15:21

I can pull that up for you here. But first, let's go ahead and get a little bit more understanding about how your health is.

00:09:15:23 - 00:09:20:12

Why don't you just email me the information? I would love to call me.

00:09:20:15 - 00:09:22:11

So this one really? Um.

00:09:24:23 - 00:09:45:13

So that's one you really can just get off the phone with. Like, you know, there's too many objections, like with her saying that she doesn't need it. So I wouldn't continue here because at that point, you're just you're just you're just shooting the shit because you're not really talking about life insurance or there's no way to close this lady because there's no need there. So it's okay to just move on at this point.

00:09:46:07 - 00:09:47:07

I would love about it.

00:09:47:15 - 00:10:00:18

I mean, I'd love to mail it to you there, but first I'd have to customize that packet for you. And since I already have you on the phone, why not just go ahead and take care of this right now? Because I know this is something you might have, you know, think about for a little while.

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So this is good. Jerome, You're basically like, let's just get back to the task at hand, you know.

00:10:06:08 - 00:10:09:11

A long time ago, but you just never got around to it since already.

00:10:10:00 - 00:10:14:05

So I don't want to make any decisions until I do have.

00:10:15:01 - 00:10:16:22

That out to you. And, you know.

00:10:17:06 - 00:10:27:00

And I always say always finish your thought. But like, if you know, if she's giving you every reason to get off the phone, sometimes we're looking for reasons to get off the phone. Like if if it's not going to happen, it's not going to happen.

00:10:27:12 - 00:10:47:21

I do have a daughter that lives here locally that she calls. I don't drive anymore because we didn't remove my license. After I got 8002, I decided I didn't. When it comes time to do do I decided not to renew them anymore. And I don't have a car because I've gotten rid of that. So.

00:10:48:04 - 00:10:57:14

Oh, wow. I mean, I got you there. But you know, you got to figure a way out. I mean, do you still try? Are you trying to drive or you're still not able to drive or your family?

00:10:57:16 - 00:11:11:18

Oh, yeah, I'm able to drive. I just decided, in fact, my granddaughter, that I've had custody lives with me. She took driver's ed and she has her learner's permit. She has the restricted license.

00:11:11:20 - 00:11:19:20

Okay, so. So why don't we go ahead here and see? Why are you trying to drive or you're still. I just want to ask you some general health question.