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Call Review 02/15/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 02/15/23

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All right, so let's do this call review. So hit mailbox call recordings.

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And then obviously just go over to the search feature. And search yesterday. Oh, that's all right. That's all right. Yeah. It's only gonna search that day, but you can do up to two weeks in this, so you can do the 14th is fine, obviously, for this, but you can do two weeks back.

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So. All right. So you have some calls here. So I don't mind reviewing all the ones where you got into, you know, past intro or actual presentation.

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So let's do that six minute and 53 second call. So.

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Oh, I'm sorry. There's one thing that I need you to do. You're going to have to click on your little floating meeting controls at the top. Yeah. Hit the three dots and then hit share sound because I can't hear what's going on.

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It is.

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Okay. How are you doing, Charles? Are you in Jacksonville?

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No. Where are you located right now?

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Who am I speaking to?

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Oh, I'm sorry. That's. That's kind of rude of me. I'm Gene over here at a senior live services. I'm calling because you spoke with one of our representatives. And my job is to basically just give some benefits to you about the state regulated life insurance programs for your state. I stay very close to Jacksonville. That's why I asked.

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Well, right now I am not feeling well at all. I have secluded myself. In another part of the state so that I have peace, quiet.

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So this is good as far as like you're trying to build some rapport immediately. If the lead said Jacksonville. So that's cool. You want to, you know, talk to them about, you know, I live in Jacksonville, too. It's exactly what you're doing.

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Yeah. Get back up on my feet.

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I completely understand that.

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I really don't have the strength to have a meaningful conversation right now.

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So if you want to call this number back and leave a voice message, please do. Including your name and phone number. Okay.

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This guy is so weird. It's like, why would do that? We're already on the phone. What's that?

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No, it was pretty weird for me to. I think the rest of this is kind of just him explaining on why he doesn't need it. And Joshua was just trying to listen to him and he said, Call him back. And I'm like, okay.

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What? You probably won't won't waste your time with that one. So, yeah, I mean, obviously you've been been in sales before, so if there's no need there, it's very hard for them to, to make it make any sense of it. Or there's two calls in a row. So this is. Oh, this is you and Stevens talking? Probably. Or maybe not. Our Stevens made this call.

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Like I made the call. He told me since I didn't know anything to do after basically, like, the intro, like on how to basically take notes and all this other stuff. He was the one to deal with that. So I just add him to the call.

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Okay, so that's awesome. So yeah, let's check this one out. Actually, I'm gonna do it like, I'm gonna do it this way. Oh, so this is part of the same call. This is started the call and then you added him on.

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Oh, yeah. Think so? Maybe. Okay.

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It's just easier to fast forward this way.

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Hello. Is this Victoria?

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Oh, hello, Victoria.

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So, Bertie, definitely get that out of your head. As far as Don't ask them. Don't ever say like Victoria or, you know, is this Victoria or as Victoria here. They're always pretend like they know you just kind of like what we talked about this morning. Basically, we, uh. Hey, Victoria, how's everything going out there in Toledo? So that way, you know, you want them on there on their, you know, backpedaling a little bit because they want them to think that they know you. So because you're going to lose so many people. If you're like Victoria, they're going to be like, this person obviously doesn't know me.

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So I can try to I can try to get off the phone fast.

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Yeah. Something going in public.

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Right? And then just pretend like they know me. Like the assumption is there throughout the call, no matter what.

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I'm sorry. I think I pronounced that wrong.

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Palatka. Yeah.

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All right. That's good to hear. My name is Jeanne as Senior Life Services. I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of one of our representatives about the state regulated life insurance program for your state. My job is going over those benefits with you and questions you may have. Let me just confirm the information that you gave to like one of my representatives is your birthday on the fifth and eighth of 1977.

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Okay. And did you have your husband as your beneficiary?

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Okay. It's the same thing here, though. So I have like. All right, so, Victoria, I'm going to confirm your information. I have your address as this because I always like to go left to right. Um, I'm gonna have your address. Is this if there's an email, obviously say it. I and I don't ask them if that's their birthday. I just tell them because everything you have the info already. So you want to be like, uh, so Victoria have your address is one, two, three Main Street out there in Toledo, Ohio. Yes. Okay. And have your birthday here is two 1484.

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Yep. All right. And I understand that your husband's going to be your beneficiary and you're looking for around 20,000, like whatever it says there, because that just gives them it just makes them feel better. Like, yes, Now I do remember. Or even if they don't, you have a lot of information about them which makes them want to listen to them. Listen to you like a good a good example is like I had like I had existing clients, like when I was calling my existing client campaign, a lot of them, because they don't remember the phone number or whatever, we're kind of rude to me, even though they already bought for me and they already have coverage through me.

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So what? The first thing I did like was confirm their social. And as soon as I started doing that, nobody hangs up on somebody that spits their social at them immediately. Right? It's like, all right, I'm gonna confirm I'm talking to the right Bob have your social has five, six, seven, eight, five, blah. Uh, because then they're like, Yeah, that's me. And then it's like they have to listen because they're almost scared. It's like, well, this person has my social, it's going on. So at the same thing here, same thing applies on a lesser scale.

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If you're getting them to agree that, you know, yes, I do live there. Yes. You know, that is my email. Yes. You know, that's my birthday. Yes, it's my husband. And lately, like names have been popping up even more like. Yes, it is. Bob Turner is the beneficiary. So just really your your goal is to get them to shut up until you're all the way through, like verifying their info.

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Okay, So Victoria, we're basically just a consult firm. We don't work with any like specific company. We basically only work for our clients. So our goal is to figure out basically the best rate and benefit for you. You understand what I mean?

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Good. Check back. Check backs are super important, so it's good to, you know. You with me, You understand? Does that make sense? You know, that's good. Shit.

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So were you looking for benefits only for yourself, or were you looking for anybody else?

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Come on. Life insurance? Yes.

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Oh, I was looking for.

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Me, my mom and my brother.

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Okay. Do they all live with you or are they all in, like, separate areas?

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They're in the same town, but separate area.

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So I'm gonna go.

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So for a brand new agent, that's already tough. It's just like, how am I gonna qualify three people at the same time? And then, like, you mean, I'm just gonna listen and I'll tell you, like, what? What? Who did?

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Go ahead and add my manager on here so he can go ahead and give you the best information and best facts. Is that fine with you? Oh.

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Okay. That's a little.

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Say that. Yeah, that's okay. I mean, that's a little early. So, like, in that situation, you just want to follow the script. So would this be a first policy for you? It's like I do want to, you know, get back to your other family members. But of course, I can only take care of one person at a time. So that's like the best thing to say. And you already said you're a consultant firm. So in like and just get back to her, like focus on her. If you make that sale, these other two sales are going to be really easy because now they're just referrals and hey, I said, this person set me up with life insurance.

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I told them you might need some help. And then you got two referrals, which would be sweet. Yeah. So what I always tell people when they first start before you bring, you know, usually what I say, not manager because manager makes them feel like, uh, like if you're bringing a manager on, you're like, Oh, this person's going to try to close me real quick and, you know, that kind of thing, which you don't want them to feel. So Senior Benefits Coordinator is the best thing to say there. Uh, you know, if you're in a different if you were in a different agency, I'm sure they have different names, but, you know, you want it to be a very systematic in the same thing every time.

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So don't mind that you brought somebody out. I'm not here. I'm not you know, I wasn't here for the last couple of days, So. But you want to you know, you just go right back to the script. Would this be a first person policy for you? Okay. And have your beneficiary as your husband, what's his name? So your goal is like if you're looking at one of these apps like, you know, just a final expense app, which you'll find you can find on vanilla, soft everywhere, like the different apps, your goal is just to get an accurate picture of their health so that when you do get over to the senior benefit coordinator, you know that have something to tell them so they can kind of build their own rapport and help you close.

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So so what I would say there is, you know, where are you looking for benefits for yourself today? No, she's looking for those two people. Okay, well, let's focus on you and then on the first page of the script. All right. Is this business you typically handle yourself beneficiary? Is this a first policy for you? This is all page one. Then. Have you ever gone through the process of burying somebody yourself? Okay, what's the goal? And then you want to just, you know, continue on to the script and then you would be on page two. And now you've told me a lot about yourself and why it's important to you.

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You know, you get all that information. Once all that is done, you can start asking those questions on health and then, you know, underwriting. Obviously I have a lot of videos and I will get that fixed, but I want people to watch those videos because, you know, Nikki, who was here before you left, she broke down like everything for like an hour, just just on the Pioneer app. We actually did it twice. So that kind of stuff will make you feel much more confident going forward. But let's yeah, so let's see how you guys handled this.

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All right. Thank you.

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Well, there we go. There we go.

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Okay, so.

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Here at the live services. So all that help you get this insurance in place, okay.

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Uh huh.

00:12:01:15 - 00:12:03:02

Okay. Now, um.

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So that's very assumptive. So he's starting off like this. I'm going to be the one that helps you get this in place. And that's not a bad attitude to have. It's easier to pull back from aggression than it is to add aggression.

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Not when she told me you was looking for coverage for yourself, your mom and your brother. Is that correct?

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And Stevens, you're just joined. So what I was telling him is you probably do it yourself, but like, focus on one person at a time, obviously.

00:12:35:15 - 00:12:40:00

Yes. Okay. But you're not in the same house right now, right?

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