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Call Review 01/31/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Call Review: Call Review 01/31/23

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Okay, guys. So like I said, this is a sale yesterday. We're just going to listen to it. If you guys want to stop me at any time, just stop me. Say stop, Stop the recording. If you have any questions about anything I was doing, of course I'll stop it. If I don't like something about my what I'm doing, then of course I'm going to say it to you. Hello? James? Yeah. Hey, James. How's everything been going up there in Illinois?

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Oh, pretty good, actually. Working and got. I had some broken ribs, so I was off work for a couple of months, and now I'm back to work and I'm loving it.

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That's awesome. I've had some cracked ribs in my lifetime, but no broken ones. It's probably got to be even worse.

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Man. I'll tell you what. You know that it's a it's not a that's not a party, man.

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No, it's basically. That's your life now. Hard to breathe for the next month. Yeah.

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Get lay down. Right. Getting set up right here. This is a horrible, you know.

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No, every so when I intro this guy, I really think just by saying, how's everything been going? He kind of acts like he knows me. I have not talked to this guy before. Breath is agony, too. You can't you can't get too animated and doing stuff because on your breathing too hard and it hurts even worse.

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Yep. I've been there. I did something stupid. How'd you. How'd you break yours?

00:01:22:09 - 00:01:27:00

What's that one said? Sure. I was taking my morning pills for a heartburn

00:01:29:03 - 00:01:59:19

in my heart. Anyway, I was getting out of a car and it just rained and I just got off work. I was getting out. It was actually an SUV, and it had one of those things to get off. I tried. I stepped on that thing. I slipped. I tried to grab the door and I didn't do it right, apparently. And the door broke my one of my back. And I hit the ground so hard on my just forward that it broke two of them in my chest. And so.

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Yeah, yeah. And I looked on the ground later the next day. I hardly walk or do anything, but I did. And there was a little bit of oil there. I guess the car had parked there that had been looking a little bit of oil. And I guess the combination of a little bit of rain and that oil just got me.

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Wow. I mean, yeah, I jumped off a bridge when I was like 16 into some water, but it was like 50ft and I cracked some ribs. So that was like that was like self self-induced. I'm like, stupid.

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But hey, I used to go to Johnson Johnson's And then another one. There was there was a bridge. Part of the bridge was actually underneath the water. And some people hit it and died. Yeah. Wow. And so, yeah, but we're still jumping off the bridge, you know? Yeah, it's stupid. It's really stupid. When you're young, you do stuff like that because you don't think anything's going to happen to you.

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Right. And it's fine. I mean, it was fun for a minute, but my friend fell fine, like he had done it a bunch of times, but I was just like up there all terrified. So when I when I finally let go, I didn't fall right at all. I just head over heels and just bam, just like, belly flop from, like 50ft.

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Oh, no.

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And that's why I hurt so bad.

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Yeah, I know. I feel for you, man. I feel for you.

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Yeah. I should have just focused on what I was doing. He landed fine. He was fine. But I definitely didn't. So. But, James, I don't, I. I could talk to you all day about nonsense because it's fun, Right? But. Right.

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But what are we talking about now? What is the purpose? Yeah.

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So, James. Yeah, my name is Ernest. Like I said, over here at Senior Life Services, the reason for my call is, well, it looks like you actually were online. You filled something out online regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois. And then my job here is just to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have.

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So yeah, yeah, there's last night is that.

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Yeah. Perfect. And James, I always verify the info because sometimes we make mistakes and get it wrong. I have your email. Here is Walker Randy 048 at Gmail. Yep. All right. I assume that's where you want me to send stuff in addition to the paper. Okay. Yes.

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And actually go by Randy, my middle name and I've always been called Randy.

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Okay. I do say our James Walker. Okay. And then I have your date of birth here as August 20th, 1962.

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All right. So as you're looking for a round 25,009, understand that Lori would be your beneficiary.

00:04:28:11 - 00:04:29:18

Yes, my daughter. Yes.

00:04:29:20 - 00:04:38:11

That's what I was going to ask it last different last name. So I figured it's a daughter. All right. Is there anybody else that you would add to that or would it all go to Lori?

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I kind of had a cousin of mine, but he's 70. But I mean, he's in great shape. He's got I mean, he's in great shape. He helps me all the time.

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Yeah, you can actually do it. Like let's say you did, even if it's just something to basically let him know that. Thank you for helping me with a bunch of stuff.

00:05:02:24 - 00:05:15:10

Right. Maybe 5000 if. Yeah, yeah. Fernando Narvaez. I'm Hispanic, but I was adopted, so I have a different name. Do you want me to spell now?

00:05:15:12 - 00:05:16:21

Right. Yes, I really do.

00:05:18:12 - 00:05:23:01

And they are v h e z.

00:05:23:21 - 00:05:24:24

Hey, easy.

00:05:26:11 - 00:05:29:04

People call it Derbez, but it's not biased.

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All right? Okay. And that's his last name?

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Yeah, that's his last name. Fernando. Let me spell Fernando.

00:05:36:03 - 00:05:36:19

I can get that.

00:05:36:21 - 00:05:52:08

I know that one. But I would have butchered it pretty bad. Yeah. So. All right. So, yeah, that's exactly what I was going to say to. I was like, Well, if you do 25,000, 5 or 20,000 would go to Lori to help with like final expenses and things like that.

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But she should she.

00:05:53:15 - 00:05:58:23

Said to him, just because I love him so much in the and he helps me so much. Right.

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There's no harm in putting him down because if you're leaving five to him and let's say you outlast him, then the other five would still go to your daughter. It's not like it disappears.

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Oh, okay.

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Yeah. So I mean.

00:06:11:21 - 00:06:13:00

In my next question.

00:06:13:06 - 00:06:19:18

Yeah, yeah. Like if our beneficiaries die, then it just goes to the next line. It's the money's not going, it just goes to somebody else.

00:06:20:02 - 00:06:21:03

Okay. Okay.

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I got $25,000 that I'm paying on and it's basically $19 a week.

00:06:29:22 - 00:06:47:20

So this guy is giving me a lot of information and better believe I'm writing it down. I'm calling him Randy. From now on, I'm finding out about his life insurance. Anything he gives me, I'm going to use later. So, you know, just kind of keep that in mind as I go through this in a week. Is that through your job?

00:06:48:01 - 00:06:54:22

Yeah, they take it out of mine, but it's term life, you know, And I better have a whole life. Are you talking about a whole life or serving life?

00:06:54:24 - 00:07:25:00

Uh, you're born in 62, so you're 60 At your age, I would stop looking at term simply because you don't need something that's going to go up in price or going to expire. Right? So you're paying 76 I'm sorry, 19 a week. So it's like 80 bucks, 80 to 90 depending on how many weeks are in the month. Okay. So I'll call it like basically it's 90 because some weeks have some months have five weeks, some weeks. Right. So like 90 a month. Okay. All right. And you're 60 years old.

00:07:25:02 - 00:07:49:10

You're going to be. I was I was actually very happy to hear that when he said it was $19 a week, because that seems really high for a term. So almost 90 bucks a month for only $25,000 in coverage for a term. They might not have asked any health questions, but still, it just seems like it seems very high, 61 in August. Okay. So that's fine. All right. So we so, James, answer. Sorry, Randy, I'm going to call you Randy from now on if that's cool. Great.

00:07:49:24 - 00:07:50:14

All right.

00:07:50:16 - 00:08:04:07

So, Randy, to answer your question, yeah, we are a consultant firm, so we don't represent just like one particular company. Like our goal here is always to figure out who specifically would give you the best rates and benefits. You with me on that?

00:08:04:12 - 00:08:05:03


00:08:05:05 - 00:08:13:09

Okay. Because that's important. Because you can call Colonial pen. They'll give the same rate to everybody, but a lot of people can do a lot better than a company like Colonial Pen.

00:08:13:16 - 00:08:26:17

Right? I talked to them a couple of years ago. I didn't I wasn't I have had a stroke and they said there would be a couple of years before it actually went into effect.

00:08:27:09 - 00:08:50:09

And guys, I'm running the numbers right now. So it really does change. Like it should be cheaper, especially because like an employer might offer a term, but it's only while he's employed and also it's never going to be 20 year terms mean they're going to have to reevaluate that as they go on. So always keep that in mind. We offer terms that are much longer than other companies.

00:08:51:03 - 00:08:53:11

And I was like, Well, I don't want you. Do you know.

00:08:53:17 - 00:08:55:07


00:08:55:09 - 00:09:13:02

And it's misleading because they say 995 on on TV. But all that means is like that will buy you one unit. So like, you know, that that can mean different stuff to different people. Like if you're 85 years old, $10 a month only buys you like $450 of coverage.

00:09:13:15 - 00:09:18:13

Yeah, it's ridiculous. It's a scam, actually. It feels like.

00:09:19:02 - 00:09:21:02

It's just a good way to get you on the phone, basically.

00:09:21:04 - 00:09:21:19


00:09:22:03 - 00:09:52:24

Like you're 60. Like I have the rates because, you know, we have the option to transfer people to them, but I never do because I can always find something better. Like you're 60, so every $10 a month would only buy you 1214. So basically $100 a month would only be 12,000 coverage. And I totally would do that guy's like, if like, he might think that I can represent Colonial Penn, which I can't. But if that it came down to it, I would just send them off. It's like, if you really want Colonial Penn, I'll transfer you over there.

00:09:53:02 - 00:10:00:04

But, you know, Gerber is going to. Be it in a colonial pen price. And then the other companies, if he's in good health, will certainly beat Gerber.

00:10:01:24 - 00:10:03:15

So that's not a good deal.

00:10:03:23 - 00:10:04:16


00:10:05:16 - 00:10:13:13

So, yeah, so like I said, we're a consulting firm, so I know we're looking for just you, Randy, and this is going to your daughter and friend.

00:10:14:07 - 00:10:14:23

So because.

00:10:16:05 - 00:10:19:19

Sorry, that's a cousin. So you must live right around the corner or something. Okay.

00:10:19:23 - 00:10:21:00

Yeah, basically.

00:10:21:09 - 00:10:21:24


00:10:22:01 - 00:10:44:03

And then so Fernando is a cousin, and I got you paying about $90 a month for your 25 term. Okay. All right. So you might even like if that's coming out of the paycheck. I mean, I don't even know if you actually need that. You might be able to find a better term, but we'll explore that later. So have you ever gone through this process, Randy, like of taking care of somebody else's final expenses and stuff like that?

00:10:44:08 - 00:10:52:23

Well, actually, no. I've always been a I'm on disability, but I do have a part time job and

00:10:54:14 - 00:11:12:24

I've never had to have my son passed away and 19 but my daughter handled it and because I was tore up, I couldn't really do nothing. And so she handled it. So I never I've never had to be the one responsible.

00:11:13:12 - 00:11:16:22

Gotcha. Did your son have life insurance or you guys kind of banded together.

00:11:16:24 - 00:11:18:00

And come up with the money? No.

00:11:18:18 - 00:11:21:04

If he did, they never told me about it.

00:11:23:04 - 00:11:36:18

I was estranged from my family, and but we've kind of come together now. If they saw that, Hey, dad, you know, quit drinking and did all this and all that, and so.

00:11:38:04 - 00:11:40:08

I quit drinking. I feel a lot better. Yeah.

00:11:40:16 - 00:12:07:23

And it's okay, guys. I incorporate a lot of what's going on in my own life in presentations because that's a good way to build rapport, especially if we share something in common. And in the end, Naltrexone came back with this because so he must have pretty recently quit drinking. So naltrexone is like a heroin or not necessarily heroin, opioid or alcohol like helps with cravings and makes you feel crappy if you do start drinking or taking any drugs while you're taking that. Yeah.

00:12:08:10 - 00:12:09:11

I mean, God damn.

00:12:11:00 - 00:12:11:15

I'm a.

00:12:11:17 - 00:12:19:22

Foolish. I just can't have one. So I just quit completely. I drank way too many if I start. So I just stopped.

00:12:19:24 - 00:12:20:21

So yeah.

00:12:21:10 - 00:12:26:09

I didn't do that, but I drank heavily. I did drink heavy and. And.

00:12:28:03 - 00:12:34:15

But the way I tell people I hate bad decisions and hangovers, so I just don't do that.

00:12:35:13 - 00:12:36:16

And that causes both.

00:12:37:12 - 00:12:40:15

Yeah. Yeah. What's that?

00:12:42:15 - 00:12:45:01

Not one. You got a package with that?

00:12:45:12 - 00:12:46:02

All right.

00:12:46:23 - 00:12:50:16

All right. So I think Randy at this stage. Yeah.

00:12:50:23 - 00:13:01:05

He did try to veer you off a lot with little things. Like when he tried to say that he was, like, adopted. And you were like, just like, okay, you know what I mean? Like, you weren't going to go down that tunnel, you know?

00:13:01:21 - 00:13:35:10

No, because, yeah, I mean, certain tunnels can go down, but I have no, I'm not I don't really like to go down in tunnels where I can't relate at all because it's not going to build the rapport that I'm looking for. Right. Like, I broke like I cracked those ribs. And that's true story. I jumped off that bridge. So I know how painful that is. So it's very easy for me to, you know, you know, have that mutual feeling with him. Life like a whole life policy is definitely going to be the best fit for you. So we only work with reputable companies, so like we're quickly growing company.

00:13:35:12 - 00:14:04:17

So we've actually made a lot of these insurance companies designed products like specifically for you guys. So they must be state and federally regulated. They have to be backed by the government like no matter what, what company is going to be best for you, They have to be state approved. They have to have premiums that never premiums that never go up and benefits to never go down. And this just makes sure that Lori or Fernando, whoever helps with this, you know, doesn't suddenly have to come up with a wheelbarrow.

00:14:04:19 - 00:14:05:12

Full cash.

00:14:05:21 - 00:14:21:02

Right, Right. Yeah. And that also the benefit paid out is also has to be 100% tax free. And I like a lot of that. Yeah. And then like on like a lot of companies, we only work with companies that will pay out within 24 to 48 hours and don't hold up the process.

00:14:21:09 - 00:14:23:02

Oh, good deal. Yeah. Yeah. Yep.

00:14:23:04 - 00:14:43:11

And then finally, we make sure they have to have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau or they are not working with us. So guys, I speak really fast. This job has actually taught me a lot about just like, speaking a lot more deliberately and slower. So you guys think I'm talking too fast or am I talking on his level?

00:14:44:19 - 00:14:52:13

Thank you. All right. And your minutes into the call. You know, and you're on page two. So.

00:14:53:12 - 00:15:00:20

Yeah, right. And he's. And he's responding. You're matching and he's responding to you. Wow. You know what I mean? He's engaged. So you're good?

00:15:01:08 - 00:15:31:17

Yeah. Mean? Kind of felt like as soon as he's talked about the term and stuff was, you know, a big thing that a lot of people do. Is if this guy seemed he was very this is the kind of clients were clearly looking for like, you know, he was very, I would say, easy, but, um, I'm still going to follow my process. I've made so many mistakes when I first started, like, Oh, this guy really wants it, so I'm just going to skip all kinds of stuff and just go right into the courting because this guy is going to buy. But believe me, that's how you lose sales.

00:15:31:19 - 00:16:01:22

So it doesn't matter that this guy is easy going and, you know, fun to talk to. I have to follow the process so that way that value is built, that emotional connection has to be, you know, I had to ask him about, you know, has he ever gone through the process of taking care of somebody else's final expenses? I still have to do those things no matter what. I just wanted to say that because too, too often we get too eager and then we lose the sale simply because we did not explain the value. We didn't educate the client. We didn't. We miss something. So never miss anything. It doesn't matter.

00:16:02:04 - 00:16:13:09

Nikki. Like what you said. He's pulling me off a lot. He's really. He's. He's not really trying. He's just a talker. But I'm always getting right back to it. Like, I don't think I missed anything. Like I said, everything.

00:16:14:23 - 00:16:16:12

So I'm sure you're with me on all that.

00:16:16:18 - 00:16:18:09

Yes. Okay.

00:16:18:11 - 00:16:48:15

So here comes a fun time. So now that you've told me a lot about yourself and like, why this is important to you, what you're trying to accomplish, what I want to do now is take the time to ask you a few health questions. So whenever. Yeah. So whenever you look at life insurance or plans that pay for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because it does allow you to get a better plan and a better rate. So those words are very highlighted. Like you always want to be asked health questions because it allows to get a better plan and a better rate.

00:16:50:05 - 00:17:01:06

So I've been doing this a long time, so I don't need to read every single question off every application. I know what company will be best simply by asking a few general questions. Does that sound fair enough?

00:17:01:08 - 00:17:03:03

Okay. All right.

00:17:03:10 - 00:17:09:00

So basics. We'll start with very basic stuff. What is Well, first off, do you smoke or use tobacco?

00:17:10:01 - 00:17:11:17

To be honest with you, I do.

00:17:11:23 - 00:17:25:02

Okay. Better. I mean, I don't care. Believe me, it's you and I against the insurance company. So always view it like that. Like if they if they want to say, Oh, I don't think he qualifies, believe me, I'm the I'm the guy that's writing the notes to make sure it gets approved.

00:17:25:04 - 00:17:26:11

So, yeah. Okay, great.

00:17:26:20 - 00:17:52:12

So that's something that yeah, I'm throwing that in there because he's saying, Oh, I'm going to be honest with you. Well, I'm kind of making it seem like, like, no, you want to be honest with me, like the whole time. And that really, if you can get your clients to look at it like that, it's like you and me versus the insurance company. It's like we're on the same page. The insurance company is not our enemy, but they might do some stuff that we don't like, so we're going to fight back and make sure we get what we want.

00:17:54:11 - 00:17:57:20

But thank you. Yeah. Like to say that sometimes that's not like every time, but.

00:17:58:04 - 00:18:03:08

Do it in a joking way, you know? Yeah. Always tell him Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, you know?

00:18:03:19 - 00:18:04:09


00:18:05:10 - 00:18:13:12

Tell them then, you know. Yeah. We're going to slug it out. We're like Muhammad Ali and they're Joe Frazier. So our job is to take them out together.

00:18:13:19 - 00:18:14:24

Yep. I like it.

00:18:15:11 - 00:18:16:24

Yeah, you can tell me anything.

00:18:17:01 - 00:18:23:15

Just don't tell them everything. All right? So. All right. So, yes, the tobacco, approximate height and weight.

00:18:25:12 - 00:18:33:07

I'm. I'm five eight and I probably weight, but a couple of years now my weight 174. That's just basically my weight.

00:18:33:15 - 00:18:34:05


00:18:34:07 - 00:18:46:23

So that's a very that's a very healthy weight so you don't have to worry about that. Yeah. All right. And then so basically back to General. Is there anything major going on with your heart, your lungs, your liver or your kidneys that.

00:18:47:07 - 00:18:50:22

Yes, I do have cardiovascular disease.

00:18:51:11 - 00:18:52:01


00:18:52:23 - 00:18:57:18

Other than that, um, the rest of the things are everything fine. Okay.

00:18:57:20 - 00:19:32:01

So then with the cardiovascular will stay on that for a second because I do want to make sure I clarify with the companies. So I am really going to dig in on this. Cardiovascular disease can mean anything. It can mean afib. I don't know what it means. This is the big thing. I don't know what that means to him. I know what it means to me. Like to me would be like congestive heart failure, like major peripheral artery disease, like a major thing. But to him, that could be blood pressure. So never assume you got to assume throughout the sale, but never assume that he like is painting an accurate picture.

00:19:32:03 - 00:19:42:20

So I'm going to dig deeper with this guy. Is it is it like congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, or did they just say like, did they give you a specific thing?

00:19:42:22 - 00:19:43:12


00:19:43:17 - 00:20:07:03

The thing is, I had I've had three strokes, heart attack and so had two sets in my heart. But I'm not I'm not completely unprofitable. I work very hard and a lot of people can't tell that nothing is wrong with me. You know, they just nobody really picks up on that. So I've worked very hard in my strokes. Did that

00:20:08:21 - 00:20:16:05

cripple me cause paralysis? I do have I do have a little trouble, like with my pants, buttons and stuff.

00:20:16:17 - 00:20:17:06


00:20:17:22 - 00:20:29:19

But other than that, I'm pretty. I'm pretty self-sufficient. I live alone. I live in my own apartment. I don't live in low income apartment. I live in a regular apartment. And and that's what's going on.

00:20:30:05 - 00:20:30:24

So, I mean.

00:20:31:01 - 00:20:39:06

Cardiovascular disease could even be explained. So this I know you mentioned the strokes beforehand. Like when was the last stroke?

00:20:39:21 - 00:20:42:05

Now it's been a couple years. Now it's.

00:20:43:18 - 00:20:57:20

Oh, I'd say it was right before my son passed away. 2018. So 2018? Yeah. Around August. Around my birthday. Okay.

00:20:57:22 - 00:20:58:24

So that's not.

00:20:59:01 - 00:21:01:14

I'm sure that's him passing it. Something to do with that.

00:21:01:21 - 00:21:03:04

Sorry about that. Yeah.

00:21:03:06 - 00:21:25:13

I was so stressed that it was really sad. No drugs, no alcohol involved. He had bought something off the internet and took a little too much mixing it up for it to help the testosterone. He likes to work out. He was real buff, you know? Yeah. And it just. That's the only thing that was different. There was no reason for my son to pass, so.

00:21:25:19 - 00:21:27:04

Yeah, it's terrible.

00:21:27:22 - 00:22:00:23

That's. Yeah, shocking. Will definitely cause those kind of cardiac events and things like that. So if it's 2018 was the last stroke, I'm not really so worried about it as far as getting you qualified because they specifically. So guys, I'm not trying to bum this guy out, so I'm not going mean. You guys may wonder, well, why didn't you stay on that like you lost your son? Things like that. If I go down that path, it might bum him out so much. Like I've had clients start crying. Like, I'm like, I'm not ignoring this, but I'm basically like, okay, don't want to talk about that. That's not going to help our purposes because we're on a mission here to get life insurance.

00:22:01:06 - 00:22:06:04

So if anybody was thinking that, that's why I'm not I'm not going to tell them, I'm not going to start go down that road.

00:22:07:17 - 00:22:13:02

If a state state within the last three years. So that's good. We're outside the three years.

00:22:13:04 - 00:22:14:07

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:22:14:11 - 00:22:18:22

And then you mentioned stints. So do you know when the last stent was put in?

00:22:19:08 - 00:22:21:14

Oh, no, that was even before that. That was

00:22:23:14 - 00:22:26:22

like 2016, maybe. I think maybe 15.

00:22:27:02 - 00:22:30:17

All right, then I won't worry about that. And then the heart attack was probably before that.

00:22:31:16 - 00:22:35:11

Uh, yes. The heart attack was before that. Yes.

00:22:35:20 - 00:23:05:05

Okay, so. So I'm just using cause and effect, I'm assuming, because, you know, usually you have a heart attack before you start putting a bunch of stents in you or something happens to make that reasonable to do. So let's go to the last thing. The only thing I don't even need to. So the way they work these applications, like I don't even have to really write anything about the 2018 stroke because it was over three years ago. So that's good. Um, all right. So now that I have a pretty good picture, what medications are you currently taking?

00:23:07:09 - 00:23:10:06

High blood pressure medicines. Do you want to know exactly what they are?

00:23:11:00 - 00:23:14:17

I could probably guess them. Is it lisinopril amlodipine?

00:23:14:21 - 00:23:17:23

Yeah. Okay. Perfect.

00:23:20:03 - 00:23:29:04

Yeah. I walked around with super applesauce, but I'm sorry. My sister Jennifer. I haven't glued them in yet. I've got that.

00:23:29:09 - 00:23:31:23

Yeah, it's okay. So. So you.

00:23:32:00 - 00:23:37:21

Did say. I know I have covered a lot law. Is it lisinopril and amlodipine or just one of those?

00:23:38:02 - 00:23:40:14

Both of them. Okay. Okay.

00:23:40:16 - 00:23:52:02

They got it down to the normal level. So whenever I go to the doctor, which is not very often, but when I go I'm within the range of 120 and over 80. I'm within that range.

00:23:52:10 - 00:23:56:14

Okay, well, that's good then. And then do they give you a water pill?

00:23:57:14 - 00:23:58:04

No, I got.

00:23:58:06 - 00:23:59:19

Off of that. Thank God. Woo!

00:24:01:03 - 00:24:01:20

Okay, so.

00:24:01:22 - 00:24:06:03

That's no more hydrochlorothiazide. No more. No, none of that. Okay. Yeah.

00:24:07:02 - 00:24:10:20

Any inhalers? Nope. Okay.

00:24:11:04 - 00:24:20:01

We forget inhalers. Too much inhalers always have to be. Especially with smokers. Because need to know is this guy got COPD or not? Awesome. So the smoking hasn't caused bronchitis?

00:24:20:03 - 00:24:20:18

No, that's.

00:24:20:20 - 00:24:29:08

It. I see the specialist. And he was so he leaned up and back three times in his chair and he says everything's normal. He couldn't.

00:24:29:10 - 00:24:30:20

Believe it. That's good.

00:24:31:08 - 00:24:31:23


00:24:34:02 - 00:24:34:17

All right.

00:24:34:19 - 00:24:39:04

So I thought he was getting ready to tell me I was going to die the way he did that.

00:24:39:15 - 00:24:40:18

You know, I wasn't like that either.

00:24:40:20 - 00:24:42:01

I was like, Spit it out, man.

00:24:42:03 - 00:24:45:03

Don't keep me, man. What's going on? Yeah.

00:24:45:21 - 00:24:50:23

All right. So, carvedilol a lot of pain. Those are all for the heart and the other medications.

00:24:51:11 - 00:25:06:03

Yeah, I think I was sitting. How you say that? I told him. I think that's the only one I take from my heart. And then I do take. I'm bipolar so many times.

00:25:06:05 - 00:25:29:15

I want to say, guys, if you notice us, I'm like, okay, is that for cholesterol? That's for cholesterol. But he just keeps talking When people are talking and giving me information that I'm going to need anyway. I really try not to interrupt them too much because they will tell you everything that you need to know if if they're talkers, sometimes you do have to pry it out. But like I'm doing a little bit give and take here, like I'm asking some questions. And then he just kind of offering up a bunch of information.

00:25:30:11 - 00:25:31:21

And so I take

00:25:34:07 - 00:25:38:08

the greatest medication in the world as far as I'm concerned. It's called perfectionism.

00:25:40:01 - 00:25:44:02

Okay. And I'm on Lamictal for mine.

00:25:44:04 - 00:25:44:19

For my.

00:25:44:21 - 00:25:45:11


00:25:45:13 - 00:25:46:06

Oh, okay.

00:25:46:16 - 00:25:48:23

But I might have to ask them to try that. You think that works better?

00:25:49:07 - 00:26:17:03

Man, I'm telling you, I used to have my brain. It wouldn't stop. And it was always on something that was emotionally sad, you know, and it just wouldn't stop. And so I think there was a lot of reasons why I drink heavy. And but now that that is gone, I was able to give up the alcohol because I didn't have to deaden anything.

00:26:17:15 - 00:26:25:12

Right. You're more even. That's why I started taking it. Like I'm always kind of amped up, like, too much. So yeah, it's keeping me on even keel more.

00:26:25:20 - 00:26:30:21

Yeah, the medicine, I think, for that kind of medicine and.

00:26:30:23 - 00:26:32:14

Yep. Got that one. Yeah.

00:26:33:05 - 00:26:33:20

Yeah. That

00:26:35:24 - 00:26:38:23

balances me out. That's what they say. Anyway.

00:26:39:11 - 00:27:04:22

Google is your friend. Guys, if you guys see me Googling this stuff, I mean, I didn't even get close to spelling any of these, right? And it just automatically knows that as people are talking and giving you medications, you're going to gain a lot of trust on their end simply by telling them what the medication is for. Like this is for epilepsy or neurotic pain, neuropathic pain. Just doing that, Like get get used to Googling everything as much as possible.

00:27:05:14 - 00:27:13:07

I spent like an hour googling stuff yesterday. That guy was in the group chat. He had like three heart conditions but yeah.

00:27:13:09 - 00:27:36:02

Mean but but you learn as you Google it. Like eventually it's like oh okay. These are a little bit unusual. Karmazin And then fennel, whatever that was. But you know, you hear lisinopril and you know, cholesterol, you metformin aside for diabetes, you hear the same stuff over and over again and it just makes you more knowledgeable and that's why it's definitely a marathon and not a sprint, because the better we get, the easier this is.

00:27:36:21 - 00:27:39:00

But they give me medicine now.

00:27:39:19 - 00:27:54:01

That's okay. Usually those won't those shouldn't come up. They don't usually look at mental health too much. So that's good. At least this company that I'm kind of narrowing it down in my head. But like I have, I'm down to three companies. So really I'm just trying to, you know, see which ones best.

00:27:55:19 - 00:28:12:05

All right. So Karmazin Prevenzione at Avastin is or Torvus, and they're actually pronounced both those pronunciations are fine. That's for cholesterol. So I don't care about that one. That one's fine. All right. Anything else?

00:28:12:23 - 00:28:15:00

Yeah, I do take gabapentin.

00:28:15:12 - 00:28:16:12

All right. Is that for.

00:28:16:21 - 00:28:48:18

And it's supposed to deaden the nerves a little bit for pain, right? And I guess it does a little bit. It does help a little bit. So I do take it. And. But you got to be careful with that. But you don't don't take them anywhere near each other and spread those out because it's supposed to help with neuropathy, too. And it kind of gives me neuropathy. If I take it within six hours, I got to wait like 6 or 7 hours between it and I take three a day.

00:28:49:09 - 00:28:51:11

A lot of time. Two a day. Yeah.

00:28:51:13 - 00:28:56:08

I mean, that's the most common is for Gabapentin. Is it a.

00:28:57:04 - 00:29:00:06

Yeah. Do you have diabetes at all? No.

00:29:00:11 - 00:29:03:03

Okay. So that's not for diabetic neuropathy. Okay.

00:29:03:05 - 00:29:03:20


00:29:03:22 - 00:29:06:23

So it's just for normal, whatever. Neuropathy. Yeah.

00:29:07:00 - 00:29:08:12

Yeah. Okay.

00:29:08:14 - 00:29:09:22

Whatever that is, you know?

00:29:09:24 - 00:29:11:13

But yeah, I mean, I'm.

00:29:11:15 - 00:29:13:02

Very good with medications, but I'm.

00:29:13:04 - 00:29:14:02

No pharmacist, so.

00:29:14:24 - 00:29:20:18

But I'm not that level. All right, Gabapentin, don't. All right. So I can explain that one.

00:29:20:20 - 00:29:22:16

Anything else? Um.

00:29:25:01 - 00:29:31:21

Oh, I take one for, uh, you know, urinary camels or something like that. Very well.

00:29:32:04 - 00:29:33:10

Overactive bladder.

00:29:34:10 - 00:29:41:10

Yeah. And that helps to control it. And, and. And I go more when I go.

00:29:41:15 - 00:29:44:12

Yeah. It's like Flomax. Tammy is basically.

00:29:45:03 - 00:29:45:18


00:29:45:20 - 00:29:46:24

Brand name. Same thing.

00:29:47:15 - 00:29:50:09

Thames to London. You want me to spell it?

00:29:51:05 - 00:29:53:23

Is it a sin?

00:29:54:02 - 00:29:55:19

Yes. Okay. So, yeah.

00:29:55:21 - 00:30:03:19

That's the most common it can be for that. Or it could just be for kidney stones. But it can also be for, you know, just helping you go to the bathroom more often.

00:30:04:06 - 00:30:11:05

Yeah. And I'm so glad I'm getting kidney stones. My brother in law had to deal with that quite a bit, man. Oh, no way. Yeah, it's.

00:30:11:07 - 00:30:11:22

Like having.

00:30:11:24 - 00:30:12:14

A baby for.

00:30:12:16 - 00:30:16:19

Men. Yeah. Awful. All right. See that?

00:30:17:17 - 00:30:25:10

I think that's about it. I mean, I have my mood. Oh, amitriptyline. I do take that once in a while and tripling.

00:30:25:12 - 00:30:26:05

Okay. Yeah.

00:30:27:17 - 00:30:37:22

But that's just to help me sleep. That's the only one day that. Only one that we're not. That I got.

00:30:38:09 - 00:30:42:17

Yeah. And that's. And it can help with. It also can help with neuropathy too.

00:30:44:04 - 00:30:45:20

So maybe, yeah, that's.

00:30:45:22 - 00:30:52:18

Part of the thing. So maybe if you're going to sleep, skip the gabapentin and just take that. Who knows?

00:30:53:07 - 00:30:55:13

That'll help you be more helpful or not. Yeah.

00:30:55:20 - 00:31:03:22

Because a lot of times I only take it twice a day to get the thing because you had to be careful with that stuff. Didn't turn around to make you have more apathy, you know?

00:31:04:03 - 00:31:04:18


00:31:05:12 - 00:31:12:07

I'm like, Oh my God, make it worse. So I make sure I basically take it two times a day, to be honest.

00:31:13:22 - 00:31:18:08

I think go on about 10:00 in the morning, about 7:00 at night, you know.

00:31:18:17 - 00:31:19:08


00:31:19:13 - 00:31:29:11

Gotcha. All right. So I think that's the last medication. All right. So I'm going to take a look here now what you qualify for.

00:31:29:13 - 00:31:30:12

So there are.

00:31:30:14 - 00:31:35:19

Anti, I think, 3 million a day, just so you know.

00:31:35:21 - 00:31:36:21

And preservation.

00:31:38:06 - 00:31:39:09

Which is an issue.

00:31:39:19 - 00:31:41:12

Yeah. Yeah. And personally.

00:31:43:18 - 00:31:47:01

And it's better to not. It's better to take the generic. Save some.

00:31:47:03 - 00:31:48:12

Money. Yeah.

00:31:51:01 - 00:31:56:21

And that's a pretty common one for. Based on the other stuff. So that's Xanax. Okay.

00:31:58:12 - 00:32:33:01

All right. So, yeah, I'm looking now, so I know I'm taking a look here, so I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail. You see stuff on TV. But you guys, I did not like, I don't let people get me off track. So I'm going to take a look at what you qualify for. There are a lot of different. And then he starts talking and then I immediately basically, if I was brand new, my finger would be on the sentence and I would be that'd be next in line as soon as I get back to, you know, get a chance to just get back in there like am very script oriented, very process oriented, because that's the only way to make sale after sales or sale if you treat every single sale exactly the same.

00:32:33:13 - 00:32:41:00

So for the purpose of describing how we work versus the others, do you know the difference between term and whole life coverage?

00:32:41:07 - 00:33:03:04

Yeah, that's why I said I want a whole life rather than the term. That's true. You know what? What age I'm paying for it from work. And they only asked me like 2 or 3 questions and I got it and went, Wow, okay. But I think it's 70 or 75 and my family tends to live till the 80s and 90s, you know?

00:33:03:13 - 00:33:05:01

Oh yeah. I mean like.

00:33:05:13 - 00:33:36:08

Like for the purpose of describing like, so basically the reason I bring it up is because I want you to choose the right type of insurance to have because they're not all the same like some are going to be better than others. But I think you need to know the facts to make a sound decision. That's right. For you in the family, guys, Is everybody. So does everybody understand that this can be said whether they know the difference between term and whole or not? Like it really doesn't matter what they say. Like, yes, I know 100%. I don't know. I kind of have an idea.

00:33:36:13 - 00:34:06:04

This this is just a good I stole this from the best. So this is just a good thing to say to get like a lot of clients out of that mindset where they they see the globe life or the advertisements and they are cheaper because they're going to go up every five years like things like that. I'm trying to get it out of their head like stuff that they see every day, especially if they're mailing them as many as like most people get. They constantly see this and they see that price. They see that price. They see that price. You got to get them off that. So that's why I say this every single time.

00:34:07:17 - 00:34:08:21

Like a good.

00:34:08:23 - 00:34:13:23

Example. Like, I still get these all the time. Like, I'm sure you've received letters from like, Globe Life or.

00:34:14:00 - 00:34:15:21

AARP, all that jazz.

00:34:16:03 - 00:34:32:16

Yeah. So an awful like if you open those up, it often says right on there that the insurance is good up to age 80. What they don't tell you is what happens after age 80. So what happens is you lose all of your coverage no matter how much money you put in. So they get yeah, they get to keep the money and you get no benefit.

00:34:32:18 - 00:34:34:19

So the point is, like, crazy. Yeah.

00:34:34:21 - 00:34:46:16

Like, why would I want insurance that's going to cancel before you go and you get to keep all the money. This guy is taking me off, Nikki. I didn't even realize that how much he like. I could easily go off the rails so many different times.

00:34:47:04 - 00:34:49:00

Yeah, but the whole call, he tried.

00:34:49:08 - 00:34:52:22

Yeah. And it's just like, No, no, no, no. We're going to. We're going to go down the straight line.

00:34:52:24 - 00:34:55:21

Are you in now. 25. 25.

00:34:57:02 - 00:35:22:14

So like those type of plans, I mean they have their place. They really do. But you know, to make matters worse, I mean, they raise their prices every 3 to 5 years. So what happens to some? Yeah, like some people get in cheap as they're younger, but as they're get older and then we get we hit our 60, 70, 80 and our income becomes more fixed. They keep raising their prices. So what happens is people don't even actually outlive it. They end up canceling it because they can no longer afford it.

00:35:23:03 - 00:35:24:06

Wow. Yeah.

00:35:24:08 - 00:35:33:03

So based on what you're telling me, I think the best company in your case is going to be like, Oh, did I ask, are you on any inhalers at all?

00:35:33:15 - 00:35:35:17

No. Okay. Okay. No, that's.

00:35:35:22 - 00:35:41:21

That's what he was so amazed. Had perfect breath. You know, they do a breath test and all that time sort of thing. Little.

00:35:42:02 - 00:35:42:17

Little ball.

00:35:42:19 - 00:35:44:14

Goes. He says everything was normal.

00:35:44:16 - 00:36:07:21

So even, you know, everybody forgets sometimes. And then the inhaler question, it's just like, okay, so I really have something in my head like I want him to be preferred as a smoker, but if he has inhalers and he has COPD, this might not be the best company for smokers. So that's why I have to really dig deep and understand, like, what is the situation? Is he lying to me? And he really didn't lie to me. So that's.

00:36:07:22 - 00:36:08:12


00:36:08:14 - 00:36:31:02

Yeah, he was amazing. And you know what came in contact with hepatitis B many years ago? And then the specialist says, You have better numbers than I do. I've got genes. You know what I mean? Right. Things don't affect me and I don't get overpowered by I'm just lucky, I guess, that dad's ratio.

00:36:31:17 - 00:36:32:21

I mean, my mom, my mom.

00:36:32:23 - 00:36:41:01

Smoke is like a fiend our whole life. And she didn't have to start doing inhaler until she was, like, 78. So, I mean, who knows? Who knows what happens.

00:36:41:18 - 00:36:45:10

To my family? A lot of them smoke cigars.

00:36:45:16 - 00:36:49:02

That's not actually true. But I just figured, you know, build that rapport.

00:36:50:15 - 00:36:51:20

And they smoke them into the.

00:36:51:22 - 00:36:55:04

90 seconds, you know, because they smoke. One day they died.

00:36:55:11 - 00:36:56:01

You know?

00:36:56:13 - 00:36:58:20

No, No way. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome.

00:36:59:16 - 00:37:15:06

That's awesome. All right, so let me pull these up. It's really going to come down to three companies. I'm just going to figure out which one is either American, amicable American home life or united home life. That's going to be the best. So let me pull this up.

00:37:16:05 - 00:37:17:07

All right. I'm pulling up.

00:37:17:14 - 00:37:24:22

It's going to pull up several at the same time. Like it's not going to pull up just one, one face amount, one premium. That's it. It'll pull up several.

00:37:25:16 - 00:37:26:17

So let me see.

00:37:27:18 - 00:37:31:09

I think we're going to try to get you.

00:37:31:11 - 00:37:32:04


00:37:32:06 - 00:37:34:11

Coverage, which is like immediate coverage.

00:37:34:21 - 00:37:35:10


00:37:35:17 - 00:37:59:11

So I want to because I mean, all that stuff, it does sound like a lot, but these strokes and stents, they've been over years ago and doesn't sound like you're taking huge doses. And now that you're not no water pills, I think we have a really good chance of getting you immediate coverage with accidental with the accidental terminal illness, nursing home, all benefits at the same time.

00:37:59:16 - 00:38:01:15

Wow. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah.

00:38:01:17 - 00:38:13:09

So that's what we're going for. So let's try it. Put it in there. All right. So with this company, I can't apply one additional discount. So when you get your disability, does it go directly to a bank?

00:38:14:16 - 00:38:41:00

It goes to a payee. I put it in the pays ends. So he pays any bills. I just went bankrupt, so I really don't have no bills. All I have is electric and my rent and my my insurance on my car. Gotcha. Okay, well, just the car broke down, and I haven't been able to fix it because I haven't been able to save up the money. But I will soon just whether

00:38:42:17 - 00:38:47:19

my ride is going to end February 6th. So I got I got to have that car.

00:38:48:11 - 00:38:49:20

Hey, man, I understand.

00:38:49:22 - 00:38:55:24

100%. So with your payee, is it just like he's. He's on a bank account with you?

00:38:56:10 - 00:39:30:22

Yeah, well, he had one with me, but I have one that's on my own for my. For my work check. I get about a couple hundred. I get a little over a couple of hundred out of my check every week and that goes directly to my own account. And then I have a payee, but just a dual account. But I have to like I called them this morning until $50 on one of my cards. Oh, a lot of people don't have money at the end of their month. I'm blessed because I had my job and at the very end of the month, I could I could go ahead and put 50 on my card.

00:39:31:09 - 00:39:31:23


00:39:32:00 - 00:39:44:08

Okay. So yeah, then we'll definitely want to use the discount because there's discounts that can be applied like your the account that you have on your own. Like what is the name of that bank? Because I'll try to apply it to that.

00:39:44:16 - 00:39:45:20

That's us. Okay.

00:39:47:19 - 00:40:00:14

So you guys see what I did there? Like, I really had to narrow this down. Like, at first I'm like, Oh, hey, no, terrible. And then I'm like, okay, so what? What is the actual situation? Until finally, like he says, he does manage one of his own accounts.

00:40:02:24 - 00:40:07:11

All right, So let me look them up. It's not as big as like, a Wells Fargo or something, so let's make sure that.

00:40:08:00 - 00:40:17:05

No Wells Fargo, man, you know, they got a lot of trouble and they messed with my account big time. I got away from them. I had a spa account years ago.

00:40:17:15 - 00:40:19:14

I did too. I just didn't.

00:40:19:16 - 00:40:20:24

Like their customer service too kind of.

00:40:21:01 - 00:40:24:07

Dicks. Yeah. So. Oh, God, that's.

00:40:25:07 - 00:40:39:03

That's so not saying you should say that word to every client, but I know who I'm talking to at this point. That really is a big thing. Like what? You know, if I can get away with saying things like that, we're definitely more friendly and, you know, we're just moving down the straight line.

00:40:41:11 - 00:40:44:07

They were my enemy. I'm like, What's going on?

00:40:44:14 - 00:40:46:02

It only took once. I called them.

00:40:46:04 - 00:40:46:19

Because I needed.

00:40:46:21 - 00:40:47:11


00:40:47:16 - 00:41:01:14

My routing and my account number and they wouldn't give it to me, like and they made me answer like 25 security questions. And I answered them, all right? And they're like, Oh, we don't do that over the phone. And I said, Then why did I answer the security questions?

00:41:02:01 - 00:41:03:03

Yeah, right. Yes.

00:41:03:05 - 00:41:04:24

Just tell me and then I'll come down, I guess.

00:41:05:01 - 00:41:05:16

But I don't want.

00:41:05:18 - 00:41:06:24

To have to go to the bank to get something.

00:41:07:01 - 00:41:07:18

So simple.

00:41:08:06 - 00:41:11:03

I know. And when the US.

00:41:11:05 - 00:41:18:17

Bank gave it to me, they did this one, the only 1 or 2. And then they gave it to me, you know.

00:41:18:23 - 00:41:23:02

Yeah, they're probably good enough to give you like a card with your routing and account number so I don't have to go.

00:41:23:04 - 00:41:23:20

About it, right?

00:41:24:00 - 00:41:29:00

You know, they give you pieces of paper. I used to keep that piece of paper in my pocket. Well, first in my wallet.

00:41:29:02 - 00:41:41:03

Now you guys know why I'm saying that? Like, like a lot of banks do do that. But I'm trying to put it into his head like ways he can find his account number when I start asking for it.

00:41:43:00 - 00:41:47:21

Like I'm like, okay, I'm going to go through that progression where I'm going to ask him like, where I can find it.

00:41:48:01 - 00:41:53:03

I got too big, so I don't care about it anymore necessarily.

00:41:53:05 - 00:41:54:21

Cards in my pocket, you know?

00:41:55:24 - 00:41:56:24

I gotcha. Gotcha.

00:41:57:02 - 00:42:01:08

And we're going to yeah, we're going to be able to stay on the phone while I submit this. See if it gets.

00:42:01:10 - 00:42:02:18

Okay, because that's the goal.

00:42:03:05 - 00:42:22:02

But I do want to pick one because, you know, so, so pioneer like this is what we're going to try first because it doesn't matter to me. This is the best company for you. I don't care what company you end up with as long as it's the right one for you. But if they don't approve it while we're on the phone, then I'm just going to find another company until they find the best one for you.

00:42:22:15 - 00:42:24:08

That's it. Because I'm not a genius as.

00:42:24:10 - 00:42:29:18

Far as like, sometimes something comes up and I don't know how to answer it, and then. Well, forget that company. We'll go with another one.

00:42:30:01 - 00:42:33:09

Right? So us bank. Yeah. So US bank is a.

00:42:33:10 - 00:42:45:17

Preferred bank, so I can put that discount in. So what I'll have you do then is Randy, if you want to just grab a pen and a piece of paper, we're going to go over these different plans together.

00:42:45:24 - 00:42:47:11

Yep, I got one right now.

00:42:47:22 - 00:42:48:12

I was.

00:42:48:23 - 00:43:04:16

I was in that health care and so I have a piece of paper. I have a notebook that I bought the other day and it's got four sections. So all things to do with the health. I'm in that page section.

00:43:05:00 - 00:43:06:02

Oh no. Okay.

00:43:06:17 - 00:43:16:01

So what I'm going to have you write down here. So Pioneer Security is the best company. So that's that's what I'll end up sending you. Unless for some reason it doesn't get approved.

00:43:16:08 - 00:43:16:23


00:43:17:00 - 00:43:19:02

I won't read it down to it happens.

00:43:19:10 - 00:43:54:02

More assumption. That's what I'm going to send you. That's what I'm going to do. This is what we're doing. So really, you know, anything you can do to constantly put in their head of what the plan is and what we're trying to accomplish, just keep doing it. Okay. So, yeah, so I'll just have you write down a few things so that way we can stay on the phone and submit this. All right. So a US bank. All right. So that account is that discount is applied. So I'm going to have you write down different face amounts. So on your paper, I'll have you make two columns. So on one column will be like the amount of coverage that will be left to Lori and Fernando.

00:43:54:05 - 00:44:01:00

And then the. So we're going to make that column first. So I'll have you write down. I'm just going to go down in.

00:44:01:02 - 00:44:02:23

$5,000 increments.

00:44:03:00 - 00:44:06:02

So I'll have you write down $40,000 in coverage.

00:44:08:03 - 00:44:09:17

$35,000 in.

00:44:09:19 - 00:44:10:12


00:44:13:02 - 00:44:23:00

$30,000 in coverage. And then the $25,000 in coverage that you originally set. So you have a couple. So you have a couple options.

00:44:23:06 - 00:44:31:00

Yeah. Well, yeah, if I could keep it basically at the same price and get more, I would do that obviously, you know.

00:44:31:11 - 00:44:32:01

Well, yeah.

00:44:32:03 - 00:44:58:20

And then it's hard to get more because term, I mean I don't know when that term is going to expire, but if it expires, obviously whole life, whole life should be more expensive than term. If it's not somethings wrong because term they don't. They don't have. Yeah, they don't have to build any cash value. You know, if they cancel it, you know, you have no money and built up in there, you know, it should always be cheaper than somebody tells you some outrageous price on a term. Just run away from them because that's not possible.

00:44:58:24 - 00:44:59:20

And so like.

00:45:00:03 - 00:45:03:13

Right, right. I know this is a gamble here.

00:45:04:02 - 00:45:04:17


00:45:04:19 - 00:45:22:20

So whole life, I mean, it's a lot less of a gamble when you know it's going to be there no matter what. Yes. Yeah. So with the like, I wouldn't I mean, if you only need 25, I would actually get rid of the term save yourself 90 bucks and put it into something like this. But that's I'm not saying do any of that right now. So let's get you approved first and then we can worry about that stuff.

00:45:22:22 - 00:45:23:14


00:45:24:06 - 00:45:57:03

So you have those face amounts written down for the next. So next to that, I'll have you write down the premiums. And no matter which one you pick here, it's going to have a bunch of benefits. Randy, that this is a very good time to do benefits. Guys have them like like sandwiched in between like, okay, 40,000, 35, 30, 25,000. Tell them all the benefits then give them the prices because that's like a it's, it's much more of a soft close where you're going to get all these benefits no matter what. And then which one do you want. So you'll you'll see it your your workplace insurance is not going to have.

00:45:57:05 - 00:46:38:01

So the first one is going to be a terminal illness benefit. So what that means is God forbid you're ever diagnosed with a terminal illness, you'll actually be allowed to receive the entire face amount would go directly to you in that situation. So you could handle. Yeah, you can handle your own final affairs and things like that. So it does happen about 50% of the time with this company because unfortunately most of us don't pass away in our sleep. We develop some kind of illness later in life. So it's just it's just very good to have because sometimes people have used that money, like my clients have used that money for blow out vacations to spend a little time with family before they know they're going to go.

00:46:38:03 - 00:46:39:01

Some people just set up.

00:46:39:15 - 00:46:46:23

That sounds amazing. Yes. Yes, I do. That I would take them to I take it with me to go to Hawaii. I've always wanted to go to Hawaii.

00:46:47:16 - 00:46:48:08

And then just leave.

00:46:48:10 - 00:46:50:13

Enough just to take care of the final expenses when you get.

00:46:50:15 - 00:46:51:15

Back. Yeah.

00:46:52:12 - 00:46:54:24

My son my son was rather.

00:46:55:01 - 00:47:02:10

Cheap, actually. We went to Saint Louis crematory and. And I think it was only like 2000 hours, you know?

00:47:02:21 - 00:47:03:15

Gotcha. That's.

00:47:03:17 - 00:47:14:10

Yeah. And if you don't have a giant service and stuff then you know, I mean you could spend whatever you want on anything in this life. I mean you can have Michael Jackson's funeral or you could have a normal right.

00:47:15:08 - 00:47:26:12

My minister went to Lisa marie's funeral, you know, because she she was my minister is pretty amazing. And she's been my world. She's been she's.

00:47:26:14 - 00:47:33:00

Met a lot of people. I mean, one of her friends called up and said, would you like want you to come with me to loosen Marie's funeral?

00:47:33:02 - 00:47:40:20

And so she did, you know, I mean, so I had associations with a lot of really nice people.

00:47:41:04 - 00:48:12:05

Good, good. I mean, yeah. And then it sounds like you're just trying to do the right thing by everybody. You know, Laurie needs money for final expenses. Fernando helps you. I mean, I can understand why you're trying to get this done, but more just bring it back to the beneficiary. Beneficiary? Because he's. He's throwing me off track. Nothing he's saying is hurting me. So, I mean, I'm letting him talk a little bit, but I'm just trying to bring back Fernando, Lori, Fernando, Lori. Like, whatever is necessary, just so you know. So, like, no matter which one you pick, like, you have those numbers down, it comes with that. It's also going to come with accidental coverage.

00:48:12:07 - 00:48:20:22

So if you have $40,000 in coverage and you pass away as a result of an accident, it's going to pay out $80,000. So double all those numbers.

00:48:20:24 - 00:48:21:14


00:48:21:21 - 00:48:22:19

And then.

00:48:23:02 - 00:48:23:17


00:48:23:19 - 00:48:27:10

And then the last one is the nursing home coverage. Now, I hope you never have to.

00:48:27:12 - 00:48:28:06

Use this.

00:48:28:12 - 00:48:59:10

But it is it is really useful if you do. So basically, the reason we we basically negotiated with Pioneer made them put this in because we know how nursing homes work. They want all of your money. So we don't know. Yeah. And we don't want people losing their coverage just because something bad happened or they develop some kind of illness and they can't take care of themselves. So if that ever happens, you are not responsible for making any of these premium payments. But the policy will still stay active. So the the payments are gone.

00:48:59:12 - 00:49:01:23

But but the money still sitting there for the family.

00:49:02:08 - 00:49:06:06

But then they don't have to pay the nursing home out of my insurance.

00:49:06:22 - 00:49:12:08

Right. So like, you know how nursing homes pretty much want that? Like they want you to sell your assets, your house, your car.

00:49:12:10 - 00:49:13:00

All that stuff, and.

00:49:13:02 - 00:49:14:10

They want every penny, you know?

00:49:14:12 - 00:49:15:15

Yeah. So and that's.

00:49:15:17 - 00:49:23:20

Situation. You don't have to pay for this life insurance anymore because they would want you know, because you won't be able to, frankly, because.

00:49:23:22 - 00:49:25:07

Nursing homes doesn't do.

00:49:25:19 - 00:49:26:09


00:49:26:11 - 00:49:27:01

Way. It is, you know.

00:49:27:06 - 00:49:27:21

It doesn't.

00:49:27:23 - 00:49:36:20

Matter. I mean, I've seen clients like even if you're a millionaire and you go to a nursing home and don't have like long term care paid for whatever, you're broke. You're broke in a year no matter what.

00:49:37:04 - 00:49:37:19


00:49:37:24 - 00:49:49:02

So, yeah, we don't want that. So we're trying to avoid all that. So. So Randy, what I'll have you do is now that you got those numbers down, right down the face, you have the face amounts down 40,000.

00:49:49:04 - 00:49:49:19

Yes, I.

00:49:49:21 - 00:50:00:05

Do. All the way down to 25,000. So we'll write down like how much these coverage amounts would be. So if you're going to do the 40,000, that would only be two 6425 a month.

00:50:01:05 - 00:50:02:02


00:50:02:11 - 00:50:04:07

Yeah. So that's for the 40.

00:50:04:10 - 00:50:10:16

And then if you wanted the 35,000 coverage, that would only be two 3188.

00:50:12:18 - 00:50:13:16

Not much difference.

00:50:14:11 - 00:50:20:14

Now, if we're doing the 30,000 and get a little more difference here to that's only one 9950.

00:50:21:18 - 00:50:23:14

All right. I really think you should.

00:50:23:16 - 00:50:28:23

Stick with the 25. The 25,000 is only one 6713.

00:50:29:14 - 00:50:37:06

Yeah, because I really can't go up anymore. Because not much more. You know, I need a you.

00:50:37:08 - 00:50:38:02

Know what I mean? That's why.

00:50:38:04 - 00:50:38:19

It works.

00:50:39:10 - 00:50:41:07

Exactly. And then the 25,000.

00:50:41:09 - 00:51:08:02

It's not like you're stuck with that forever. You can always go up. Like if you start making a lot more money or something, you know, windfall, you're allowed to go all the way up to like 50,000 at the drop of a hat. So I'd rather get something in place than try to say, Oh yeah, you definitely need the 40,000, because in reality you probably don't. Even if you turn 85, if you well, if you get to 85, then probably will need 25,000 because who the hell knows what funerals will cost them.

00:51:08:09 - 00:51:11:05

I know. Yeah.

00:51:11:14 - 00:51:13:06

That's why I wanted 25,000.

00:51:13:08 - 00:51:15:21

They offered me five and ten. I'm like, hell no.

00:51:16:15 - 00:51:17:12


00:51:17:14 - 00:51:44:18

And then. And then you can reevaluate. And I'll even help you look over your term. Because if it really doesn't make sense to have it, then basically you could get rid of that and you're only paying 70 bucks out of pocket because now you don't have that bill. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, I'm going to we're going to stay on the phone while I get this approved for you. So first things first. I might have all the medications written down that I might need to explain. Lori. No, that's weird. It's hard to say no.

00:51:44:23 - 00:51:47:07

Yeah, no and no.

00:51:47:17 - 00:51:58:22

I was very assumptive, though. I basically told them to say, keep the 20. You're going to stay with 25,000 and he's fine with that. So that I'm just continue to move forward and get the information I need to submit this application.

00:51:59:14 - 00:52:01:08

This is how I spelled it.

00:52:01:12 - 00:52:02:02


00:52:02:04 - 00:52:05:08

That's no. All right, so what.

00:52:05:10 - 00:52:06:00

I'll have you.

00:52:06:02 - 00:52:07:14

Do. So first.

00:52:07:16 - 00:52:26:13

Things first. When you receive your I mean, it's up to you, but when you receive. Actually, no, because you're paying it. You're paying for it through the account you control, not the pay account where the Social Security goes. Right? So, yeah. So we'll do this what day of the month works best for you? Like the first through the 28th.

00:52:28:02 - 00:52:32:08

What if we pick a day? Why don't we pick the third?

00:52:32:10 - 00:52:40:14

Because that way I have I have like $350 left over on my other account, and I could always transfer.

00:52:41:06 - 00:52:41:23


00:52:42:00 - 00:52:42:24

The third Friday.

00:52:43:01 - 00:52:43:18

Okay. Right.

00:52:43:20 - 00:52:46:03

Because if my tax don't land. Right.

00:52:47:05 - 00:52:50:11

Because you know how that goes, it's different.

00:52:52:00 - 00:52:59:20

I can't say that. I can't say that the first or something like that, but I can always say the third because I know I can just transfer the money.

00:53:00:07 - 00:53:01:05

Okay, perfect.

00:53:01:07 - 00:53:11:18

I'll put down the third. And that's a that's a common day. People choose anyway, the first, the third or the second, third or fourth Wednesday, depending on how they're paid out. Yeah. All right. So we'll put down the third.

00:53:11:20 - 00:53:14:17

Wait a minute, wait a minute. It takes one day.

00:53:14:19 - 00:53:20:08

For me to get the money. When I call, it takes me in one day. Makes it the fourth place, February 4th.

00:53:20:10 - 00:53:21:00


00:53:21:19 - 00:53:56:17

Especially if you're transferring. I do want to give you that time. So the only reason I'm not doing coinciding with Social Security on the third is that this is a different account and I want him to have that opportunity if he gets it on the third to the pay and he can transfer it, great. But he's also getting his paychecks submitted here. So his paychecks will certainly cover the cost of the insurance. So the first payment is actually coinciding with his paycheck on Friday. If you need to, you probably won't need to in most situations. But if you ever need to, then I want you to be able to do that. All right. So like I said, US Bank is one of our preferred banks, so their routing number popped up.

00:53:56:19 - 00:54:07:14

But I do have because the way US bank is set up, they have two routing numbers for Illinois. So do you have a I'm going to have you grab a check because I'm going to read them both to you.

00:54:08:15 - 00:54:10:03

It's a safe debit.

00:54:10:05 - 00:54:12:24

Account, so I don't have checks. Okay.

00:54:16:09 - 00:54:25:00

I guess I could. I could. Do I need to change it? I need to change it to account. I mean, I. Okay.

00:54:26:10 - 00:54:27:07

You really don't.

00:54:27:18 - 00:54:30:00

Thank you. So.

00:54:30:07 - 00:54:34:14

So, like, they have two routing numbers. So is it actually considered a savings account?

00:54:35:18 - 00:54:46:20

No, it's just a safe debit account. It's just where my check goes. And. And what they do, they have, like overdraft protection and stuff like that. And

00:54:48:15 - 00:55:03:05

whatever money is in there I get. And other than that, I don't. I don't understand everything about it. I just know that when I got money, if I go a little over, they cover it and I don't have to pay any charge.

00:55:03:13 - 00:55:34:03

Gotcha. All right. So we'll we can call them just to make sure that it's an account that'll work for this. Yes. So it's not going to take much. I mean, I'm going to ask them. I mean, I have to do this anyway no matter what, whether you're on the phone or not. But, um, it's a good line, guys. Like, if you ever have to call bank to get, you know, account information, you can always tell them you're actually doing me a favor. I would have to do this anyway to confirm that, that it's an open and draftable account and then you're on and people like doing favors for you.

00:55:34:05 - 00:55:52:05

So, you know, just go ahead and do it. It's either like your routing number is either start with zero seven 1 or 0 eight one you are in. Actually, I need to actually, I need that because I don't think I asked you that. So, Randy, I need the physical address. You want me to send the policy out to.

00:55:53:08 - 00:55:54:09

Well, I just.

00:55:56:10 - 00:55:59:03

I don't know my daughter's account there.

00:55:59:10 - 00:56:01:02

I need to know my routing.

00:56:01:04 - 00:56:01:20


00:56:01:22 - 00:56:08:03

And my safety account number, but I need to know if it's ACH.

00:56:12:04 - 00:56:14:13

It's for health insurance. Jacksonville.

00:56:17:16 - 00:56:18:18

But what was the last part?

00:56:19:05 - 00:56:52:08

I skipped ahead just a little bit. So we're on the phone with this guy now. We're on the phone with the bank, so I am letting him. If you guys can manage this, try to let the client do all the talking. Like I didn't even come off mute until the end because I'm like, okay, well, if they talk to them, there's a far. Less chance of them constantly being like, Oh, are you sure you want to give that? You know, you guys have all been through that. Probably like, Oh, are you sure you do know this person? Do you want to give that? You sure you know things like that, You know, get them all sketched out and then, you know, we eventually lose the deal on that kind of stuff.

00:56:52:20 - 00:56:53:10


00:56:54:05 - 00:57:06:06

Ach. Draft available because it's for health insurance. Life insurance, not health. Life insurance. Can I have life insurance automatically drafted out of my account?

00:57:08:19 - 00:57:15:04

Okay, so you're needing that information to set up an ACH, your account number and routing number?

00:57:15:11 - 00:57:16:03


00:57:16:21 - 00:57:22:02

Okay. All right. Do you use the mobile app at all? The US bank app on your phone?

00:57:22:15 - 00:57:23:14

Yes, I do.

00:57:24:00 - 00:57:24:15

You do?

00:57:25:03 - 00:57:27:11

Okay. He doesn't, though. He says that later.

00:57:28:17 - 00:57:29:07


00:57:29:20 - 00:57:30:24

I'm skipping ahead a little bit.

00:57:31:22 - 00:57:36:11

I'll just need you to verify your birthday and address for me.

00:57:37:04 - 00:57:46:13

Yeah, it's Ernest. Yeah, that looks like everything that we'll need. But this is my. This is why I wanted them to. The routing number sometimes can be wrong, so I want him to tell me. Okay.

00:57:46:21 - 00:57:48:14

So then. Then will.

00:57:49:02 - 00:57:50:13

I write it down myself and.

00:57:50:15 - 00:57:51:11

Then. Yeah, we'll do a quick.

00:57:51:17 - 00:57:53:09

I'm sure you write it down, too.

00:57:53:11 - 00:57:54:20

Oh, yeah, I got I got it for you.

00:57:55:16 - 00:58:03:11

I did. Over. If you want to verify that the I have 1523230.

00:58:05:06 - 00:58:05:21


00:58:05:24 - 00:58:07:08

So it'd be safe.

00:58:07:23 - 00:58:17:15

For some reason. You know, sometimes I have to take a cab back and forth to work when I'm really low on money. Know I made it through, but I had grandchildren my age.

00:58:17:17 - 00:58:18:14

Here. I notice that.

00:58:18:20 - 00:58:19:13


00:58:20:23 - 00:58:38:02

Okay, guys. Well, at the end, I just stay on the phone with them, get them submitted. So, uh, questions, comments, anything. Guys can pick me apart. I always like to get better. So if you can think of anything that could have done a little better, let me know. Anything you like that you could steal? Let me know that as well.

00:58:45:20 - 00:58:50:00

Do you actually call the bank and verify the banking after the call?

00:58:50:19 - 00:59:23:01

No, not every time. It used to be a lot easier, guys, but now a lot of banks won't give me that information even if I have it to read to them. So there's other ways. I mean, you could try the automated system or something like that. Punch in the numbers and see if it shows you, you know, lets you get past that first initial screen because you because at the end of a call you should have all information anyway. So if you can get by, that's a good way to verify. I don't do it every time, but I like to avoid problems like bad banking and stuff. Those are just annoying emails to get to try to track them down in just a big waste of my time.

00:59:26:21 - 00:59:27:11

I see.

00:59:33:24 - 00:59:34:18

Sure. You joined us.

00:59:41:17 - 01:00:11:23

I think the sale was easy because there was a lot of likeability there, just like the sale that I made last night. Um, the guy, he's like, I've been on the phone with you for an hour and 40 minutes and still don't even know your name. Like I told you my name, but it's Vicky. And so Thomas says, I'm going to send you my my digital business card, and I'm also going to text you my office and my cell phone number. And so that way, if you have any questions.

01:00:12:08 - 01:00:13:19

He was super sweet.

01:00:14:19 - 01:00:25:22

Exactly. Mean likability is a big thing. If you can get people to like you that they'll just follow you along. Especially if you're kind of still. You mean you still need to be in control, but it doesn't have to be like a death grip control.

01:00:26:14 - 01:00:27:04


01:00:27:11 - 01:00:39:09

I was going to say, there's a lot of places in those easy, like, quote unquote, easy sales that can go wrong. So it's definitely impressive how you manage to just keep them on track and, you know, keep down the straight line. That's something I need to work on.

01:00:40:09 - 01:00:54:15

Yeah. Even if it's. Even if it's as dumb as putting your finger where you need to say it's like, okay. And it doesn't mean that you, you have to be like, Oh, and got to say this now. But it does mean that you need to stay on some kind of you have to stay on some kind of process. Otherwise none of it makes sense to them.

01:01:01:00 - 01:01:19:04

Well. All right, guys. Thought that was good. I know. It's 942. It's a little bit longer than I would have liked, but, you know, I just think it's good to hear how I do it because I hear you guys all the time, how you guys are doing it. So, you know, a little bit of give and take there. So I'll stop the recording and then we'll just probably break up here.

Watch the Full Call Review: Call Review 01/31/23

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