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Call Review 01/31/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Call Review: Call Review 01/31/23

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Okay, guys. So like I said, this is a sale yesterday. We're just going to listen to it. If you guys want to stop me at any time, just stop me. Say stop, Stop the recording. If you have any questions about anything I was doing, of course I'll stop it. If I don't like something about my what I'm doing, then of course I'm going to say it to you. Hello? James? Yeah. Hey, James. How's everything been going up there in Illinois?

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Oh, pretty good, actually. Working and got. I had some broken ribs, so I was off work for a couple of months, and now I'm back to work and I'm loving it.

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That's awesome. I've had some cracked ribs in my lifetime, but no broken ones. It's probably got to be even worse.

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Man. I'll tell you what. You know that it's a it's not a that's not a party, man.

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No, it's basically. That's your life now. Hard to breathe for the next month. Yeah.

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Get lay down. Right. Getting set up right here. This is a horrible, you know.

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No, every so when I intro this guy, I really think just by saying, how's everything been going? He kind of acts like he knows me. I have not talked to this guy before. Breath is agony, too. You can't you can't get too animated and doing stuff because on your breathing too hard and it hurts even worse.

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Yep. I've been there. I did something stupid. How'd you. How'd you break yours?

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What's that one said? Sure. I was taking my morning pills for a heartburn

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in my heart. Anyway, I was getting out of a car and it just rained and I just got off work. I was getting out. It was actually an SUV, and it had one of those things to get off. I tried. I stepped on that thing. I slipped. I tried to grab the door and I didn't do it right, apparently. And the door broke my one of my back. And I hit the ground so hard on my just forward that it broke two of them in my chest. And so.

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Yeah, yeah. And I looked on the ground later the next day. I hardly walk or do anything, but I did. And there was a little bit of oil there. I guess the car had parked there that had been looking a little bit of oil. And I guess the combination of a little bit of rain and that oil just got me.

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Wow. I mean, yeah, I jumped off a bridge when I was like 16 into some water, but it was like 50ft and I cracked some ribs. So that was like that was like self self-induced. I'm like, stupid.

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But hey, I used to go to Johnson Johnson's And then another one. There was there was a bridge. Part of the bridge was actually underneath the water. And some people hit it and died. Yeah. Wow. And so, yeah, but we're still jumping off the bridge, you know? Yeah, it's stupid. It's really stupid. When you're young, you do stuff like that because you don't think anything's going to happen to you.

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Right. And it's fine. I mean, it was fun for a minute, but my friend fell fine, like he had done it a bunch of times, but I was just like up there all terrified. So when I when I finally let go, I didn't fall right at all. I just head over heels and just bam, just like, belly flop from, like 50ft.

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Oh, no.

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And that's why I hurt so bad.

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Yeah, I know. I feel for you, man. I feel for you.

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Yeah. I should have just focused on what I was doing. He landed fine. He was fine. But I definitely didn't. So. But, James, I don't, I. I could talk to you all day about nonsense because it's fun, Right? But. Right.

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But what are we talking about now? What is the purpose? Yeah.

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So, James. Yeah, my name is Ernest. Like I said, over here at Senior Life Services, the reason for my call is, well, it looks like you actually were online. You filled something out online regarding state regulated life insurance programs for Illinois. And then my job here is just to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have.

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So yeah, yeah, there's last night is that.

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Yeah. Perfect. And James, I always verify the info because sometimes we make mistakes and get it wrong. I have your email. Here is Walker Randy 048 at Gmail. Yep. All right. I assume that's where you want me to send stuff in addition to the paper. Okay. Yes.

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And actually go by Randy, my middle name and I've always been called Randy.

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Okay. I do say our James Walker. Okay. And then I have your date of birth here as August 20th, 1962.

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All right. So as you're looking for a round 25,009, understand that Lori would be your beneficiary.

00:04:28:11 - 00:04:29:18

Yes, my daughter. Yes.

00:04:29:20 - 00:04:38:11

That's what I was going to ask it last different last name. So I figured it's a daughter. All right. Is there anybody else that you would add to that or would it all go to Lori?

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I kind of had a cousin of mine, but he's 70. But I mean, he's in great shape. He's got I mean, he's in great shape. He helps me all the time.

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Yeah, you can actually do it. Like let's say you did, even if it's just something to basically let him know that. Thank you for helping me with a bunch of stuff.

00:05:02:24 - 00:05:15:10

Right. Maybe 5000 if. Yeah, yeah. Fernando Narvaez. I'm Hispanic, but I was adopted, so I have a different name. Do you want me to spell now?

00:05:15:12 - 00:05:16:21

Right. Yes, I really do.

00:05:18:12 - 00:05:23:01

And they are v h e z.

00:05:23:21 - 00:05:24:24

Hey, easy.

00:05:26:11 - 00:05:29:04

People call it Derbez, but it's not biased.

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All right? Okay. And that's his last name?

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Yeah, that's his last name. Fernando. Let me spell Fernando.

00:05:36:03 - 00:05:36:19

I can get that.

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I know that one. But I would have butchered it pretty bad. Yeah. So. All right. So, yeah, that's exactly what I was going to say to. I was like, Well, if you do 25,000, 5 or 20,000 would go to Lori to help with like final expenses and things like that.

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But she should she.

00:05:53:15 - 00:05:58:23

Said to him, just because I love him so much in the and he helps me so much. Right.

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There's no harm in putting him down because if you're leaving five to him and let's say you outlast him, then the other five would still go to your daughter. It's not like it disappears.

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Oh, okay.

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Yeah. So I mean.

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In my next question.

00:06:13:06 - 00:06:19:18

Yeah, yeah. Like if our beneficiaries die, then it just goes to the next line. It's the money's not going, it just goes to somebody else.

00:06:20:02 - 00:06:21:03

Okay. Okay.

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I got $25,000 that I'm paying on and it's basically $19 a week.

00:06:29:22 - 00:06:47:20

So this guy is giving me a lot of information and better believe I'm writing it down. I'm calling him Randy. From now on, I'm finding out about his life insurance. Anything he gives me, I'm going to use later. So, you know, just kind of keep that in mind as I go through this in a week. Is that through your job?

00:06:48:01 - 00:06:54:22

Yeah, they take it out of mine, but it's term life, you know, And I better have a whole life. Are you talking about a whole life or serving life?

00:06:54:24 - 00:07:25:00

Uh, you're born in 62, so you're 60 At your age, I would stop looking at term simply because you don't need something that's going to go up in price or going to expire. Right? So you're paying 76 I'm sorry, 19 a week. So it's like 80 bucks, 80 to 90 depending on how many weeks are in the month. Okay. So I'll call it like basically it's 90 because some weeks have some months have five weeks, some weeks. Right. So like 90 a month. Okay. All right. And you're 60 years old.

00:07:25:02 - 00:07:49:10

You're going to be. I was I was actually very happy to hear that when he said it was $19 a week, because that seems really high for a term. So almost 90 bucks a month for only $25,000 in coverage for a term. They might not have asked any health questions, but still, it just seems like it seems very high, 61 in August. Okay. So that's fine. All right. So we so, James, answer. Sorry, Randy, I'm going to call you Randy from now on if that's cool. Great.

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All right.

00:07:50:16 - 00:08:04:07

So, Randy, to answer your question, yeah, we are a consultant firm, so we don't represent just like one particular company. Like our goal here is always to figure out who specifically would give you the best rates and benefits. You with me on that?

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Okay. Because that's important. Because you can call Colonial pen. They'll give the same rate to everybody, but a lot of people can do a lot better than a company like Colonial Pen.

00:08:13:16 - 00:08:26:17

Right? I talked to them a couple of years ago. I didn't I wasn't I have had a stroke and they said there would be a couple of years before it actually went into effect.

00:08:27:09 - 00:08:50:09

And guys, I'm running the numbers right now. So it really does change. Like it should be cheaper, especially because like an employer might offer a term, but it's only while he's employed and also it's never going to be 20 year terms mean they're going to have to reevaluate that as they go on. So always keep that in mind. We offer terms that are much longer than other companies.

00:08:51:03 - 00:08:53:11

And I was like, Well, I don't want you. Do you know.

00:08:53:17 - 00:08:55:07


00:08:55:09 - 00:09:13:02

And it's misleading because they say 995 on on TV. But all that means is like that will buy you one unit. So like, you know, that that can mean different stuff to different people. Like if you're 85 years old, $10 a month only buys you like $450 of coverage.

00:09:13:15 - 00:09:18:13

Yeah, it's ridiculous. It's a scam, actually. It feels like.

00:09:19:02 - 00:09:21:02

It's just a good way to get you on the phone, basically.

00:09:21:04 - 00:09:21:19


00:09:22:03 - 00:09:52:24

Like you're 60. Like I have the rates because, you know, we have the option to transfer people to them, but I never do because I can always find something better. Like you're 60, so every $10 a month would only buy you 1214. So basically $100 a month would only be 12,000 coverage. And I totally would do that guy's like, if like, he might think that I can represent Colonial Penn, which I can't. But if that it came down to it, I would just send them off. It's like, if you really want Colonial Penn, I'll transfer you over there.

00:09:53:02 - 00:10:00:04

But, you know, Gerber is going to. Be it in a colonial pen price. And then the other companies, if he's in good health, will certainly beat Gerber.

00:10:01:24 - 00:10:03:15

So that's not a good deal.

00:10:03:23 - 00:10:04:16


00:10:05:16 - 00:10:13:13

So, yeah, so like I said, we're a consulting firm, so I know we're looking for just you, Randy, and this is going to your daughter and friend.

00:10:14:07 - 00:10:14:23

So because.

00:10:16:05 - 00:10:19:19

Sorry, that's a cousin. So you must live right around the corner or something. Okay.

00:10:19:23 - 00:10:21:00

Yeah, basically.

00:10:21:09 - 00:10:21:24


00:10:22:01 - 00:10:44:03

And then so Fernando is a cousin, and I got you paying about $90 a month for your 25 term. Okay. All right. So you might even like if that's coming out of the paycheck. I mean, I don't even know if you actually need that. You might be able to find a better term, but we'll explore that later. So have you ever gone through this process, Randy, like of taking care of somebody else's final expenses and stuff like that?

00:10:44:08 - 00:10:52:23

Well, actually, no. I've always been a I'm on disability, but I do have a part time job and

00:10:54:14 - 00:11:12:24

I've never had to have my son passed away and 19 but my daughter handled it and because I was tore up, I couldn't really do nothing. And so she handled it. So I never I've never had to be the one responsible.

00:11:13:12 - 00:11:16:22

Gotcha. Did your son have life insurance or you guys kind of banded together.

00:11:16:24 - 00:11:18:00

And come up with the money? No.

00:11:18:18 - 00:11:21:04

If he did, they never told me about it.

00:11:23:04 - 00:11:36:18

I was estranged from my family, and but we've kind of come together now. If they saw that, Hey, dad, you know, quit drinking and did all this and all that, and so.

00:11:38:04 - 00:11:40:08

I quit drinking. I feel a lot better. Yeah.

00:11:40:16 - 00:12:07:23

And it's okay, guys. I incorporate a lot of what's going on in my own life in presentations because that's a good way to build rapport, especially if we share something in common. And in the end, Naltrexone came back with this because so he must have pretty recently quit drinking. So naltrexone is like a heroin or not necessarily heroin, opioid or alcohol like helps with cravings and makes you feel crappy if you do start drinking or taking any drugs while you're taking that. Yeah.

00:12:08:10 - 00:12:09:11

I mean, God damn.

00:12:11:00 - 00:12:11:15

I'm a.

00:12:11:17 - 00:12:19:22