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Call Review 01/26/2023

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call review 01/26/2023

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All right, guys. So let's do this call review. Apparently there was no sale to be had here, according to the agent Nathan. Do we have him on here? So let's find out. We're going to stop this call as soon as we identify where there was no sale there. So hopefully it's early. But, you know, if it's not and this guy could have been dragging him along and for no reason. So let's. So let's hit it. Hello?

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Hey, Warren. How's everything going out there in your part of San Jose?

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I can't complain. Who are you? All right.

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That's a great question, man.

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My name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services. I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps here about state regulated life insurance programs for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have. Let me just verify the information you gave my representative here. You're still at 5031 Massachusetts drive.

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Uh huh.

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And I saw here your birthday's in March of 41.

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And we're looking for some coverage. I see here that kids would be your beneficiary.

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Yeah. And you're not a smoker, correct?

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You're not a smoker, correct?

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Not a smoker.

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That was a lot of good confirmation. He did it. He did it in blocks. He confirmed, you know, he verified the information in blocks and just, you know, kept it. You know, the people are going to answer if you start telling them about themselves. So this is very calm and just getting all the information. So that was really good.

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You know, it sounds great talking to a people who can speak fluent English.

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Oh, my God. One, I have the telemarketers calling me nonstop. And I can't understand what they're saying either.

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It's a I try to slow them down because their accent always gets in the way. But it must be 99% foreigners doing this for the American people.

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It's crazy. And I don't really try to pay no mind because you don't know what's a scammer and what's not a scammer out there anymore. But I just wanted to make sure we took the time to get back with.

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You and don't put that in a said. Don't know who's a scammer who's not because that's.

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I know, I know. I said that and regretted it right when I said it was just trying to agree with him, you know.

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Well just agree. Yeah. Just you already agreed with them. Disagree with that, you know.

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No, said it just like said that's crazy and then just kept going said he was said he keep saying that's crazy and kept going.

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Yeah he was just he was literally just joking and then made his end point right there. You know, when he made it like his laugh, when he was like selling insurance to the American people. Hahaha. You know.

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Yep, yep. It's exactly. You could have been like, Exactly. But yeah, I'm in America.

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I'm talk. I know, I know. My bad.

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No problem. We're gonna keep rolling.

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Go over all of these benefits that you qualify for. So one, we are a consulting firm for seniors. It just means we work for our clients here, not one particular company. So my goal, we searched to 40 of the top A+ rated companies here in the state. And my job, I just figure out who gives you the best rates and benefits you with me on that man.

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What company is that?

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So our brokerage firm is Senior Life Services, but we work with over 40 different companies. And so I'm just my job. I'm just going to find you the best of the best. Now, are we looking for benefits just for yourself today or for someone else in the family?

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Just for myself.

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Okay, great. And this is business that you typically handle yourself worn or is this something that maybe the kids would normally help out with?

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No, I handle everything myself.

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Hey, man, that's awesome.

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Not too many of the people we talked to in their 80s. I able to say that. So that's awesome. One that you have that on your feet back.

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Yeah, yeah.

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But I'm a young lady.

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You're a young lady, man. Hey, you're the young age. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. As long as you got a young spirit, man, you're never old.

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Yeah, I don't want somebody telling me what to do.

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I'm telling you. I'm telling you. I could never. Man, I want. I want to live as long as I can, but I'm completely fine if I go before the wife and before everything else and, you know, before the time where I'm having a nurse wipe my behind. I

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know. I'm telling you why. So would this be the first? Wait, I see. Here. So you wanted your kids on the policy when it comes to taking care of your final expenses, closing any accounts? Who would be doing all that?

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I do it.

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But when you were two passed away and you know your kids would have to. How many kids would be in charge of taking care of those final expenses and whatnot?

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I've got two daughters, okay?

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And they both work together quite amicably.

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Yeah. Okay.

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So what's their names?

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Stacey and Dawn.

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Stacey and Dawn. Beautiful names. Did you name them or did Mom name them?

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It was a 5050 deal.

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Oh, that's.

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Good. That's a good point.

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So that's a nice question.

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This is a good rapport. You just building it as you're going, like kind of what I teach. Like, you don't have to spend. You're moving the ball down the field, but you can talk a little bit about them. Sorry, Nick, Could you say something?

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Yeah. Said that was great.

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Oh, yeah. Okay.

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The first.

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Goal or first type of life insurance policy for you.

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Well, I want. I've learned some stuff since I talked to you. Talk to the people over the phone that I want. It to be like I forget the name of the company,

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but where they come and, you know, take the body and go cremate it. That's the whole thing.

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So we're looking for a cremation, kind of a plan to really cover cremation.

00:05:56:07 - 00:05:58:01

Right? Okay.

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We can definitely look at your options around that. It obviously saves you a lot of money because, you know, insurance isn't always easier to get even when you are on the young side of your 80 because the main factor.

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So it's impossible to know this, but you could ask him a few questions like, I think he's looking for the specific company that will come pick him up and do that. But that's usually done like after the fact, like this company, you know, they're going to, you know, the beneficiary is going to call the company to do this stuff. Like nobody's going to like, let me schedule this. So you, you know, there's an alarm bell the day I die that these people are going to come out and just get my body and cremated. So I think, you know, you might want to ask a couple questions about that, but it doesn't really matter because we're just pushing the ball down the field at this point. So just wanted to mention that.

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Is age, but a cremation would definitely save you a lot of money. Would you say the main goal for what we're trying to accomplish for Stacie and Dawn is making sure they're not going to have to come up with thousands of dollars to put towards that, that there's not going to be a financial burden for them. We're not trying to leave them rich or anything. We're just, you know. Yeah. I shouldn't have cut him off there, trying to make sure there's no burden.

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It's okay.

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And I said they do get along, but the person who's going to handle it is my ex.

00:07:14:08 - 00:07:14:23

Your ex?

00:07:15:00 - 00:07:18:22

So would you want me to make her the beneficiary in the policy? Or the two girls?

00:07:19:24 - 00:07:22:09

The two girls. And then she can handle.

00:07:23:06 - 00:07:23:21

Well, because.

00:07:24:01 - 00:07:26:01

Whoever we make the beneficiary is going to.

00:07:26:04 - 00:07:57:00

All right. So this is starting to get in the argument right there, like, okay, because, you know, forget that. They're like, yeah, whatever. You know, it doesn't matter. Like, you can iron all this stuff out after you have the banking, social and everything, you need to close it, be like, okay, so we're going to make her but primary or in care of or in the daughters can be the contingents like don't want to argue with him I don't know his family situation I don't want to be like, no, you should have the daughters. And that's how it's going to be. So, you know, just kind of leave that alone. Don't don't argue about this and be.

00:07:57:02 - 00:08:07:12

Getting the money to handle that. So if we leave it to your girls, more than likely, unless your girls have a good relationship with your ex, more than likely it'd be left on the girls.

00:08:10:13 - 00:08:28:08

So I always, you know, I always recommend doing it with family. If you're someone you can really trust, you know, that should do well by you and should give any leftover money to the girls, then we can put your ex down as well. It's whatever you want to do. Warren, this is your policy. I'm just here to help. Best serve you.

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All right, well, I'm going to have my eggs.

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So, yeah, we'll put.

00:08:36:00 - 00:08:36:15

Her on and then.

00:08:36:17 - 00:08:37:09

She will.

00:08:39:09 - 00:08:44:24

Do everything else. She'll she'll call the company to come out and with the and.

00:08:45:01 - 00:08:47:20

With with all and that.

00:08:48:00 - 00:09:12:09

Calm down, dude. And like stop interrupting. Let like he will tell you he'll. You guys got to realize these people will sell themselves. It's like okay this she's she's going to hire the company to come get me and Yeah now okay and that costs money. Okay so we'll get that handled like let let people talk especially it's an hour call. I mean, the more they talk, the less you have to talk and the better and the easier it goes to make.

00:09:12:11 - 00:09:13:01

This as easy as.

00:09:13:03 - 00:09:13:22

Possible. One.

00:09:15:02 - 00:09:32:01

I'm even. You know what? I'm even send you a free memorial guide when we get off this call and we find something for you just so you can fill that all out to make it as easy for as possible so you can lay out that step by step there. So when you leave for this money, it's not just you're leaving it to her and she doesn't know what to do with it. Right. One.

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