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Call Review 01/26/2023

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Watch the Full Video Here: Call review 01/26/2023

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All right, guys. So let's do this call review. Apparently there was no sale to be had here, according to the agent Nathan. Do we have him on here? So let's find out. We're going to stop this call as soon as we identify where there was no sale there. So hopefully it's early. But, you know, if it's not and this guy could have been dragging him along and for no reason. So let's. So let's hit it. Hello?

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Hey, Warren. How's everything going out there in your part of San Jose?

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I can't complain. Who are you? All right.

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That's a great question, man.

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My name is Nathan over here at Senior Life Services. I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. The reason for my call is because you recently spoke with one of my reps here about state regulated life insurance programs for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have. Let me just verify the information you gave my representative here. You're still at 5031 Massachusetts drive.

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Uh huh.

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And I saw here your birthday's in March of 41.

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And we're looking for some coverage. I see here that kids would be your beneficiary.

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Yeah. And you're not a smoker, correct?

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You're not a smoker, correct?

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Not a smoker.

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That was a lot of good confirmation. He did it. He did it in blocks. He confirmed, you know, he verified the information in blocks and just, you know, kept it. You know, the people are going to answer if you start telling them about themselves. So this is very calm and just getting all the information. So that was really good.

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You know, it sounds great talking to a people who can speak fluent English.

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Oh, my God. One, I have the telemarketers calling me nonstop. And I can't understand what they're saying either.

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It's a I try to slow them down because their accent always gets in the way. But it must be 99% foreigners doing this for the American people.

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It's crazy. And I don't really try to pay no mind because you don't know what's a scammer and what's not a scammer out there anymore. But I just wanted to make sure we took the time to get back with.

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You and don't put that in a said. Don't know who's a scammer who's not because that's.

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I know, I know. I said that and regretted it right when I said it was just trying to agree with him, you know.

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Well just agree. Yeah. Just you already agreed with them. Disagree with that, you know.

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No, said it just like said that's crazy and then just kept going said he was said he keep saying that's crazy and kept going.

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Yeah he was just he was literally just joking and then made his end point right there. You know, when he made it like his laugh, when he was like selling insurance to the American people. Hahaha. You know.

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Yep, yep. It's exactly. You could have been like, Exactly. But yeah, I'm in America.

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I'm talk. I know, I know. My bad.

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No problem. We're gonna keep rolling.

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Go over all of these benefits that you qualify for. So one, we are a consulting firm for seniors. It just means we work for our clients here, not one particular company. So my goal, we searched to 40 of the top A+ rated companies here in the state. And my job, I just figure out who gives you the best rates and benefits you with me on that man.

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What company is that?

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So our brokerage firm is Senior Life Services, but we work with over 40 different companies. And so I'm just my job. I'm just going to find you the best of the best. Now, are we looking for benefits just for yourself today or for someone else in the family?

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Just for myself.

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Okay, great. And this is business that you typically handle yourself worn or is this something that maybe the kids would normally help out with?

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No, I handle everything myself.

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Hey, man, that's awesome.

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Not too many of the people we talked to in their 80s. I able to say that. So that's awesome. One that you have that on your feet back.

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Yeah, yeah.

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But I'm a young lady.

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You're a young lady, man. Hey, you're the young age. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. As long as you got a young spirit, man, you're never old.

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Yeah, I don't want somebody telling me what to do.

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I'm telling you. I'm telling you. I could never. Man, I want. I want to live as long as I can, but I'm completely fine if I go before the wife and before everything else and, you know, before the time where I'm having a nurse wipe my behind. I

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know. I'm telling you why. So would this be the first? Wait, I see. Here. So you wanted your kids on the policy when it comes to taking care of your final expenses, closing any accounts? Who would be doing all that?

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I do it.

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But when you were two passed away and you know your kids would have to. How many kids would be in charge of taking care of those final expenses and whatnot?

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I've got two daughters, okay?

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And they both work together quite amicably.

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Yeah. Okay.

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So what's their names?

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Stacey and Dawn.

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Stacey and Dawn. Beautiful names. Did you name them or did Mom name them?

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It was a 5050 deal.

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Oh, that's.

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Good. That's a good point.

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So that's a nice question.

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This is a good rapport. You just building it as you're going, like kind of what I teach. Like, you don't have to spend. You're moving the ball down the field, but you can talk a little bit about them. Sorry, Nick, Could you say something?

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Yeah. Said that was great.

00:05:19:11 - 00:05:20:08

Oh, yeah. Okay.

00:05:20:13 - 00:05:21:03

The first.

00:05:21:22 - 00:05:22:12


00:05:23:19 - 00:05:26:10

Goal or first type of life insurance policy for you.

00:05:27:09 - 00:05:42:15

Well, I want. I've learned some stuff since I talked to you. Talk to the people over the phone that I want. It to be like I forget the name of the company,

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but where they come and, you know, take the body and go cremate it. That's the whole thing.

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So we're looking for a cremation, kind of a plan to really cover cremation.

00:05:56:07 - 00:05:58:01

Right? Okay.

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We can definitely look at your options around that. It obviously saves you a lot of money because, you know, insurance isn't always easier to get even when you are on the young side of your 80 because the main factor.

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So it's impossible to know this, but you could ask him a few questions like, I think he's looking for the specific company that will come pick him up and do that. But that's usually done like after the fact, like this company, you know, they're going to, you know, the beneficiary is going to call the company to do this stuff. Like nobody's going to like, let me schedule this. So you, you know, there's an alarm bell the day I die that these people are going to come out and just get my body and cremated. So I think, you know, you might want to ask a couple questions about that, but it doesn't really matter because we're just pushing the ball down the field at this point. So just wanted to mention that.

00:06:41:11 - 00:07:03:17

Is age, but a cremation would definitely save you a lot of money. Would you say the main goal for what we're trying to accomplish for Stacie and Dawn is making sure they're not going to have to come up with thousands of dollars to put towards that, that there's not going to be a financial burden for them. We're not trying to leave them rich or anything. We're just, you know. Yeah. I shouldn't have cut him off there, trying to make sure there's no burden.

00:07:03:19 - 00:07:04:09

It's okay.

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And I said they do get along, but the person who's going to handle it is my ex.

00:07:14:08 - 00:07:14:23

Your ex?

00:07:15:00 - 00:07:18:22

So would you want me to make her the beneficiary in the policy? Or the two girls?

00:07:19:24 - 00:07:22:09

The two girls. And then she can handle.

00:07:23:06 - 00:07:23:21

Well, because.

00:07:24:01 - 00:07:26:01

Whoever we make the beneficiary is going to.

00:07:26:04 - 00:07:57:00

All right. So this is starting to get in the argument right there, like, okay, because, you know, forget that. They're like, yeah, whatever. You know, it doesn't matter. Like, you can iron all this stuff out after you have the banking, social and everything, you need to close it, be like, okay, so we're going to make her but primary or in care of or in the daughters can be the contingents like don't want to argue with him I don't know his family situation I don't want to be like, no, you should have the daughters. And that's how it's going to be. So, you know, just kind of leave that alone. Don't don't argue about this and be.

00:07:57:02 - 00:08:07:12

Getting the money to handle that. So if we leave it to your girls, more than likely, unless your girls have a good relationship with your ex, more than likely it'd be left on the girls.

00:08:10:13 - 00:08:28:08

So I always, you know, I always recommend doing it with family. If you're someone you can really trust, you know, that should do well by you and should give any leftover money to the girls, then we can put your ex down as well. It's whatever you want to do. Warren, this is your policy. I'm just here to help. Best serve you.

00:08:31:17 - 00:08:34:13

All right, well, I'm going to have my eggs.

00:08:34:15 - 00:08:35:06


00:08:35:08 - 00:08:35:23

So, yeah, we'll put.

00:08:36:00 - 00:08:36:15

Her on and then.

00:08:36:17 - 00:08:37:09

She will.

00:08:39:09 - 00:08:44:24

Do everything else. She'll she'll call the company to come out and with the and.

00:08:45:01 - 00:08:47:20

With with all and that.

00:08:48:00 - 00:09:12:09

Calm down, dude. And like stop interrupting. Let like he will tell you he'll. You guys got to realize these people will sell themselves. It's like okay this she's she's going to hire the company to come get me and Yeah now okay and that costs money. Okay so we'll get that handled like let let people talk especially it's an hour call. I mean, the more they talk, the less you have to talk and the better and the easier it goes to make.

00:09:12:11 - 00:09:13:01

This as easy as.

00:09:13:03 - 00:09:13:22

Possible. One.

00:09:15:02 - 00:09:32:01

I'm even. You know what? I'm even send you a free memorial guide when we get off this call and we find something for you just so you can fill that all out to make it as easy for as possible so you can lay out that step by step there. So when you leave for this money, it's not just you're leaving it to her and she doesn't know what to do with it. Right. One.

00:09:34:01 - 00:09:36:08

Oh, she. No. Oh, no. We've talked it over.

00:09:37:06 - 00:09:40:03

Of course. Of course. But it's always good to have things written down, right, man?

00:09:41:19 - 00:09:43:07

Oh, yeah. So.

00:09:43:14 - 00:09:44:22

One. What's your name?

00:09:46:12 - 00:09:47:05


00:09:48:03 - 00:09:51:00

Trudy Dyer.

00:09:51:02 - 00:09:52:20

Okay. And what's her last name?

00:09:53:19 - 00:09:54:13


00:09:55:21 - 00:09:56:23


00:09:57:00 - 00:09:58:00

I'm H.R..

00:09:59:03 - 00:10:00:24

Right? Yes, sir.

00:10:01:02 - 00:10:40:16

So based on everything I've gathered so far, warrant, I'd say a whole life policy is definitely the perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. All of our plans here, they do offer a number of benefits. First, here at SLS, we do work with many reputable insurance companies as a quickly growing company. We've made many of these insurance carriers designed products specifically for our customers unique situations. They must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government. They are state approved whole life plans, which means the premiums, the money you put in every month never goes up and the benefit paid out to your family paid out to Trudy, Stacey and Dawn never goes down.

00:10:41:08 - 00:11:17:04

So make sure two things here. One, that the promises I make to Warren lasts for the rest of your life. But most importantly, that, you know, Trudy is never going to have to suddenly come up with a wheelbarrow full of cash, as they say. So the benefit paid out to them will be 100% tax free. And unlike most companies, one, they will pay out immediately when they need it the most. Within that 24 to 48 hour period. You follow me so far? Yeah. Yeah, sure. And I guarantee you all that, because every company we do work with is A+ accredited with the Better Business Bureau.

00:11:17:07 - 00:11:18:02

You follow me?

00:11:19:05 - 00:11:21:07

Out. Okay.

00:11:21:09 - 00:11:32:07

Now that you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you, what I just want to do is take a moment to ask you some health questions. Whenever you look at life.

00:11:32:09 - 00:11:33:04

Insurance or.

00:11:33:21 - 00:11:55:06

Any sort of policy that pays for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because as your consultant, it just allows me to get you the best plan with the best rate. So I've been doing this a long, long time. Warren So I'm not going to need to read every question off of every app. I know what company will be best by asking a few general ones. That's sound. Fair enough.

00:11:56:04 - 00:11:56:19


00:11:57:03 - 00:11:57:23

That's good.

00:11:58:08 - 00:12:04:06

Yes, sir. So here, everyone. Let's get through these. I have. Your birthday's in March 41st. I want to ask the medical questions.

00:12:04:08 - 00:12:08:03

We're on there for, like, 20 minutes, if you like. Got, like, 20 meds.

00:12:09:04 - 00:12:13:17

All right. And what did you determine before, Skip? What did you determine he qualified for?

00:12:13:19 - 00:12:23:05

I think it was like I think it was like a preferred. I'm not 100% sure, but it was like we were just there for like a while. It took him a while to get to the medicine cabinet and this and that.

00:12:23:24 - 00:12:25:18

It was preferred with 20 medications.

00:12:27:12 - 00:12:31:14

It might have been that or non-standard. I'm not I'm not 100% sure.

00:12:32:00 - 00:12:32:15


00:12:32:24 - 00:12:33:23


00:12:36:19 - 00:12:38:14


00:12:39:04 - 00:12:40:18

Right, Warren? Right.

00:12:41:02 - 00:12:56:10

Yeah. I'm completely confident any of these plans are going to do just that. My suggestion is just to pick the one that fits you the very best. We're not trying to break the bank here. They're all going to do the job. We just want to do the one that makes the most sense, right?

00:12:57:15 - 00:12:58:14

Yeah. Okay.

00:12:58:18 - 00:13:14:21

So while I'm pulling all these numbers up and getting them ready for you, I'd like to add an additional discount based on the financial institution you use. I can get you up to 10% off here if they're one of our preferred banks. So, Warren, who do you bank with?

00:13:16:06 - 00:13:16:24

B of A.

00:13:17:12 - 00:13:18:02


00:13:18:04 - 00:13:25:20

Bank of America. Awesome. I know in most of our states it's a 10% discount. But let me check for California. You did open that in California, correct?

00:13:26:11 - 00:13:28:00

Yeah, it is California.

00:13:28:18 - 00:13:29:11


00:13:29:17 - 00:13:31:03

Last time I checked.

00:13:32:09 - 00:13:42:15

Hey, you never know. So here. Okay. I do have the routing number here for California pulled up in our state system. Let me just run it in and see what I can get for you.

00:13:42:23 - 00:13:44:04


00:13:46:06 - 00:13:57:19

you don't have to sound like right there. You don't have to sound that salesy. I mean, like, let me see what you know. But, you know, it's like, all right, so that is one of our banks. So let's apply that discount and just, you know, kind of make it more matter of factly with stuff like that.

00:13:58:09 - 00:14:16:01

Congratulations. When I can get you that 10% discount, man, that's awesome. That's going to save you a lot of money here at 81. So I'll be very happy to go ahead and apply that for you. And tell me one, when you get your Social Security benefits, do they come in on the first of the third?

00:14:18:19 - 00:14:20:02

Second Wednesday.

00:14:20:04 - 00:14:29:21

The second Wednesday comes on some of the Wednesdays, too. For some people, I just know most people comes on the first, the third. That's why I ask it like that. So one, I'm going to get well, don't.

00:14:29:23 - 00:14:38:18

Tell him why you're asking like that. Just, you know, this is like supposed to be kind of like just blase like, all right, so one of those payments come in and you get him on the first or the third or the second, Third or fourth. Wednesday. Okay, good.

00:14:38:20 - 00:14:47:06

Yeah. Was trying to do the whole karma post but had too much energy. I feel like I just kept I should have like, I could have lessened the words I said after some of that stuff.

00:14:48:06 - 00:14:59:05

Yeah. Subdued, sometimes better. Like this is just you're just going through a process. The guy just should not look at this like he's being hard closed right now or anything like that. Just. Just chill because chill. Chill works good.

00:14:59:07 - 00:15:09:21

All these numbers crunched up for you. So here you go. Grab a pen and a piece of paper for me. And we're going to go over all these numbers with you. We're going to pick the best one to send over to you. Okay. One, I've.

00:15:09:23 - 00:15:12:07

Got it right now. I've been writing it sound.

00:15:12:16 - 00:15:13:11

Hey, man.

00:15:13:19 - 00:15:16:09

What about that one? And who said humans going to be.

00:15:16:11 - 00:15:17:21

Faster than computers

00:15:19:18 - 00:15:29:21

I'm telling you, man, making my job way easier. So here, let me give you a few numbers to write down. I'm going to have you start off by writing down 15,000.

00:15:31:11 - 00:15:33:07

50,000. 15.

00:15:33:09 - 00:15:35:02

Just 15. 15?

00:15:35:11 - 00:15:44:15

Yeah, because I'm recommending you based off of what do you call it? I'm recommending you hear based off of what we would take to cover cremation. So, 15,000.

00:15:48:20 - 00:15:49:15


00:15:51:04 - 00:15:53:15

Then 12,500.

00:15:58:02 - 00:15:58:17


00:15:59:04 - 00:16:00:20

Then. 10,000.

00:16:04:11 - 00:16:05:02


00:16:05:04 - 00:16:06:20


00:16:09:02 - 00:16:38:23

And then 5000. The reason I recommend these numbers is because in today's economy, the US government, Social Security Administration, they recommend about 4500 to $5000 to be able to cover that full on cremation in today's economy. Obviously, I can take you all the way up. I can take you all the way down to 1500. The most important thing is just finding something that you know is affordable for you to leave behind to the family. I will say.

00:16:39:04 - 00:17:01:22

It's not important to tell them I can take you all the way down to 1500 and we're trying to get them what they need and telling them that they can get 1500 for whatever, 14 bucks a month is going to cost you money. And also it's not going to be enough of them. And, you know, people are going to take often if you give them too many options, they won't pick any or they'll pick the the lowest, lowest cost option because they're just scared and don't know what to do.

00:17:02:00 - 00:17:15:04

Say because of your great health, you do qualify for some extra benefits. Don't worry, I'm already going to be sending you that memorial guide for free. I'll even send you a free living will and a script saving value card. But you also do qualify.

00:17:15:08 - 00:17:24:07

That's a little salesy because you're just throwing it in there. Like nonchalantly. He doesn't know what that crap is, so you definitely want it to be more explained before you continue on with that.

00:17:24:15 - 00:17:31:00

For the Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider. God forbid. I know you're thinking.

00:17:31:02 - 00:17:41:20

About the memorial guide. Like earlier on in the conversation it was like because you know of the two girls and the ex. So, you know, because we brought that back up again during the health question.

00:17:42:05 - 00:17:43:17

Okay, well, that's better than okay.

00:17:44:07 - 00:17:46:23

This is one of the main reasons I've fought for so long to get.

00:17:46:24 - 00:18:04:10

You're getting really amped up here, though. You notice that, like your tone has changed when it shouldn't be more amped up right now, it should be less because you're coming in with the clothes like you're you're establishing the benefits, but now you're getting all amped up like. Like he hasn't given you any resistance. So don't see a reason to be, you know?

00:18:05:05 - 00:18:09:20

Yeah, I'm turning. I'm turning into the whole salesy thing again.

00:18:09:22 - 00:18:10:12


00:18:10:14 - 00:18:21:08

You don't want to get all, you know, you know, cartoon character. Like it's the best thing ever, you know, Just. You're not. You're not a carnival. What do you call carnival barker? I'm like, wow, blah, blah, blah. So, you know, just chill.

00:18:21:23 - 00:18:42:16

This plan for my mom. And we both know how quickly your health can change in a day. God forbid the cancer ever comes back or you ever get one of these deadly diseases, you'll actually have the option to cash out in full on this policy early while you're still alive. Just offers you an extra protection. How does that sound to you? Does that sound pretty good?

00:18:42:18 - 00:18:47:02

I don't like that question. I never asked that to anybody. How does that sound? Because it can.

00:18:47:15 - 00:18:53:08

How do I get them to like, give me a right there? Because like, I had another version, but I just forgot at that moment.

00:18:53:12 - 00:18:56:07

Sometimes it's just like, do you understand that or does that make sense?

00:18:56:18 - 00:18:58:04

Does that make sense? Yeah, Yeah.

00:18:58:07 - 00:19:22:05

Because nursing home stuff sometimes I've had to explain that a couple of times. Like what? What happens? Like, you don't. Then you have to go through it again. It doesn't matter that what they don't care what they think about it because they might say, Oh, it sounds pretty good. And they go, I probably won't use that. And none of their answers is going to be like, Oh yeah, I can't wait to get this insurance policy and, you know, develop a terminal illness so I can get that money. It's like nobody's going to respond that way.

00:19:24:00 - 00:19:25:20

What's the extra protection?

00:19:26:03 - 00:19:27:16

It is completely. I see.

00:19:27:18 - 00:19:34:23

He's confused, like he doesn't know what's going on. So, yeah. Gotta chill out with this. Just call me. Explain the benefits.

00:19:35:02 - 00:19:35:18

Be free.

00:19:35:24 - 00:19:52:15

That's the terminal illness. God forbid you're ever terminally ill. You can cash out on this policy while you're still alive. And that's something that's exclusive to this policy. That's why this makes this federally regulated policy different than anything else. You may have been presented

00:19:54:09 - 00:19:55:17

you with me on that.

00:19:57:00 - 00:20:00:08

Yeah. You'll miss if I answer.

00:20:00:10 - 00:20:03:09

Ever comes back. No, No. If the cancer ever comes back while you're.

00:20:05:03 - 00:20:06:05

Let him speak.

00:20:06:23 - 00:20:11:12

You're still alive. Instead of this money going to your ex, this money will go to you.

00:20:14:06 - 00:20:45:12

And the main thing is with that, like, guys, you don't want to cut people off so bad that they it's not like they don't trust you. You could say all the right things. And I've had people that good stories. Lexi sold some guy that I gave up on completely. The guy just didn't like me. And not everybody's going to like you. He was not into he didn't like my style. I didn't like anything I said. I mean, he he liked everything I said. Actually, I shouldn't say that. Right? He just didn't want to buy it for me. So, you know, he Lexi called him a month later, came up in our CRM, and I hear him closing.

00:20:45:14 - 00:21:01:23

I remember the guy's name, like, whatever mean he likes her and didn't like me, so whatever. But we don't want to interrupt people. We don't want to give people like, legitimate reasons not to like us and interrupting people. If you guys do that in your personal lives, you know, if somebody's constantly interrupting you that you hate it. So, you know, try not to do that.

00:21:03:20 - 00:21:05:12

Everyone likes me better than you, babe.

00:21:07:10 - 00:21:10:13

You understand what I said?

00:21:10:15 - 00:21:11:24

Everybody likes me better than you.

00:21:12:06 - 00:21:13:18

Well, that's true. And that one?

00:21:14:02 - 00:21:16:15

Not if I'm dead. How does it go to me?

00:21:17:05 - 00:21:42:01

I'm saying if you ever get diagnosed, not if you die. If you get diagnosed, let's say you go to the doctor. You. Let's say we start this policy for you. Tonight, we submit an application, and tomorrow the cancer comes back. You will be written a check for $15,000 if that's the plan that you chose. And that just gives you an extra protection to pay for all those expenses. Do whatever you need to do. You with me on that one?

00:21:42:15 - 00:21:43:05


00:21:45:09 - 00:21:47:24

The money that goes to me is what?

00:21:48:15 - 00:22:00:12

The face amount of the policy. So whichever one you choose to leave behind to leave behind to Trudy, if you were to get diagnosed with a terminal illness, it will pay out to you while you're still alive.

00:22:01:13 - 00:22:09:04

I think it's just the disconnect is he's like, how is it going to pay out to her and me? So I'm sure you explain it, but it's like you're getting older.

00:22:09:06 - 00:22:26:06

Yeah. Think he just think he just got. He started to get a little confused there. You know, like. Like he was, like, sitting his ways, like, hey, and my kids are going to get it, but my wife's going to or my ex-wife's going to handle it, you know? So like you can hear in certain ways throughout the call, he's like, just sit in his ways.

00:22:27:08 - 00:22:34:06

Yeah. You just like what life insurance supposed to give them the money. Blah. Don't want the money. Whatever. Whatever is about to say here. But okay. Yeah, I'm.

00:22:34:08 - 00:22:38:19

I was just as confused as he was. I'm. I'm. I did not handle it the best.

00:22:39:02 - 00:22:40:09

It's okay. It was late.

00:22:40:15 - 00:22:43:16

Don't worry. Yeah. And just keep. Just keep going over with and be like, okay. Yeah.

00:22:43:18 - 00:22:50:10

Just came back from the office after, like, an hour, an hour and 15 minutes. I was. I was listening to it. I wasn't doing as good as I, you know.

00:22:50:19 - 00:22:54:19

Right. You have the option to be paid on this policy while you're still alive.

00:22:56:20 - 00:22:58:00

You with me on that one?

00:23:00:16 - 00:23:02:24

Okay. Whatever policy I take.

00:23:03:10 - 00:23:16:21

Whichever one. You know those five numbers you have run down, the 15 in the 12 five and one of those numbers. Yes. If you get diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, any one of those numbers could be paid out to you while you're still alive.

00:23:18:20 - 00:23:32:11

So I'm gonna go over these rates with you. Now, Warren, again, just pick the one that fits you the very best. They're all going to do the job. We just want to do the one that makes the most sense to leave behind to protect Trudy and the girls. Right?

00:23:32:13 - 00:23:34:22

Warren Okay, so for.

00:23:34:24 - 00:23:41:09

The 15,000 next to that one, that one will only be three 9613.

00:23:44:20 - 00:23:47:08

You're not slow down for this guy because he's already confused.

00:23:48:19 - 00:23:49:12


00:23:49:24 - 00:23:56:03

For the 12,500, that one will only be three 3099.

00:23:59:13 - 00:24:01:18

You never gave me the 12,000.

00:24:01:24 - 00:24:02:14

That's the.

00:24:02:16 - 00:24:06:03

12,500. That one is only three. 30. 99.

00:24:07:23 - 00:24:10:23

I don't have that one listed. You didn't give it to me.

00:24:11:13 - 00:24:15:10

My apologies. Just write that one down. That's for 12,500.

00:24:16:07 - 00:24:28:14

Good. At least you didn't say. Yes, I did, don't you? You know you don't want to argue, so that's good. Like. Oh, I'm just saying. I'm sorry. It's like. I'm sorry. And here it is. Good job. Okay.

00:24:28:23 - 00:24:31:11

Then you have the 10,000 written down below that.

00:24:33:23 - 00:24:35:13

I've got 12,000.

00:24:36:22 - 00:24:38:05

Okay, well, wait a minute.

00:24:38:07 - 00:24:38:22

What's the.

00:24:38:24 - 00:24:39:14

12,000 hundred?

00:24:39:20 - 00:24:42:17

Go back to the 25,000. How much does that cost?

00:24:42:19 - 00:24:43:09

No, we.

00:24:43:11 - 00:24:50:08

Didn't give the 25,000. We gave you the 15,000. The 15,000 is only 396. 13.

00:24:50:10 - 00:24:51:01


00:24:51:10 - 00:24:58:12

And then the 12,500. The 12,500 is only three. 30. 99.

00:25:03:10 - 00:25:05:08

You got those two? Yeah.

00:25:05:19 - 00:25:13:02

Sure thing. One. And then the next one below that is 10,000. That one is only two. 65. 85.

00:25:14:09 - 00:25:36:08

But I know you only did three, which is, you know, 3 to 5 different numbers is good. These are huge premiums. And he did say cremation, so I would definitely give him the option. I would do five here, maybe 7500. 5000. Um, hopefully, you know, if he picks any of them, you got a that's a good payday and that's good for him. Should cover the cremation. I don't know if you do that after I.

00:25:36:10 - 00:25:39:15

Get a little bit lower earning I go, I'll go and read them to 75 and the.

00:25:40:04 - 00:25:42:18

Because he probably balks at a lot of those.

00:25:44:11 - 00:25:45:10

You got that one?

00:25:46:22 - 00:25:47:13

Got it.

00:25:47:19 - 00:25:52:05

The 7500 is only 200 right on the dot.

00:25:54:01 - 00:26:01:24

And then last but not least, that 5000 at the very bottom. That one is only one 3556.

00:26:05:12 - 00:26:07:13

So you got those all run down one.

00:26:09:08 - 00:26:10:00


00:26:10:03 - 00:26:15:11

So out of those options, which one of those would make the most sense to leave behind? To Trudy and the girls?

00:26:18:07 - 00:26:18:22


00:26:19:22 - 00:26:22:17

I would have to study this before I told you.

00:26:23:01 - 00:26:40:02

Of course. And with all the state and federally regulated insurance, the reason this makes it different from any policy that you may have been presented as you have a 30 day free look period to look over everything that we mail you and make that final decision. If it isn't everything that I've made it out to.

00:26:41:12 - 00:26:51:10

Okay. Don't want I don't like this immediately. Like this is like last resort type stuff with, you know, 30. You know, you got 30 days or look at it, you know, it's no, no money back. You know, money back.

00:26:51:12 - 00:26:53:21

Yeah. Was too intense for no reason.

00:26:53:23 - 00:27:27:16

Yeah. I mean you can just you can just chat. This doesn't have to be a scripted rebuttal here. It's like, you know, I want to take a look at this. It's like, okay. I mean, I would. I would have asked again. Okay, out of those, you know, which one do you think you'll need? Because you will need at least 5000 like anything. And like you just want to talk to them and solve the problem for them. So anything else is just going to be extra because a cremation, he sounds like he wants something very simple and that's fine. But you know, you know, 5000 should get the job done. So anything else we add above above that will be, you know, for the girls.

00:27:28:18 - 00:27:40:06

So that way, you know, you can get to the real objection like, oh, it's too expensive or whatever. Because if you if you go this hard that quick, it's kind of, oh, man, this guy's getting desperate. I'm, you know, don't want to don't want to buy it. Yeah.

00:27:40:11 - 00:27:41:17

So yeah.

00:27:42:10 - 00:27:49:21

Or it's not everything you want. You have the option to send it back and get a full refund but we want to make sure we get you approved.

00:27:49:23 - 00:27:53:18

Yeah. Cancel. Don't want to use these words. Cancel a refund. You know any of that crap.

00:27:54:07 - 00:28:00:14

Because this is the cheapest company for you that offers you the best benefits with your COPD and diabetes.

00:28:00:16 - 00:28:04:13

So we're not best rates and benefits. Don't say cheapest because that implies.

00:28:04:20 - 00:28:14:16

Bad locking you on anything. We can always raise you up or always raise you down. But for right now, which one of these would you like to start off with to submit your application?

00:28:17:13 - 00:28:19:01

Go ahead. Okay. This.

00:28:20:04 - 00:28:42:11

Good. You went for another close you. You would at least went like a quick loop. Gave them some more information. And now you're asking again. So many people don't do this. You have to keep asking for the sale. You know, Jake's on the call, and at first you were. You weren't really asking. Now you're just like, Yeah, whatever. What's the worst? You. You need to get a yes or no to get off the phone at some point. So mean it's it's working out for you.

00:28:43:23 - 00:28:45:20

Is this a one time payment?

00:28:46:16 - 00:28:48:14

This is this is the monthly premium.

00:28:55:13 - 00:28:57:14

So here. Good.

00:28:57:16 - 00:29:28:13

You're about to say something. So it's like what? Like he's on certain, so I need to make him certain. It's like five. I would have just been like, five. Yeah, this is the monthly premium. So I'm thinking we're going to send you the 5000 because that will be enough for Bobby and Joanne. I forget what their names are. Stacy think was one of them. Um, so. That will be enough for them. If you want to go higher, we always can do that. And then I'm going right into the clothes. Like whatever. I'm getting you the lowest cost option. That'll be enough. Let's just do this. And then. Then I'll deal with any kind of pushback as I go.

00:29:28:16 - 00:29:36:07

And let's get some of the higher ones out with the 7500 or the 5000 being your budget or do we need to look a little bit lower for you?

00:29:40:13 - 00:29:43:18

No, it's as far as I know, it's in my budget.

00:29:44:01 - 00:29:45:06

Okay. One, because.

00:29:45:08 - 00:29:54:23

At the end of the day, I'm not going to write you out anything that's not in your budget. I want to be able to know that whatever we're doing is comfortable for you and affordable for you, but just communicate.

00:29:55:06 - 00:29:57:16

So this is advanced. But did you hear what he just said?

00:30:01:18 - 00:30:04:10

Anybody here? What did he say? Right before budget?

00:30:08:14 - 00:30:10:01

Said as far as I know.

00:30:11:22 - 00:30:29:13

In my brain. Like, what does that mean? It's like that's immediately what I want to know is like, okay, or is it a joint account with you? Is are you controlling the account? This might be something where I need to know what's going on. So like, he might not control this account. That's that's something that I would start to think in my own head.

00:30:29:15 - 00:30:33:07

Okay with me so I know how to best help you. So out of those.

00:30:33:19 - 00:30:44:22

You know, I don't know in the future what my income is going to be because they're trying to screw up Social Security. I don't know if you know that.

00:30:45:20 - 00:30:46:11

I hear you.

00:30:46:19 - 00:30:47:12

For a lot of our.

00:30:47:14 - 00:30:48:04


00:30:48:06 - 00:30:52:14

There are people in the Congress that want to get rid of.

00:30:52:20 - 00:30:54:07

Us, get past this objection.

00:30:55:01 - 00:30:56:20

They've borrowed like eight.

00:30:57:00 - 00:31:05:11

Well, this is just a political talk. It's like they're not canceling Social Security no matter how much Fox News he he watches.

00:31:05:19 - 00:31:08:10

Yeah. Get I get past this easily. Okay.

00:31:08:12 - 00:31:14:08

Point $4 billion out of the the fund for Social Security.

00:31:14:10 - 00:31:15:02

And I hear.

00:31:15:04 - 00:31:17:07

You but these plans are all tied. It doesn't.

00:31:17:09 - 00:31:44:19

Really matter. So yeah, get off the politics because, you know, everybody's somewhat right, you know, whatever, you know, it doesn't matter. It just just avoid the subject because it's too polarizing. And like some people like Fox News, some people like whatever the other one is. Don't watch any news because I hate it. So, you know, it really is. Yeah. You don't want to go down that rabbit hole, but I think you're you're going doing pretty good. Just kind of moving past it with Social Security.

00:31:44:21 - 00:31:47:16

So they come out of your check every month. So Social.

00:31:47:18 - 00:31:48:08


00:31:48:10 - 00:31:58:17

Goes, these plans go for everyone. So you're not going to need to worry about that warrant. These are built around the Social Security folk and their income. I know you just got that nice little increase.

00:31:58:23 - 00:32:08:11

And the one thing he's worried about is he doesn't know what he thinks his income is actually going to change in the future because Congress is doing something. And it's just this is just a weird one.

00:32:08:15 - 00:32:14:22

On the new year. So out of that 5000 and then 7500, which one would you want me to apply you for?

00:32:20:05 - 00:32:24:04

I want to think about it. I'm not going to give you the go tonight.

00:32:25:07 - 00:32:25:22


00:32:25:24 - 00:32:44:08

We're not we're not putting anything in place tonight. We're not walking into anything. We can always move you up or down. As I said, I don't want to start nothing tonight. We want to make sure this coincides with your Social Security. But God forbid something happens with your health tomorrow and you can't get this plan. You know, I don't want you to be paying nothing.

00:32:44:13 - 00:32:47:20

Don't go. That means no one.

00:32:48:13 - 00:32:51:10

All right, Somebody's talking. Hopefully.

00:32:52:03 - 00:32:59:08

All right. Good. All right. So this is getting argumentative real quick. This is where I would this is where I would stop.

00:33:00:04 - 00:33:31:13

I wanted to jump in. When they say I can't give you the go tonight and say, I wish you or me could go ahead with it, it's really applying for it and part of my voice, guys. And then going back to what you mentioned, you have a 30 day free look period, and that's the whole reason for that. And I've had one success with that. But other than that, don't like two things. Just want to jump in to telemarketing. I'm not a telemarketer. I'm a licensed insurance agent. And secondly, I wish I could give a go or you could give a go.

00:33:31:15 - 00:33:41:04

It's going to take approval. It's an apply application process. Like what? Ernie says, nobody could buy insurance. You're applying for insurance. So I got to throw my $0.02, man. Sorry, guys.

00:33:41:14 - 00:34:13:22

No, that's perfect. And it really. And some of it. Some just sounds like, you know, we can sound whether we think so or not condescending to our clients if we're like telling them stuff that it doesn't matter if they don't know. Like, our job is to educate them and not sound. You don't want to sound condescending. That was somebody one thing I said to one of the agents in the in the. Uh, office. And he also started doing much better. Was like. Like, what's my problem, man? What am I doing wrong? You're condescending as hell. That's what you're doing wrong. And that was the whole my my whole advice.

00:34:13:24 - 00:34:24:03

And then he listened to a couple calls and that's sure enough that's the case. So never if you ever think you're being condescending or you're talking down to somebody, stop immediately and just reevaluate.

00:34:25:04 - 00:34:55:05

See, whenever they give me that objection that they need to think about it or whatever, they're not going to agree to anything today. I'll always kind of So what I do is I compare it to a buying a car. So I'll tell them like, okay, you go into a dealership, you're looking at a car, you love all the features that the car has. You love the price, but at the end of the day, you can't just buy that car. Now you have to put in an application with the finance company to make sure they're going to approve you based on your credit. In this case, we're going to be checking your your medical records. So that's kind of how I, you know, try and compare it.

00:34:56:22 - 00:35:09:02

Yeah. And I don't think this guy is complete. Like. Like, not with it. I would. I would definitely schedule a callback with him, but don't want to lose him so bad. Like he's getting argumentative right here. So I'm going to continue this because I want to hear what he how bad.

00:35:09:04 - 00:35:29:14

Like that's my I've been here for ten years. One you don't know how many things I've seen in ten years more. And I'm just I'm just being a real because that's the same thing that happened with my dad when he when he passed away with no insurance. So I just want to know what you're approved for because you're already getting 30 to 40% cheaper than the average market rate. We want to make sure we get you all that paperwork.

00:35:29:21 - 00:36:00:10

You can't make this stuff. You can't make all kinds of stuff up, guys. You really can't like 30 or 40%. Where are these numbers coming from? You. You definitely want to because you're not you're selling like a sales person, like a crazy sales person. And you don't want to you never want to say things that are can be verified to be untrue. Like with our banking, uh, when we talk about banking and you know, it's a discount. The truth of the matter is Gerber gives a ton, like it's 8%, 10% close to that discount for having a bank. And, you know, a lot of companies won't take anything but banks.

00:36:00:12 - 00:36:17:17

So you really want to, you know, don't argue with people. So just says we should take don't argue with people. Sometimes it is good to retreat a little bit before you like really dig in because if you're really going to dig in, you need to realize, say to yourself, I'm either getting this or not getting it. There is no chance for a callback.

00:36:19:19 - 00:36:22:06

Because you can sometimes you just make that call and you're like, Oh, there's no way held.

00:36:22:08 - 00:36:41:03

Over to you. So you're able to really go over everything with Trudy and the girls and make the best possible decision for you. Warne And I'm here to just help you through that entire process, man. And I'm sorry if that sounded a little dark just the way that came across. It's just, you know, it just comes from the heart, from me.

00:36:46:05 - 00:36:46:24


00:36:52:19 - 00:36:54:04

This is good. Good Silence.

00:36:54:18 - 00:36:55:08

I didn't talk.

00:36:55:10 - 00:36:57:03

Okay, Let's say I die.

00:37:01:09 - 00:37:11:07

They can truly pick up the phone and phone the person that's going to give him give me the the burning and they just come out and do it.

00:37:11:14 - 00:37:37:23

Of course. Of course. And that's what I'm here for. I'm going to be your agent here for life warrant. So when you pass away, you're going to give Trudy all my numbers and you're going to tell her. Call me first when you pass away, and we're going to get that however much you want, it's going to be processed over to her within 24 to 48 hours so she can walk into the crematory room with the cash and she's going to have it there on the day that she needs it.

00:37:38:05 - 00:38:08:05

This is two. So, Nathan, I think you realize this, but it's too much. Like you don't need to overexplain all this. Like, yes, the money is going to go specifically like, this is a good buying question. The all he needs to hear is, yes, it's going to go to Trudy. So Trudy will make that call. They will come out and do whatever you want. That's when you're also going to fill that out in the memorial guide. And then so. So. And then immediately close again. So. All right. So you think do you think the 5000 would cover all that stuff? Uh, then you'll get another answer and another answer. Another. Yeah.

00:38:08:07 - 00:38:15:24

I'm talking way too much after each objection. I'm saying what I need to say, but I'm saying you don't like triple the words that it needs to be said, right?

00:38:16:01 - 00:38:20:21

Or just saying it. Yeah. Or saying it again and again. Just different ways. Like you don't like you do that.

00:38:20:23 - 00:38:26:02

And then my tone, my tone is just messed up. My tone is just a little messed up on this call. Yeah.

00:38:26:10 - 00:38:36:20

And that's cool. That's why we try to train on, do exactly the same thing every time and make adjustments that stick. Not, you know, not adjustments from one presentation to the next the most.

00:38:36:22 - 00:38:41:24

And I'm going to be there for her through every step of the way, just like I am for you today. One.

00:38:48:17 - 00:38:51:15

Okay. That dead silence. You got to. You got to get back to something.

00:38:51:17 - 00:39:24:24

So right now, all I suggest is just a little bit of your trust, my friend. I think the only thing you need to actually cover cremation is the 5000, which is the lowest one. So I say, how about we just apply for that one? We get it all mailed out with to you. We still have 2 or 3 weeks before your Social Security comes in, so that gives you plenty of time to look it over and have those necessary conversations that you're going to need to have. And you're going to have all my contact. We're going to set an appointment up next week when you get your policy in the mail.

00:39:25:01 - 00:39:30:06

And then I'm going to have you go ahead and grab a highlighter and we're going to go page by page and I'm going to give you all.

00:39:31:03 - 00:40:03:21

There's a reason why. Like I will tell them. I'll call them back. But you just gave him a ton of assignments and a ton of work. So now. Now I got to get a highlighter. Now I got to do this. And this. And this and this. Uh, I like to make it as simple as possible. You don't have to do anything. That's what I often tell people. That's like, I'm going to send you the policy. If you like everything you see, you don't have to do anything. You know, It'll start on the date that we agreed. It'll start if you have any questions, of course you want to call me or we can schedule that call back to make sure that, you know, all those questions are answered.

00:40:03:23 - 00:40:35:03

But I just don't want anybody ever to feel like they're going to it's going to require a bunch of work to get it through everything. When we had to do these interviews, I'd hear agents all around me being like, Oh, okay. So the next step is we just have to do the we just have to get on the phone and do this interview and only take about 20 minutes. Then I'm going to submit your app and you'll be ten minutes. And then I'm just going to, you know, make sure that I have all of your banking information. They'll tell people this before they, you know, nobody's going through all that stuff. If you lay it out that way, nobody wants a bunch of chores or assignments.

00:40:35:05 - 00:40:42:06

So keep that in mind. Guys like really, you know, just make it simple. Just get to the next step and the next step and next step until you're done.

00:40:42:12 - 00:40:50:05

The point, all the all the stuff that you're going to need to know about your policy once so you can be the most educated you can possibly be. How about that?

00:40:52:07 - 00:40:53:23

Before I say yes.

00:40:57:14 - 00:41:03:12

Hopefully your answer is Yeah, because you're not officially starting the policy. So you know your yes is your first payment.

00:41:05:04 - 00:41:05:20


00:41:06:14 - 00:41:07:16

Before you say yes.

00:41:07:18 - 00:41:20:01

Yes, sir. And you'll have the opportunity to go up. Go down if we need to cancel. If we need to push you out. I'm going to be here for you through every step of the way. And one if you need to cancel. And you need to back away. I'm still. Love you all the same, man.

00:41:20:22 - 00:41:28:11

Okay, one another question. Let's say I sign up for this, and the next day I die.

00:41:31:24 - 00:41:32:24

It's going to pay out.

00:41:33:17 - 00:41:37:10

We sign you up. This is. This is. We signed you up.

00:41:40:09 - 00:42:05:16

Yeah, that one you could answer better because that's a good buying question. That one could have simply been. That's why we're applying now, because if we get the preferred coverage, then yes, it would pay out the very next day, but we don't know that yet. So let's get this application. And so while I'm doing that, you know, we're not going to set this up today. I'm going to set it up the day that you receive your Social Security. So we're going to use your, you know, your Wells Fargo checking with that. So go grab that while fill out this application.

00:42:14:17 - 00:42:20:07

Everything's the same. If I say I lived another two years, it would be the same.

00:42:20:09 - 00:42:20:24

This will last.

00:42:21:01 - 00:42:22:10

You for the rest of your life.

00:42:24:04 - 00:42:31:06

No, what I'm saying is, if I die the day after I sign up for this.

00:42:31:15 - 00:42:32:05

It will.

00:42:32:07 - 00:42:32:22

Pay out.

00:42:32:24 - 00:42:33:14

Yes, sir.

00:42:33:16 - 00:42:37:18

It would pay out the same as if I was with you for five years.

00:42:37:20 - 00:42:38:14

Yes, sir.

00:42:39:06 - 00:42:40:02

The same.

00:42:40:04 - 00:42:40:23

Yes, sir.

00:42:42:19 - 00:42:44:23

No, I'm not going to commit suicide.

00:42:45:20 - 00:42:47:23

Not if you commit suicide. That's. That's an.

00:42:48:00 - 00:42:49:10

Exception. No, that's.

00:42:49:22 - 00:42:51:18

I wanted to clarify that.

00:42:53:14 - 00:42:55:04

Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

00:42:55:17 - 00:43:03:10

And you can make a joke there like, Well, in the first two years, you're not allowed to because it's not going to pay out. So you got two years to think about your suicidal thoughts.

00:43:03:17 - 00:43:04:12

So here, let me.

00:43:04:14 - 00:43:20:02

Get the application open for you. It's a 5 to 7 minute process. Warren. I'm going to just take everything really slow, verify the spelling of everybody's names as I have it on my record. So I know I did my due diligence. This is obviously your insurance application.

00:43:20:14 - 00:43:52:18

Okay? You guys know how I feel about this. Don't be opening up all kind of carrier applications before you have the banking, because what, like, what? What are we doing for like, it's. It's too obvious. It's just too obvious of a ploy filling out a whole application. And then unless you have a lot of trust and whatever and you just know they're going to go get it, but too much of a ploy to be like, go through. All right. And I'm sending it to here. Okay. It does look like they're asking for the banking information now. And so what's your banking? Oh, you know, what are you talking about? Are you know, you go right for the banking.

00:43:52:21 - 00:43:57:10

The all this stuff needs to be done so that way you can submit the application without much problem.

00:43:58:10 - 00:44:14:01

Patient we're talking about. So if we get you approved today, which I'll know by the end of this call if we get your approved. If not, I have one more backup company for you and I'm going to be mailing everything out to 5031 Massachusetts drive.

00:44:16:01 - 00:44:17:07

That's where I live.

00:44:17:10 - 00:44:23:20

Okay. So that's where we'll mail it out to. Right one. You're going to be getting two packages there, my friend. Okay.

00:44:25:01 - 00:44:29:09

I'm just wondering if it's better to mail it to my my ex.

00:44:30:00 - 00:44:35:14

Here. It's better to mail it to you because you're the owner of this policy. You're going to need to go over everything with her, Warren.

00:44:35:16 - 00:44:37:06

But you need to be the one to have.

00:44:37:15 - 00:44:39:23

I thought you meant after I was dead.

00:44:40:10 - 00:44:41:23

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

00:44:42:00 - 00:45:11:24

This is where I'm sending you your taxes, your policy and everything else. So you have everything. Pen to paper one. Okay, so here we're going to. So your monthly payment will consistently be on the second Wednesday of each month if you end up keeping this policy. And we'll be setting it up directly with Bank of America. As I already said, they're one of our preferred banks. That's great. I've already applied that 10% discount for you. I do have their routing number sitting here right in front of me just to confirm that. That's correct.

00:45:12:01 - 00:45:17:01

Just grab a check or a bank statement. I'll start opening up your application while you do that. Okay. One.

00:45:17:12 - 00:45:18:17

Why? Why?

00:45:19:01 - 00:45:33:00

All right. So I spoke too soon. Very good job. That's you know, you're just telling him that you're going to do this while he does that because that's like. That's. You need him to do something while you're doing something. So he doesn't feel like he's holding you up and you're not holding him up. Just be.

00:45:33:02 - 00:45:35:00

Of a have to get involved in this.

00:45:35:07 - 00:45:37:22

Because that's where your Social Security goes to one.

00:45:37:24 - 00:45:40:02

Know where it goes, right to me.

00:45:41:03 - 00:45:41:18


00:45:42:02 - 00:46:02:21

It goes right to your Bank of America account one. We're we're setting this up to coincide with Social Security if to end up keeping this policy. So I'm going to read you back this routing number. It'll show up on your check or your bank statement if you just go get that. Obviously, the nine digit routing number. Okay, One and you'll read it and you'll see it right when I'm reading it to you to verify it. Okay.

00:46:03:16 - 00:46:05:04

What do you want me to get?

00:46:05:14 - 00:46:07:06

Just a check or a bank statement?

00:46:10:11 - 00:46:15:22

And while you're doing that, I'm opening up your application just to go over everything with you. Okay, Warner.

00:46:16:00 - 00:46:17:03

Okay, so you're.

00:46:19:04 - 00:46:22:04

You want Bank of America to send you?

00:46:24:10 - 00:46:25:24

The monthly statement?

00:46:26:11 - 00:46:27:01

No, we're.

00:46:27:03 - 00:46:35:12

Setting this up more to coincide with your Social Security. So it's just going to come out of your Social Security check as it's deposited into your account.

00:46:35:16 - 00:46:50:16

And you can always a good way to do this is like let him off the hook and be like, oh, no. Don't want they don't want your bank statements. Like they don't want your checks. They don't want any of that stuff. They just want to verify you have an open and active account and then just make it as easy as possible for him.

00:46:51:05 - 00:47:02:09

On every month. So on the second Wednesday of every month, true Social Security billing, when the money gets put in, you're going to see a little chunk of it for like.

00:47:03:11 - 00:47:04:01

What's that?

00:47:07:10 - 00:47:09:04

Should have used that when I use that one a lot.

00:47:09:15 - 00:47:14:04

Okay. If insurance because as I said, all of these plans are state and federally regulated.

00:47:15:20 - 00:47:28:18

So I'm going to be reading back this routing number because it's in front of me here and I state system. I already said Bank of America is one of our preferred banks. But to verify it with me, I want you to be looking at it while I'm reading it back to you. Okay. One.

00:47:29:03 - 00:47:32:14

Why can't I just write you a check every month?

00:47:34:21 - 00:47:52:22

Okay, Well, one, we can switch it to direct. Bill once I call you back before everything starts. But to write you a policy and get everything mailed out to you, the company just needs to see that if you were to take this policy that you'd have a way to pay for it. They can't just go writing out policies to everybody on.

00:47:57:04 - 00:48:00:19

I. I don't like giving anybody.

00:48:04:24 - 00:48:21:24

Oh, and I completely understand one. You know, I don't either. But the only people that have that kind of stuff is my insurance man, my financial advisor, and my mom. But when I already have this routing number, I'm just going to be reading it back to you. It's the same number that's on your check.

00:48:24:00 - 00:48:25:02

I don't like it.

00:48:25:24 - 00:48:31:11

Well, one, we work with over 50 preferred banks, and because they're one of ours.

00:48:32:04 - 00:49:05:22

This is a moment where I might be like, okay, I need to slow down just for a minute. I don't like it. That's a very hard objection to get over because don't know what he doesn't like about it. And it's like, so, um, you might want to just slow down and be like, okay, so I do want you to like, so do you still have your pen and piece of paper there? So because we're going to write some stuff down, because I know this, you know, this is a relationship built on trust. I know you want to review everything before it starts, correct? Yes. Okay. So I want you to write down my license number. I want you to write down this stuff. So we're going to get all the information that we need so I can submit this and I can actually let you know right away on the phone whether you're approved or not.

00:49:06:16 - 00:49:11:10

And then just just leave it at that. And then if you have to keep looping and looping and looping, do it.

00:49:11:12 - 00:49:16:07

My preferred banks, I have this routing number here. It's the same for everybody in San Jose, but he's too.

00:49:16:09 - 00:49:33:05

Focused on like the route. You're too focused on the routing and he's not understanding that you are trying to read that number to him. So it's like, just grab a check. You'll see exactly. When I start reading these numbers, you're going to see them on your check, you know, be very, very calm. Like you almost don't care. It's like you're going to see in a minute, I'll show you.

00:49:34:08 - 00:49:37:11

Okay. So I'm just going to be reading that number Back to you one.

00:49:45:21 - 00:49:50:01

This is something I want to think over. I just don't like to give people.

00:49:51:06 - 00:49:53:17

But one if you want. I'm just going to be typing.

00:49:53:21 - 00:49:57:04

I don't like to give people access to my bank account.

00:49:57:17 - 00:49:58:17

And I completely.

00:49:58:19 - 00:50:11:16

Understand, Warren. I work for senior life services. We've been around for over 50 years. This is Pioneer. We've been around for over 114 years. If you have a computer or are you talking to me off of a smartphone worn?

00:50:12:11 - 00:50:14:04

No, it's my landline.

00:50:14:09 - 00:50:47:23

If you have a smartphone, I can send you a link so you can see me and my face filling out this application live in person. So, you know, I'm a real individual. I'm working out of a real office right now. But that's just how you fill out any insurance, your car insurance, your homeowner's insurance. I'm just trying to help you get this set up so we can get you approved tonight. As I said, I'm not trying to start anything tonight with you, Warren. I'm trying to extend you everything I can. But we want to make sure we can get everything mailed out to you and that you're at least approved.

00:50:48:00 - 00:50:51:01

So God forbid anything happens, you know, you're protected.

00:50:53:03 - 00:50:56:18

And we know we found you a really great plan and pioneer security.

00:50:59:09 - 00:51:33:14

But if you're going to say all this stuff, you can't leave pauses without asking a question. Keep that in mind, guys, because that's just like a blank pause. It makes no sense. So it has to be, um. So, like, does that make sense? Or, you know. So do you have a check that I can read you this number or whatever it is, it has to be a question. It has to be like moving on to something like, you can even use this. It's like, I hear you warn the process when completing an application with insurance companies is the most secure of any industry. They must use a secure platform to process your bank information, just like Social Security when they process your retirement checks.

00:51:33:16 - 00:52:03:15

So the insurance company, as well as myself are held accountable for making sure your information is protected so you have nothing to worry about. Let's start first with your routing number, which are the first nine numbers on the left side of your check. Are you looking at a check right now? Like something like that will work better and it's okay. And you're doing you're doing the right thing. I mean, you're basically telling him. That you have to do it this way and you're telling them over and over again, but you just want to choose the right words and the right tone, almost like it's not a big deal. That should not be a huge deal.

00:52:03:17 - 00:52:10:18

Like I am who I say I am. We're not taking anything out today. So, you know, it's not like we're starting it. So let's let's get this done.

00:52:12:06 - 00:52:14:01

You know that. But I don't.

00:52:14:20 - 00:52:26:02

But one if you want, you can look at my computer screen. If you have any sort of computer or smart device in the house, I can send you a link. So you can look at my face in this office with my computer.

00:52:26:05 - 00:52:28:05

That's not what I mean. That's.

00:52:29:21 - 00:52:37:09

I can send you over all of my license info on on an email through a text however you want so you can see I'm a real life.

00:52:37:12 - 00:53:08:12

But I don't want to see. This is something that a lot of people do like. I want him to say to me, Is it that you don't trust me? Or like, What's going on? Warren Like, obviously want to help you, but you know, there's got to be trust there. I want him to tell me. It's like, well, I just don't know you from Adam because then only then does it make sense for me to start saying all this stuff about like, I want you to take my license number and look me up and stuff and I'll call you back? I mean, it really doesn't have to be done right this minute, but you can't, like, just use Jacob's line earlier. You can't buy a life insurance. You can only apply for it.

00:53:08:14 - 00:53:15:16

So let's get that part done and then we can worry about the payment later. But obviously I need the payment. So but that's a good way to go through.

00:53:17:12 - 00:53:45:18

License agent to the state. If I did anything with your information more, I'd lose my license and my wife wouldn't be too happy with that with me. If you really didn't want this for Trudy and the girls, what is it? If it's a trust issue, then I've extended everything. What can I do to get. Get that 10% of your trust, Warren. Because, shoot, I'll earn the other 90%. I just need a little 10% of your trust tier one. So if you just tell me what you're saying.

00:53:45:20 - 00:53:55:18

Warren A lot, which is good, but don't say it too much. Don't go insane with it. Did you hear? WARREN Give me your trust, Warren. Warren? Warren? Warren. Nathan You know what I'm talking about.

00:53:57:06 - 00:53:58:06

Need me to do.

00:53:58:15 - 00:54:06:06

I have the application ready. I'm filling them out right now. I just want to make sure we're able to help you get this coverage in place for Trudy.

00:54:13:03 - 00:54:15:19

Call me back tomorrow. I want to think about this.

00:54:16:17 - 00:54:21:10

And that's okay at this point because you've looped in so many times. I would make the make the callback, guys.

00:54:23:10 - 00:54:44:17

Like. Yeah. Talk to Trudy. Talk to whoever you have to. But here is my license number. Here is my stuff. Please write all this stuff down if you have a chance to look it up. Great. Do you receive picture messages on your phone? This kind of guy. I might even go in and just take a picture of my license off the computer. Send that to him. Any questions, guys? I do have to finish up with what I'm doing here with this guy, so.

00:54:46:12 - 00:54:57:23

Thought that was good. Mean there was a lot of good there. You know, watch this again. You know, there's a lot of stuff that can be changed. You know, we're only going to get better if we work on this stuff together. And we also try to make these adjustments as we go.

Watch the Full Video Here: Call review 01/26/2023

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