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Call Review 01-24-2023

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 01/24/2023

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All right. So we're doing a call review. So, Matt, if you say that again for me, like you didn't you call this woman Flora pretty much the entire time.

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Pretty much the entire time. I'm calling her Flora because that's what's in vanilla soft. And we get to the end. And when we're on the voice recording where I'm like, Please state your full name in today's date, she says, Laura said, Wait, what?

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We went back and fix the whole all the all the application.

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It's like she didn't even she didn't even care because. Either. She really wanted the product. She really liked me. Maybe both mean it's hard to tell, but I mean, she probably.

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This is a thousand people calling her Flora. So why try to fight? All of them.

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Know her name. Well, I hope not everybody calls her Flora, but. But let's, uh. Yeah, let's do this call then, and we'll pick it apart a little bit, because I know you guys. You know you guys like these, so let's hit it.

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Hey, Flora. Yeah. Hey. How's it going out there in Pioneer?

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Too bad.

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Good. Did you get some snow?

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Not yet. We've got some snow, but enough to cover the ground. But that's it.

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Okay. Gotcha.

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Got more coming, though?

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Yeah, I think Wednesday we're going to get hit.

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You know, get a day off. Yeah, well, yeah, I mean, I work from home after the COVID thing happened, so it's kind of like no days off anymore. But Flora and I apologize for getting back to you so late.

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Yeah, Matt takes too many days off. Okay.

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I'm one of the benefits coordinators with senior life services. And you'd spoken with our representative, Marquis Stewart, about the state approved final expense program you were looking to take out.

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And you guys notice he definitely used the notes that you would find here.

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Because you might as well if somebody else talked to him, you might as well use if you know, if the email is readable and you understand who it is and definitely do that.

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And it is my job to go over those benefits with you. Now, do you remember speaking with Marquez?

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Let me verify the information. Guy, I.

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The guy I talked to, his name was Rod. He might.

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He might. He might go by Rod. But I believe his his real name is Marquis.

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You know, Brad's probably his middle name. Let me verify the information I have here. Florida is your mailing address. P.O. Box 532. Yes. Is your date of birth May the 19th, 1955? Yes. Okay. And then Joseph and Christopher, are they your beneficiaries or just one of them? Yes. You want both of them on there?

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Okay. And their last name is Fiddler.

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Yep. Fiddler.

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Right. Perfect. Okay. Let's go over some notes here that Rod left with me. Your actual physical address is 105 West Michigan Avenue. Yes. Retired, Working part time.

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I'm not. I broke my arm. I'm not working anywhere right now.

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Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that. You fall down?

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Yeah, I fell. When I fell, I hit the table in the chair. I went down

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the bone out of socket and broke.

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Yikes. That was probably painful.

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No, it wasn't too bad.

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All right. And then you've got three boys and 13 grandkids.

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Excellent. Excellent. And then a couple of health questions that Rod went over with. You had a heart surgery back in 2015.

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Um, diabetes. You've been using insulin for about ten years.

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And taking some metoprolol for

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high blood pressure and gabapentin. Is that for.

00:04:10:12 - 00:04:15:20

It's for just when my feet hurt. I only take it on occasion.

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Okay. But you don't have the numbing and tingling of your fingers and hands.

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Okay. And are you a smoker, Flora?

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And Matt, when she said that. Are you still thinking neuropathy at this point?

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When she said that she doesn't take gabapentin.

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Yeah. When she was saying, oh, I only take it occasionally because that's the kind of stuff we hear. It's like, well, you can say whatever you want, but you know, Pioneer's going to look at it like it's neuropathy because she's also an insulin dependent diabetic.

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Yeah. So, I mean.

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The worst thing they can tell you is no. Just remember that she told me she. She's only been taking it, you know, maybe. Once or twice in the last four months. And then she specifically said later on in the conversation, because I think I asked her again

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what it's for. And she said just pain when she's having pain in her feet. So we applied for third.

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And what were you looking to do with this coverage to leave for your son? Is it to make sure that you have your final expenses covered or are you trying to leave some extra money for the grandkids?

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I think he told me that it was $134.

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I think I went with the 15.

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Okay, Let me double check it for you, because there's a couple of different plans. You know, there's a standard plan and then there's a preferred plan. We want to get your preferred if we can.

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Let's see here.

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Melissa, a little off script. If you don't have much information, obviously you can go back to the script. But he has a lot of information. So basically he's just trying to verify as much as possible. This lady seems to be throwing them off a little bit because she's just like, Oh, he already said that. And mean she said, I picked the 15, so why wasn't it written? So it sounds like Matt is making it his mission to write that 15. Am I wrong, Matt, or am I right?

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No, we're definitely we definitely were going to be going minimum 15.

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Now that would have been the one 3415 was a standard standard non-smoking rate. And then she had taken out. $10,000 in coverage with Mutual of Omaha in the meantime.

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But you're going to find that out throughout the meet throughout the meeting. Right. Or throughout this call.

00:06:42:06 - 00:06:43:20

Right. And then we're going to end up

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canceling the Mutual of Omaha because she wasn't she didn't want the two year waiting period. And if anybody knows who of Omaha is, pretty much. They don't send somebody out to your house, you're getting a two year waiting period. So, yes, we wanted the media coverage.

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So that's what we're going for?

00:07:05:12 - 00:07:06:15

Sure. So?

00:07:06:21 - 00:07:09:08

So Pioneer is the only company that.

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That only allows that to not let someone go to your house. They'll give you day one coverage.

00:07:16:01 - 00:07:37:17

Not the only company. So he's just saying Mutual of Omaha doesn't typically do that. They do do it sometimes. But, um, you know, usually they're sending people out to your house to prick your finger, take blood, you know, like, truly, fully underwritten instead of simplified. And, John, you obviously know the answer to that. Mean will give you a media coverage. Give you immediate coverage. Uh but.

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Yeah. They're simplified issue though. So that just means that there's no, uh, you know, massive amount of testing on the client's part. All right, let's continue this.

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You said 15,000.

00:07:55:04 - 00:07:55:19


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All right.

00:08:04:05 - 00:08:16:04

And then let me ask a couple of quick questions about the diabetes. Have you ever had any complications like insulin shock, diabetic neuropathy?

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00:08:18:24 - 00:08:21:14

Okay. Are you taking any medications for your heart?

00:08:23:00 - 00:08:27:11

Um, the Metropole or whatever it's called.

00:08:29:16 - 00:08:31:09

Yeah, that purple.

00:08:32:20 - 00:08:33:10


00:08:34:12 - 00:08:39:19

What to do with that? Yeah. And then maybe metformin and some insulin.

00:08:40:15 - 00:08:42:20

No, I don't think he that I take insulin.

00:08:43:20 - 00:08:47:04

Okay. And then gabapentin, whenever your feet are hurting.

00:08:47:19 - 00:08:50:09

Yeah, but that doesn't have enough to do with diabetes.

00:08:51:12 - 00:08:52:10

Okay, that's good.

00:08:53:01 - 00:08:53:17

That's good.

00:08:54:23 - 00:09:06:19

So she's kind of helping you out. It's like, okay, well, and then the question would ask her, where are you taking gabapentin or narrating before you were diagnosed with the diabetes? Because you might have to make that clear in the underwriting.

00:09:07:04 - 00:09:23:04

So he might have quoted you a little. Hi. You know, you don't really know what you qualify for until you complete an application. So if you get qualified for preferred coverage, which is always the goal, I mean, it's not always possible, but it is always the goal I've got.

00:09:23:16 - 00:09:34:13

I told him I've got insurance for myself, but it's $48 a month and I have to have it for two years before it comes in effect.

00:09:37:13 - 00:09:38:10

And how much he said.

00:09:40:07 - 00:09:42:07

I only got ten, I think.

00:09:42:14 - 00:09:43:20

Okay. Was it a.

00:09:45:09 - 00:09:49:04

Was it a guaranteed issue plan? Did they ask you any health questions at all?

00:09:49:10 - 00:09:52:01

Yeah, they asked me health questions and everything.

00:09:52:16 - 00:09:53:06


00:09:54:03 - 00:10:12:19

It was $48 a month. And I've already got that coming out of there. But I was also told that after that 48 or after that two years time period, they can raise that to whatever they want to and I have to pay it.

00:10:13:12 - 00:10:44:06

Okay. So you're in what's called a term policy. And those. Yes, those can be a little risky. Now, let me let me talk about the two different types of insurance. There's whole life insurance and then there's term life insurance. So a whole life plan is what's going to make more sense for you Because, you know, anyone ages 50 to 85, they want to have something that they know is never going to change and that they know is going to pay out to their beneficiaries. So whole life coverage is permanent life insurance and you actually own the policy.

00:10:44:08 - 00:11:19:22

So it works as a savings account. If you ever needed to to borrow money from it, you could do that. And then once you lock in your premiums and the benefit amount, those are guaranteed to never change. Now, with term policies, they change. You know, sometimes it's anywhere from every 3 to 5 years. It could be every two years, it could be every ten years. But yes, what happens is as you grow older, the policy becomes more and more expensive. And then what happens is if you don't outlive it, you end up canceling it because it's so darn expensive that you can't even afford it anymore.

00:11:19:24 - 00:11:21:23

So you have to cancel it. Um.

00:11:22:19 - 00:11:56:21

So you guys noticed, like in my script, Matt is pretty much he's saying it in his own words at this point because I cover that every single time. Like I'm going to take a look at what you qualify for. So there are a lot of different life insurance programs out there. And then I go over like a differences so matches adapting it to his own style. And that's something you guys should do unless you're brand new. Because if you're brand new, frankly, you're just not good enough to do that yet. So once like once you are, you know, then adapt it, you know, change a few things, change the way you word stuff, whatever sounds comfortable for you and that fits your personality.

00:11:57:02 - 00:11:57:17

Go ahead.

00:11:57:19 - 00:12:12:14

Sorry. I'm sorry to jump in. That was really well put. Matt, is that just you came up with that on dialogue or you read that from somewhere? Because I would love to repeat that. I'm all over the place separating term from old policies. Get go into the woods.

00:12:14:03 - 00:12:51:05

Well, she kind of, uh. She kind of led us right into it. Right? She walked me right to the path, and I just kind of walked her down the path. So. But there is undoubtedly every single person that you talk to, you should always say, let's take a couple minutes to talk about the two types of insurance. You should always for the most part, you're selling whole life insurance. Don't think that you're going to be out there selling term policies all the time because it's not going to happen. So really, really nail down the difference between those two and sell your best whole life plan to them because that's the product that makes the most sense for for our clientele.

00:12:51:08 - 00:12:53:08

So awesome, dude. Thank you.

00:12:53:20 - 00:13:27:07

And good point. And the reason you my methodology is I want to get rid of objections before get them. That is a big objection you're going to get. Oh, that sounds really expensive. I saw this pamphlet from AARP that says it's $26 for 10,000 because I'm 52. That is 100% accurate. But once. So you have to get rid of that objection if you're going to be able to sell a whole life policy to them at a higher price. So get rid of objections. The best the best objections are the ones that you already got rid of before you even get to the close.

00:13:27:20 - 00:13:39:03

I would definitely most certainly recommend a permanent whole life policy. And based on the medications that you told me about, you could qualify for day one coverage. So you don't have that two year waiting period.

00:13:39:23 - 00:13:45:19

That's what I want. I want an insurance that will insure me and I'm covered now.

00:13:46:04 - 00:13:47:05

Okay, Well, let's check.

00:13:47:07 - 00:13:48:12

And see if you wait.

00:13:48:22 - 00:13:57:21

I understand that waiting period can you know, it's you never know when God's going to call you home. So you don't want to have some waiting period hanging over your head.

00:13:59:21 - 00:14:06:02

All right. Well, Flora, let's see if we can get you qualified for the day One coverage. I'm going to fill out your application for you.

00:14:07:23 - 00:14:15:19

And then we can decide what to do with that other insurance after that. So your last name is spelled Bertram Barkham?

00:14:16:05 - 00:14:16:23


00:14:17:23 - 00:14:20:10

And May the 19th, 1955.

00:14:20:18 - 00:14:21:16


00:14:22:23 - 00:14:30:05

That puts you at the young age of 67. And you're a non smoker, correct?

00:14:30:18 - 00:14:32:02

I've never smoked.

00:14:32:13 - 00:14:35:02

Good for you. Terrible, terrible habit to start.

00:14:36:04 - 00:14:37:00

Yeah, it is.

00:14:37:22 - 00:14:42:01

And would you be looking at the 15,000 or would you be looking at the 10,000?

00:14:44:07 - 00:14:46:20

I would like the 15 if I can afford it.

00:14:47:16 - 00:15:19:06

Okay. Because if I get you a qualified for this day one coverage, it's not 134. It's actually only about 94. Good. And that's 15,000 plus an additional 15,000 of accidental death. And I will tell you what accidental death is here in a moment. And then this plan also comes with a couple of additional benefits. One of them is terminal illness. And this is a, heaven forbid situation. If you were diagnosed with any sort of terminal illness, you would be able to cash out the policy while you're still living.

00:15:19:12 - 00:15:49:21

And you can use that for medical expenses, life saving treatment, what have you, and you're no longer responsible for paying the premium. So it does cover the base. If you've ever would get diagnosed with cancer or anything like that. The other one is the nursing home care. So if you ever had to check into a nursing home, as long as you're confined to that facility, you are not responsible for paying your premium. So that covers your in case if you ever had to check into a nursing home. And then the last one was the accidental death. Now, Florida, this is a heaven forbid situation.

00:15:49:23 - 00:16:04:00

I know we don't think accidents are ever going to happen to us, but they do happen every day. So if you were to pass away as the result of an accident, the policy amount would double in its value. So if it was a $15,000 policy, it now pays out as 30,000.

00:16:06:01 - 00:16:13:03

Does that make sense? Yeah. Okay. And would you want this to start for you on the first of the third of next month if you get approved?

00:16:14:12 - 00:16:28:18

It'd be nice to start it on the first or whenever I need it. I get paid my Social Security on the fourth Wednesday of every month. So I want to make sure that's in there before it's took out.

00:16:29:20 - 00:16:54:10

Mad, mad you got this is lucky. This person is very, very receptive. And the more you dial, the longer you get mad. Had, you know, some days are going to be like this. What'd you have, Matt? 25 dials and four sales some days, you know, Matt's bitching to me that he had 100 contacts and nobody's receptive. So it's really important that we just keep, you know, nose to the grindstone and just. You're going to find these people.

00:16:56:05 - 00:17:01:08

Okay. So we could actually do it as soon as the 25th of this month is is the fourth Wednesday.

00:17:05:17 - 00:17:08:11

All right. So let's see if you can get approved first.

00:17:10:21 - 00:17:42:01

And one thing I really want to point out here, Matt, basically identified the need, figured out what she actually wants, and she's agreeing with everything he's saying. So he is being ridiculously assumptive, which I try to train on all the time. Like he's just like, all right, we're going to fill out your application. We're going to get this in and see if you can get approved. I don't I'm not a big fan of like knack of going through this process without the banking and the social because opening up a bunch of applications only to half filled them out is a complete waste of time in my opinion.

00:17:42:03 - 00:17:49:16

But it really does help that he is just very assumptive. All right. We're going to follow your application. We're going to see if we can get this approved and just keep moving.

00:17:50:14 - 00:17:51:05

Let's see.

00:17:51:07 - 00:17:56:01

Here. You want all three sons to be the beneficiaries, correct?

00:17:56:08 - 00:17:56:23


00:17:57:09 - 00:17:58:12

Split three ways.

00:17:59:16 - 00:18:01:06

Yep. Okay.

00:18:03:13 - 00:18:05:17

And then what's your three sons names, please?

00:18:07:00 - 00:18:08:07

Joe and Christopher.

00:18:09:22 - 00:18:12:07

And Ryan and.

00:18:13:11 - 00:18:14:24

Joe. Christopher and Ryan.

00:18:15:08 - 00:18:18:18

Yeah. Ryan's last name is stuck. Stuck?

00:18:20:10 - 00:18:21:22

And the other two are Bertram.

00:18:22:17 - 00:18:23:24

The other two are Fiddler.

00:18:24:15 - 00:18:28:16

Fiddler? That's correct. And Joe's full name is Joseph, correct?

00:18:28:18 - 00:18:29:08


00:18:29:12 - 00:18:32:18

Christopher is Christopher. Christopher James.

00:18:33:11 - 00:18:34:01


00:18:34:17 - 00:18:40:01

Just want to make sure that I've got all those T's crossed and I's dotted.

00:18:42:17 - 00:18:43:21

All right.

00:18:44:04 - 00:18:50:10

And then all the documents are going to be going to your P.O. box. Correct? You don't get mail at your house.

00:18:51:08 - 00:18:55:14

I don't get mail at my house. And it has to have a post office box on it for me to get it.

00:18:56:08 - 00:18:59:11

Okay. So P.O. Box 532.

00:19:01:18 - 00:19:06:19

It's more assumption. So I'm sending this out and putting these names down. Assumption. Assumption. Assumption.

00:19:07:04 - 00:19:10:17

Pioneer Ohio. 43554.

00:19:11:15 - 00:19:12:05


00:19:17:21 - 00:19:18:11

All right.

00:19:18:13 - 00:19:21:01

So it's going to help me fill that out later.

00:19:21:12 - 00:19:53:14

So they marquis also he had the actual physical address of her home and the notes as well, which I put in the notes. But it goes back to what Ernie said this morning. Right? He said something about she was on the phone with this guy for almost an hour, one of our agents, and he was unable to close for one reason or another. Who knows what it was, but. Sometimes when you're going through people, you will talk yourself out of a sale. So after you've already got some kind of commitment, right. Okay, we're going to fill out your application, see if we can get you approved.

00:19:53:18 - 00:20:26:03

Don't ever go back on that. Keep on pushing that application ball forward. We're not going to know anything until we fill out the application. Want to make sure? Get all the paperwork into your hands, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Um, so just to go back on, be relentless. There's no point not to be relentless mean if they're on the phone with you for that long. They want the coverage and then we're even going further here where we're going to get on the phone with whoever her current insurance is, you know, and make sure that she's not paying for two premiums.

00:20:26:05 - 00:20:27:15

So and Matt.

00:20:27:24 - 00:20:36:03

That might have been the reason why she didn't buy the first time is because she didn't want to have to deal with the other insurance company and call and cancel them. Well, don't worry. I'll help you do that. I'll do it with you.

00:20:37:21 - 00:20:48:24

Um, so, hey, I did notice, like, early on. How do you know? She's like, Oh, I thought I already did this and said a few things like that. How did you know that Marquis did not close this?

00:20:51:16 - 00:21:05:02

Uh, well, the long conversation was back in December, and then he'd had another conversation with her in January and it said something like Follow up again or something has to talk to her son or something like that.

00:21:05:23 - 00:21:06:16

Gotcha. Okay.

00:21:06:18 - 00:21:13:01

That's important because I'm still actively working on it. And then he decided this lady's never going to buy, put her back in the pool, and she came to me.

00:21:13:19 - 00:21:37:15

Gotcha. So it's not a situation because I just want to make sure because sometimes it does happen where, you know, if somebody doesn't disposition this. Right. And that's on them. But, uh, but I did notice you quoted you're about to quote her preferred and he quoted her 130, for which she wouldn't have canceled. And that was a standard plan. So she there's no way she would have canceled the Mutual of Omaha if you didn't get her media coverage. That's kind of how I read the situation.

00:21:41:11 - 00:21:45:19

And this is the best number to reach you for. 195511383.

00:21:46:13 - 00:21:47:06


00:21:47:20 - 00:21:50:20

Would you like to add email address on here? Do not use email address.

00:21:50:22 - 00:21:52:07

No, I don't use email.

00:21:52:21 - 00:21:55:05

Okay. Were you born in Ohio or another state?

00:21:55:13 - 00:21:59:17

Michigan. I'm right down the Michigan Ohio line.

00:22:00:02 - 00:22:01:19

I am too. I'm in Toledo.

00:22:02:07 - 00:22:03:00

Oh, are you?

00:22:04:19 - 00:22:06:05

And what's your height and your weight?

00:22:08:06 - 00:22:12:11

I am. 561 55.

00:22:14:14 - 00:22:16:20

And what's the name of your primary care doctor?

00:22:18:11 - 00:22:22:05

Hagerman. Kimberly Hagerman and Washington.

00:22:23:10 - 00:22:26:12

Oh, I've been out to Washington quite a bit lately.

00:22:28:12 - 00:22:35:24

There's a little roller card there, like a little skating rink. Yeah. My buddy owns it.

00:22:37:24 - 00:22:42:21

So we've been out there. Okay. She's off Depot Street. Yep.

00:22:45:00 - 00:22:46:22

And Ossian.

00:22:47:18 - 00:23:29:14

These little things are really useful, guys. Instead of asking them questions about, Oh, where is she located? He Oh, he did in Washington. But if you can tell them where the doctor is, people are shocked that we know like routing number. Like I know what your routing number is. I know where your doctor is just based on his last name. Like little things like that. I know all the prescriptions you're taking. I know what they're for. Like this stuff comes with some experience, but, you know, Google is your best friend. Like, I'm Googling stuff constantly when I'm talking to people because I'm like, if I can find information that I can spit back at them, like, do you think I knew what hydrochloric queen was before I started here? For arthritis or malaria? Most time it's for arthritis, so it's really good.

00:23:29:16 - 00:23:41:16

Use Google as much as you possibly can to get information that you can tell them about themselves. You know, it's it's a common thing that if you can tell somebody about themselves that they'll be more receptive to anything you're saying.

00:23:42:17 - 00:23:44:13

There's also a map on the.

00:23:46:05 - 00:24:01:23

CRM that shows you like based on their address stuff that's local nearby as well. Right. So or when you're Googling their doctor, you could tell them, you know, oh, it looks like you have a great doctor. You know, there's several different things with Google for sure.

00:24:02:00 - 00:24:18:08

Like anything, anything that works, especially if you actually know the area. But don't say make bunch of stuff up. Oh, I've been there before in Tennessee when I, you know, haven't been there in 30 years. So but, you know, you can use all the information that sounds legit and, you know, it's kind of true.

00:24:18:22 - 00:24:25:06

All right. Phone number I have for Doctor Hagerman. (419) 335-0351.

00:24:26:05 - 00:24:27:03

Sounds right.

00:24:27:24 - 00:24:28:17


00:24:28:19 - 00:24:30:19

And then your social, please.

00:24:32:02 - 00:24:38:00

36862. 2227.

00:24:39:21 - 00:24:40:11

All right.

00:24:40:13 - 00:24:41:18

And then we'll get these.

00:24:44:18 - 00:24:49:23

Beneficiaries put on here. And what's the name of the bank that you bank with?

00:24:52:03 - 00:24:57:11

Well, I'm banking with a state bank right now, but I'm going to switch over to Huntington, I think.

00:24:58:07 - 00:25:00:11

Okay. What's the name of the State Bank?

00:25:01:09 - 00:25:02:12

The state bank.

00:25:02:22 - 00:25:03:12


00:25:05:08 - 00:25:08:18

I thought you just meant some state bank here in Ohio.

00:25:11:11 - 00:25:12:03

All right.

00:25:13:01 - 00:25:15:05

So Ohio State Bank.

00:25:16:05 - 00:25:18:11

Yep. It's just the state bank.

00:25:19:22 - 00:25:21:21

The state bank.

00:25:24:22 - 00:25:26:08

Let's see here.

00:25:26:10 - 00:25:28:14

Because we have a list of preferred banks.

00:25:29:17 - 00:25:30:09

Excuse me.

00:25:31:03 - 00:25:34:23

Starting to feel slightly under the weather with this cold weather here.

00:25:35:14 - 00:25:46:21

Boy, I hope you don't get it. I had it last week. Did you? Just before my surgery. Oh, goodness. Coughing and sneezing. And I felt terrible. So you don't want to.

00:25:47:15 - 00:25:59:23

Know? I know. And it's starting to feel like I've had COVID twice, and it's starting to feel a little bit like COVID as far as taste buds or kind of. Yeah, everything's kind of bland and. Yeah.

00:26:02:06 - 00:26:12:12

Yeah. And I just came back from I had a work conference that I had to go do, and I was around a whole bunch of people. So who knows what kind of germs they're carrying.

00:26:14:17 - 00:26:15:11

So, yeah.

00:26:16:16 - 00:26:19:00

I was helping my son's friend. He owns.

00:26:19:07 - 00:26:19:22


00:26:21:12 - 00:26:50:23

They closed the only store in Pioneer down and they opened up a new meat market. This is called the meat market. I went up and helped him, was working in the deli and stuff, making food and stuff for him. And the girl that was working with him, she got a cold. She was coughing and sneezing and everything else. And I got mad. I said, I don't need this. I don't need anything. I try to stay away from people as much as possible.

00:26:51:07 - 00:26:53:11

Right. I agree.

00:26:54:21 - 00:26:55:12


00:26:55:22 - 00:27:09:01

So the state bank and trust company. So. Right. Um. I don't know. They're kind of a smaller bank, so I want to make sure that I have the right numbers here. If you can grab an old checker statement, I'm going to verify the routing number with you.

00:27:10:03 - 00:27:10:18


00:27:20:09 - 00:27:28:24

Okay. So quite a bit lately skipping that. There's a little roller. Three, five, one.

00:27:29:22 - 00:27:30:19

To thank.

00:27:33:20 - 00:27:35:06

Let's see here.

00:27:35:08 - 00:27:37:04

Because we have a list of preferred end up a.

00:27:37:06 - 00:27:38:06

New meat market.

00:27:38:12 - 00:27:40:06

Given it to me, I can't really tell.

00:27:43:12 - 00:27:44:22

Okay. I got my checkbook.

00:27:45:14 - 00:27:56:00

Okay. So at the bottom is the routing number. The bottom left. The number I have for them is 041203594.

00:28:01:21 - 00:28:02:21

Is that what you have there?

00:28:05:11 - 00:28:06:13

I've got.

00:28:09:24 - 00:28:14:13

The far left is 04120359.

00:28:15:07 - 00:28:17:03

Yeah. Then there should be a four at the end.

00:28:19:17 - 00:28:21:02

Yeah, there is four.

00:28:21:12 - 00:28:28:08

Okay, so that's your routing number. And then to the right of that will be the account number. Go ahead and read that off for me. Five, three or. Laura.

00:28:28:10 - 00:28:30:14

Laura? Laura.

00:28:31:04 - 00:28:32:04

Oh, my goodness.

00:28:33:20 - 00:28:34:23

I better go back here.

00:28:36:15 - 00:28:37:05


00:28:37:10 - 00:28:44:17

And do you understand that you have applied for the piece of housing number zero for. Okay. This medical health information may include.

00:28:48:04 - 00:29:23:04

Okay. Any comments so far? It's a little I mean, this this sale's a little bit all over the place, but he's really focused on using Marquez's information that he already collected to really just, you know, button this up. And I love these. If I see somebody quoted and I'm like, okay, usually a good chance to get the sale if they've already been quoted, you see notes like it said, obviously it said standard is what they were going for. But if you can come behind them and this person obviously will listen because they've already listened for an hour before, if all of a sudden you're giving them a better rate, you know how likely it is.

00:29:23:06 - 00:29:28:15

Is it that you're going to close them now that you you got more information and you're just going to do a better job?

00:29:34:00 - 00:29:38:11

So let's. So let me see the button up here, Matt, because I do want to see how you handle this.

00:29:41:15 - 00:29:42:05

All right.

00:29:42:07 - 00:29:55:04

So pretty crazy that you have 13 grandchildren. My mom has one, and she feels like she doesn't get enough time with her. So I don't know how you could possibly spend enough time with those babies.

00:29:56:10 - 00:30:04:01

I don't have enough time. So come on and spend the night and stuff with me, though. But they're all getting pretty big by now.

00:30:04:06 - 00:30:07:15

Yeah, They start getting into no matter.

00:30:07:17 - 00:30:10:14

You just basically killing time while you submit the application here.

00:30:12:14 - 00:30:13:23

Yep, exactly.

00:30:14:09 - 00:30:14:24


00:30:15:01 - 00:30:18:00

Because that's the phone until I get the data results for sure.

00:30:18:16 - 00:30:49:20

Good. Okay. Unless you're brand new and you're struggling and you can't, you know, you just can't fill it out. You can. But if that happens, of course, tell them I'll call you back here very shortly after I, you know, get the answer. But if you're good, once you get good at this, believe me, guys, you'll like. I'm constantly just, you know, talking nonsense, especially if I already have all the information and I'm just submitting the app because I'm just trying to get through that while they're still on the phone. If I have to switch them to a different company, it's so much easier to do that immediately then than later.

00:30:50:22 - 00:30:52:19

Mother's birthday was yesterday.

00:30:54:03 - 00:30:54:18


00:30:55:06 - 00:30:58:10

So a couple of medications came up that we got to talk about. Okay.

00:30:58:24 - 00:30:59:14


00:31:00:11 - 00:31:12:13

Two of them are for heart medications. They can be used for high blood pressure and they can also be used for things that are a little more serious. The first one is ISO sorbet.

00:31:14:20 - 00:31:16:09

I don't take that anymore.

00:31:16:21 - 00:31:19:03

The other one is furosemide.

00:31:20:12 - 00:31:22:02

What? I never even heard of that.

00:31:22:24 - 00:31:24:18

So I saw Borat.

00:31:24:20 - 00:31:35:16

I saw bite and furosemide are. Can be prescribed for something called congestive heart failure. Have you ever been diagnosed with CHF? No. Have you had any heart surgeries?

00:31:36:06 - 00:31:36:22


00:31:37:13 - 00:31:38:16


00:31:39:05 - 00:31:41:08

Okay. That's way back. Yeah, eight years ago.

00:31:41:22 - 00:31:42:12


00:31:42:18 - 00:31:46:18

And then. Gabapentin, we know you take that when you have pain in your feet, right?

00:31:47:03 - 00:31:47:18


00:31:47:20 - 00:31:52:01

But you don't take it for seizures or any numbing and tingling of your fingers and hands.

00:31:52:03 - 00:31:52:18


00:31:54:01 - 00:32:11:08

I don't. My feet were hurting me and he told me I could take gabapentin. It was used for seizures. And I hesitated about taking it. And then he said it wouldn't hurt me that I didn't have to take it all the time. So I've got the prescription, but I haven't had any probably for months.

00:32:12:05 - 00:32:12:20


00:32:14:10 - 00:32:18:08

And did you have a heart attack in 2015? Is that why you had to have surgery?

00:32:18:16 - 00:32:20:10

I had heart bypass.

00:32:21:10 - 00:32:22:00


00:32:23:00 - 00:32:53:12

So I'm going to. So they didn't deny the application, which is a good thing if you if you don't qualify at all, they'll tell me right now. They'll say, hey, she's going to have to apply for something different. Um, and they're usually only going back three years. So since you haven't been to the hospital and had any, you know, been under the knife or had any surgeries in the last eight years, I can really work as a strong advocate for you to say, yes. She was prescribed these medications back in 2015. She no longer takes these medications.

00:32:53:20 - 00:32:59:06

This is why she was prescribed them. ET cetera. ET cetera. Because there's one to take.

00:32:59:08 - 00:33:07:07

Three pills, those three pills that you first read. And that's all I take as far as medication goes.

00:33:08:00 - 00:33:08:15


00:33:08:24 - 00:33:11:06

I don't even go to a heart doctor anymore.

00:33:11:21 - 00:33:13:03

Excellent. Excellent.

00:33:13:17 - 00:33:16:09

So, yeah, let me go back here and

00:33:19:09 - 00:33:26:18

let's see. The medications that we went over were. Gabapentin metoprolol. And the other one.

00:33:30:22 - 00:33:31:12


00:33:32:24 - 00:33:48:10

On the MIB that asks some more specific questions. But it's not a big deal. I mean, it's not you. Everybody gets that medication because the doctors have to cover their own butts. If you might have another heart attack. Name is Matthew Mtw.

00:33:50:10 - 00:33:55:09

So, yeah, you know, the nitro and the two nitro came up also.

00:33:57:07 - 00:34:27:14

And if anybody knows nitro, if you've had a heart attack or a heart surgery. The doctor's going to give you nitro. Most people will never even use it, but the doctor's got to give it to him just in case it's ever feeling like they're having a heart attack. They got to pop one of those underneath their tongue. So, um, the main. The main thing with this lady is 2015. It's been eight years since she's had any problems with her heart. So if it was more recent, I would probably just move it right to standard, do a separate recording for the standard coverage and be on our way.

00:34:27:19 - 00:34:31:15

But I was working really hard to get this lady the best coverage.

00:34:31:17 - 00:34:34:15

So good, which is always our goal. Guys.

00:34:34:17 - 00:34:35:07


00:34:35:13 - 00:34:39:02

My last name is Kohl's and that's just like your favorite department store.

00:34:42:07 - 00:34:46:09

Very assumptive. She didn't say that's her favorite department store.

00:34:49:06 - 00:34:50:09

But now she'll remember.

00:34:53:14 - 00:34:55:01

My direct phone line.

00:34:57:01 - 00:34:58:08

It's 513.

00:35:00:05 - 00:35:01:14

Eight four. Five.

00:35:04:23 - 00:35:06:12

Eight three, two two.

00:35:11:15 - 00:35:13:12

Okay. Okay. So.

00:35:13:14 - 00:35:45:09

Yep, you can call me at that number. It is my direct line, so it will go directly to me if I don't pick up. Just leave me a voicemail and I'll be sure to call you back. But as of right now, I'm going to call you on Wednesday about the same time, about 1:00. Okay. And then I'm going to let you know about the data results, whether or not they approve that day one coverage. If not, we can explore, explore some other options. And then, yeah, please try to figure out the insurance company that you're currently with so I can call, get some details about that and possibly help you cancel that as well.

00:35:45:24 - 00:35:59:23

Okay. And then on Wednesday, I will also go over what to expect in the mail. Not really necessary to do that at this time. We kind of got to wait and see if they approve it or not. So any questions I can answer for you, Laura?

00:36:00:12 - 00:36:05:24

No, I just feel bad because that guy, the other guy that I talked to.

00:36:07:12 - 00:36:12:13

I thought he'd probably call me back yet mad at me when I told him I would sign nothing that day.

00:36:14:05 - 00:36:15:18

Want to think about it first?

00:36:16:05 - 00:36:17:23

Uh huh. So.

00:36:18:07 - 00:36:20:07

So did you ever actually sign the papers?

00:36:21:06 - 00:36:21:21

No, I haven't.

00:36:22:05 - 00:36:25:14

There's your answer, though, about that. Obviously, it wasn't close.

00:36:27:15 - 00:36:38:13

So that's going to be pretty much the end of the call because it's going to cut off here in a second. So what did you guys think about that? Like, what did anything pop out at you that you may have learned that maybe you could use in the future?

00:36:39:23 - 00:36:41:12

It was extremely assumptive.

00:36:43:07 - 00:36:46:13

Which you already said, but definitely something I need to work on.

00:36:48:20 - 00:36:56:13

Mad Do you always like, even if there's a possibility that it won't get accepted for preferred, do you always just try for preferred anyways?

00:37:00:21 - 00:37:01:12

As you hear.

00:37:02:11 - 00:37:03:15

Matt. They're asking you.

00:37:09:01 - 00:37:40:14

And he left. But no, I know he doesn't. He pretty much like he does not like the emails where you have to switch people. So if if it's a very clear cut case where your standard he's not going preferred and that's just foolishness mean it's foolish to do that because you know some people make that mistake a lot and it's it's very common when you first start to make that mistake because you're trying to get the best. You think, oh, you know, you're a ninja, you can make it work and it's easier to sell. Of course, the lower the price and the better the coverage.

00:37:40:16 - 00:37:46:00

But it's just not realistic. Like sometimes you do have to manage these expectations with these people.

00:37:47:10 - 00:37:48:04


00:37:48:10 - 00:38:02:12

Yeah. Because then you end up wasting your own time too. But, like, I did the same thing as he did last week, I think, or might have been the week before, but they were on Nitro and Frozen and had a heart surgery but got him preferred. So it's just knowing you're underwriting. Really?

00:38:03:00 - 00:38:10:11

Yeah I no there's an option with Patriot to accept whatever plan they'll give you. Is that with Pioneer? Because you can do that.

00:38:10:21 - 00:38:39:15

You can do that too. You can click that button. The only thing is, you know, like, yeah, don't want to get off topic, but it's like, but then you got to get them to agree to it Most time, you know, no matter what, you still have to get them on the back office and, you know, make sure that they're okay with the draft coming out when it comes out. So, you know, avoid that guys. It's like if like right on what they qualify for. So that way you don't have to deal with a bunch of emails and you know, trying to get track people down to do amendments and stuff, that's just no fun to do.

00:38:41:23 - 00:38:43:06

Yeah, definitely not.

00:38:43:21 - 00:38:44:11


00:38:45:19 - 00:38:50:13

And do you normally cancel that person out of their old policy or let them do it on their.

00:38:51:23 - 00:39:05:06

Well, I think that was part of it with the assumption, like Matt wanted to let her know that it's not going to be a big deal. Like really letting them know that he's going to take care of it. We'll make sure.

00:39:05:23 - 00:39:06:23

Sorry about that.

00:39:07:15 - 00:39:14:10

No, it's okay, Matt. They were just asking. They asked you a question. Um, do you always go for preferred? No matter what?

00:39:15:15 - 00:39:23:24

No mean if they're like yeah got COPD instantly your standard there's some things that are hard to COPD.

00:39:25:04 - 00:39:26:09

It's hard to hard to hide.

00:39:26:11 - 00:39:46:18

That, you know, there's the medications that come up for COPD or ventolin pro or albuterol. Um, and most of the time that's coupled with cigarettes. So they can sit there and lie and say, I don't have COPD, but the insurance company is not stupid. You've been smoking for 30 some years. You got COPD.

00:39:47:15 - 00:39:48:21

You're on four inhalers.

00:39:49:05 - 00:39:52:18

Yeah. You got 3 or 4 different inhalers. Yeah.

00:39:54:09 - 00:40:17:00

So, no, you don't always go for preferred. But like I said, the worst thing that can happen is they're going to tell you no, Right? And then they're also going to tell you, well, this person can apply for the standard plus or the standard. So what you do is since you waited for those data results. As you do another recording, the final recording right there on the spot.

00:40:19:09 - 00:40:20:16

That way you have a backup?

00:40:21:02 - 00:40:52:17

Yeah. And then you fill out that application. Apply for that coverage. And then, you know. I mean, at some point in the conversation, you should have already told them that you can't just buy life insurance. Not everybody gets the best life insurance just because, you know, you're a 57 year old female in Ohio. Well, that doesn't mean you get the best coverage. But the point of answering these questions is so that we can get you something better than a guaranteed issue plan, something that has benefits like terminal illness and accidental things like that.

00:40:52:23 - 00:41:05:18

So, okay, so we so we might if there's like if it's a for to home office with some scary medications, we might as well get there. Like, like as in like just in case. And I'll recording an agreement. Right.

00:41:06:20 - 00:41:07:14

Doesn't hurt.

00:41:08:11 - 00:41:09:08

It doesn't hurt.

00:41:09:24 - 00:41:13:04

I never thought about that, bro. You guys are goated.

00:41:14:14 - 00:41:15:08

And then.

00:41:15:22 - 00:41:29:23

You know, the premium is going to be higher, too. So if they end up taking that coverage, you just made a bigger sale. But, you know, you weren't doing anything wrong. You did everything you could to get them the best, but this is what they qualify for. So that's what they're going to get.

00:41:31:06 - 00:41:42:15

And then the other question, Robert had, do do you always cancel the person's policy with them or do you let them do it? Well, I.

00:41:43:06 - 00:41:44:18

Mean, give them that choice.

00:41:46:06 - 00:41:55:17

So say, would you like me to call Mutual of Omaha with you? And we can eliminate that coverage. Most. Most of the time they say yes.

00:41:56:11 - 00:42:25:22

And yes mean. And that's a really good thing to. It's a good thing to do for a couple of reasons. You know that it's canceled for one, because people get all confused, forget to cancel it and they got two oh, they're drafting two. And then, you know, yours gets cancelled instead of theirs because, oh, I'm already paid on this. And they convince me and then you're on the phone and mentally they know that you're on the phone with them. So they're going to cancel. They'll they'll follow through. So that's a big thing. Uh.

00:42:26:09 - 00:42:56:05

There was literally this lady yesterday that was like, oh, just took out she took out coverage on her son. Right. Her son was there. Um, and she was like, oh, I just took this coverage out three months ago and the guy was a really nice guy. I'm going to feel bad for canceling. I said, I'll do it for you. You won't. You won't feel you won't feel bad at all because you're getting 1500 more dollars in coverage for the same price. So, you know, you got to do what's best for you. And then, yeah, if we called and canceled it.

00:42:56:15 - 00:43:03:21

Now, do we have a recording on how you do that when you call up the insurance company? Because I've never actually had to cancel someone's insurance like that. But.

00:43:04:12 - 00:43:05:13

Well, here's what I say.

00:43:05:15 - 00:43:11:16

You have to have them on the phone, though, so don't think you can call and cancel people's insurance without them. Right? But yeah, right.

00:43:11:18 - 00:43:46:15

So, yeah, just call in and say, Hey, this is Matthew Coles. I'm one of the licensed benefits coordinators for whatever state that I'm working. I've got so-and-so on the line. Um, they were looking to eliminate their, their life insurance coverage here and then say, here they are. And then they say, okay. Joyce. Yeah. Hey, Joyce, this is blah blah from State Farm. Can get your name. And then they they take it from there. But you stay on the line because they'll usually ask too, Is it okay if I talk about this with Matt on the line? And they'll say yes.

00:43:46:20 - 00:43:53:09

And then you just continue forward and if anything comes up, you can kind of jump in and help them with that.

00:43:53:11 - 00:43:59:14

So yeah, because I would think that their job would be to try to keep them on with the policy, you know, Well, the customer.

00:43:59:16 - 00:44:05:08

Service people are usually just customer service people. You're not talking to the actual agent that wrote the policy.

00:44:05:14 - 00:44:12:16

Okay, So that's a lot better. Yeah. Because now my thought of mine would be you'd be arguing with the guy back and forth while your policy is better and hers is not. Yeah, that.

00:44:12:18 - 00:44:17:19

Would be amazing. That would be a fun love to do that. That'll be a very fun time. But.

00:44:17:22 - 00:44:19:13

But when did you get licensed?

00:44:19:21 - 00:44:48:16

Sometimes what I do in in my favor, um, is I'll ask a couple of questions, you know, is it okay if I ask them a couple of questions about your plan and they'll be like, Yeah, go ahead. You know? And it's like, when did you take it out? Does it have any additional riders on there? Because we've already sold them on 2 or 3 riders. Um, so yeah, you got to work in your best benefit. Like I said, it's just a customer service person, so you're not going to be battling it out with another agent, so.

00:44:48:18 - 00:44:54:24

Okay. Yeah, just want to make sure how we would proceed with that. Exactly. Is there like a rule on replacements?

00:44:57:04 - 00:44:59:01

Well, I'm not real familiar with replacements.

00:44:59:08 - 00:45:23:08

So the common practice is they need it's not really replacing like if if they keep their coverage or you just take them off auto auto draft. Sometimes I do that because they will actually technically keep their coverage for another month. If you just call the company with them and say, hey, want to be taken off auto draft, eventually, eventually that policy is just going to lapse and cancel itself. Oh, but it does.

00:45:23:24 - 00:45:25:08

It's a way around replacement.

00:45:25:10 - 00:45:26:19

Because some some you know.

00:45:27:13 - 00:45:33:14

Some places I've worked, they had like these strict rules on replacements. You have to read these disclosures and all that kind of stuff. So.

00:45:33:17 - 00:45:34:09


00:45:34:11 - 00:45:35:15

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

00:45:35:17 - 00:45:38:05

So, yeah, forget about hitting. We're not really.

00:45:38:10 - 00:45:39:04

Placing a.

00:45:39:06 - 00:45:59:14

Policy. It's more canceling a policy, you know. Okay. Yeah. Surrendering it or, you know, for the cash value or like Bernie said, they could just, they could stop the payment at their bank. Even sometimes if the insurance company is not going to be cooperative, that's another option that they have to is to stop the payment.

00:45:59:24 - 00:46:27:07

Gotcha. Yeah. Okay. And that's another thing you should do to be working in your favor. You should ask them if the there's any cash value involved, um, you know, because you want to make sure that if there is that they cut them a check for whatever cash value they had built up. A lot of times if somebody had insurance a whole life plan with a decent company for over, you know, three years, it's a good chance you're not going to be able to swoop in there and, you know, give them something better.

00:46:27:09 - 00:46:58:15

So, yeah, we're not really replacing anyone's policies that are over two years old unless they had significant health issues at the time that they took that policy out. Or we can actually get them immediate coverage in a better rate as of today. So it's not that we want to dismiss people that have had coverage for that long or just look for additional coverage, but also find out if they did have any health issues then because might be able to help them, too. But it's very rare like. Matt said. A lot of them, they just took the coverage out a couple of months ago or within the first two years.

00:46:58:22 - 00:47:04:09

Yeah, that makes sense. And you're just trying to get them a better rate that. You know, I get it. So.

00:47:04:11 - 00:47:07:18

And or get them out of that term into a whole life. Right.

00:47:07:20 - 00:47:12:16

Right. Get them a term whole life or get them out of that two year waiting period. Whatever. Right. Right.

00:47:12:23 - 00:47:17:04

Yeah. Get them with a good company that has living benefits, all that stuff.

00:47:17:08 - 00:47:17:23


00:47:18:03 - 00:47:52:03

And if you could and if that's possible and you can find a better rate for them getting better benefits, of course, do that. But I do not want you guys to use this as a takeaway that we should be looking to replace or change everybody's life insurance. That's more like managing the expectations. The fact that I do not mind the clients, they're like, Oh, I've had this policy for eight years, okay, I'll be real honest with them. All right, So you have 20,000. That's not something you ever want to cancel because you got eight years ago. So it's almost certainly going to be more less expensive than anything you're going to find today.

00:47:52:05 - 00:48:23:01

So and then I'll be I'll be very assumptive. So this must just be for additional coverage. Oh, no, don't really want any additional. It's like, well, okay, well, they do say, you know, if I'm you know, if I decide, you know, I'm going to go to the website here and useful documents resources if I actually go through here and download the cost of funeral chart, uh, I might argue with them for a short period of time, like, oh, have 20,000, I think that's enough. But they're 50 is like, All right, well let me see.

00:48:23:17 - 00:48:51:16

It looks like you it's going to cost about 40,000, you know, based on life expectancy and how much a funeral will cost 30 years from now. So it's where are you trying then? I'll just be very more assumptive. So were you trying to get closer to that number that you actually need? And if the answer is no and no and no, well, then I just saved myself a ton of time. I'm not going to spend the next 50 minutes convincing them they need 20,000 more, Right? Yeah. So, you know, I'll just move on from that.

00:48:52:02 - 00:49:02:20

Do you think people will actually need $50,000 for a burial? That's. I don't know. I really I don't know much about anything, but that seems a little unrealistic.

00:49:02:22 - 00:49:13:00

That's in 30 that's looking like 30 years from now. Let's say you're 45 and you live another 30 years and the cost is going to be a lot higher, you know, with inflation and all that stuff.

00:49:13:09 - 00:49:15:03

They going to fix inflation?

00:49:15:14 - 00:49:18:07

No, no, never know.

00:49:18:18 - 00:49:45:16

Inflation is what makes the economy go around. Um, the prices were stagnant then. We're not, we're not growing. But that's a that's for another topic. But the historical average, if you look at inflation from 1880 till now, it is 2% a year. So based on that math, if 20 years go by, like 20 years from today, all prices on everything will have doubled.

00:49:46:11 - 00:49:48:14

And I remember saying that before, too.

00:49:48:20 - 00:49:59:01

Yeah. So it's that's more because I'm in finance and stuff, but that's the truth. It's always going to go up. I mean, sometimes we're experiencing massive inflation right now if we're lucky.

00:49:59:03 - 00:50:00:11

Double. Yeah, if we're lucky.

00:50:00:18 - 00:50:31:01

Yeah. I mean, 8% interest rates are high. You know, inflation is out of control. The only reason the interest rates are high. And then I'm going to stop this recording. The only reason that interest rates are high is because the prices are going up. And then they're trying and then they raise the I'm sorry, they raise the interest rates to try to control the inflation that's already happening. That's all. It's just the Fed, you know, the government agency, the Fed that controls that. All right, guys. Well, I really appreciate everything. I'm going to stop the recording.

00:50:31:10 - 00:50:33:02

Good job, Matt. No.

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 01/24/2023

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