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Call Review 01-24-2023

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 01/24/2023

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All right. So we're doing a call review. So, Matt, if you say that again for me, like you didn't you call this woman Flora pretty much the entire time.

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Pretty much the entire time. I'm calling her Flora because that's what's in vanilla soft. And we get to the end. And when we're on the voice recording where I'm like, Please state your full name in today's date, she says, Laura said, Wait, what?

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We went back and fix the whole all the all the application.

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It's like she didn't even she didn't even care because. Either. She really wanted the product. She really liked me. Maybe both mean it's hard to tell, but I mean, she probably.

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This is a thousand people calling her Flora. So why try to fight? All of them.

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Know her name. Well, I hope not everybody calls her Flora, but. But let's, uh. Yeah, let's do this call then, and we'll pick it apart a little bit, because I know you guys. You know you guys like these, so let's hit it.

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Hey, Flora. Yeah. Hey. How's it going out there in Pioneer?

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Too bad.

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Good. Did you get some snow?

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Not yet. We've got some snow, but enough to cover the ground. But that's it.

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Okay. Gotcha.

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Got more coming, though?

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Yeah, I think Wednesday we're going to get hit.

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You know, get a day off. Yeah, well, yeah, I mean, I work from home after the COVID thing happened, so it's kind of like no days off anymore. But Flora and I apologize for getting back to you so late.

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Yeah, Matt takes too many days off. Okay.

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I'm one of the benefits coordinators with senior life services. And you'd spoken with our representative, Marquis Stewart, about the state approved final expense program you were looking to take out.

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And you guys notice he definitely used the notes that you would find here.

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Because you might as well if somebody else talked to him, you might as well use if you know, if the email is readable and you understand who it is and definitely do that.

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And it is my job to go over those benefits with you. Now, do you remember speaking with Marquez?

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Let me verify the information. Guy, I.

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The guy I talked to, his name was Rod. He might.

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He might. He might go by Rod. But I believe his his real name is Marquis.

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You know, Brad's probably his middle name. Let me verify the information I have here. Florida is your mailing address. P.O. Box 532. Yes. Is your date of birth May the 19th, 1955? Yes. Okay. And then Joseph and Christopher, are they your beneficiaries or just one of them? Yes. You want both of them on there?

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Okay. And their last name is Fiddler.

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Yep. Fiddler.

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Right. Perfect. Okay. Let's go over some notes here that Rod left with me. Your actual physical address is 105 West Michigan Avenue. Yes. Retired, Working part time.

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I'm not. I broke my arm. I'm not working anywhere right now.

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Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that. You fall down?

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Yeah, I fell. When I fell, I hit the table in the chair. I went down

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the bone out of socket and broke.

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Yikes. That was probably painful.

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No, it wasn't too bad.

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All right. And then you've got three boys and 13 grandkids.

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Excellent. Excellent. And then a couple of health questions that Rod went over with. You had a heart surgery back in 2015.

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Um, diabetes. You've been using insulin for about ten years.

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And taking some metoprolol for

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high blood pressure and gabapentin. Is that for.

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It's for just when my feet hurt. I only take it on occasion.

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Okay. But you don't have the numbing and tingling of your fingers and hands.

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Okay. And are you a smoker, Flora?

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And Matt, when she said that. Are you still thinking neuropathy at this point?

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When she said that she doesn't take gabapentin.

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Yeah. When she was saying, oh, I only take it occasionally because that's the kind of stuff we hear. It's like, well, you can say whatever you want, but you know, Pioneer's going to look at it like it's neuropathy because she's also an insulin dependent diabetic.

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Yeah. So, I mean.

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The worst thing they can tell you is no. Just remember that she told me she. She's only been taking it, you know, maybe. Once or twice in the last four months. And then she specifically said later on in the conversation, because I think I asked her again

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what it's for. And she said just pain when she's having pain in her feet. So we applied for third.

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And what were you looking to do with this coverage to leave for your son? Is it to make sure that you have your final expenses covered or are you trying to leave some extra money for the grandkids?

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I think he told me that it was $134.

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I think I went with the 15.

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Okay, Let me double check it for you, because there's a couple of different plans. You know, there's a standard plan and then there's a preferred plan. We want to get your preferred if we can.

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Let's see here.

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Melissa, a little off script. If you don't have much information, obviously you can go back to the script. But he has a lot of information. So basically he's just trying to verify as much as possible. This lady seems to be throwing them off a little bit because she's just like, Oh, he already said that. And mean she said, I picked the 15, so why wasn't it written? So it sounds like Matt is making it his mission to write that 15. Am I wrong, Matt, or am I right?

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No, we're definitely we definitely were going to be going minimum 15.

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Now that would have been the one 3415 was a standard standard non-smoking rate. And then she had taken out. $10,000 in coverage with Mutual of Omaha in the meantime.

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But you're going to find that out throughout the meet throughout the meeting. Right. Or throughout this call.

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Right. And then we're going to end up

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canceling the Mutual of Omaha because she wasn't she didn't want the two year waiting period. And if anybody knows who of Omaha is, pretty much. They don't send somebody out to your house, you're getting a two year waiting period. So, yes, we wanted the media coverage.

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So that's what we're going for?

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Sure. So?

00:07:06:21 - 00:07:09:08

So Pioneer is the only company that.

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That only allows that to not let someone go to your house. They'll give you day one coverage.

00:07:16:01 - 00:07:37:17

Not the only company. So he's just saying Mutual of Omaha doesn't typically do that. They do do it sometimes. But, um, you know, usually they're sending people out to your house to prick your finger, take blood, you know, like, truly, fully underwritten instead of simplified. And, John, you obviously know the answer to that. Mean will give you a media coverage. Give you immediate coverage. Uh but.

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Yeah. They're simplified issue though. So that just means that there's no, uh, you know, massive amount of testing on the client's part. All right, let's continue this.

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You said 15,000.

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All right.

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And then let me ask a couple of quick questions about the diabetes. Have you ever had any complications like insulin shock, diabetic neuropathy?

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Okay. Are you taking any medications for your heart?

00:08:23:00 - 00:08:27:11

Um, the Metropole or whatever it's called.

00:08:29:16 - 00:08:31:09

Yeah, that purple.

00:08:32:20 - 00:08:33:10


00:08:34:12 - 00:08:39:19

What to do with that? Yeah. And then maybe metformin and some insulin.

00:08:40:15 - 00:08:42:20

No, I don't think he that I take insulin.

00:08:43:20 - 00:08:47:04

Okay. And then gabapentin, whenever your feet are hurting.

00:08:47:19 - 00:08:50:09

Yeah, but that doesn't have enough to do with diabetes.

00:08:51:12 - 00:08:52:10

Okay, that's good.

00:08:53:01 - 00:08:53:17

That's good.

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