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Call Review 01/15/2023

Updated: Apr 17

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All right, guys. Another call review. We have January 15th, 2023. One of our guys, Jerome. We're going to be reviewing a few of his calls, upload it to the site, obviously, and make sure you know that we can come up with any kind of solution to help him as much as possible. Okay, so let's download this one 13 minutes, 34 seconds go to place to start as any. Hello?

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Hey there, Stanley. How's everything going out there in your portal? Follow the stream on what's in your live services.

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Okay. That first thing right there. So how's everything been going out there in Toledo, Ohio? Good. You want an answer that you don't want to tell them exactly who you are before you have a simple answer to that question.

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Yeah, I'm reaching out through here. I said we've been trying to get a hold of you regarding that final expense and brokerage we're looking to assist you with. I do see here the beneficiary for this boss would be your son. And today I would simply like to give you some more information about that and see if we could submit an application for approval for you to do it that way. Could have something be in the on its way to the mail to you. Okay.

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Well, I'm still searching. I'm doing a lot of searching.

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That was way too much. So this is really off script. Uh. So I will open up the script for everybody. That each person uses on the team. This is constantly being updated to, you know. So we started off here, you know, hey, my name is over here, Senior Life Services. You kind of said this is Jerome. And, you know, it was very convoluted, really quick off the off the gate. And then he started saying things like, we're going to send you a policy and thing. You're going to freak people out if you go way too fast with all that, even if this is a callback, if it's a callback, you better mention your name or that we spoke before or somebody else spoke to you using vanilla, soft and, you know, finding out if there's some comments down here.

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But, you know, right now this is starting off very quickly. And we're not there's no rapport for him to want to just have a bunch of stuff sent out. So let's continue, guys.

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Okay. That's that's definitely okay. And that's what I want to give you that, you know, time period. So there would be to only, you know, have that be sent out in the mail to you so you can review. And we wouldn't start anything until you know your say so here I know you're shopping around and you can look around but I work over here at Senior Life Services with the top 40 rated, um, insurance companies throughout the state of Florida. And my goal is to filter these companies out and find out the one you know, that's going to give you the best rates and benefits.

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So this would be the the best step for you to take forward because, you know, as I said, I can filter these companies out, which would save you the headaches of going around and searching for a company that there is.

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It's just too much with no logic or no script. Like it's just he's just handling objections. That shouldn't even be objection at this point. Right. We're just trying to get him to verify information. And you still want to leave it to your son, make sure that he knows we're consulting firm. And right now it's just jumping all over the place.

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You're not so familiar with. And I can provide you with all the information that you.

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And talking really fast. So calm down. Everybody calm down when you're speaking to our clientele. A lot of it is we're going too fast for anybody. But a lot of it is this. You know, you have to slow down. So it sounds like you care about the person. And also they are actually truly understanding you.

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On the companies that are represented here at Senior Life Services. What are you looking for? Benefits just for yourself.

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Okay, good. Now we're kind of getting back to it after all that, we're getting back to where we need to be.

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Let me finish searching and. No.

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No, I don't. I don't want to wait. Sure you.

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Don't. Don't want to interrupt him, but, like, he's searching. But we can use that to our advantage. Hopefully it's used here.

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I'm searching because, as I said, this would be a pretty long process to get your coverage. This is only.

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Don't say that. You don't want to say a long process. Nobody wants a long process or feel like it's going to be a chore.

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The first step of getting your coverage. I really want to make sure I can send something in the mail for you to review since you're already doing your search here. And once you receive everything in the mail, you would be able to review everything and see if this is the best plan for you out there. And I know I know how I do my job. I pride myself on going the extra mile for all of my clients here, so I know I do a really good job.

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So we should never be talking more than the client is talking. If we sometimes it's unavoidable because they just won't give you anything to go on. But if you're talking like this, you're going to lose a lot of people because first off, they don't know what where you're going with this. They don't really know what's going on. So, you know, we're going to fast into it. He's talking about searching. It's just it just kind of a mess at this point.

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But finding you one of the top companies in the state of Florida and you can go off the rates I gave you and compare it with, you know, whatever other rate you're getting out there and see if this would be a better fit for you.

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So it was really never mentioned. I mean, it was quickly like but it's like you really has to be hammered home work consultant firm, which means we work for our clients and not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who specifically will give you the best rates and benefits. Are you with me on that? That gets rid of the objection. Oh, I need to keep shopping around or I need to keep searching like our clients don't need to keep searching. 70 year old people can search for the rest of their lives and then never do anything and waste so much of their own time. We're we're here to provide a service.

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We're not information kiosks, so we're just going to guide them down the straight path here, straight line. And, you know, that'll lead to more and more sales. If you.

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Swipe up. All right.

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Now, as I was saying here, I see your son would be your beneficiary for this policy. What is his name?

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So it's not all about. So it's like, what is his name? You don't want to be too fast. So I see you have your son as your beneficiary. Okay. Does he live close? Yeah. What's his name? Because if you say it too aggressively, they might not give it to you.

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Tyrell Mobley.

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Okay, so that skeleton.

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Be awesome. And what is his middle initial one more time?

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T t?

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Okay. And same last name. Mobley.

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All right. Uh, see here, Kelton, I have Kelton spelt s k k e l t o n. Is that the correct spelling for him?

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Okay. Good, good, good. So, um, would this be a first policy for if it was issued sound.

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Would you really just.

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Want to be efficient? You don't need that. Would this be a first policy for you?

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Constantly. Yes.

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Okay. Okay. Now, this would be the first money that.

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Okay, so you're hearing it, but you're not hearing it. So if he says like, let's go back ten seconds, we really have to acknowledge what people are saying to us. Otherwise, you know, they're not going to like it. Oh.

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I watch your company. Yes. Okay.

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With our company. So we really want to hone in on that. Does he have something now? Does he currently need this coverage or are we wasting our time? There's a lot of a lot of questions that I would want answered here. Very next thing I would say is like if it's with our company, it's like, oh, okay, so you already have some coverage or do you mean that you've been looking at other companies? Like, I want to know if he's actually got a policy now and what the goal is? What was the goal of that policy? How much coverage is it for? How long ago did it get? It is more important than anything because then you can kind of become a friend.

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But I want the information you need to get the information. Okay. Okay.

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Now, this would be the first money that, you know, Kelton would see if you were to pass away. And based on everything that you said to me your whole life, Foster would definitely be that perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. All of our plans offer a number of benefits. Okay?

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So this all can be delivered a little more smoothly, Like, so it's like, okay, so I mean, this you should have that more information. You should need to get, you know, buy in like what is the what is the goal of the policy that was skipped completely. Um, it sounds like a lot of the time we're just trying to get through the presentation because we know we got somebody on the phone and if we get through the presentation, we'll make a sale. And that is actually true. But it is less true that we will close more deals. We will close far less if if we do not follow the process. So in this situation, when you're going over these, you know, you want, you know, the goal to make sure that, you know, Bob doesn't have to go through that process as well.

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As far as, you know, burial, you know, coming up with that money. Okay, great. So based on everything you said to me, a whole life policy is definitely going to be the perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. So all of our plans, like there has to be some tonality there. It's not about just slamming through the script and hopefully you can get all the words out.

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First Senior Life Services works with many reputable insurance companies so quickly growing company. We have made many insurance companies designed products specifically for our customers unique situations. They must be state federally regulated and also backed by the government.

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So try it like this. So first, Senior Life Services works with many reputable insurance companies. So as a quickly growing company, we've actually made many insurance companies design products specifically for our customers unique situations. So they must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government. So they are also state approved whole life plans, which means the premiums never go up and the benefits never go down, which makes sure that Bob, your the name, whoever the name is Kelton in this case, make sure that Kelton won't have to suddenly come up with a wheelbarrow full of cash.

00:09:24:20 - 00:09:36:23

Also, the benefit is paid to your family 100% tax free. And unlike most companies, they pay out immediately. And finally, we require they have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. Do you follow me? So far?

00:09:38:12 - 00:09:56:01

These are state approved whole life plans, which means that your premium will never go up on you and these benefits will never go down and make sure that it won't suddenly have to come up with a wheelbarrow full of cash. If you were to pass away. Now, the benefits that will be paid out to Cal and in your family will be 100% tax free online.

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So that's very good. He's using Kelton. Kelton Kelton, because that's that's who the money's going to. That's who he's trying to protect. That's very good.

00:10:01:24 - 00:10:25:12

Most companies out there, they will pay out in 48 hours. So as soon as you would be at that funeral home, thinking about what he needs to do, he would have that face amount in his hand and to make any decision that he needs to. And you'll be have these companies that we work with, we require that they are A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau. As I mentioned earlier, these top 40 companies will work with are state federally regulated and also back backed by the government.

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So if we're talking this fast, then they're just not you know, it's just they're going to tune out. So we really want to really say this a lot slower.

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You follow me so far, Stanley?

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All right. Now, what I want to do is since you've told me about yourself and why this is important to you and Kelly, and then I know that you're doing a lot of shopping around now, I want to take some time to ask you some health questions whenever you are looking at life insurance. All right.

00:10:52:02 - 00:10:53:14

So you're way too fast. Slow down.

00:10:53:24 - 00:10:55:24

Old policies that pays for definitely.

00:10:56:01 - 00:11:15:07

Etcetera when it works. So now you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you. What I want to do now is take the time to ask you some health questions. So whenever you look at life insurance or policies that pay for final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better plan and a better rate, and then you can transition easily. No expenses.

00:11:15:09 - 00:11:30:05

You always want to be asked health question because it will determine, you know, you getting a better rate and a better plan. Now, I don't need to read every question of the application. I know what company will best be for you by asking you a few general health questions. Does that sound fair enough?

00:11:30:21 - 00:11:31:12

All right.

00:11:31:21 - 00:11:46:08

All right. So that's worded like he's listening. But, you know, just, you know, work on tonality. He definitely said, does that sound fair enough? Are you with me on that? You know, things like that really bring somebody back because they might not tuned out completely. So you want to be able to bring them back.

00:11:46:10 - 00:11:52:18

All right. Now, so I'll start with some basic health, you know, information. Let me get your height and your weight, Stanley.

00:11:53:15 - 00:12:00:16

My eight five, 800, £205. Okay.

00:12:00:24 - 00:12:04:22

Now tell me, are your current smoker or is there any smoking going around?

00:12:05:13 - 00:12:06:08


00:12:06:10 - 00:12:14:23

Okay. That's totally okay. And let's see here. Tell me, is there anything major going on with your major organs as far as for your heart, lungs, liver or kidney?

00:12:15:19 - 00:12:16:16

Heart failure.

00:12:17:05 - 00:12:24:07

So you have heart failure. Okay. And how long how long ago have you been doing with that health condition?

00:12:25:03 - 00:12:28:01

Yeah, I do. What the doctors tell me is going on.

00:12:28:03 - 00:12:29:08

Like you said.

00:12:29:22 - 00:12:33:05

Uh, ten years. Good. Ten years.

00:12:33:07 - 00:12:38:16

So did you have a heart attack ten years ago, or has there been okay.

00:12:38:24 - 00:12:41:04

Two 2007. Okay.

00:12:44:08 - 00:13:05:20

And here's where underwriting becomes super important. When he says heart failure, I want to know what kind of heart failure. Like, what does he mean by that? Some people say heart failure and that just means blood pressure. So you really have to dumb this down for people to make sure they understand what they're saying. If it's congestive heart failure, I'm going with 1 or 2 companies. If it's, you know, got blood pressure, I'm going, you know, So a ton of companies.

00:13:06:03 - 00:13:12:24

And ever since 2007, since you had that first heart failure, is there any hiccups that happens since then?

00:13:13:17 - 00:13:15:11

Uh, no. Okay.

00:13:15:13 - 00:13:20:19

So we don't look that far back, so you should be fine with your rate on that. And, um.

00:13:22:04 - 00:13:36:12

So, guys, this would be a situation where, you know, we don't look that far back at senior life services. So if I open up, um, let's open up an application. So this is the whole life application for Pioneer. To make that a little bigger.

00:13:38:06 - 00:14:13:09

So if this is the application for Pioneer. If he has heart failure. That's if it's congestive heart failure. Usually that's what it is. That's not a yes. So he doesn't qualify for Pioneer? Yeah. If now Jerome is right here, like they don't look that far back. Like if it's been two years, he can qualify for standard Plus, if it's been over three years, he could qualify for because he had the heart attack. But he. But none of that matters because we're trying to find the worst condition. So if he only had a heart attack in 2007, now he's all good, then he's preferred immediate coverage.

00:14:13:17 - 00:14:30:24

If he currently has congestive heart failure, which is not going to go away, it's certainly going to be for us at either prime term or Gerber. And it all depends on how long ago he was diagnosed with this. So this is what you should be focusing on when you say when he says heart failure.

00:14:32:17 - 00:14:37:21

Tell me, is there any medication that you're taking for any other condition as far as for any diabetes?

00:14:39:03 - 00:14:39:21

No, sir.

00:14:40:17 - 00:14:45:17

Is there any prescribed medication that you're taking? Any over-the-counter medication that you're taking I need to know about?

00:14:46:11 - 00:14:47:06

Uh, no.

00:14:47:12 - 00:14:48:02


00:14:48:04 - 00:15:06:15

That's all really from, let's call it talking really fast. So just calm down. Um, so. So what are you taking? Okay, you know, just. Just, you know, it's just. It's just a conversation. It's not like, just. You don't want to sound like you're. You're, you know, just coming at somebody super hard and just wanting as much information as possible, as fast as possible, we find.

00:15:06:17 - 00:15:10:18

No, no. Um, who is your primary doctor that you visit? Stanley?

00:15:11:12 - 00:15:16:04

Uh, Patricia. Oh, sure. Yeah.

00:15:17:08 - 00:15:20:16

And you said that she is located in upper Florida.

00:15:21:01 - 00:15:21:16


00:15:23:19 - 00:15:25:20

But you didn't say that. So you want to ask him?

00:15:28:13 - 00:15:38:24

All right. Let me pull up her profile here. Okay. And that's Dr., uh, Patricia Giancola, Junction Courier.

00:15:39:11 - 00:15:40:02


00:15:40:08 - 00:15:43:17

Okay. Okay. Yeah, I was having a hard time pronouncing that.

00:15:44:04 - 00:16:01:23

And he's just looking it up. Guys, this is super important. You can tell them where they're at. So is he over there on 100 125 Main Street? Yeah, that's him, man. You're good. Yeah, that's. That's kind of stuff I hear when I'm presenting because I'm just on the ball finding out more about them as fast as possible. Just using Google as your best friend. Last name.

00:16:02:00 - 00:16:03:20

How is she? Is she a really good doctor?

00:16:04:03 - 00:16:04:18


00:16:05:01 - 00:16:13:03

That's really good to hear. I do see that they have her as a five star in my system here, so she must be doing something right? Yeah.

00:16:13:05 - 00:16:13:20


00:16:13:22 - 00:16:34:02

Okay. Okay. Now what I'll do here is take a look at what you're qualified for. There are a lot of different insurance program out there. And you know what? These whole life policies, they typically range from, you know, $100 to, you know, 300, $400, depending on what you're looking for. And, you know, it's.

00:16:34:18 - 00:17:07:18

That's not really true. We can definitely do it much cheaper than that. So you don't want to say $100 and freak people out. So it's $100 a month. You know, it's like 50 to 150 or something, I would say. But don't don't really have to say that because I'm already this far in the presentation. That's something that I would say is like some, Oh, can't afford anything. I just don't want to waste your time and just house out really in that situation. And I'm like, Well, most of our programs are typically, typically between the $50 to like $150 range. Would that be comfortable for you? If we find you something good, then then you can get the buy in and continue to move forward.

00:17:08:14 - 00:17:17:22

Um, everything that has to do with that policy is, you know, based off your age and your health conditions, which I'm saying here, you're in pretty good health condition. So that's. But he is.

00:17:17:24 - 00:17:27:14

Not he's got heart failure. He's not in good health. I'm not going to tell him you're in terrible health condition and you only qualify for two companies. But he's not in great health.

00:17:27:20 - 00:18:00:17

Um, you know, a profit or a product of why you should go up. And also here I see that you was born in 1966, so we should be able to get you some great benefits here now before go ahead and pull these rates up. And I just want to go over, you know, some information with you. And I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail or Sam on TV commercials, especially now that you are doing some research on on insurance. But for the purpose of describing how my product works versus the other products out there, you know, the difference between term life insurance and whole life insurance.

00:18:01:07 - 00:18:01:22


00:18:02:10 - 00:18:25:11

All right. That's great. That makes my job even easier. Now, the reason why I bring this up is because, you know, I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have, because as you know, they're not all the same. Some are better than others. But you do need to know the facts to make a sound decision. That's right. For you and your son here. Now, I'm sure you receive letters from Globe Life or AARP offering you term insurance, right?

00:18:26:12 - 00:18:28:05

No, I do not know.

00:18:28:06 - 00:18:39:00

I mean, I usually get their, you know, their flyers that they'll send around. And usually oftentimes what that will say is that our insurance is good up to 80. And what they don't tell you or not is what happened after the event.

00:18:39:14 - 00:18:54:08

That was good, ignoring it because, you know, not everybody's gonna say yes, but it's most commonly people are getting pamphlets, brochures open this you can qualify for $30,000 in coverage for 20 bucks, which is not true after you start looking at it. But things like that, people get all the time in their mailbox.

00:18:55:01 - 00:19:06:13

What happened is that you will lose all of your insurance with that term policy no matter how much money you put in it. They keep the money and you get no benefits. The point is, why would you want an insurance that may cancel before?

00:19:06:15 - 00:19:39:20

So focus on tonality here. So that's really a big thing here. So like I'm sure you receive letters from globe life or offering term insurance, right? It's really got to just be tonally like how you would say it, you know, just work on that. You know, follow it. Exactly. You know, the way I do it or somebody that is a mentor to you or can help you with tonality. There's a lot of good videos out there. I cover a lot of videos on this site about tonality, but it's super important. I mean, we can say they say 97% of communication is nonverbal. Mean would say it's more like 50% because we're all over the phone.

00:19:39:22 - 00:19:56:00

They can't see our our movements. But we really have to be, you know, our tonality has to be on point person saying the same words with really good tonality and bad tonality or just average tonality will be vastly superior and can make a lot more money and a lot more sales.

00:19:56:18 - 00:19:59:09

There you go. All right. All right.

00:19:59:11 - 00:20:10:14

Now, to make matters worse, what they'll do is they'll actually raise these prices on you every 3 to 5 years. What happened is that they'll get you locked in cheap. But as you get older and your income becomes more fixed.

00:20:10:16 - 00:20:11:06

So that's better.

00:20:11:08 - 00:20:23:16

See, that's that's what now is like as you get older and, you know, those types of little things, like the tonality was good there. So you want to really, you know, really hone in on where you can change your tonality to, you know, give a better presentation.

00:20:23:21 - 00:20:55:19

If they raised these prices, then what happened is most people don't actually outlive it. They cancel that policy because they can no longer afford it. Now, the good news with your policy is that it's a whole life policy, and that policy will be with you for the remainder of your life or until you reach the age of 100. So when you reach that age, 100, what would happen is that that face amount would be directed to you personally and not your beneficiary. But if you were to be deceased before then, counting T-Mobile would receive the whole face amount in your behalf and make.

00:20:56:05 - 00:21:29:15

Get rid of till age 100. Nobody needs to be told. You know, it's almost bad news to be told that, oh, you're going to pay on this until you're 100. They know it's whole life. Don't put in their head all you're going to pay till you're 100, because insurance is not a investment vehicle that you want huge growth. It's in case of type thing like I'm not going to like a lot of our clients are just not going to save money. So this is like almost a for savings for a specific purpose that they don't leave their family holding, you know, a $10,000 bill when they do pass.

00:21:29:23 - 00:21:37:04

So get rid of age 100. Don't you know, there's no reason to say that if that question is asked directly, of course, answer it. But, you know, there's no reason to bring that up.

00:21:37:06 - 00:21:53:13

Any financial that he needs a decision that he needs to make in your behalf. Now, I'm looking at my system here and the the the company that's filtering out here is the Pioneer Security Company. And that company have been around for over 120.

00:21:53:16 - 00:22:00:05

Pioneer will not accept him with heart failure. So this is just a mistake of quoting the wrong plan many years.

00:22:00:07 - 00:22:05:10

So they're not going anywhere anytime soon. I conduct a lot of my business with Pioneer for my other.

00:22:05:12 - 00:22:06:04

And just just.

00:22:06:06 - 00:22:38:24

To just to be clear, guys. So, you know, you got to you got to know your underwriting. So that way when you are talking, you can talk intelligently, not apply for stuff people won't qualify for. If you apply for something, you know, that's far, far better price than they can actually get and only to get that declined and then call them back and say, Oh, actually this company is the one that will accept you and it's a higher price. What is the likelihood of making that sale? It goes down drastically. So you want to you know, you want to make sure you put them in the right plan that will avoid mean anybody in final expense knows.

00:22:39:01 - 00:23:10:06

Like if you keep getting emails where they're adjusting a plan, adjusting a plan not only you're probably not getting advance and not paid on it without their authorization, you are also costing yourself a ton of time. I made this mistake early in my career because I'm just like hoping for the best. Like I want everybody to have the best and sure I do. But it didn't work good because I'm constantly trying to tell people, Oh, we tried for the best, but you didn't get it. So actually this plan is going to be that and people hate you taking something away from them more than just giving them a higher price.

00:23:10:08 - 00:23:11:12

Right off the right off the bat.

00:23:11:19 - 00:23:34:17

The clients, they take really good care of all of my clients. I haven't even got any bad reviews from them. There are state federally regulated and also backed by the government, and I really want to congratulate you. Because of your health condition here, I can get you approved for their preferred plan, which you'd qualify for as much as $50,000 to live behind to Kelton now as I was.

00:23:34:19 - 00:23:52:18

So we're just going to proceed. But just one more time. This is Gerber. Most likely he's got heart failure or prosperity. Prime term. If you're working with senior life services, those are the those would be your options here, he said. Heart failure. You got to hone in on the heart failure. We skipped the medication list, which would have probably indicated heart failure. Just, you know, there's a lot of problems with that.

00:23:52:20 - 00:24:24:18

Saying earlier, I know you want to be buried and leave a little bit of money behind. Chuckling Correct. Yes. Now, I'm completely confident that these plans that I'll pull up are going to do that for you. My suggestion is that you pick the one that fits you the best. They're all going to get the job done, but you want to choose the one that just make the most sense for you. Okay? All right. Yes, sir. And before we go on into the race here, I'd like to add an additional discount based on the financial institution that you use. I can apply an additional discount for you if there are one of our preferred bank.

00:24:24:20 - 00:24:25:14

Who do you banquet.

00:24:25:20 - 00:24:26:10

Tell you.

00:24:27:11 - 00:24:44:04

I have no bank? That's now. I mean, because that's why I'm still searching everybody else. That hooked me on the teller line with a representative. They always ask me for a bank card, which I don't have, so they just send the whole come and say.

00:24:44:19 - 00:24:45:09


00:24:47:00 - 00:25:01:10

Don't interrupt him until he's done talking. Because too many people just want to interrupt people and like, deal with the objection before they even have it out of their mouth. Let them say something so you have some time to process it so you can come up with a good response.

00:25:01:14 - 00:25:08:21

Stand up right here. So when you receive your Social Security, it goes on the first of the third of the month. When does it come through for you?

00:25:09:08 - 00:25:12:19

Well, transport take that. So I don't I don't see it.

00:25:13:10 - 00:25:15:02

Do you receive Social Security?

00:25:16:01 - 00:25:16:22

No, I do not.

00:25:17:07 - 00:25:28:20

So are you currently working or. Yes. Okay, So you're not. So you're not on a fixed income. I see. Here. So. So do you do direct deposit at your workplace? How do you receive your income?

00:25:29:13 - 00:25:30:23

Uh, direct deposit.

00:25:31:16 - 00:25:32:13

Okay, so what?

00:25:32:18 - 00:25:37:16

We said don't have a bank, but now it says direct deposit. Maybe he's confused, though. He might be paper check.

00:25:37:18 - 00:25:40:13

What bank do you use for that direct deposit?

00:25:41:19 - 00:25:46:19

And I really hadn't checked into all that yet. I didn't.

00:25:48:05 - 00:25:48:20

Pardon me.

00:25:49:14 - 00:25:54:03

I really hadn't checked into which bank had closed it, so I'm just, you know.

00:25:54:19 - 00:25:57:22

So you don't know which bank that you receive your income in?

00:25:58:18 - 00:25:59:08


00:25:59:11 - 00:26:11:12

So he's just confused. He's saying no, because you're kind of putting it in the words in his mouth. But, you know, you need he's getting paid. Where is the money going? That's really what the question ends up being like. Where is it going?

00:26:11:14 - 00:26:12:04

I don't.

00:26:13:07 - 00:26:19:18

So how do you how do you go about your daily life as far as running errands and things like that? How do you how do you manage this?

00:26:20:02 - 00:26:34:14

You got to be really you got to broach the subject very nicely. Okay. So when you're paid, do they like like, where does the money go? Like it goes to you. But where does it go first? Like, is it written on a paper cheque? Like, how are you paying your bills? Because I'm sure.

00:26:34:22 - 00:26:36:20

I know what my money's coming out of.

00:26:37:18 - 00:26:46:02

So now you're just kind of insulting them. So because he said no. So you don't want to insult people, ever. I don't care how how dumb what they say is what?

00:26:46:04 - 00:26:47:00

How somebody's going.

00:26:47:02 - 00:26:49:07

To get my money from my boss.

00:26:49:09 - 00:26:50:09

Man in the company.

00:26:50:24 - 00:26:56:15

Oh, so. So, um. Okay, so what do you use as far as, you know, to conduct your.

00:26:56:17 - 00:26:57:07


00:26:57:09 - 00:27:05:00

Because it doesn't sound like he has a bank, this guy is either paying under the table. He is written a paper cheque which he cashes and spends money.

00:27:05:02 - 00:27:07:23

Like that's why when you go on grocery shopping and things like that.

00:27:09:19 - 00:27:11:07

I really don't have a bank.

00:27:11:09 - 00:27:12:17

I just go to any grocery.

00:27:12:19 - 00:27:16:20

Store, cash my check and shop with my money.

00:27:18:07 - 00:27:39:15

Okay, I see. Because everything that we do here, it's electronically. So we would need to have a bank for you to where we can set that up for you automatically with your, you know, monthly income. That way that would automatically be withdraw before, you know, you even noticed that. But I'm sure you have a bank account of some sort to use for your financial businesses because I'm not sure you'd want to walk around all cash all the time.

00:27:40:17 - 00:27:43:15

I don't carry cash all the time. I leave it at home.

00:27:46:08 - 00:27:46:23

So are you.

00:27:47:00 - 00:27:48:02

Planning on opening an account?

00:27:48:10 - 00:28:19:12

So the one good thing about this, because this call is basically over 11 seconds, one good thing about this is, you know, he went fast. I mean, obviously don't do that. But he is he could have got more information like, okay, you're you know, you're doing your research. What what have you found so far? Find anything good yet? No. Okay. Well, I can certainly help you with that. Like what? What's what didn't you like about some of the other companies? Like, there's so many things you guys can do with fact finding that can't really be scripted because it depends on what they say. But when you ask him first, like there's a few things in here, so.

00:28:20:10 - 00:28:52:07

Way too fast here like and it was skipping around like all over the place. If you listen to it again, it's skipping around a lot. He said something about, Oh, I had the policy through not you, but another company. Almost certainly untrue based on what he's saying now, like there's no way he's he's paying for this. And you know, sending money orders in doesn't sound very organized, doesn't know what's going on. So, you know, this guy's a complete waste of time. But, you know, we did a lot of things. You want to make sure when he says that, like, what do you mean by that? Get that out. Make sure that you understand that he doesn't have any coverage.

00:28:52:09 - 00:29:27:13

Um, then go get a you got to talk about this. You have to. Have you ever gone through the process, You know, is there it has to be an emotional response. Talk about that as long as they will talk if they'll fill all the air, like as far as you know, speaking, they need to tell you why if you can get that out of them. Oh, just want to make sure you know that, you know, Kelton doesn't have to pay for this. Like, okay, so that's something that we can certainly help you with. All we're doing is solving problems. You know, money changes hands when problems are solved. And then later on, we just find that, you know, he just doesn't have a bank, doesn't have anything going on.

00:29:27:15 - 00:29:40:05

So it's not going to be a sale. And we don't. Do we know how direct bills work? So we know that's not going to be a good option either. All right, so let's find another one. So that was 13 minutes.

00:29:43:08 - 00:29:45:21

Here's an introduction. We'll see how this one goes.

00:29:48:24 - 00:29:49:17


00:29:50:19 - 00:29:53:22

Hey there, Wanda. How's everything going out there in your part of Florida? There.

00:29:54:12 - 00:30:03:06

So how's everything been going? Because only friends ask. Been going. You know, strangers ask. How's everything going? How's everything been going out there in Florida?

00:30:04:23 - 00:30:05:19


00:30:06:03 - 00:30:17:06

That's really good to hear. Is Jerome with your life services here? I'm calling you here. I see that not too long ago we're in contact with you regarding that final expense, and brokerages were looking to assist you to live. I mean.

00:30:17:08 - 00:30:47:15

You could say final expense for coverage, but, you know, I really prefer just talking about life assurance. I don't want to box myself in, Oh, I'm not looking for that. But, you know, if they are looking to leave money for another reason, then of course, and I'll get their goal by the end of page one here, you know, just chatting with them. They already got 20,000 final expense. Okay. What's the goal of this policy? And often you'll hear, Oh, I don't know. I just wanted to see if you know what it would be for leave somebody. It's like, all right. Is that something you really want to do? No, Just want to check it out. Well, then I'm off the phone.

00:30:47:22 - 00:30:49:13

Like I'm not going to spend time with that person.

00:30:52:08 - 00:31:04:06

And your son here. And so they wanted to give you a bit more information on that policy and go over to any questions that you might have for me today. Okay. There. Okay. I'm a senior life consultant here at Senior Life Services.

00:31:04:15 - 00:31:08:11

With that policy, Yeah, because we got to stay on script. We really do, guys. So give you a little.

00:31:08:13 - 00:31:18:24

Bit more quick rundown about us to refresh your memory. We are a consulting firm, which means we work for you and not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who will give you.

00:31:19:09 - 00:31:21:14

So we're getting back to the script better on the.

00:31:21:16 - 00:31:23:13

Best rates and benefits Beyond that.

00:31:25:17 - 00:31:26:20

I don't understand.

00:31:26:23 - 00:31:39:15

Yeah, you're going so fast, they're not going to understand what you're talking about. Like if you don't mention the words life insurance, final expense programs, you did, but you went so fast. And she's kind of confused. Like, I could tell right away she doesn't know what's going on.

00:31:39:17 - 00:31:40:07


00:31:41:03 - 00:31:54:05

I'm contacting you regarding the final expense, you know, to live behind to Ben. So what I would so I see here, Dave would be your beneficiary now, um, I'm.

00:31:54:11 - 00:31:55:01

So you really.

00:31:55:03 - 00:32:25:17

Have to completely go back and be like, okay, so you spoke like and would just be like, Oh, yeah, no problem. Maybe I'm, maybe I'm working too fast. I always blame myself. Like, again, my name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. Recently you spoke with somebody about life insurance programs to protect your son. Here it looks like David or Ben, whoever it was, was your beneficiary. So our goal is to figure out who specifically will give you the best rates and benefits with me on that. Okay. So like I said, we're a consulting firm.

00:32:25:19 - 00:32:32:13

Where are you looking for benefits for just yourself, for the life insurance? I would throw the life insurance in again because I need them to understand what we're trying to do.

00:32:32:15 - 00:32:36:09

I'm not sure if he's your power of attorney. Would they be a power? Oh, he.

00:32:36:11 - 00:32:48:01

Definitely didn't say anything about power of attorney. You don't want to go. Just because she's a little confused doesn't mean that you want to put that in her head for her to say yes later, even though it's not true. Like buyers are liars, they're constantly lying to us.

00:32:48:05 - 00:32:52:20

Attorney Does he make any decision as far as your financial decisions go?

00:32:52:22 - 00:32:53:20

Oh, yes.

00:32:54:08 - 00:32:57:16

He is. Is you legally obliged to make a decision in your behalf?

00:32:58:08 - 00:32:59:16

I think so.

00:33:00:05 - 00:33:01:08

What do you mean you think so?

00:33:01:14 - 00:33:02:04

Did you?

00:33:02:06 - 00:33:06:02

That's insulting. So don't say things that are insulting the paperwork.

00:33:06:04 - 00:33:07:24

For him to do that in your behalf.

00:33:08:13 - 00:33:11:02

No, I didn't sign the paper.

00:33:12:14 - 00:33:17:14

So whenever people you know, whenever you insult somebody, they're going to come back at you. And you mean the sales loss.

00:33:17:18 - 00:33:27:02

Usually you probably would have to sign some sort of document in order to make them your power attorney. Now, I really want to have something mailed out to you so you and Dave could review.

00:33:27:17 - 00:33:36:04

You can't. We can't be talking that fast. We're not even through, like, want to mail something out to you? Like, we're not even like. Does she even need coverage? Like, what is she looking for?

00:33:36:12 - 00:33:42:14

And that way, you know, I could go over it. The additional information, what you have. This is a plan that you are willing to.

00:33:42:23 - 00:33:44:20

I don't I don't I don't.

00:33:45:09 - 00:33:49:24

See because we're too fast and too spastic. She's going to be freaked out. She doesn't even know what's going on.

00:33:50:01 - 00:33:51:09

Don't understand.

00:33:51:21 - 00:33:56:12

Dear. I would love to explain what questions what is what question do you have? What don't you understand about what?

00:33:57:04 - 00:34:00:14

So she don't understand because she doesn't understand anything that's going on. So because we're too fast.

00:34:00:16 - 00:34:02:18

And why are you calling me?

00:34:02:23 - 00:34:20:12

They're calling you to help you set that on life insurance policy, which is that final expense in barrier coverages. It's a form of life insurance policy. We want to assist you with putting in place for your son, Dave now, so when, God forbid, when you pass away, he will not have to go into that or figure out how he's going to go about, you know.

00:34:21:04 - 00:34:22:01

I just.

00:34:22:04 - 00:34:26:11

I just had an accident and fell and I'm.

00:34:26:13 - 00:34:27:03


00:34:27:17 - 00:34:29:21

Let her talk, guys. We're interrupting people.

00:34:30:09 - 00:34:33:21

I'm not in any condition to. Okay.

00:34:33:22 - 00:34:37:04

So I'm moving on from that one. So let's keep moving.

00:34:49:00 - 00:35:23:07

Okay, guys, So I will pick this back up. But that's several things we need to work on. So and this is for Jerome specifically. So you're going really fast. You really want to just slow down with these people? Slow down tremendously and of course, stay on script. Other thing is, never insult anybody. Like we have some agents that will, you know, sometimes say things like, Oh, I'm surprised you didn't quit smoking, you know, after you had your first stroke. Like that is not going to lead to a sale regardless of what we think about their lifestyle choices, you know, their intelligence.

00:35:23:09 - 00:35:58:07

It doesn't matter. We are we're not trying to win arguments. We're trying to get what we want. And what we want is to help these people get some coverage and also secure, you know, our financial future by selling enough policies to make sure that we're in really good shape. So, guys mean. Thank you guys for joining me. You know, I'll continue to put more and more videos up, but that's a lot of stuff to work on because it just it's really important to do those three things and not get bogged down. You can only work on one thing at a time. So no insulting. Follow the script and make sure it's really clear what you're doing.

00:35:58:09 - 00:36:05:09

All right, guys, I'm signing off for the for the day, and I will put this on the site. And look, I'm glad you guys are all tuning in. Thanks a lot.

Watch the Full video Here: Call Review 01/15/2023

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