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Call Review 01/02/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 01/02/23

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All right, Liam, we're going to do your first legit presentation as a call review. And so I'm going to share my screen, share my sound. All right, So let's go. All right. So here it is, actually.

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Hello, Delroy.

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Hello there, Delroy. How's everything been out there?

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Luck? Fine.

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That's good. Well, Dora, my name is Liam over here at Senior Life Services. I'm giving you a call because a little while back, you spoke with one of our representatives about the state regulated final expense programs for Florida. So my job is to go over those.

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Say life insurance. Don't say state regulator final expense, because what if he's not looking for final expenses? And then you just kind of kind of lose the sale? He could be leaving a love offering. He could be younger and qualify for something different. There's a lot of different stuff going on there. The benefits.

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With you and answer any questions you have and just to verify some of the information he gave our representatives here that you said your favorite color was yellow and your benefits.

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Go left to right with the verifying info. So a good example is, Hey, Alberto, how's everything been going out there in Blue Island? Oh, good. Okay. All right. That's good to hear. My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Illinois. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So, Alberto, I'm just going to confirm this information. Make sure it's correct. I have you at one four 301 Avenue in Illinois.

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Yep. And have your date of birth. Here is two, three, 1976. All right. And it says here you're looking for around 25,000. I understand that your daughter would be your beneficiary. So just like that, that way you can just move on to the next one. But you don't confirm if it's favorite food? Confirm I don't confirm favorite colors because, you know, people's moods can change and unless they really don't know, it's like, yeah, you said your favorite color was blue, but it doesn't matter. Don't remember what I had for dinner last night and just move on.

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Sure, it would be your children. Is that correct?

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What's that?

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My beneficiary.

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Well, you mentioned that you'd like your children to be your beneficiary.

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Did I name a child under our children?

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No. You didn't name anyone in specific. You just mentioned your favorite color was yellow.

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I remember. That was an awesome time. I remember that.

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As soon as he says he remembers, you just be like, okay, so you have children. Do you have more than one? You know? Is there one specific thing?

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And so, just so you know, we're a consultant firm here, Delroy, which means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. You with me on that?

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Very good. You're with me on that? Yep. Good checkup.

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And now, Delroy, were you looking for benefits just for yourself today?

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More than likely, yeah.

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Okay, great.

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More than likely. It's kind of an answer. And get some clarification on that.

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And is this business that you typically handle yourself or anybody else that would need to be included in this conversation like a spouse? No.

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Don't really want to do that every time. Anybody else that needs to be included in the conversation, that's an easy out for them. Yeah. My daughter would have to be, you know, included. So yeah, really can't talk about this or, you know, they'll bring that up later. It's a good way to get rid of an objection, but not really if they just use it as an out.

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Okay. And I know that you mentioned your beneficiary as your children. I'm guessing you have multiple.

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Yes, I have more than one child.

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Gotcha. Who would be the primary child handling your final arrangements?

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It would be having a chardonnay.

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That's true. Is that your oldest daughter?

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Oh, youngest daughter. Okay. Okay.

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You have the most trust in her responsibility.

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She's on the girl.

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Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. You know how boys and men can be with this type of stuff? How many kids you got? Total.

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All right. Three. So far.

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Three kids. Two. Two sons and a daughter. Nice. Gotcha.

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And they are they pretty local to you or are they out of state? Anything like that?

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You get. You hear me, Delroy?

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Yes, I'm here.

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Okay. Are they. Are they living pretty locally to you?

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My daughter's been man. The other two are living elsewhere.

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Oh, okay. So she lives with you?

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Oh, okay.

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Any grandkids yet?

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Yep. She loves you. That would be the best choice for you. Okay.

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Sorry. Yes, Sorry.

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Nice. Awesome. Beautiful. Beautiful.

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Okay. And so would this be the first policy for you, or do you already have some some other sort of coverage in place, like a traditional.

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Life insurance plan?

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Don't give them out. This is an out like or as you have, you know, you're trying to say or do you have something else? And, you know, through your job or anything like, oh, yeah, yeah. People will lie to you constantly. So it's better just to be like, would this be a first policy for you? And just silence, Let them talk.

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I do.

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Okay, that's great. It's probably one of the companies we we work with and represent as well. Now, you must be are you just looking for like additional coverage? You're trying to find a better rate. What are you looking to accomplish here?

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Hard to believe this is your first call. Like legit presentation. This is solid sales. Training is working.

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A couple of years ago when I was. That was before I've, you know, all this additional right now. Yeah. I was thinking along that line. Okay but but as it is right now, I'm still, you know, having that on all right now because I just a house and all of that. So I'm still dealing with you know I mean I've additional expenses right now. Totally.

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Totally. Well, just so you know I mean.

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yeah it is not like on the forefront of my.

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Yeah, yeah. No, I totally hear you there.

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We want to move the ball forward. But he's talking about his finances, so let them talk just to get a good picture without any prompting.

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Like, yeah.

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People will talk themselves right into stuff. Is it.

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Right? No. I can't afford to have a whole lot of money going into final expenses and all of that. So I don't get to live in a life. So that was one of the reason why I have an old because I have additional insurance.

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Yeah, well, just and that's exactly the reason that we're on the phone here, Delroy, is because we actually specifically work and our policies are specifically made for folks who are living on a limited or tight budget like, you know, Social Security or disability. So that's that's who we work with. These are not your real big type policies. These are your small yet affordable and permanent never changing type policies. Now, um, have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself?

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Yes, I just. I just buried my wife.

00:07:35:12 - 00:07:36:16

Oh, my. Oh.

00:07:38:15 - 00:07:39:20

How long ago was that?

00:07:40:19 - 00:07:41:24

In June of this year.

00:07:42:04 - 00:07:43:15

Oh, my gosh.

00:07:44:05 - 00:07:47:11

Yeah, That's. That's heartbreaking. I'm sorry to hear that, Delroy.

00:07:47:23 - 00:07:49:18

That's for me. Yeah.

00:07:49:20 - 00:07:59:23

Okay, so I'm assuming your goal here is to make sure that your kids don't have to go through that experience as well and be left with that unexpected financial burden then, huh?

00:08:00:21 - 00:08:11:23

But obviously put, you know, a certain amount of things in place, you know, to facilitate that the event that's, you know, such things should happen because you know knows what tomorrow is going to.

00:08:12:06 - 00:08:25:22

Yeah. 100%. And by the way what, um how much you said you have a policy, some other traditional policies. Doesn't sound like you have a final expense per se, but what do you know how much coverage you have through your other policies?

00:08:26:21 - 00:08:27:17

That the amount?

00:08:27:19 - 00:08:29:13

Yeah, the coverage amount.

00:08:30:20 - 00:08:35:18

I have enough. Not enough money to take care of that.

00:08:36:14 - 00:08:39:00

Right. Well, I mean, do you know how much it actually is?

00:08:40:11 - 00:08:41:06

Yes, I do.

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Okay, So you don't want to ever make them feel dumb. Um, so it sounds like you're trying to get the information about the policies which you do want, because later on in this call, he says he's set one up very recently. And, you know, sometimes you just want to try to beat the price that he currently has, especially if it's a brand new policy.