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Call Review 01/02/23

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 01/02/23

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All right, Liam, we're going to do your first legit presentation as a call review. And so I'm going to share my screen, share my sound. All right, So let's go. All right. So here it is, actually.

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Hello, Delroy.

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Hello there, Delroy. How's everything been out there?

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Luck? Fine.

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That's good. Well, Dora, my name is Liam over here at Senior Life Services. I'm giving you a call because a little while back, you spoke with one of our representatives about the state regulated final expense programs for Florida. So my job is to go over those.

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Say life insurance. Don't say state regulator final expense, because what if he's not looking for final expenses? And then you just kind of kind of lose the sale? He could be leaving a love offering. He could be younger and qualify for something different. There's a lot of different stuff going on there. The benefits.

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With you and answer any questions you have and just to verify some of the information he gave our representatives here that you said your favorite color was yellow and your benefits.

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Go left to right with the verifying info. So a good example is, Hey, Alberto, how's everything been going out there in Blue Island? Oh, good. Okay. All right. That's good to hear. My name is Ernest over here at Senior Life Services. The reason for my call is you had spoken with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Illinois. My job is to go over those benefits with you and also answer any questions that you have. So, Alberto, I'm just going to confirm this information. Make sure it's correct. I have you at one four 301 Avenue in Illinois.

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Yep. And have your date of birth. Here is two, three, 1976. All right. And it says here you're looking for around 25,000. I understand that your daughter would be your beneficiary. So just like that, that way you can just move on to the next one. But you don't confirm if it's favorite food? Confirm I don't confirm favorite colors because, you know, people's moods can change and unless they really don't know, it's like, yeah, you said your favorite color was blue, but it doesn't matter. Don't remember what I had for dinner last night and just move on.

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Sure, it would be your children. Is that correct?

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What's that?

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My beneficiary.

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Well, you mentioned that you'd like your children to be your beneficiary.

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Did I name a child under our children?

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No. You didn't name anyone in specific. You just mentioned your favorite color was yellow.

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I remember. That was an awesome time. I remember that.

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As soon as he says he remembers, you just be like, okay, so you have children. Do you have more than one? You know? Is there one specific thing?

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And so, just so you know, we're a consultant firm here, Delroy, which means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is always to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. You with me on that?

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Very good. You're with me on that? Yep. Good checkup.

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And now, Delroy, were you looking for benefits just for yourself today?

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More than likely, yeah.

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Okay, great.

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More than likely. It's kind of an answer. And get some clarification on that.

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And is this business that you typically handle yourself or anybody else that would need to be included in this conversation like a spouse? No.

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Don't really want to do that every time. Anybody else that needs to be included in the conversation, that's an easy out for them. Yeah. My daughter would have to be, you know, included. So yeah, really can't talk about this or, you know, they'll bring that up later. It's a good way to get rid of an objection, but not really if they just use it as an out.

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Okay. And I know that you mentioned your beneficiary as your children. I'm guessing you have multiple.

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Yes, I have more than one child.

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Gotcha. Who would be the primary child handling your final arrangements?

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It would be having a chardonnay.

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That's true. Is that your oldest daughter?

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Oh, youngest daughter. Okay. Okay.

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You have the most trust in her responsibility.

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She's on the girl.

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Gotcha. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. You know how boys and men can be with this type of stuff? How many kids you got? Total.

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All right. Three. So far.

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Three kids. Two. Two sons and a daughter. Nice. Gotcha.

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And they are they pretty local to you or are they out of state? Anything like that?

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You get. You hear me, Delroy?

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Yes, I'm here.

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Okay. Are they. Are they living pretty locally to you?

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My daughter's been man. The other two are living elsewhere.

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Oh, okay. So she lives with you?

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Oh, okay.

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Any grandkids yet?

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Yep. She loves you. That would be the best choice for you. Okay.

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Sorry. Yes, Sorry.

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Nice. Awesome. Beautiful. Beautiful.

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Okay. And so would this be the first policy for you, or do you already have some some other sort of coverage in place, like a traditional.

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Life insurance plan?

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Don't give them out. This is an out like or as you have, you know, you're trying to say or do you have something else? And, you know, through your job or anything like, oh, yeah, yeah. People will lie to you constantly. So it's better just to be like, would this be a first policy for you? And just silence, Let them talk.

00:05:42:09 - 00:05:42:24

I do.

00:05:43:12 - 00:05:54:15

Okay, that's great. It's probably one of the companies we we work with and represent as well. Now, you must be are you just looking for like additional coverage? You're trying to find a better rate. What are you looking to accomplish here?

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Hard to believe this is your first call. Like legit presentation. This is solid sales. Training is working.

00:06:02:15 - 00:06:28:16

A couple of years ago when I was. That was before I've, you know, all this additional right now. Yeah. I was thinking along that line. Okay but but as it is right now, I'm still, you know, having that on all right now because I just a house and all of that. So I'm still dealing with you know I mean I've additional expenses right now. Totally.

00:06:28:18 - 00:06:30:05

Totally. Well, just so you know I mean.

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00:06:33:20 - 00:06:37:19

yeah it is not like on the forefront of my.

00:06:37:21 - 00:06:40:00

Yeah, yeah. No, I totally hear you there.

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We want to move the ball forward. But he's talking about his finances, so let them talk just to get a good picture without any prompting.

00:06:47:13 - 00:06:48:03

Like, yeah.

00:06:48:14 - 00:06:50:10

People will talk themselves right into stuff. Is it.

00:06:50:14 - 00:07:03:06

Right? No. I can't afford to have a whole lot of money going into final expenses and all of that. So I don't get to live in a life. So that was one of the reason why I have an old because I have additional insurance.

00:07:03:14 - 00:07:31:10

Yeah, well, just and that's exactly the reason that we're on the phone here, Delroy, is because we actually specifically work and our policies are specifically made for folks who are living on a limited or tight budget like, you know, Social Security or disability. So that's that's who we work with. These are not your real big type policies. These are your small yet affordable and permanent never changing type policies. Now, um, have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself?

00:07:32:20 - 00:07:34:22

Yes, I just. I just buried my wife.

00:07:35:12 - 00:07:36:16

Oh, my. Oh.

00:07:38:15 - 00:07:39:20

How long ago was that?

00:07:40:19 - 00:07:41:24

In June of this year.

00:07:42:04 - 00:07:43:15

Oh, my gosh.

00:07:44:05 - 00:07:47:11

Yeah, That's. That's heartbreaking. I'm sorry to hear that, Delroy.

00:07:47:23 - 00:07:49:18

That's for me. Yeah.

00:07:49:20 - 00:07:59:23

Okay, so I'm assuming your goal here is to make sure that your kids don't have to go through that experience as well and be left with that unexpected financial burden then, huh?

00:08:00:21 - 00:08:11:23

But obviously put, you know, a certain amount of things in place, you know, to facilitate that the event that's, you know, such things should happen because you know knows what tomorrow is going to.

00:08:12:06 - 00:08:25:22

Yeah. 100%. And by the way what, um how much you said you have a policy, some other traditional policies. Doesn't sound like you have a final expense per se, but what do you know how much coverage you have through your other policies?

00:08:26:21 - 00:08:27:17

That the amount?

00:08:27:19 - 00:08:29:13

Yeah, the coverage amount.

00:08:30:20 - 00:08:35:18

I have enough. Not enough money to take care of that.

00:08:36:14 - 00:08:39:00

Right. Well, I mean, do you know how much it actually is?

00:08:40:11 - 00:08:41:06

Yes, I do.

00:08:41:22 - 00:08:42:12


00:08:43:06 - 00:09:02:09

Okay, So you don't want to ever make them feel dumb. Um, so it sounds like you're trying to get the information about the policies which you do want, because later on in this call, he says he's set one up very recently. And, you know, sometimes you just want to try to beat the price that he currently has, especially if it's a brand new policy.

00:09:03:19 - 00:09:06:21

And how much are you trying to get? Total. Good.

00:09:10:06 - 00:09:11:06

Look, I want to get.

00:09:11:08 - 00:09:11:24

To like you.

00:09:12:01 - 00:09:31:04

Really? If you can define their goals. Like stay on this like. Defined their goals. How much coverage do you currently have? What are you paying for each of these policies? You already said it's probably one of the companies we represent, so I can probably tell you how much pain. You know, it doesn't matter as long as you're moving forward and he'll divulge all that information.

00:09:31:22 - 00:09:38:10

You know, it is you know who I am. You know, I would be getting that. So, you know,

00:09:40:06 - 00:09:45:18

that is you know, I wouldn't be for me to say be getting.

00:09:48:03 - 00:09:49:24

You know what I mean? I figure speech.

00:09:50:01 - 00:09:59:17

Right, Right. You wouldn't be getting it, but your kids would be getting it and chardonnay and everybody else for sure. So how much are you what are you paying in terms of premium right now?

00:10:04:03 - 00:10:36:15

So before ask something like that, usually I'm asking, So is that something you set up recently or is that something that you've had for a long time? That question is always a good opener to start gathering more information. They said they had it for 20 years, like, well, okay, then you can be their friend and say, Well, you never want to get rid of that. So you got the 20,000, 20 years ago and it sounds like now you're just looking for some additional then. So what were you trying to get to total Like something like that. I mean, you're basically saying that, but you want to, you know, just systematically get the information you need that, you know, you'll need to close any deal.

00:10:36:18 - 00:10:38:19

All right. Right now I've

00:10:41:18 - 00:10:43:18

heard for and.

00:10:46:21 - 00:10:58:19

Between the two tours I have right now, I want to work and two others. So the two others, I'm probably paying about 62 or something dollars for a month.

00:11:00:14 - 00:11:04:06

Gotcha. And you said you have about 34,000 total in coverage?

00:11:04:08 - 00:11:04:23

No, no, no, I.

00:11:05:00 - 00:11:05:15

Have more than that.

00:11:05:23 - 00:11:06:13


00:11:10:19 - 00:11:13:20

And you know who that's through the company?

00:11:17:12 - 00:11:20:00

Yeah. Minnesota Life

00:11:21:24 - 00:11:22:17


00:11:24:12 - 00:11:29:20

AG. I don't remember the other one. I don't remember that one. I know I went to Minnesota life.

00:11:30:12 - 00:11:35:04

And do you know, do you happen to know if these are whole life policies or term term policies?

00:11:35:23 - 00:11:36:21

What does that mean?

00:11:38:04 - 00:11:39:02

Uh, well.

00:11:39:10 - 00:11:55:03

A whole life would mean it would be essentially permanent coverage, whereas term would only be a certain amount of time. So it could expire or lapse before your actual passing day, whereas whole life is permanent and it can't expire. It only pays out once you pass.

00:11:57:08 - 00:11:58:13

I don't I'm.

00:11:58:15 - 00:12:03:21

Not paying $3 those 100 pages of documents.

00:12:03:23 - 00:12:23:19

Yeah. Yeah, they can be pretty long. Okay, So. So, Delroy, based on everything that you've told me here thus far, a final expense policy would definitely make sense for you. And let me tell you why. In fact, if you don't go ahead and grab a pen and paper just so you can I can give you some of my details and some of the things that we do here. Let me know. And you've got that.

00:12:30:01 - 00:12:33:09

This must be where you kind of switch off of the the.

00:12:33:11 - 00:12:36:02

Presentation. So so, Delroy, just so you.

00:12:36:04 - 00:13:08:11

Know, whereas I'll miss your windows, as you know, just so you know, here, all of our plans offer a number of benefits. There's really four that stick out. First and foremost, senior life services. You know that's our company for short. We work with many reputable insurance companies. And as a quickly growing and growing company here, we actually have made many insurance companies design products specifically for our customers unique situations. And of course, they must all be state and federally regulated and backed by the government.

00:13:08:21 - 00:13:48:17

Now, second thing here is that there are all the policies that we work with. They are state approved, whole life plans, which means the premiums will never go up and the benefits will never go down, which means we make sure that your beneficiaries won't have to suddenly come up with any sort of wheelbarrow full of cash. Third thing here that really sticks out is the benefit paid to your family, to your children will be 100% tax free. And unlike most companies, they actually pay out immediately, which is typically anywhere from 48 to 72 hours, whereas a lot of these more traditional policies will sometimes pay out in three, 4 or 6, eight weeks, sometimes 1 to 2 months.

00:13:48:22 - 00:13:58:08

And the last thing here is that we actually require every insurance company that we work with to have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau. The baby. You follow me So far?

00:13:58:21 - 00:13:59:15

So far, yeah.

00:13:59:19 - 00:14:01:19

Okay. Awesome. So.

00:14:02:02 - 00:14:06:01

Mr. Windows, now that you've told me a bit about yourself in.

00:14:06:09 - 00:14:36:13

So you're following the process and he's going right along with you. So you didn't maintain like perfect control in the beginning of the call, which might have hurt you, but you are getting them through the process and keeping them on track. You're ten minutes in. We're about to health questions. You try to build some rapport with the grandkids, the children, the different one that lives with him. You know, things are going pretty well here. The only thing is like the only thing is, I don't want you to spend a lot of time with people that you're not sure that you can actually sell like you really need to.

00:14:36:15 - 00:14:49:04

People like this to talk about their money, but they are willing to afford more than one life insurance policy that they already have. You either want to replace one, find a better rate. Or get them to really confirm that they want additional.

00:14:49:20 - 00:15:03:02

You know, the reason that this is important to you. What I want to do now is take some time to ask you some health questions. Whenever you look at life insurance or policies that pay for final expenses, you do always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get a better.

00:15:03:04 - 00:15:09:15

And your tonality is getting so much better. This is your first one, but this is tornadoes is not bad at all, but it can be so much better.

00:15:09:17 - 00:15:15:24

Plan and rate. And so I've been doing this a long time. Don't need to ask you every single question off of every application so it's good.

00:15:16:02 - 00:15:19:02

Well you know fake laughter it's filed don't to read every question.

00:15:19:05 - 00:15:31:04

You know I know what company will be best by asking a few general questions here. Does that sound fair enough? Yeah. Okay. Awesome. So we'll just start with some basic things. What's your what's your height?

00:15:32:13 - 00:15:33:19

Six feet.

00:15:34:06 - 00:15:36:18

Six foot flat. Okay. And current weight.

00:15:38:08 - 00:15:40:22

About to

00:15:42:22 - 00:15:44:04

make about 220.

00:15:44:11 - 00:15:46:01

Two. 20. Okay.

00:15:46:03 - 00:15:47:21

Your smoker? No.

00:15:48:09 - 00:15:50:12

Have you ever been a smoker? No.

00:15:50:22 - 00:15:51:19

Okay, good.

00:15:54:03 - 00:16:09:21

All right. And do you have any major anything major ongoing with major organs such as your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys? No. Okay. Any diabetes? No. Okay. Are you on any medications?

00:16:10:05 - 00:16:11:20

No. Okay.

00:16:12:16 - 00:16:18:09

So it sounds like you're pretty healthy. What's the name of your your doctor or your clinic that you visit?

00:16:21:14 - 00:16:25:16

No, I don't have a premier doctor right now. Okay.

00:16:26:18 - 00:16:28:22

No primary. No primary doctor.

00:16:29:07 - 00:16:36:19

Usually is actually good for us in life insurance because there's no records. If he's not doesn't have a current doctor, then how the hell would he be prescribed medication?

00:16:36:21 - 00:16:39:13

So you're kind of you're visiting?

00:16:40:01 - 00:16:41:00

No, I don't know.

00:16:41:13 - 00:16:42:14

Okay. So it sounds like.

00:16:42:16 - 00:16:43:06


00:16:43:13 - 00:16:51:12

Saying I was sick, but I. I need to do just to make sure that everything is okay. Yeah.

00:16:51:14 - 00:16:52:06

You need to get your.

00:16:52:08 - 00:16:53:00

Routine check.

00:16:53:02 - 00:16:55:05

In. Yeah, You.

00:16:55:07 - 00:17:10:05

Can catch some things early. I know somebody. One of my clients, you know, they would go every three months, and they ended up catching cancer early, and we're able to get it cut out and had no, no, no issues after that. So, yeah, definitely want to do your regular health checkups. Um.

00:17:11:02 - 00:17:11:19


00:17:11:22 - 00:17:17:06

So you sound pretty healthy here. By the way, are you still working?

00:17:17:23 - 00:17:21:14

Yes, I do. Okay. What do you do?

00:17:22:13 - 00:17:26:18

All right. I'm a production manager at the trust plant in Palatka.

00:17:27:23 - 00:17:30:08

You said you're a production manager at a trust fund.

00:17:31:00 - 00:17:33:12

Not plugged into.

00:17:34:03 - 00:17:38:03

Oh, man, He wouldn't go to love me. Did that for a long time.

00:17:38:09 - 00:17:39:23

At a plant. Okay, what kind of.

00:17:40:07 - 00:17:42:05

Make trust, you know, like roof trusses.

00:17:42:24 - 00:17:43:17

Oh, okay.

00:17:43:23 - 00:17:44:13


00:17:44:16 - 00:17:46:09

Gotcha. Gotcha. Yeah. Construction.

00:17:46:17 - 00:17:47:24

Roofing, things. Okay.

00:17:48:14 - 00:17:49:04


00:17:49:06 - 00:17:53:24

So just to verify and your date of birth, just to confirm what we have on file here.

00:17:54:02 - 00:17:55:14

One 2561.

00:17:55:16 - 00:18:02:18

2568. That's what we've got on file. And then Chardonnay you said would be your. And that's traditional spelling.

00:18:02:22 - 00:18:03:15

C h.

00:18:03:19 - 00:18:28:05

One thing would have done with the health questions is, you know, you ask them, I can't script all this but diabetes, you know, follow a flow chart. Need to get rid of that because the flow charts no longer accurate but you really want to ask them at least medications. All right there you want any current medications because people like said they're not going to tell you the truth. It's like just they just don't know or they just don't understand that I need more information.

00:18:29:00 - 00:18:29:17

No, no.

00:18:32:06 - 00:18:33:06

Okay. You're not going to have.

00:18:33:08 - 00:18:33:23


00:18:34:00 - 00:18:34:22

Go a little s.

00:18:35:00 - 00:18:37:00

Go, go. One more time. A little slower.

00:18:37:15 - 00:18:38:05


00:18:38:07 - 00:18:41:08

H a va and a y.

00:18:43:18 - 00:18:45:08

S h a.

00:18:45:13 - 00:18:46:07

N a y.

00:18:46:17 - 00:18:50:08

Yes. Gotcha. Okay. All right.

00:18:50:10 - 00:18:54:22

So I'm going to take a look at what you qualify for here, Mr. Windows. There are a lot of different life.

00:18:54:24 - 00:18:55:14


00:18:55:16 - 00:19:10:07

Programs out there. I know you probably get all sorts of stuff in the mail and see it on TV for the purpose of describing how my products work versus the others. Do you know the difference? Well, actually, we already went over this. You do. You don't really know the difference between term and whole life before our conversation, huh?

00:19:12:07 - 00:19:32:20

I don't know. Okay, Well, the reason I bring it up is because I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have, because they're not all the same. Some of them are actually better than others. But you do need to know the facts to make a sound decision that's right. For you and your family. So I'm sure you've received letters from global life or are AARP offering term insurance? Correct.

00:19:34:02 - 00:19:34:24

I said that again.

00:19:35:08 - 00:19:59:23

I'm sure you've received letters and mail from Global Life or AARP offering term insurance, right? Yeah, of course. Yeah. And so it will often say that the insurance is good up to age 80. But what they don't tell you is that what happens after age 80, what happens is you actually lose all of your insurance no matter how much money you actually paid or put in. Then what they end up doing is they end up keeping that money. What was that, Mr. Windows?

00:20:00:15 - 00:20:03:07

I said not a whole lot of people could see that edge.

00:20:03:13 - 00:20:38:20

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. Well, essentially what happens is that they get to keep the money. If you do make it to that age and you get no benefit, the point is, why would you want insurance that may cancel before you actually pass? You know, with technology and medicine improving, you know, while people maybe not everybody makes it there, a lot more people are starting to make their And to make matters worse, Mr. Windows, they actually raised their prices every 3 to 5 years. And what happens is they get you in cheap. But as you get older and as your income's income becomes more fixed, they raise their prices.

00:20:38:22 - 00:20:47:14

And then what happens is most people actually don't outlive they have to cancel it because they can't afford it. Mean is that any position you would want to be left in.

00:20:47:16 - 00:20:48:12

Here, Mr. Roth?

00:20:49:09 - 00:20:49:24

Not at all.

00:20:50:14 - 00:20:58:00

Good. Yeah, you're. You're living like the stuff that will work for you, so that's good. And, you know, that's a perfect, perfect question to ask.

00:20:58:02 - 00:21:16:22

No, Exactly. And so that's the reason we work with these final expense state approved to where they're going to be permanent. The pricing will never change. Your benefits will never decrease. You don't have to worry about any sort of audibles, per se, being made on your coverage here. And so the best if.

00:21:16:24 - 00:21:19:08

You give me just about any 60.

00:21:19:10 - 00:21:32:16

Seconds, I'm going to take a look at the the policies that are available to you to see what you qualify, see what kind of rates we can get you. And I'll be back with that information for you here in about, you know, just give me 60 seconds or so, okay?

00:21:33:09 - 00:21:35:05

Oh, okay. And then just to.

00:21:35:07 - 00:21:40:18

Confirm, you are currently 54, but you're going to be turning 55 later this month, correct?

00:21:40:20 - 00:21:42:07

Yes. Okay.

00:21:42:21 - 00:21:47:16

All right. And you said no smoking. Never been a smoker. Okay. All right. Give me.

00:21:47:18 - 00:21:49:05

Just about. Yep.

00:21:49:07 - 00:21:53:01

Give me 60 seconds. Let me run this through the system and let's see what kind of quotes you get back for you.

00:21:53:03 - 00:21:53:18

One moment.

00:21:56:04 - 00:22:11:11

All right, Mr. Windows. All right. So I was able to to run through here. But before I give that to you, let me just give you my basic contact information. That way we can be in touch. So, again, my name is Liam. That's all I am.

00:22:12:10 - 00:22:46:09

It's. It's up in the air whether you want to give, you know, contact information before quoting or like so many sales I've given it to at the end just to This is me, but maybe not you. I've never given my information until I'm done with the sale if I'm doing a callback, possibly. But I'm not providing all that information to me, that's an out. And it basically means that, okay, well, it's like they'll, they'll say this, they'll be like, Well, got your number. So, you know, if I decide that I want something, then I'll, you know, I'll call you, which they won't. So, you know, I don't do that because, you know so many times.

00:22:46:11 - 00:23:03:22

What was your name again? By the time I'm done with bank banking, social recording, that's what I'm asked. That's how, you know, you did a great job because they trusted you. You were on point and they didn't even find it necessary to make sure they know your name, license number, phone number. They don't have any information. So I always give it to him at the end.

00:23:05:00 - 00:23:05:16

And you saw that?

00:23:06:13 - 00:23:09:12

Okay. You saw that pen and paper? Correct. Okay, good. Yeah.

00:23:10:01 - 00:23:10:16


00:23:10:21 - 00:23:19:19

Yeah. Liam lastly, not Liam Neeson. No, but it's Liam Chase. I get that often, though. It's Chase. Like the bank. I'm working on the money.

00:23:20:10 - 00:23:22:04

Oh, okay. That's cool.

00:23:22:11 - 00:23:31:06

Okay. And then my. My office line here is 407. 3264163.

00:23:33:18 - 00:23:45:10

Okay. All right. And then my my license number, my national producer number for license. Just so you know, I'm an insured individual. Here is 20552336.

00:23:47:16 - 00:23:52:00

All right. That's 2055236. Yep.

00:23:52:02 - 00:24:01:10

20552336. So it's two threes at the end. Two zero threes. Yep. So 20552336.

00:24:02:09 - 00:24:06:13

Sir. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, eight digits.

00:24:07:21 - 00:24:11:22

Yep. Sounds about. Yep. One, two, three. Yep. Eight digits. Exactly.

00:24:13:22 - 00:24:14:12


00:24:15:24 - 00:24:17:01

so let me.

00:24:24:07 - 00:24:51:19

All right, just. And then how many? You said you have three kids. Yeah. Okay. Because actually, with, uh. With some of our programs here, and just to verify, you're in pretty much perfect health, is what you're telling me. You're not on any meds. You've never had any complications. No organ, any any major organ issues. Because if you are, we can get you qualified some for some really great plans.

00:24:51:23 - 00:24:56:08

It would have been something that, you know, develop, you know, recently.

00:24:57:01 - 00:25:00:09

Okay. But nothing Not nothing since the last time you went. Okay.

00:25:00:15 - 00:25:06:01

The only thing I take right now are just regular over-the-counter vitamins.

00:25:06:08 - 00:25:09:13

Okay. You're just taking regular over-the-counter vitamins. Okay.

00:25:09:18 - 00:25:10:10

All right.

00:25:10:17 - 00:25:37:24

So I was just able to get back some quotes here. And I do want to congratulate you because based on your health, everything that you told me you would qualify, you actually qualify for what's called preferred plus through pioneer Security. Okay. And you actually qualify for as much as $50,000 in coverage to leave your beneficiaries, which is actually double what the standard rate would be of 25,000.

00:25:38:05 - 00:25:43:09

Okay. So Mr. Windows.

00:25:43:18 - 00:25:53:24

What I want you to do is go ahead and write these two options down. Okay? So go ahead and write down $50,000 and then write down $45,000.

00:25:58:11 - 00:26:28:18

Okay. So when you present. People gravitate toward the middle. Uh, so as long as you got his pen and piece of paper, you generally want to be like, okay, so I want you to write down we're going to start with the maximum. We can always go down. So I'll have you make two columns. It sounds like you were doing that and then you want to go through it. In a way that people gravitate toward the middle again. So if you ever write down 50,000 coverage, $45,000 in coverage, $40,000 in coverage, 35,000, you give them five choices.

00:26:28:20 - 00:26:31:22

And then after that, that's when I tell them, like, which one do you want?

00:26:34:20 - 00:26:35:21


00:26:36:12 - 00:26:37:02


00:26:37:04 - 00:26:38:13

And so, Mr..

00:26:38:16 - 00:26:39:06

Ross, you.

00:26:39:08 - 00:26:43:12

Want to be buried and leave as much money behind as possible? Correct?

00:26:44:13 - 00:26:45:03


00:26:45:21 - 00:26:54:07

Well, I'm asking you, is that is that the case? You want to be buried and leave as much behind, make sure they're not left with any unforeseen financial burdens, correct?

00:26:54:09 - 00:26:54:24


00:26:55:03 - 00:26:55:18


00:26:55:20 - 00:27:09:18

So I'm completely confident that any of these plans are going to do that. My suggestion is really just to fit one that fits your fits you the best. They're all going to do the job, but you want to do the one that just makes the most sense for you and the.

00:27:10:07 - 00:27:27:24

So just like this with the software, it will always return three above and one below just so that you can pull it more than once. If you put in 50,000, it's only going to pull up one below because there is nothing higher than 50,000. So if I change that to 50,000.

00:27:31:11 - 00:27:44:12

Click those right now. So 50,000, it's only going to pull up to 45,000. But if you do just remember, like Gerber, you're going to put in 10,000 because the max is 25,000 and it's going to pull three above two, 25,001 below to 5000.

00:27:45:24 - 00:28:01:01

Amount that you want to be able to leave behind for your family. And by the way, we may be able to get you an additional discount. It's really based on your financial institution that you use may be able to apply an additional discount. If you're using one of our preferred banks. Who are you banking with?

00:28:03:19 - 00:28:04:14


00:28:05:10 - 00:28:06:12

Vystar. Okay.

00:28:06:14 - 00:28:07:23

Yeah. Certainly not, Chase.

00:28:09:00 - 00:28:10:05

Yeah, certainly not. Chase.

00:28:10:13 - 00:28:37:10

Good. You're getting. You're doing it just like you should do it. That's just easy. Pieces of information. Get one piece. Beneficiary. Got that? I know he makes money. Got it. I know he has a bank account. I know the name of the bank account. So now I know the routing number. Just easy. It's easier to get pieces of information than to ask all at once. What's your social, your bank account and your firstborn like? That's. That's too much for people to handle. So this is very good. Yeah.

00:28:37:19 - 00:28:41:00

My last name is Chase, but I don't even use Chase myself, so. I hear you.

00:28:41:02 - 00:28:42:00

There. Okay.

00:28:42:02 - 00:28:42:17


00:28:43:00 - 00:28:57:09

I have no affiliation, no relation. Although it wouldn't be a bad thing, right? Maybe I wouldn't have to do this, but. Okay, so you're with Visa and that's good because they are one of our preferred banks. And now.

00:28:57:11 - 00:28:58:01

When you.

00:28:59:01 - 00:29:02:23

Have insurance in Vystar. Okay, one of their member.

00:29:03:04 - 00:29:03:20


00:29:04:17 - 00:29:06:24

And you're not receiving any.

00:29:07:02 - 00:29:31:19

Address that when they say they have insurance through Vystar Credit Union Bank, it's almost certainly accidental because banks are not allowed to sell, you know, full, full, you know, underwritten policies whatsoever. They can give them accidental or they can refer them to maybe an agent within the bank, which I've heard have happened, but it's very rare. So it's almost always accidental because you can ask them like, how much you paying 20,000 for three bucks. Yeah.

00:29:31:21 - 00:29:34:23

That's accidental thing from Social Security, right?

00:29:35:21 - 00:29:36:21

Uh, not yet.

00:29:36:23 - 00:29:38:12

Yeah, because you're not of age yet.

00:29:38:14 - 00:29:39:05


00:29:39:20 - 00:29:44:20

All right, so you got your pen and paper. Have you written down the 50 and the 45,000? Mm hmm.

00:29:47:22 - 00:29:48:12


00:29:49:20 - 00:29:50:10

Yes. Am.

00:29:50:15 - 00:29:51:13

Okay, good.

00:29:51:15 - 00:29:55:05

So now what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you the monthly premium for each of those.

00:29:58:15 - 00:30:12:11

All right. So for the for the $50,000 in coverage, which by the way, there's actually a couple more things that I want to let you know about that are exclusive to to senior life services here. Uh,

00:30:14:02 - 00:30:46:17

couple of things that you want to know about is first and foremost. These plans. Like I said, they're never going to go up no matter what happens with you or your health. Also, these plans can never be cancelled by the company, so it's going to stay with you permanently. And included in these plans is actually a terminal illness benefit. You might you're definitely going to write this down. And what that means is that if a doctor ever says you have 12 months or less to live, you, we will actually send you a check for your policy benefit amount.

00:30:46:24 - 00:30:50:08

So let's say you do. Just because the doctor tells me that.

00:30:50:12 - 00:30:51:18

Yeah, exactly.

00:30:51:22 - 00:31:12:23

So like, if you have $50,000 in coverage through through this policy, if you ever get diagnosed with something where you and you're given 12 months or less to live, we will write you a check for that $50,000 so that all the decisions yourself are made with yourself and your family. You can do that with cash in hand while you're still living, which is a, you know, a pretty big benefit, isn't it?

00:31:13:18 - 00:31:14:08


00:31:14:15 - 00:31:34:19

Okay. Now, this plan also builds cash value automatically, which can pay your future premiums if ever necessary. So for for some reason, maybe you hit a financial speedbump, you can't afford your premium. This can actually pay for itself if necessary. And if for some reason you ever need to borrow from your policy, you can do that as well. Make sense?

00:31:35:15 - 00:31:36:09

Yes, that's fine.

00:31:36:16 - 00:31:51:04

Okay. And based on the benefits that you qualify for and also you get accidental death and benefit rider, which means if you ever die in a car accident or any sort of accidental death, you know what will happen.

00:31:54:16 - 00:31:55:11

It doubles?

00:31:55:15 - 00:32:26:23

Yep, it doubles. So you'll get paid out. Doubled. Not just your face, you'll get the double. And then you also have nursing home benefits. So we'll obviously they'll be able to pay you out a percentage, some some payouts if you ever go to a nursing home. But all right, let's get to the good stuff, the premium. So you ready? Just so you know. Okay. So for the $50,000 in coverage, which is the maximum that you're eligible for what you qualify for here, that's going to be $217.08 per month.

00:32:30:11 - 00:32:31:01

All right.

00:32:31:03 - 00:33:03:02

So do you not. These little, uh, like, Kaizen system, continual little bit improvements will help you tremendously. So when you're quoting. So if you're going to be like, okay, so the $50,000 in coverage is only 205 11. That sounds so much better than telling them it's only $279.11 a month. So they know it's a month. But you should maybe say the month just on the first one. But as you're going down, you're not going to say that a month, a month to month.

00:33:03:04 - 00:33:07:12

You just want to say you're going to get $20,000 in coverage for only blah, blah.

00:33:08:05 - 00:33:14:12

Hundred and $17.08.

00:33:17:21 - 00:33:19:19

You got that? Yes, I do.

00:33:20:03 - 00:33:20:19


00:33:20:21 - 00:33:25:24

Now for the for the second coverage amount, 45,000.

00:33:26:01 - 00:33:26:16


00:33:26:18 - 00:33:34:03

Monthly premium on that. You're looking at $196.35.

00:33:36:20 - 00:33:38:06

Okay. Okay.

00:33:38:19 - 00:33:59:13

So, like I said, because of your great health and because of the fact that you're still working and everything that you told me, you do qualify for the maximum coverage. And like I said, because of all that, you do get many additional benefits that the standard, you know, standard packages wouldn't get here. So which one of these options do.

00:33:59:15 - 00:34:00:05

You do you.

00:34:00:07 - 00:34:04:09

Want to leave to your kids and chardonnay here?

00:34:04:24 - 00:34:07:21

So out of those plans, which one do you want to leave? Chardonnay?

00:34:09:12 - 00:34:15:03

That's it. Just leave it like that. You don't want to say out of those options and a bunch of stuff, you just asking them a very simple question.

00:34:16:06 - 00:34:18:02

To receive when they need it most.

00:34:21:12 - 00:34:22:17

Go to silence. All right.

00:34:22:23 - 00:34:32:24

One of them would be just fine. You know that amount of courage I already have. You know, it wouldn't even matter.

00:34:33:21 - 00:34:35:23

Okay, so let's.

00:34:36:00 - 00:34:41:00

See. I know. Certainly wouldn't take that that much to bury me.

00:34:41:17 - 00:35:03:05

Yeah, exactly. And you know this like. Like I said, these policies are really meant to fill in that gap because they do have very quick payouts. So they'll hit your your beneficiaries, your kid's bank account essentially within 24 to 72 hours. Unlike most traditional policies here. And so just so you know.

00:35:03:11 - 00:35:04:05

We we.

00:35:04:07 - 00:35:10:14

Will coincide your payments with, uh, well, really with your paycheck. You're not at the age of Social Security here yet.

00:35:10:16 - 00:35:11:10

Quite yet. Are, you.

00:35:12:05 - 00:35:17:14

Know. Okay. So are you. How often are you getting paid You're getting paid on a a weekly or bi weekly basis.

00:35:17:19 - 00:35:18:09

Only accrue.

00:35:18:19 - 00:35:21:03

Weekly. Okay.

00:35:21:05 - 00:35:23:19

What day of the week? Typically Thursday or Friday.

00:35:24:22 - 00:35:26:05

Typically on a Thursday.

00:35:27:07 - 00:35:32:08

Okay. So what we can do is we can have your premium coincide.

00:35:32:12 - 00:35:37:12

I do like that you kind of ignored like it never really gave you a straight answer of how much coverage with.

00:35:37:14 - 00:35:38:22

Your your your.

00:35:39:01 - 00:35:41:03

You can kind of you have sometimes you have to pick four people.

00:35:41:07 - 00:35:52:06

You're only one of your paychecks per month, obviously. And so your monthly payment will consistently be on the Thursday of the month and we will set that up.

00:35:52:08 - 00:36:09:15

But, you know, that's not possible. Just so we're clear, everybody can't consistently be on a Thursday. You can pick a date like the 15th, 28th is the max, because February 28th days, he's not receiving Social Security. So it's not 100% crucial that it's coinciding with that.

00:36:09:17 - 00:36:10:11


00:36:10:22 - 00:36:18:17

With your your bank. And as I said, they are one of our preferred banks. So you do qualify for that discount. And I do.

00:36:19:10 - 00:36:22:18

Let me just double check something here.

00:36:22:20 - 00:36:25:05

I do have the routing number here.

00:36:27:11 - 00:36:28:01


00:36:29:18 - 00:36:30:14


00:36:31:20 - 00:36:41:01

Bye star. Here we go. So I do have the routing number here to confirm it's correct. Did you go ahead and grab a checkbook or a bank statement? Let me know when you got that.

00:36:43:22 - 00:36:44:12


00:36:48:18 - 00:37:09:04

And, you know, that's a that's a, you know, a tall order right there. But hold on. Because like I said, I just moved. And, you know, as you were, you know, I called it, I was like going through some some paperwork right now. So I don't even know where to start looking. All right. Second. Yeah, yeah.

00:37:09:06 - 00:37:10:00

Go for it. I'll wait.

00:37:24:09 - 00:37:27:14

Okay. Why is waiting? So it's good to do that.

00:37:29:11 - 00:37:35:13

Yeah, you did that, right? Okay, So, yeah. You want him to grab that, find a statement, find, you know, find what he needs to find.

00:38:17:03 - 00:38:18:13

All right, let's keep it moving.

00:38:21:03 - 00:38:22:12

So I don't know.

00:38:24:16 - 00:38:36:00

What I'm going to do now is I just need to get some things I made to I made I may need to bring somebody on a call to just verify everything, to do a verbal signature. Okay.

00:38:37:12 - 00:38:38:02

All right.

00:38:38:15 - 00:38:44:04

Well, aren't you? Because I don't want to get all seven.

00:38:44:06 - 00:38:44:23

Six, right.

00:38:45:19 - 00:38:46:09


00:38:47:00 - 00:38:47:23

Yep, I'm here.

00:38:48:20 - 00:38:49:10


00:38:49:12 - 00:38:54:10

(263) 007-9276.

00:38:54:12 - 00:38:55:02


00:38:55:07 - 00:38:55:22


00:38:56:09 - 00:39:01:14

Okay. Don't really interrupt people too much because they will. They might not say it, but they don't like it. Okay.

00:39:05:06 - 00:39:05:21

All right.

00:39:05:23 - 00:39:18:09

So immediately. Is that what you have? Okay. And then what is the next step? He has a check. And you've confirmed that he's grabbing a check. And what's the next set of numbers? The account number? Yep. And just because otherwise you're going to be dancing around it.

00:39:20:24 - 00:39:30:08

What I'm going to do now is I just need to get some things I made to I made I may need to bring somebody on a call to just verify everything.

00:39:30:10 - 00:39:39:12

As it is right now. I'm trying to, you know, I know my expense where I can get it, you know, because the market is more than what I was paying for rent.

00:39:40:02 - 00:39:41:07

Yeah. So. Really?

00:39:41:16 - 00:39:44:10

Well, these. Yeah, these interest rates have definitely ballooned.

00:39:44:12 - 00:39:45:02


00:39:45:04 - 00:40:01:12

It is more than what I was paying for rent. But, you know, I just want to keep it. I want to put myself in a position where, you know, I can handle all of these because, you know, since my wife, you know, I have to be doing all of this on my own.

00:40:01:15 - 00:40:18:15

And then another thing with you, you only gave him 50,000, 45,000 as options. You want to give them five because that way, like said, people gravitate toward the middle. And then he's going to maybe think about something and say, Oh, I can afford the 25 or the 35. I just couldn't afford the 50. And it makes it a lot easier to transition.

00:40:19:22 - 00:40:21:19

Yeah, no, I hear you there.

00:40:22:04 - 00:40:28:17

So. So I don't want to get ahead of myself, you know, start buying this. Stop buying that. Then find myself in a bind.

00:40:29:05 - 00:40:31:04

I hear that. I hear that.

00:40:31:24 - 00:40:37:09

Because I don't want this discrediting.

00:40:39:08 - 00:40:42:14

You know, the credit thing is not as important there as it is here.

00:40:43:15 - 00:40:44:15

Yeah. Oh, what.

00:40:44:17 - 00:40:46:03

Part of what part of Jamaica are you.

00:40:46:05 - 00:40:46:22

From, by the way?

00:40:47:22 - 00:40:49:02

Well, I'm from Montego Bay.

00:40:49:09 - 00:40:53:02

Okay. My best friend, he's actually from Saint Mary's.

00:40:53:15 - 00:40:58:15

Oh, yeah, Yeah, I know, I know. Somewhere. I've been there a couple of times.

00:40:59:05 - 00:41:00:09

Yeah, for sure.

00:41:00:24 - 00:41:02:03

I've been there a couple of times.

00:41:03:04 - 00:41:05:00

Okay, so let's.

00:41:05:02 - 00:41:08:14

Let's do this. You have my information there.

00:41:09:18 - 00:41:26:04

What you're saying is it's good. It's fine and good, and I am loving every bit of it. But I don't want that to cloud my judgment right now as to make a decision. Yeah, I find myself in a bind because you're talking.

00:41:26:06 - 00:41:26:21

The value in.

00:41:26:23 - 00:41:27:14

You know, the benefit.

00:41:27:16 - 00:41:28:06

Of something like.

00:41:28:08 - 00:41:38:18

This. You're just making sure that you're not going to get yourself in a bind. Now, the question is for you here, Mr. Windows, how long ago did you move into your home?

00:41:39:09 - 00:41:48:06

I just made my first payment. First mortgage payment because, you know, after I closed, I could not even move in at the same time because, you know,

00:41:50:12 - 00:41:55:16

I had some some some expense that I had to pay off and all of that.

00:41:56:06 - 00:41:56:24

Yeah. So.

00:41:57:06 - 00:42:00:21

So so because what we can do is

00:42:02:22 - 00:42:04:03

there's a couple of options.

00:42:04:05 - 00:42:22:00

Here, right? Because we don't have to. If this is something you see the value in, something that you see the benefit in, we can set this up to like said, we can set this up to go inside with your next check right? It just doesn't have to be something that is put into place immediately here.

00:42:22:22 - 00:42:25:08

You can even do a month from now for something like this.

00:42:26:01 - 00:42:29:03

Because as far as senior life service goes,

00:42:31:01 - 00:42:32:20

we have a lot of flexibility. We have a.

00:42:32:22 - 00:42:34:03

Lot of options here.

00:42:36:11 - 00:42:38:24

So what would be.

00:42:39:15 - 00:42:46:20

I mean, what But you did talk through the clothes, so you really want to ask for that account information again, like right after the routing.

00:42:46:22 - 00:42:47:18

Account? What's going to.

00:42:47:20 - 00:42:56:20

Change with your situation to where it'll make sense for this to happen? Right. Because if if, if this is not something you can do today, at what point is it going to be something that you can do?

00:42:58:14 - 00:42:59:04

I don't.

00:43:01:05 - 00:43:31:20

And a lot of our clients. So nothing is going to change later, especially with people that are on Social Security. They might say, Oh, let me look at my finances. Let me find out. You know, if they're getting exact same amount of money every month, nothing does change. So unless they change it and, you know, stop their discretionary income and spending it foolishly or something like that. But yeah, just don't don't get me into that. Like, oh, let me call you when something changes. Like nothing's going to change in most cases.

00:43:32:06 - 00:43:36:04

A set point as it is right now. Because, you know,

00:43:37:19 - 00:43:57:12

one of the thing with work last year, we had not last year, the year before, we had, you know, crazy work overtime and all of that. And, you know, we were making that extra money right early last year. That would be 2022. We did no overtime, none of that.

00:43:57:15 - 00:43:58:18

Yeah, because the market.

00:43:59:03 - 00:44:15:19

Worked as it was, as the year before. Right. Luckily, I, you know, I managed to keep my head on my shoulder and, you know, did my sales and keep my expense at, you know, at a minimum. And therefore, I was able to, you know, still accomplish, I would say.

00:44:16:14 - 00:44:17:23

Yeah, because I mean, look.

00:44:18:06 - 00:44:32:08

Mr. Windows, the last thing we want to do right, is because if you're not, which it doesn't sound like it sounds like you just need to review your financials. It doesn't sound like this is something that would be undoable for you, Is it?

00:44:33:00 - 00:44:46:21

No, no, no. I wouldn't say I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't say it is so as it is right now. I just want to make sure that I am putting myself in a financial spot where, you know,

00:44:48:21 - 00:44:59:17

I think things like these are within my So therefore, when it is deducted from my account, I want, you know.

00:45:01:23 - 00:45:02:16


00:45:02:18 - 00:45:05:05

Because you don't feel it right?

00:45:05:20 - 00:45:06:16


00:45:07:14 - 00:45:09:01

At the end of the day.

00:45:11:24 - 00:45:13:02

Okay. So because what.

00:45:13:04 - 00:45:48:02

I can do is I can just have because here's how it typically works. We can get you What we can do is we can get you out a packet of information. Okay? I can have a welcome packet sent to you in the mail immediately and that will have all of my information, which you already wrote down. But it'll also have all the information about the plan and the the company that you qualify for today. And you will get that in about 3 to 4 days. And then you'll you'll actually have about a ten day leeway before you get the actual policy itself. Okay? That way you will get everything we've talked about here today in black and white.

00:45:48:15 - 00:45:49:10

That sounds fair.

00:45:53:15 - 00:45:57:07

So after that ten days, then I start painting.

00:45:57:10 - 00:46:06:19

This is really good, man. You're just continually trying to close and convince them of this. And we always get back to the bank and like, let's just set it up. Let's see if you even get approved. You're doing great.

00:46:08:13 - 00:46:11:20

Yeah, well, I mean, we can we can set this up to.

00:46:11:22 - 00:46:13:08

We can set this up to.

00:46:13:10 - 00:46:14:19

Make sense for you or however you would.

00:46:14:21 - 00:46:15:11


00:46:16:08 - 00:46:21:23

And then what's, what's also, you know, if you're not aware with insurance, you also do have.

00:46:22:04 - 00:46:23:04


00:46:23:06 - 00:46:57:17

30 day free look, period. But what we can do, there's a couple options. Yeah, we can either post it. Now, most people do want to get these benefits in place as soon as possible, Right? Because the moment that you pay is the moment that all of these benefits go into effect. Right? So God forbid something happened to you next week. If we were able to get your just your first payment of 200 bucks, you would actually still be your your family would still be eligible to receive that $50,000 benefit even if you were to pass, God forbid, next week.

00:46:58:08 - 00:47:02:23

So there's obviously a sense of urgency in that in that aspect because.

00:47:03:06 - 00:47:04:11

It's not something that's.

00:47:04:13 - 00:47:11:12

Super, that is something that we never, you know, we never plan enough for it. Know it happens. Yeah.

00:47:11:14 - 00:47:12:14

So, look, let's do this.

00:47:12:16 - 00:47:22:16

I'm going to go ahead and verify some of the last application information here and then I'll work on getting everything that I mentioned, the welcome packet, the policy, everything sent out to you here. So could you just go ahead.

00:47:23:03 - 00:47:23:18


00:47:23:20 - 00:47:25:09

I don't want you to do that yet.

00:47:25:20 - 00:47:29:08

All right. So you keep going after them. So at some point, you can't stop. But.

00:47:29:17 - 00:47:32:22

Okay. Because intended it'll survive because.

00:47:32:24 - 00:47:41:11

You stand where you're coming from. I'm. I'm. So let's do this. Let's. So let's set up another call. I'll have the welcome packet sent out to you. That would.

00:47:41:13 - 00:47:42:12

Add just on file here at.

00:47:42:14 - 00:47:50:22

816I little Lord you know it's not working and you cannot always have it your way.

00:47:50:24 - 00:47:51:14


00:47:52:09 - 00:47:56:22

You've been seeing there new commercials. You know you were born in Jamaica, correct? Yes.

00:47:57:00 - 00:48:00:02

Yeah. So we went to have any my wife.

00:48:00:05 - 00:48:07:22

And so I'm assuming a lot of this is probably unnecessary after the fact. You're talking about setting up a callback. So do that and then, you know.

00:48:08:00 - 00:48:15:09

No, I said my wife died from pancreatic cancer earlier this year and it was, you know, unfortunately, you need to make sure everything is actually you.

00:48:15:12 - 00:48:19:17

It would be Thursday because everything is closed today. How much is going to change.

00:48:19:19 - 00:48:20:24

But and then.

00:48:21:01 - 00:48:21:16


00:48:21:19 - 00:48:22:15

Waiting on smoker.

00:48:22:17 - 00:48:28:11

Who's got no no major medical issues or health issues. So yeah he was able to get qualified for all the.

00:48:28:13 - 00:48:29:04

Discounts, all the.

00:48:29:06 - 00:48:34:04

Benefits, everything. So is there anything else? Go ahead and take it away.

00:48:35:14 - 00:48:39:05

I just want to make sure that you are going for super preferred.

00:48:41:04 - 00:48:42:23

Yep. That's what he qualifies for.

00:48:43:23 - 00:49:17:08

And you actually did say preferred plus, so. Yeah. So it refers. Not something you want to do very often because there's nothing like calling somebody. Oh, you didn't get that. No. But you did get immediate coverage and now they don't want it or they're mad about it. Okay. Because we were preferred is not very common that we would go with that because it basically means that everything is perfect and has always been perfect. So, Mr. Ross, is that the case with you, buddy? Any license suspension? Okay, so that's where I come in. But yeah, good job on this. If that's if you give presentations like that over and over again, this is the job is not going to be that hard for you.

00:49:17:13 - 00:49:54:03

So just hopefully you took some notes and wrote down a few things that I said. A couple takeaways that early on in the call. If you can get as much information out of them as possible about beneficiaries and then of course about his current coverage and get him to agree that he needs to get to a certain amount of coverage. Because if he would have told me, like later on when when I talk here, I found out that one of them he set up a year ago, if I can get all that information at the same time, then I can actually figure out if I can beat this right? Also, if he is perfect health and he's on and he's not smoking, I do.

00:49:54:05 - 00:50:13:14

I did went over the fact that he could actually get let's go back to 55. You can get that term, which will operate basically like a whole life after the 20 years. And of course, it's much cheaper. So you can technically do 25 year rope. For those that don't know, rope basically means.

00:50:15:04 - 00:50:40:21

With Pioneer, he would get 75% of his money back in cash at the end of the policy, like everything he paid in. They'll multiply that by 0.75 or they have the option to convert it to a whole life at 80 to 90% of what the face amount was. And the reason they can do that is Pioneer is planning on him living for a very long time so that they can reinvest that money. So let's say he paid $100 a month. Well, let's just do one here. 100,000.

00:50:44:20 - 00:50:53:07

Doesn't mean I'm not going to add this stuff. Okay. So let's say he did $100,000 in coverage. Comes out to two 3669.

00:50:56:12 - 00:51:31:24

240 payments is 20 years. So he paid this in for $100,000 in coverage. It'll obviously pay out $100,000 if he dies before age 75. But if he reaches 75, he'll still have 9 to 80 to $90,000 in coverage. However, he has the option to take 75% back in cash. That's not taxable. So he can get $42,000 back in cash. A lot of people that's a better way to sell it because you're really only paying like you can just subtract these two, which ends up only being like 14,000 is what his total net cost was.

00:51:32:19 - 00:52:06:16

Don't need to mention inflation that that you know, decreases the value obviously, but it definitely is a big selling point. And more likely than not you should tell them like but you can make that decision later on after you've had the policy for 20 years. But if you decide like, you know, your finances are in order, you're 75, you know? Thank God you don't have to pay for this anymore. You want bills to go away as you get older and not add more. At 75, you'll still have 80 to $90,000. Whole life coverage that is sitting there waiting for your son, daughter, wife, beneficiary, whoever it is.

00:52:06:18 - 00:52:37:05

So then you never have to worry about this again. If he's 35, same thing at 55. You still have let's say you did a $300,000 policy. You still have 270 or 240 minimum, and that will stay with you for the rest of your life, even though you're 55, You know that money and that nest egg is sitting there for Becky. So just wanted to clarify that with you, Liam. All right. Good job. If Liam gives me permission, I'll put it on the site. So very good call review. I will stop this here.

00:52:38:20 - 00:52:43:06

And you guys all enjoy your day. Thank you for tuning in and thank you for learning with me.

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review 01/02/23

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