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Call Review !!!

Updated: Apr 17

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Review !!!

00:00:07:02 - 00:00:25:15

Okay, So, Jake, you're gonna have to help me a little bit because I'm into your connectome voice. So you said you had two full good presentations. I'm seeing one for 34 minutes here. I'm assuming that is, um. You can only pick one. So.

00:00:26:03 - 00:00:47:07

Yeah, I don't remember off the top of my head, but just to let everybody know I'm embarrassed. A lot of it is gibberish, but, uh, I'm learning to make this goal oriented conversations. I'm going to put you on hold. One second. I apologize. I'm waiting for a dental appointment. I got massive toothache, so just take.

00:00:47:18 - 00:00:48:19

Yeah, take your call.

00:00:49:01 - 00:00:50:15

Thank you, man. Sorry about that. Yeah.

00:00:52:06 - 00:00:52:21

Well, this is.

00:00:54:04 - 00:01:01:11

Okay. All right, guys. So what we're going to do is we're going to pull I saw that 34 minute one. So I'm guessing this has got to be a presentation.

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00:01:21:19 - 00:01:36:07

And usually, I mean, the best way to learn is to point out either other people's mistakes or just like what they're doing. So a lot of the time, I'm just going to ask you guys what you think I'm stopping this for, or what do you think could be corrected or change or made better?

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00:01:41:18 - 00:01:47:11

Hey, How are you doing? My name is Dave Engel. You guys call me a month.

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00:01:50:21 - 00:01:55:07

I got that shake. Don't understand. Is this somebody calling you? Because.

00:01:56:21 - 00:02:08:24

Hey, how are you doing? My name is Dave Engel. You guys call me several times a day, so I'm going to return the call. I appreciate that, Dave. Let me get your.

00:02:09:02 - 00:02:12:09

Information in front of me. In your address.

00:02:13:20 - 00:02:15:09

Jacob. So can you still hear us?

00:02:15:11 - 00:02:20:17

Blake Boulevard. Winter Garden, Florida. Three, four, seven, eight, seven. Yes, Ernie, I hear you.

00:02:21:03 - 00:02:28:09

Okay. Is this because it looks like it's incoming, but it can't be because it's it's outbound. So is that just how it started?

00:02:37:00 - 00:02:38:19

He's still on the call calling to confirm your.

00:02:38:21 - 00:02:42:01

Appointment for medical on the 28th.

00:02:42:04 - 00:02:44:05

Okay, Ernie, what was the question?

00:02:44:18 - 00:02:49:15

So it sounded like it's an outbound call, but it sounded like almost like he called you.

00:02:51:21 - 00:02:54:15

Or does say, inbound. So this guy called you back.

00:02:55:13 - 00:02:58:23

He may have. I don't remember. Off the top. What's the name of the guy?

00:02:59:10 - 00:03:01:01

I don't know. It started like this.

00:03:01:04 - 00:03:02:13

Dave. Jacob.

00:03:04:07 - 00:03:08:08

Hey, how are you doing? My name is Dave Engel. You guys.

00:03:08:12 - 00:03:11:21

So guess it's like it does say, inbound. So this guy called him back, but he.

00:03:11:23 - 00:03:14:07

Returned my call. He's a Connecticut guy. Yeah.

00:03:14:12 - 00:03:21:09

Okay, so it wasn't a transfer, but it was. Somebody called you back right after you called them. Okay, So let's let's continue that.

00:03:21:11 - 00:03:26:21

Call me several times a day, so I'm going to return the call.

00:03:27:17 - 00:03:30:19

I appreciate that, Dave. Let me get your information in front of me.

00:03:33:14 - 00:03:36:11

Dave Engle. NGL, sir.

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00:03:39:24 - 00:03:41:07

Okay. Give me one moment.

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00:03:50:17 - 00:03:58:17

Okay. And I'm showing your beneficiary. You didn't put an amount, but you did list Aaron Angle. Is that accurate?

00:04:01:00 - 00:04:03:11

That would be, yes.

00:04:04:20 - 00:04:07:12

Okay. Is that your spouse or child?

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00:04:11:07 - 00:04:13:14

And the beneficiary.

00:04:14:18 - 00:04:15:20

I'm sorry. See you again.

00:04:16:24 - 00:04:21:14

My beneficiary. I'm not quite ready to die yet, so.

00:04:22:00 - 00:04:30:02

No, of course. That's why it's a tough discussion, but at the same time, a necessary one. So.

00:04:34:14 - 00:04:45:18

So we could. Since you started with that, you're not one of the 20,000 people calling me about Medicare and Medicaid and all these benefits.

00:04:45:22 - 00:05:03:23

That's hilarious. And I could say laughing because I'm disabled and they've been calling me ridiculously, but they on top of things, they even call our office because those robots, they're not even robots. They're actually people in different countries calling. But no, we're not those Medicare folks.

00:05:06:08 - 00:05:11:24

How many people that call me every day that don't speak English? It's

00:05:15:00 - 00:05:21:03

probably that we understand. But what I'm getting at, this is a life insurance policy you're trying to sell me.

00:05:21:09 - 00:05:28:02

Yes, exactly. I'm showing that you actually visited our probably one of our websites and you spoke with the.

00:05:29:07 - 00:05:35:10

Did like I mean, you might as well just be straight up. Yeah, that's the goal here. That's completely okay.

00:05:37:00 - 00:05:46:14

Two of our agents in the past. But you were busy actually when they reached out to you it says you were up north. What day was this? Was last week.

00:05:49:09 - 00:06:08:16

Well, yeah, that would be accurate. I did have to go to the Unholy North with freak weather and snow and shit, and then I came back to Florida and yeah, now it's this last week spent in the 30s and 40s, and I'm not like hell.

00:06:08:18 - 00:06:09:15

Back with you, huh?

00:06:11:09 - 00:06:13:15

Well, evidently, no.

00:06:13:17 - 00:06:18:00

I'm a New Yorker. I'm very grateful that I'm pissed off that we're in the 40s this week.

00:06:18:09 - 00:06:18:24


00:06:20:09 - 00:06:23:06

spent 40 years in Connecticut and oh.

00:06:23:08 - 00:06:23:23


00:06:24:06 - 00:06:31:08

Didn't bother me then, but now 38 degrees sucks.

00:06:32:00 - 00:06:35:01

Yeah, yeah, yeah. My sentiments exactly.

00:06:35:24 - 00:06:42:00

Well, so you're the number that came up is a Pinellas County number. Are you in Pinellas County?

00:06:42:09 - 00:06:49:15

I'm actually. Our office is based in Vero Beach. I'm speaking to you from my home in winter Garden. Where are you located?

00:06:50:17 - 00:06:51:10

Don Eden.

00:06:53:02 - 00:06:56:01

Dunedin. Okay. Not familiar.

00:06:56:13 - 00:06:57:15

Underwater beach.

00:06:58:00 - 00:06:59:12

Oh, Clearwater. Okay.

00:07:00:06 - 00:07:12:03

I mean, it's, you know, I mean, I don't need is one of the nicest towns in Florida and it's not the coast. And we have Honeymoon Island in Call, D.C. and but the

00:07:13:20 - 00:07:20:09

several hundred yards for me is Clearwater and Clearwater Beach. So that's people.

00:07:21:07 - 00:07:39:20

Okay. Right now we have chaos if you. So, um, really got to bring this guy back to, like he's still on the phone and he's agreeing. Yes, I filled this out. I did this. Uh, so maybe the rapport is a little too long here, but way too long.

00:07:39:22 - 00:08:01:07

That's why I'm glad you're reviewing, because I wasted so many hours talking to people about bullshit. No other word for talking about Connecticut. I got to. That's why I'm grateful for this script. And we're doing this because I'm slowly learning to bring people back. Right. Because I know I lost three good deals yesterday. So I hopefully I'm going to follow up with this guy and close up, but just had to interject the.

00:08:02:12 - 00:08:35:13

Yeah, it's almost like you can look at it like so think we've said it a million times but if you if you build a friend to like this person is not going to be your buddy he's not going to come over and hang out with you. Um, so it's like we got to stay on the topic that, you know, we're trying to fix it. Like if they're too good a friend, it's too easy to say goodbye. Let me think about it. Let me do this. Yeah. You know I'm not going to. He already said I'm not going to die. Hopefully don't die anytime soon. Uh, right there. I'd be like, Yeah, but we can agree that you're going to go at some point because I need to get that out of his head too.

00:08:35:15 - 00:08:59:16

It's like all that shit that he's saying that's not going to help me make a sale. I need to either bring them back or you know what? Yeah. Or get off. And it's like, so but we're going to find out. I mean, the guy right now, I wouldn't hang up here because he's saying, yes, I did that. I did this, uh, beneficiary or whatever. He's talking about all that. So it's not like it's a hang up here. But let's lay out, let's continue sort of that.

00:08:59:18 - 00:09:05:12

Before they never heard of Dundon, which is how everybody pronounce it.

00:09:05:14 - 00:09:15:11

There you go. That's how I pronounce it, because I spelled it out and I'm like, wait a minute. I know this area like such a like you said, I, I say it like a New Yorker dungeon.

00:09:16:24 - 00:09:17:14


00:09:17:19 - 00:09:19:20

You have no idea where this.

00:09:20:00 - 00:09:39:13

Information you have to put in dotted in because they could not register in the computers. But it is done. They have a city over in Scotland. They're very big in the Highland Games and stuff like that here. And it's a really a great place to live.

00:09:39:16 - 00:09:41:13

Learn something new. Very cool.

00:09:43:04 - 00:09:49:07

Clearwater is gorgeous, to say the least. That's where my heart's kind of heading toward the Tampa Bay side of things.

00:09:50:21 - 00:09:52:16

Well, that's well.

00:09:54:06 - 00:10:10:01

I mean, I went to school at USF back in 77. 78. Oh. Spent the first two agonizing years watching the Bucs play the game. And that was the inception of the Bucs.

00:10:10:21 - 00:10:11:18

Oh, wow.

00:10:12:17 - 00:10:26:13

Got the school USF. You paid five bucks. You got a bus with kegs and sandwiches and tickets on the lowest level right alongside the end zone. It was.

00:10:28:22 - 00:10:29:12


00:10:29:15 - 00:10:37:17

Good old days, the pre Tom Brady days for the Bucs. And when college was, you know, practically a blessing opposed to a burden today.

00:10:40:08 - 00:10:41:07

Yes, without.

00:10:41:12 - 00:10:42:03


00:10:44:09 - 00:10:51:06

Oh, I was just, you know, had Christmas with my kids and grandkids and stuff and.

00:10:51:23 - 00:10:56:09

Okay. So Jacob, how long is this? How long how long does this go on before you get back to the script?

00:10:56:11 - 00:11:02:09

Yeah, you could. I don't even know, to be honest with you, I might have wasted an entire 30 minutes here with these people.