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Call Review !!!

Updated: Apr 17

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Okay, So, Jake, you're gonna have to help me a little bit because I'm into your connectome voice. So you said you had two full good presentations. I'm seeing one for 34 minutes here. I'm assuming that is, um. You can only pick one. So.

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Yeah, I don't remember off the top of my head, but just to let everybody know I'm embarrassed. A lot of it is gibberish, but, uh, I'm learning to make this goal oriented conversations. I'm going to put you on hold. One second. I apologize. I'm waiting for a dental appointment. I got massive toothache, so just take.

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Yeah, take your call.

00:00:49:01 - 00:00:50:15

Thank you, man. Sorry about that. Yeah.

00:00:52:06 - 00:00:52:21

Well, this is.

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Okay. All right, guys. So what we're going to do is we're going to pull I saw that 34 minute one. So I'm guessing this has got to be a presentation.

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And usually, I mean, the best way to learn is to point out either other people's mistakes or just like what they're doing. So a lot of the time, I'm just going to ask you guys what you think I'm stopping this for, or what do you think could be corrected or change or made better?

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Hey, How are you doing? My name is Dave Engel. You guys call me a month.

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I got that shake. Don't understand. Is this somebody calling you? Because.

00:01:56:21 - 00:02:08:24

Hey, how are you doing? My name is Dave Engel. You guys call me several times a day, so I'm going to return the call. I appreciate that, Dave. Let me get your.

00:02:09:02 - 00:02:12:09

Information in front of me. In your address.

00:02:13:20 - 00:02:15:09

Jacob. So can you still hear us?

00:02:15:11 - 00:02:20:17

Blake Boulevard. Winter Garden, Florida. Three, four, seven, eight, seven. Yes, Ernie, I hear you.

00:02:21:03 - 00:02:28:09

Okay. Is this because it looks like it's incoming, but it can't be because it's it's outbound. So is that just how it started?

00:02:37:00 - 00:02:38:19

He's still on the call calling to confirm your.

00:02:38:21 - 00:02:42:01

Appointment for medical on the 28th.

00:02:42:04 - 00:02:44:05

Okay, Ernie, what was the question?

00:02:44:18 - 00:02:49:15

So it sounded like it's an outbound call, but it sounded like almost like he called you.

00:02:51:21 - 00:02:54:15

Or does say, inbound. So this guy called you back.

00:02:55:13 - 00:02:58:23

He may have. I don't remember. Off the top. What's the name of the guy?

00:02:59:10 - 00:03:01:01

I don't know. It started like this.

00:03:01:04 - 00:03:02:13

Dave. Jacob.

00:03:04:07 - 00:03:08:08

Hey, how are you doing? My name is Dave Engel. You guys.

00:03:08:12 - 00:03:11:21

So guess it's like it does say, inbound. So this guy called him back, but he.

00:03:11:23 - 00:03:14:07

Returned my call. He's a Connecticut guy. Yeah.

00:03:14:12 - 00:03:21:09

Okay, so it wasn't a transfer, but it was. Somebody called you back right after you called them. Okay, So let's let's continue that.

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Call me several times a day, so I'm going to return the call.

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I appreciate that, Dave. Let me get your information in front of me.

00:03:33:14 - 00:03:36:11

Dave Engle. NGL, sir.

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Okay. Give me one moment.

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Okay. And I'm showing your beneficiary. You didn't put an amount, but you did list Aaron Angle. Is that accurate?

00:04:01:00 - 00:04:03:11

That would be, yes.

00:04:04:20 - 00:04:07:12

Okay. Is that your spouse or child?

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And the beneficiary.

00:04:14:18 - 00:04:15:20

I'm sorry. See you again.

00:04:16:24 - 00:04:21:14

My beneficiary. I'm not quite ready to die yet, so.

00:04:22:00 - 00:04:30:02

No, of course. That's why it's a tough discussion, but at the same time, a necessary one. So.

00:04:34:14 - 00:04:45:18

So we could. Since you started with that, you're not one of the 20,000 people calling me about Medicare and Medicaid and all these benefits.

00:04:45:22 - 00:05:03:23

That's hilarious. And I could say laughing because I'm disabled and they've been calling me ridiculously, but they on top of things, they even call our office because those robots, they're not even robots. They're actually people in different countries calling. But no, we're not those Medicare folks.

00:05:06:08 - 00:05:11:24

How many people that call me every day that don't speak English? It's

00:05:15:00 - 00:05:21:03

probably that we understand. But what I'm getting at, this is a life insurance policy you're trying to sell me.

00:05:21:09 - 00:05:28:02

Yes, exactly. I'm showing that you actually visited our probably one of our websites and you spoke with the.

00:05:29:07 - 00:05:35:10

Did like I mean, you might as well just be straight up. Yeah, that's the goal here. That's completely okay.

00:05:37:00 - 00:05:46:14

Two of our agents in the past. But you were busy actually when they reached out to you it says you were up north. What day was this? Was last week.

00:05:49:09 - 00:06:08:16

Well, yeah, that would be accurate. I did have to go to the Unholy North with freak weather and snow and shit, and then I came back to Florida and yeah, now it's this last week spent in the 30s and 40s, and I'm not like hell.

00:06:08:18 - 00:06:09:15

Back with you, huh?

00:06:11:09 - 00:06:13:15

Well, evidently, no.

00:06:13:17 - 00:06:18:00

I'm a New Yorker. I'm very grateful that I'm pissed off that we're in the 40s this week.

00:06:18:09 - 00:06:18:24


00:06:20:09 - 00:06:23:06

spent 40 years in Connecticut and oh.

00:06:23:08 - 00:06:23:23


00:06:24:06 - 00:06:31:08

Didn't bother me then, but now 38 degrees sucks.

00:06:32:00 - 00:06:35:01

Yeah, yeah, yeah. My sentiments exactly.

00:06:35:24 - 00:06:42:00

Well, so you're the number that came up is a Pinellas County number. Are you in Pinellas County?

00:06:42:09 - 00:06:49:15

I'm actually. Our office is based in Vero Beach. I'm speaking to you from my home in winter Garden. Where are you located?

00:06:50:17 - 00:06:51:10

Don Eden.

00:06:53:02 - 00:06:56:01

Dunedin. Okay. Not familiar.

00:06:56:13 - 00:06:57:15

Underwater beach.

00:06:58:00 - 00:06:59:12

Oh, Clearwater. Okay.

00:07:00:06 - 00:07:12:03

I mean, it's, you know, I mean, I don't need is one of the nicest towns in Florida and it's not the coast. And we have Honeymoon Island in Call, D.C. and but the

00:07:13:20 - 00:07:20:09

several hundred yards for me is Clearwater and Clearwater Beach. So that's people.

00:07:21:07 - 00:07:39:20

Okay. Right now we have chaos if you. So, um, really got to bring this guy back to, like he's still on the phone and he's agreeing. Yes, I filled this out. I did this. Uh, so maybe the rapport is a little too long here, but way too long.

00:07:39:22 - 00:08:01:07

That's why I'm glad you're reviewing, because I wasted so many hours talking to people about bullshit. No other word for talking about Connecticut. I got to. That's why I'm grateful for this script. And we're doing this because I'm slowly learning to bring people back. Right. Because I know I lost three good deals yesterday. So I hopefully I'm going to follow up with this guy and close up, but just had to interject the.

00:08:02:12 - 00:08:35:13

Yeah, it's almost like you can look at it like so think we've said it a million times but if you if you build a friend to like this person is not going to be your buddy he's not going to come over and hang out with you. Um, so it's like we got to stay on the topic that, you know, we're trying to fix it. Like if they're too good a friend, it's too easy to say goodbye. Let me think about it. Let me do this. Yeah. You know I'm not going to. He already said I'm not going to die. Hopefully don't die anytime soon. Uh, right there. I'd be like, Yeah, but we can agree that you're going to go at some point because I need to get that out of his head too.

00:08:35:15 - 00:08:59:16

It's like all that shit that he's saying that's not going to help me make a sale. I need to either bring them back or you know what? Yeah. Or get off. And it's like, so but we're going to find out. I mean, the guy right now, I wouldn't hang up here because he's saying, yes, I did that. I did this, uh, beneficiary or whatever. He's talking about all that. So it's not like it's a hang up here. But let's lay out, let's continue sort of that.

00:08:59:18 - 00:09:05:12

Before they never heard of Dundon, which is how everybody pronounce it.

00:09:05:14 - 00:09:15:11

There you go. That's how I pronounce it, because I spelled it out and I'm like, wait a minute. I know this area like such a like you said, I, I say it like a New Yorker dungeon.

00:09:16:24 - 00:09:17:14


00:09:17:19 - 00:09:19:20

You have no idea where this.

00:09:20:00 - 00:09:39:13

Information you have to put in dotted in because they could not register in the computers. But it is done. They have a city over in Scotland. They're very big in the Highland Games and stuff like that here. And it's a really a great place to live.

00:09:39:16 - 00:09:41:13

Learn something new. Very cool.

00:09:43:04 - 00:09:49:07

Clearwater is gorgeous, to say the least. That's where my heart's kind of heading toward the Tampa Bay side of things.

00:09:50:21 - 00:09:52:16

Well, that's well.

00:09:54:06 - 00:10:10:01

I mean, I went to school at USF back in 77. 78. Oh. Spent the first two agonizing years watching the Bucs play the game. And that was the inception of the Bucs.

00:10:10:21 - 00:10:11:18

Oh, wow.

00:10:12:17 - 00:10:26:13

Got the school USF. You paid five bucks. You got a bus with kegs and sandwiches and tickets on the lowest level right alongside the end zone. It was.

00:10:28:22 - 00:10:29:12


00:10:29:15 - 00:10:37:17

Good old days, the pre Tom Brady days for the Bucs. And when college was, you know, practically a blessing opposed to a burden today.

00:10:40:08 - 00:10:41:07

Yes, without.

00:10:41:12 - 00:10:42:03


00:10:44:09 - 00:10:51:06

Oh, I was just, you know, had Christmas with my kids and grandkids and stuff and.

00:10:51:23 - 00:10:56:09

Okay. So Jacob, how long is this? How long how long does this go on before you get back to the script?

00:10:56:11 - 00:11:02:09

Yeah, you could. I don't even know, to be honest with you, I might have wasted an entire 30 minutes here with these people.

00:11:02:14 - 00:11:03:08

All right, let's find out.

00:11:04:01 - 00:11:05:16

Went up 15, 20%.

00:11:06:17 - 00:11:07:07


00:11:08:15 - 00:11:12:02

Those are not concerns. Those are things I'm used to.

00:11:12:04 - 00:11:17:16

And the only a lot of people will sign up seeing that AARP stamp of approval.

00:11:17:21 - 00:11:18:15

I still I.

00:11:18:17 - 00:11:19:07


00:11:20:06 - 00:11:25:05

Okay, so I'm guessing this whole conversation was very off script.

00:11:26:17 - 00:11:41:08

What? I wanted to jump in. Not only him, there was another person I confuse. A lot of these people are saying I have Mutual of Omaha policies, so I want to just bring that up because those policies, they have a two year waiting period. Right.

00:11:41:21 - 00:11:59:05

If they're set up over the phone. Mutual of Omaha does not do immediate coverage over the phone. They they will send people to your house. They're like really strict. So like if they're going to give you immediate coverage, they're going to come to your house, they're going to draw blood, They're going to do like a fully underwritten policy.

00:11:59:19 - 00:12:00:09


00:12:00:11 - 00:12:01:17

So it's always two years.

00:12:02:03 - 00:12:11:15

Okay. Yeah, that came up. And I'm I'm a rookie, so I'm learning. That's my rebuttal. I don't want to waste everybody's morning with this call or any of my calls. No, it's fine.

00:12:11:17 - 00:12:12:08

We're fine.

00:12:12:20 - 00:12:13:10


00:12:13:12 - 00:12:37:10

Taking is too much rapport. Like Matt saw me. I just talked too much nonsense. But rapport has to be intelligence gathering. Not talking about Tom Brady or whatever the hell, you know, go off on a tangent about. But I'm strong enough to make gather a lot of intelligence from these people because they just start, you know, shooting off at the mouth. But go ahead.

00:12:38:12 - 00:13:25:14

No, it's fine. It's, uh. Yeah. Mean you have to mean it's great. I don't mind talking to people, but I'm also like in the back of my head, I know this is about money. I mean, this is a job. So this is about income, you know, doing protecting my family by and by making money. So. So I definitely have to always focus. That's the number one thing. Like, it's too easy. I mean, that's that's what makes. All right. So I don't know if how you guys feel about this, but what makes me angry and I know I have to get angry and not into like a rage fueled anger, but in my head, I'm like a little angry If I'm speaking to somebody for 40 minutes and I'm not even asking for the sale, it's like, what am I doing? You should be angry a little bit like or I spent 50 minutes with this person they didn't buy.

00:13:25:24 - 00:13:56:18

What did I do wrong either? Either there's a million things I could have done wrong. There wasn't a sale to begin with, and I did not screen that out and take care of it and just get off the phone. I presented, you know, I presented poorly, whatever. I mean, that can happen to, um, I didn't handle the objections. I didn't listen to the person when they said what they actually needed or as they were talking like I kept forgetting. I mean, that that happens all the time. When I listen to calls like that person said something you should have mentally noted it, wrote it down, and then you're asking, and if you ask for it again later, that's clear to them.

00:13:56:20 - 00:14:05:17

You just weren't listening. But if you remember everything that they're saying, then they obviously they're going to like you because active listening is the number one way to make people like you.

00:14:07:06 - 00:14:11:08

Okay, I'm gonna. I'm gonna pull one more time because I do want the final one. This one's 12.

00:14:11:10 - 00:14:12:00


00:14:13:23 - 00:14:19:03

And let's see how this one goes. Men can pull a bunch of them right now. It doesn't matter.

00:14:19:06 - 00:14:20:03

Hi, Susan.

00:14:23:05 - 00:14:23:20


00:14:24:12 - 00:14:25:24

Hey, Susan. How are you doing?

00:14:26:06 - 00:14:28:05

All right. Hey there.

00:14:28:07 - 00:14:48:13

That's better. So I've done. I've been guilty of that. Or it's like, Hey, Susan, I don't really like that because it's easy for them to say, No, this isn't Susan. Who's this? It can be two. Uh, they can come at you too hard. It's like, Hey, Susan, how's everything been going out there in Toledo? Then it's. They really can't come at you because they don't know who you are and they don't know if they know you yet.

00:14:49:24 - 00:15:09:03

This is Jake. I'm calling from Senior Life Services. Calling because you spoke with our reps a while back. So let me start by saying sorry for getting so late to get back to you, which is swamped over here. Now, Susan, I have you down as a living at 26 Perkins Highway in de Leon Springs, Florida. Is that correct?

00:15:09:16 - 00:15:10:12


00:15:11:14 - 00:15:48:22

Okay. So I do like the apology. I do like this that you're, you know, you're swamp. That's a good thing to say, especially with bleeds. But you do still want to introduce yourself, so you don't want to deviate from like. Like, how's everything been going? Great. It's like, okay. Hey, Susan. How's everything? So sorry to get back to you. You can still say, Hey, my name is Jacob over here at Senior Life Services. I'm so sorry it wasn't able to get back to you sooner. And I'm calling because you recently spoke with one of our reps about state regulated life insurance programs for the state of Florida. My job and then you because you have to say that stuff. They still need to know what the purpose of the call is like early on so that way you can filter these people out or, you know, get off the phone or continue.

00:15:48:24 - 00:15:49:15

That's okay.

00:15:49:18 - 00:15:50:10

The right. Didn't they?

00:15:51:03 - 00:15:51:24

I thought I said that.

00:15:52:12 - 00:15:53:17

Didn't say that or No.

00:15:53:20 - 00:15:54:10

In here.

00:15:54:20 - 00:15:55:15

I'll start it over.

00:15:56:20 - 00:15:57:18

Hi, Susan.

00:16:00:21 - 00:16:01:11


00:16:02:02 - 00:16:03:15

Hey, Susan. How are you doing?

00:16:03:21 - 00:16:04:13

All right.

00:16:05:07 - 00:16:24:22

Hey there. This is Jake. I'm calling from Senior Life Services. Calling because you spoke with our rep a while back. So let me start by saying sorry for getting so late to get back to you. We're just swamped over here. Now, Susan, I have you down as a living at 26 Perkins Highway in de Leon Springs, Florida. Is that correct?

00:16:25:10 - 00:16:26:05


00:16:26:19 - 00:16:28:14

That's not the right address.

00:16:28:20 - 00:16:30:06

No, it's not.

00:16:30:21 - 00:16:38:16

Oh, so basically you went into confirming information without basically telling them what you are, who you are and what you're doing.

00:16:38:22 - 00:16:39:12

I see.

00:16:39:20 - 00:16:40:21

So that's that's what I heard.

00:16:41:07 - 00:16:53:18

2026 High Ridge Avenue, DeLeon Springs, Florida. 32130.

00:16:55:20 - 00:17:03:19

Florida. Three, two, one, 2032130. Is that right?

00:17:03:23 - 00:17:04:21


00:17:05:07 - 00:17:12:02

Okay. Hold on one moment and I have your birthday. February 9th, 1963. Is that correct?

00:17:12:10 - 00:17:13:07


00:17:13:13 - 00:17:20:18

Okay. And you're looking for a coverage amount, about 50, $55,000 for your children. Is that accurate?

00:17:21:15 - 00:17:38:19

Yes, But I want to know what the payment is going to add up to, because honestly, honestly, my my husband has 5 or 6 years on me, so I might just want to insure him rather than insure myself.

00:17:38:21 - 00:17:42:11

Makes sense. Hold on one moment. Hold on. One moment. Let me get right with you.

00:17:58:00 - 00:17:58:18

I remember.

00:17:58:20 - 00:18:00:02

I put her on hold.

00:18:02:07 - 00:18:03:08

Oh, you put her on. Hold her.

00:18:03:19 - 00:18:11:22

Don't even know what I did there. Thought I talked to her the whole time. All of her information was totally off. That might have been one thing. Don't know why that we were calling.

00:18:12:00 - 00:18:34:24

So just so you understand, Susan, we are a consulting firm, so we work with several companies, not just one. So based on what you share with me as far as your budget goes and your health as well as your husband's health, we'll be able to guide you to the correct insurance policy and company. Like I said, we're not captive to one, if that makes sense.

00:18:35:08 - 00:18:43:13

Okay, so are you Medicare? Um, they're giving you a new Medicare program to cover final expenses.

00:18:44:04 - 00:19:10:13

No, I get those calls all day long. No, we're not Medicare. We are senior life services. We're not a government company. Or what we do is we'll help you secure a policy for final expenses for yourself or your husband. And based on that, we'll see what the cost of the funeral is, of course, or what your final expenses are. And we'll see if we could leave some money behind for your children as well. Makes sense.

00:19:11:20 - 00:19:23:15

Okay. Well, when you when you get all that together, give me a call back because I want to give you some information and then you can put it together and then call me back.

00:19:23:18 - 00:19:27:02

Oh, no. Right now, that's what I. What's the reason for my call?

00:19:27:04 - 00:19:57:14

So she's very much in control of this conversation. So that's, uh. Yeah, You got it. Mean you're hopeful you're going to bring it back a little bit, but you just have to get her off. That she needs to realize she's not the one running this shit. So it's like, um, okay, so we're consulting firm, so you with me on that and then just immediately she doesn't need to confirm anything, but yes, like, so we're consulting firm, which means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So our goal is to always figure out who specifically will give you the best rates and benefits. So you with me on that? Okay. And then she talks about Medicare.

00:19:57:16 - 00:20:09:24

It's like, no, I mean, I would just try to be like it's like, nope, that's a scam that doesn't even exist. Nobody's giving you free life insurance. So then be like, Where are you looking for benefits for just yourself today and then just move on.

00:20:10:16 - 00:20:15:23

Paul Now, do you currently have a policy in place for yourself or Mr. Gifford?

00:20:18:05 - 00:20:27:09

Gaspard. And I want to give you some information. Okay. My husband is 65.

00:20:28:09 - 00:20:29:11

What's his name?

00:20:29:12 - 00:20:32:23

And I'm only 59. Thomas Gaspard.

00:20:33:19 - 00:20:43:04

Thomas Kosmas. And how would I spell it? Because I have the last name Giffard, which is totally wrong. Is it GE's Ford.

00:20:44:02 - 00:20:51:01

V e f, as in Sam? F as in fish.

00:20:52:06 - 00:21:01:21

ORD Thank you. Thank you for the phonetics. That's probably what the problem was. It sounds similar. And I'm speaking with Susan Jefford, correct?

00:21:01:24 - 00:21:02:19


00:21:02:23 - 00:21:06:13

Okay. Susan, let me just update all this information.

00:21:06:20 - 00:21:16:02

But like I say, I'm only 50, 59 years old. I'll be 60 in February. He is 65.

00:21:16:18 - 00:21:18:04

And Thomas.

00:21:18:06 - 00:21:26:07

65 years young. And you are 59 years young. Okay. 65. And.

00:21:27:16 - 00:21:28:09


00:21:29:06 - 00:21:32:07

All right. So what do you think you could have done, like right here?

00:21:36:05 - 00:21:38:08

And no, and that's for anybody.

00:21:40:19 - 00:22:12:01

This might be a little advanced, but you can you could easily say like, all right, we're going to focus on your husband, because that seems like the primary objective. So is this the business that you typically then like? It's always about going back to the script. Like we forget that all the time. Like I will stare at my script and be like, okay, so. Thomas All right. Got that. So what did I say already and what didn't I say? Okay, so you're looking for benefits for both of you, but we're going mean that's immediately what would say. So we're looking for benefits for both of you. But Thomas is the priority here because he's 65 and you're 59. Is that what you're saying? Okay.

00:22:12:03 - 00:22:40:23

And is this the business that you pretty much handle yourself? Okay. And then you guys will be and then immediately be like, okay, benefits. Then I'm like, I'm just going down the line here. Okay, great. You typically handle this yourself. So I'm guessing you guys, you know, you have to you'd have to adjust that a little bit, but you can say so you guys would be each other's beneficiaries. Is there anybody else you want to add? Do you have any children? Like start getting them to give you the information because the more information they give you, the more they're starting to understand that they're going down a process to buy.

00:22:41:00 - 00:22:42:03

This coverage and.

00:22:42:05 - 00:22:46:18

Yeah, take control of that instead of like we're hearing her telling me what's going on. I hear.

00:22:46:20 - 00:23:07:16

You. Yeah. She's she's making demands of you that you're not going to basically you're not going to do. It's like or if you do, you shouldn't because then you would just be going straight to, like, quoting, All right, let's get it. You know, this is where so many people are going to be like, all right, so let's ask you some health questions. I'll give you a rate and you're going to buy this. All right. But, you know, it's not going to happen unless you're in control.

00:23:07:19 - 00:23:10:15

What coverage do you guys currently have in place?

00:23:12:22 - 00:23:24:16

So I don't think they have any. Think right now it's been clear that they don't have anything. Don't know if there's anybody unclear about that from what she's been saying. Does it sound like she has coverage or does it not?

00:23:26:05 - 00:23:28:12

I don't think she does. Right.

00:23:28:15 - 00:23:31:12

I can take you lower than any of these plans could find.

00:23:31:17 - 00:23:32:16

Hey, Nathan.

00:23:36:17 - 00:23:38:05

Sorry. I don't think he heard you.

00:23:39:13 - 00:23:45:17

Oh, he's going by you? Yeah. Hey, stay away from him, because I can hear too much. Okay. Why is.

00:23:45:19 - 00:23:46:09


00:23:46:20 - 00:23:50:07

Do you either of you have life insurance policies in place?

00:23:51:06 - 00:23:53:07

Yes. Okay.

00:23:53:09 - 00:24:04:10

The reason I'm asking because we could see if you want to expand on that coverage to see exactly what it is and to see what your limitations would be based on your health as well is going to be the next question.

00:24:05:00 - 00:24:08:11

Limitations is not a good word. People don't want to be limited.

00:24:10:03 - 00:24:11:21

Why would there be limitations?

00:24:12:10 - 00:24:13:00

Oh, gosh.

00:24:14:11 - 00:24:15:01

It's like.

00:24:15:20 - 00:24:16:17

Not always, but.

00:24:16:19 - 00:24:18:22

Depending either of you smokers.

00:24:19:11 - 00:24:20:03


00:24:20:11 - 00:24:21:21

Okay. Are either of.

00:24:21:23 - 00:24:22:17

You. All right.

00:24:22:19 - 00:24:55:00

So you're doing it. You're doing I mean, it's okay. It really is. Like I've done this shit. Like it's I'm listening to it, and sometimes I'm cringing when I'm listening to this, but the only reason I'm cringing is because it's easy for somebody to forget how far they've came. Like. Like I would have made these same mistakes. So it doesn't. I never want you guys to feel like I'm bashing you, but you know that it's like, Oh, no, I said, the limitations, like, that's no good. Uh, so it's very important that, you know, you constantly, like, get better as far as, okay, don't use that word, don't do this, don't do that.

00:24:55:02 - 00:25:27:18

Half of it is. Um, not doing stuff. I think it's more than half. 80% is not making, like, mistakes. Think. And you guys know that. I like Belfort and I like to subscribe to that type of school. What is he always say? You can say you can shoot the shit. You can talk shit. You can, um, you know, bullshit, but you can't say stupid shit. So, so like, if we, if we, if we say things that are going to mess them up and mess their brain up, then then we have to stop immediately.

00:25:27:20 - 00:25:30:11

Diabetics. I am.

00:25:30:22 - 00:25:32:06

Non smoker.

00:25:32:08 - 00:25:42:12

Okay. And then one more thing. So what, what what was one thing that's missing here after she said, uh, well, I'm not going to say anything when he she.

00:25:42:14 - 00:25:43:23

Has a policy.

00:25:44:07 - 00:25:44:22


00:25:45:07 - 00:25:52:10

Then I should have had her elaborate on that. Who is it with, What's the coverage Is a term or whole. No. Correct.

00:25:52:19 - 00:25:56:01

Yes. Very, very good. That's exactly what. What. Yeah. You need to do.

00:25:56:03 - 00:25:56:20

Yeah. She threw me.

00:25:56:22 - 00:26:03:10

Off. And also this information. Did she input this information because the spelling was all wrong or was that one of us?

00:26:04:03 - 00:26:10:11

If it was a telesales lead, it could have easily been spelled wrong. I mean, guess. I guess if it's a web lead, I've seen people spell their own stuff wrong.

00:26:10:17 - 00:26:11:07

Yeah, she.

00:26:11:09 - 00:26:13:12

Might have been just an ass as people. Okay.

00:26:13:18 - 00:26:54:13

Yeah. And then. Yeah, because you got to get more information because it doesn't mean she might have said, Yes, I do. And you're going to hear that. Oh, you're going to hear that all the time. And I call. I do not believe them at all until they have. I need two pieces of information to believe them. When did you set it up? What's the name of the company and how much are you paying? And obviously that's not the first question. I'm gonna be like, Oh, how much you paying for that? Yeah. What company? It can't be like an inquisition, but it's like, okay, so you had the best transition is like, okay, is that a policy that you've had in place for a while or is that something you just set up? That question would have been like, Oh, no, no, don't have any coverage.

00:26:54:15 - 00:27:22:01

And then she can actually admit it without feeling stupid or or or she can say, Oh, I set that up like six months ago. Okay, well then it's, well, it's important that we review that and make sure that you do have the best company for you. How much coverage did you take out with that company? What is the name of the company? Okay. And he took out 10,000. And then the question I asked not what are you paying? I was like, okay, and how much are they drafting from your bank each to each month to pay for that policy?

00:27:23:18 - 00:27:32:11

Because I want them to say that they know that because if they don't know how much money is coming out of their account and they're on a fixed income, then I don't believe them.

00:27:32:13 - 00:27:33:06

Somebody's lying.

00:27:33:08 - 00:27:33:23


00:27:34:11 - 00:27:44:06

Okay. Because if you're paying 100 bucks a month and you're receiving I don't care if it's 2000 year, you're at the high end. 2 or 3000. You know, $100 is leaving your account every month.

00:27:44:08 - 00:27:44:23


00:27:45:09 - 00:27:47:23

I mean, not ever made. Some people are terrible with money, but, like.

00:27:48:05 - 00:27:48:20


00:27:48:22 - 00:27:50:04

So you're down to the penny. Yeah.

00:27:51:00 - 00:28:06:21

Yeah. If they can say $56 mean don't need the pennies. But if they're like, oh I don't know okay and then don't even call them. I was like, okay. So yeah, we'll find something better for you because you don't know, so you're just lying. So I'm just going to let you off the hook and keep going.

00:28:06:23 - 00:28:07:14

Yeah, like.

00:28:07:16 - 00:28:15:00

The way you're doing your tactfully without embarrassing these folks because a lot of them are straight, you know, because they're too embarrassed to tell you the truth. So I hear you.

00:28:15:03 - 00:28:15:18


00:28:16:12 - 00:28:20:01

Yeah. They got to be set. They got to save face. It's important.

00:28:20:12 - 00:28:21:03


00:28:21:24 - 00:28:26:10

And Susan is now you're diagnosed with diabetes.

00:28:27:00 - 00:28:27:24

Type two.

00:28:28:13 - 00:28:29:14

Type two.

00:28:29:16 - 00:28:30:06


00:28:30:08 - 00:28:32:09

Didn't find out until a year ago.

00:28:33:00 - 00:28:33:21


00:28:35:11 - 00:28:36:01


00:28:36:11 - 00:28:40:04

I really don't. I'm not really buying it, but. Okay.

00:28:40:24 - 00:29:03:04

I hear you. And, yeah, I can't get into what you could do, but obviously you could look at different health options as far as reversing that. And that's all I'm going to elaborate on that because my family has diabetes. I was listed as pre-diabetic, but like yourself, I said I wasn't buying it and I'm not diabetic today, so God bless you and doing your research. That's all we can talk about.

00:29:03:06 - 00:29:09:12

Yeah, I do a lot of that. You know, it's like right there.

00:29:10:07 - 00:29:12:03

Did you what did you do there?

00:29:12:21 - 00:29:14:02

I talk too much.

00:29:14:20 - 00:29:18:09

Did you give her an opportunity to go on her own tangent?

00:29:18:14 - 00:29:26:06

Yeah. This is why I'm glad we're doing this, because this is stopping today, especially as I hear myself sound like a complete moron.

00:29:26:21 - 00:29:57:02

Seriously want to go that far? I mean, it's just. It's just listen to them. Like you're. You're like you said, it's intelligence gathering. Uh, so that's a yes. So diabetes, like, don't like. I guess it's not like I guess I don't like, I don't really care about all the details. Like, I just want to know what's going on because, you know, it's got to come. I want them to be clear, like I'm good at my job, so just tell me what's going on and I'll find the best thing for you. Like it's just like going to a financial advisor.

00:29:57:04 - 00:30:06:19

You're 60, so your plan is not that, you know, you're saving and setting up your retirement. It's not going to be the same as somebody in their 20s, 20.

00:30:06:21 - 00:30:07:13

30 years old.

00:30:07:15 - 00:30:29:11

Yeah, it's like you're 20, 30. You need to be more aggressive with these investments. You're 60. It's not time to go crazy and speculate on crazy stocks because you could lose your entire nest egg. It's you know, you're you're just in different categories, your different stage of life. Same with these people. They're not they did they did not set up any coverage. So now they need it and you're going to do it for them.

00:30:30:24 - 00:30:32:19

I think the ones going around.

00:30:33:08 - 00:30:34:05

Oh, I'm sorry. Go ahead.

00:30:34:23 - 00:30:36:18

I was going to say real quick, um,

00:30:38:18 - 00:31:11:21

it seems like, um. When you're talking about the health questions and they talk about diabetes and stuff, you like to bring up your family history and stuff a little bit. And I've kind of learned that people don't really care to listen about our about our life or our problems. They'd rather talk about themselves. So maybe just, you know, say something like, Oh, yeah, if diabetes runs in my family. But you don't need to elaborate on any of your family health history, you know, none of that is really relevant, although you can relate to them as far as any complications that they might have had or whatever that you can talk about later.

00:31:11:23 - 00:31:26:03

But while you're doing the underwriting, try to get through the entire underwriting before you start to try to relate about the health history. So just kind of cut that out because it doesn't seem to be something that's really useful. You know.

00:31:26:21 - 00:31:28:06

It's hurting me. Yeah.

00:31:28:08 - 00:31:51:12

Thank you for allowing them to. It opens that that door, that window for them to go ahead and go, Well, you know, don't think I'm really diabetic, but the doctor said I'm diabetic and yada, yada, yada, yada, yada. Yeah. You know, it's like, well, I'm going to try after I put your application in and they give me the medications back, I'm going to know. So, you know, just get through it and make them understand the process of what what you're here to do today.

00:31:51:14 - 00:32:00:14

Yeah, I hear you loud and clear. And like we said, just gather intelligence with the knowledge I had not shared too much. Like we're in a bar somewhere, you know.

00:32:02:00 - 00:32:12:12

Yep. Okay, so you guys got some comments so far. I just want to go over. I don't know if it's the first 5 to 10. Become friends. Move forward. Yeah. Uh.

00:32:14:17 - 00:32:21:11

Matt Sutton talked about the holidays. They're on a soapbox. Yep. They'll talk forever if you let them.

00:32:27:00 - 00:32:35:24

Oh yeah, that's true. If they say anything about the low income people getting 30,000 free burial coverage. Shut that down immediately. It doesn't exist.

00:32:38:14 - 00:32:42:02

Yeah, they're definitely not passing out thousands of dollars to residents for burials.

00:32:46:20 - 00:32:53:12

Yep. In constructive criticism, it's the only way to improve. Take it and learn from it. And, you know, don't take it personally.

00:32:54:04 - 00:33:00:14

Oh, the doctors. That's what you're going to get. Because they're pushing what drugs they want to give people.

00:33:01:10 - 00:33:12:10

Susan, you're going to get me in trouble. But yes, I concur. Absolutely. And I've said it before that our doctors are more pharmaceutical reps today than they are medical practitioner.

00:33:12:12 - 00:33:13:02


00:33:13:04 - 00:33:18:14

Hey, I have never met my doctor, my primary doctor. I've always seen the nurse practitioner.

00:33:19:10 - 00:33:27:17

Yes, same here. I understand 100% with that. So just bringing it back to this now. Um, good.

00:33:28:10 - 00:33:33:12

That's. That's a good way to transition. Let's bring it back to what we're talking about.

00:33:33:14 - 00:33:34:07

Well, your husband.

00:33:34:12 - 00:33:35:12

Is a good help.

00:33:35:21 - 00:33:36:14


00:33:37:00 - 00:33:41:16

Okay. And is he on any prescription medications?

00:33:42:01 - 00:33:49:10

He takes mental health medications like for depression and stuff like that, but. Okay. Yeah.

00:33:50:23 - 00:33:56:03

Um, let me see. It's not anything for dementia, right? It's not.

00:33:56:06 - 00:34:04:04

No, no, no, no. Okay. Mr. Gifford, that's Thomas.

00:34:05:06 - 00:34:33:21

And as you're qualifying health, you can. You can demonstrate you're an expert, but, like. Yeah, like, I know what companies actually care about them, but once you're 50, like, schizophrenia meds, bipolar, none of that stuff really matters because Pioneer doesn't ask. They only care about if you're under 50 and taking those meds. So you can just, you know, you just move on. Like most companies, like they stop. You know, you can say things like that as you're thinking and writing and doing whatever you're doing, putting stuff in the vanilla, soft, whatever. But yeah.

00:34:33:23 - 00:34:35:21

On depression meds.

00:34:36:04 - 00:34:37:18

So just for a moment, um,

00:34:39:06 - 00:34:45:16

Pioneer is best for this because then I was thinking there's another company we're talking about with health issues. Prospect or.

00:34:47:02 - 00:35:26:24

Um. Well, pioneer, if if he's in good health, just set him up a pioneer and and it's really good. Like this is a situation where you kind of want him there. Like if she. If she's worried about her husband, um, then then we kind of need him there. But it's good what you're doing. Like, I do that all the time. Like, if it's for both of them, if I have one spouse on the phone, I'm going to ask. All right, So first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to qualify your help to figure out which company is best for you. You guys might not end up with the exact same company because what's best for him might not be best for you. So we're going to we're going to work on you and then go through that, figure that out, get all the health stuff, get everything you need to qualify that person, and then immediately transition.

00:35:27:10 - 00:35:47:05

Another way is to be like, all right, I'm going to ask questions and I want answers for both people. And it's okay to be that blunt and that like, I want answers for those, you know, for both of these, just because, like, your time has to be you have your time has to seem so valuable to you and that they're on board with just giving you the information so you can solve the problem.

00:35:47:07 - 00:35:54:08

When I follow up with this woman, I'm going to do what you just said. Let's do both of you. That's that's the most logical way to do it. Okay.

00:35:54:10 - 00:36:07:21

Yeah. And it really comes down like, obviously I would focus on the husband first because she said she's got six years or he has six years on her and we want to cover him first.

00:36:08:13 - 00:36:09:23

Absolutely. In this day and age.

00:36:10:00 - 00:36:11:20

Well, he's a veteran too, so.

00:36:11:22 - 00:36:12:17

Oh, God bless him.

00:36:12:19 - 00:36:13:12

What branch?

00:36:13:22 - 00:36:14:14


00:36:15:03 - 00:36:18:02

Okay. Yeah. I'm former Marine Corps, so. Department of Navy.

00:36:18:04 - 00:36:18:21


00:36:19:08 - 00:36:23:24

So he's got depression meds. Is there any other medications he's taken?

00:36:24:07 - 00:36:24:23


00:36:25:16 - 00:36:44:15

Okay. I'm going to actually have one of my senior benefits coordinator jump on in a moment because I want him to see what works better. If it would be for yourself or your husband based on what you're telling me. So it's definitely I'm going to definitely discuss whole life policies with you.

00:36:45:09 - 00:36:53:09

Yeah, because you kind of said what's what's best? I'm sorry. What was that wording? Whether it's for him or her or is it. All right, never mind.

00:36:53:18 - 00:37:05:00

Want to see what's. Yeah. Better for. I want my senior to see what's. It's okay for you or him, but you are closing someone at that time and then.

00:37:05:02 - 00:37:37:18

Yeah, don't bring it up unless you know they're available. But. But you know how to quote this person. That's all this way. He's healthy. You could have spent more time with her health because I really don't have a clear picture of what's going on with her. He talked about diabetes, but who the hell knows what's going on with her Heart, lungs, liver, kidneys. Uh, if he's. If he's good. I mean, I would still ask more questions about him because he's had some mental health stuff, but that's not the whole picture. Like. All right. Any surgeries, hospitalizations, any anything going on with heart, lungs, liver, kidneys other than the depression meds? Okay.

00:37:37:20 - 00:37:47:02

Because you can usually just dismiss stuff like it's always on depression meds. Oh, they're not going to worry about that. All right. So let's get back to How about the heart? All right. Lungs, liver, kidneys.

00:37:47:13 - 00:37:48:05


00:37:49:05 - 00:38:10:15

So get as much information about health as you can so that way, you know, you're not doing you're not submitting deals that don't get approved. Now you got amendments and now you got the customers pissed off and like underwriting really is, you know, it's just the one sheet of paper. I mean, like I've said, like read it to people. If you, if you're, if they're confusing you, they're confused too. So just read the paper to them.

00:38:10:22 - 00:38:14:05

Currently, do you have whole life policies or are they term policies?

00:38:14:23 - 00:38:16:21

I don't do term policies.

00:38:17:05 - 00:38:30:14

Smart, okay. In my opinion. But we offer term policies again and depends on the situation. It depends on your budget and it depends on your health. But you guys sound like you're in decent health and your finances sound like they're in order.

00:38:32:10 - 00:38:35:10

Uh, finances we have.

00:38:36:05 - 00:38:37:00

Very minimal.

00:38:38:18 - 00:38:39:16

That's why we're.

00:38:39:18 - 00:38:56:14

Talking, because we could customize custom fit policy made for you. So I'm going to discuss it with you as I interview you, but I want to see what you and Thomas would custom make for yourselves and see if one of our companies could actually offer that, if that makes sense.

00:38:57:17 - 00:39:25:18

Okay, So there's. Yeah, there's really no script there. So you really want to just and I promise you guys, you do better. Just. Just follow it. Just get back to it. Um, because when you ask the health questions, you didn't really tell her why. Um, so, you know, now that you've told me a lot about yourself and what's important to you, what I want to do now is ask you some health questions. So you want to bring that up. Um, we did skip the because we moved to health questions. I don't let anybody throw me off at what I'm doing. If they don't like it, then they can hang up.

00:39:27:14 - 00:39:29:04

And there's always another person to call.

00:39:29:13 - 00:39:31:05

No, that's what I have to stick to. If they don't.

00:39:31:07 - 00:39:32:06

Like it, we get a move on.

00:39:33:00 - 00:39:34:24

This, right? Exactly.

00:39:37:02 - 00:39:41:02

Okay, so you don't feel your companies could offer a whole life.

00:39:41:12 - 00:39:57:04

So that's. Yeah, because she's not because you mentioned term. And you kind of you kind of almost made it sound like like she like because you're not following the script. She's not real clear on what you're doing. Like, if they're confused, then they're, you know, they're going to get off the phone.

00:39:58:03 - 00:40:02:18

Yeah. Confuse the hell over. I was confused, so. Yeah. Hear it now. Clear.

00:40:03:21 - 00:40:08:22

Anybody else have any feedback for, uh, for Jake?

00:40:11:18 - 00:40:13:16

I feel like this lady is definitely a buyer.

00:40:16:01 - 00:40:16:24

At least for her husband.

00:40:17:01 - 00:40:47:15

Mean positive feedback, Jake. Think he's sound great on the phone? You speak very well. It's just about focusing on the task at hand, you know? But you sound great and you're putting in the effort, and these people are talking to you for half hour, 40 minutes. You know, you're getting somewhere with everybody. Well, not everybody, but, you know, the people that are like Kenton said, they're buyers. We just got to portray the benefit and the reason why that they need this product. You know, the problem is everybody's going to die and you want to protect your family's financial future.

00:40:47:17 - 00:40:53:05

So just focus on the task at hand and keep moving forward with the script and you'll be all right.

00:40:53:17 - 00:41:03:13

Awesome, Awesome criticism. Yeah. Focus at the task at hand and stick to this. And I know this lady's a buyer, man. I first see myself closing her today or tomorrow. Seriously?

00:41:04:12 - 00:41:38:17

So, like, for me, it's something that I do all the time or not something that I do, but something I need to work on. Just like sounding like the expert. Like no matter what you're doing, like, just be concise with what you're saying. I guess for lack of a better way to word it, right? So like, you know, going into health questions, like really, like try and not breeze through it because you want to get as much information as possible. But, you know, just like get through it like, you know, not really interruptions and just, you know, that's that's where I really try and sound like an expert.

00:41:39:19 - 00:41:59:24

Yeah. And there's a lot of times where these people are they're giving you subtle buying signals, like when you brought up the finances and you said, well, you know, our finances aren't that great. That's kind of a buying sign that says, well, you don't have $6,000 sitting around in the bank in case something happened to your husband, right? No, don't. Okay. Well, that's what we're here talking about today.

00:42:00:04 - 00:42:02:19

Oh, it's awesome. Yeah. Here. That's very good.

00:42:03:06 - 00:42:11:03

The subtle buying signals when they give them to you. They're kind of telling you the problem and you're offering the solution. You're right.

00:42:11:05 - 00:42:15:00

There. Yeah. If you have the right rebuttal, you could just, you know, crush it like you just did.

00:42:38:02 - 00:42:41:24

The one thing I liked about what Ernie said was that Belfort on the line.

00:42:42:01 - 00:42:42:21


00:42:42:23 - 00:42:43:13

If you ever.

00:42:43:15 - 00:43:00:03

Read that, it'll actually show you that you stay on the script, They're going to talk to you, they're going to bring you off the script. You go back on the script. You know, that's a phenomenal sales thing from Belfort. If you ever really listen to it, you can get it on audio and listen to them from from the beginning. But he does the same thing. He'll start selling.

00:43:00:05 - 00:43:00:20


00:43:00:22 - 00:43:06:01

They'll start talking about you jump back up on it to your script. They'll keep doing it until you.

00:43:06:03 - 00:43:09:08

Keep moving forward. You know? It's pretty cool. Yeah.

00:43:14:24 - 00:43:16:03

I think you're muted, Ernie.

00:43:19:04 - 00:43:20:10

Yeah. With the book.

00:43:22:04 - 00:43:34:04

Yeah, the book is awesome. Straight line, Straight line System by Jordan Belfort. And then the videos are awesome too. Just a little more of a commitment. But you know, got an hour here, hour there. You'll learn a lot from that.

00:43:35:19 - 00:44:08:23

Well, guys, I want to I want to make sure we have a really good day. Uh, so let's think we should just get after it. It's about 920. I'm gonna take five minutes, talk James about something, and then I'm going to get after myself. Uh, you guys all want to remain here? Uh, disconnect audio, You know, stay in the goat chat. Definitely. If you need help, it's easy to move somebody to a different room. Or if everybody's got their audio disconnected, you could just share your screen. It won't bother anybody. And then just those two people that are talking can come off mute or go off mute and reconnect their audio.

00:44:09:02 - 00:44:11:00

And that seems like that's the best way to do it.

00:44:13:17 - 00:44:32:05

All right. Just a just a just a quick comment from what I noticed yesterday from the sale I made yesterday, is that I wasn't that I wasn't doing as well as I could have before is just like when you focus on the benefits of the policy, like this lady, I moved her from a $40 policy to a almost $80 policy just just because just by explaining the benefits to her really? Well.

00:44:32:17 - 00:44:48:14

Yeah. And you can always try to. Yeah. I mean there's upsells, you know, I'll learn here slowly and get better and better and we will bust this shit up. Everybody and everybody's ready for Orlando too. I am. So let's get up there. All right, Let me stop this.

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