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Call Critique 11/4/2022

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

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Okay. Today,

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ten for 2022. We're going to do a call review with Nathan Shalom. I just selected a 24 minute call. We'll see how this goes and I'll provide feedback and we will go over it together. All right, let's start it. Hello.

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Hey, Gary. How's everything going out there? And Discovery Bay?

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Gary? Gary, do you hear me? Now I can hear you. Oh, that's great. Everything going good out there in Discovery Bay? Yeah, my.

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Wife's in the hospital, but other than that, no. Everything.

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Oh, man. I'm so sorry. What happened?

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You got. You got to let him talk. You're already interrupting him as guys, so when people are talking, just let them talk themselves out, Especially when it's going to be something that you're going to have to address. She's in the hospital. Um, you know, you don't want to immediately say, Oh, what happened? You mean like he was saying other than that? And then it was cut off. So make sure you're not cutting people off.

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Uh, she fell in. Fractured her leg.

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Oh, shoot, man. I know that must be hard seeing seeing your wife there, man, but it could be worse. My name is Nathan. Over here at your.

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Very good to get the transition. And you definitely you do want to talk about that a little bit. Like that's a good rapport building a fractured leg. I mean, that's probably serious. If she's old, it can be, you know, life threatening sometimes. So take a minute and, you know, talk about that like like when did that happen? Like, oh, man. And you don't have to be like, super, um.

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Sentimental or, you know, sympathetic in that situation because you don't really know what's going on. So you can simply just talk about like, oh, man, what happened? Oh, damn. Okay, Well, you know, whatever. What was he doing? You know, just whatever you want to talk about to build a little rapport for life services.

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Con because you recently spoke with one of my reps about state regulated life insurance programs for California. My job is to go over those benefits with you, answer any questions you may have. Let me just verify the information you gave my representative. I have you here at 3904 Lighthouse place.

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And I have your date of birth is January 7th, 1942.

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Okay. And I see you looking for some coverage. I see your son would be your beneficiary.

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And you're not a smoker, correct?

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Correct. Oh.

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So whenever whenever people mention like beneficiary. But he mentioned the wife, so use the information you're being given. So you want you want to ask you don't want your do you want your wife to be added, which should be the primary first and then the son or would the son be the one taking care of it? The more information you have, the better you're going to do.

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Okay? Okay. I'm good. Good. So, Gary, we are a consultant firm for seniors. It just means we work for our clients, not one particular company. So my goal is always to figure out who will give you specifically the best rates and benefits. You're with me on that? I am. Okay. Now, Gary, were you looking for benefits just for yourself today or for someone else in the family?

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Well, maybe for my wife, too.

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Okay. Okay. So for both of you to leave behind for each other. Yeah.

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Let's see. See how the beneficiary has changed. Now they leave to each other. So he did bring that up here. Um, and then you want to bring the wife back up. So she's currently. You can immediately do that. Go. She's. No, she's currently in the hospital when she expected to get out. Okay. Because Yeah. And then whenever I, you know qualify people I mean if they're doing it together then it's good to sometimes do it together. But let's take care of you first.

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Great. And this is business that you typically handle yourself or does someone else normally help you with all that?

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No, I do this myself.

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Okay. Okay. I see here that she would be your beneficiary. Good. I'll make sure I get you taken care of. And then, you know, when the wife gets out of the hospital and she's more situated, we can make sure we get the job. Okay.

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Gary, I haven't listened to this before, but that was great.

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If anything were to happen, you should be the one responsible for closing all the accounts, taking care of the final expenses and whatnot. Yep. Okay. Good, good, good. So, Gary.

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What's her name?

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Beverly. Beverly. The macro. Yes, I pronounce that right. And this would be the first life insurance.

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Policy for you.

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For me? Yes.

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Okay. So this would be the first money that Beverly were to see when you pass.

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Okay. Okay. Let me look at a couple things for you here, Gary. Okay. Okay.

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Have you ever had to go through the process of burying somebody yourself?

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I say that again? If I go through the process of what.

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Burying somebody yourself, taking care of someone's final.

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Hello? Are you there?

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Breaking up a little bit. That's okay.

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You know, Gary, Am I breaking up? Yeah.

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Yeah, you're breaking up. Okay.

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What about now? Is it a little bit better now?

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It's better.

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Okay. I'm sorry. I walked over to the bad side of the office here. My apologies, Gary. And so, have you ever had to go?

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Really try to focus on.

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If you're, you know, making little noises as you're talking, it's not really gonna help. You don't want to be on my mom. Okay. Okay, okay. Okay. All righty. You know, it just doesn't sound as professional as you want it to sound. You know, get yourself in the habit even if you need a rubber band on your wrist. So just snapping it every time you find yourself doing that, like, silence is better than you know. You know, seem like you're scrambling.

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To that process of being somebody yourself, taking.

00:05:44:03 - 00:05:47:11

Care of someone's final expenses. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Oh.

00:05:48:05 - 00:05:49:02

My parents.

00:05:49:14 - 00:06:04:14

Man, I just had to bury my old man a couple of years ago. I know. That's never easy. I know that kind of stuff is fixed with us for the rest of our lives. Obviously. I hope they at least left a little bit like a life insurance or something to make sure all those final expenses were covered.

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Did they?

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Pretty much, yes.

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So nothing had to come out of pocket for you? No. Okay. Well, that's. I know. I know. In the long run, it doesn't seem like you know much when everything's going down. But trust me, Gary, I've heard stories. I hear stories every day at the job I'm in. And just a like, I know when my dad passed, like, we didn't have no life insurance. No, none of that on hand. So I'm paying back $300 to the bank today just to make sure everything, you know, we were able to get them situated and put them in the place he wanted to because obviously, you know, I want best for dad, you know.

00:06:46:18 - 00:06:50:10

But yeah, really, just to tie this back to everything.

00:06:50:23 - 00:07:25:23

So really, when you if you're going to tell your stories about a personal experience, it's better. Or guys like if they have a personal experience, let them talk about their situation. You're only really going to bring up your own personal situations when. They have nothing to provide like. Oh, I've never been through that, you know? You know, I just don't know what you're talking about. Stuff like that. I've never had to pay for anybody, really, in this situation. You want to focus on him? Always keep that emphasis on the person that you're selling to so you can talk to him about, you know what you know what happened.

00:07:26:00 - 00:07:56:16

Like, did you just, you know, get the insurance check and then go down there and then that way you can go through it and actually be give him real information, you know, instead of making something up, even in your story, should be pretty scripted. So that way, you know, you're saying the same thing every time. If you're telling your own personal story, make sure that you have it written down or you know exactly what you're going to say every time. So it doesn't sound off the cuff, you know, you just making stuff up because it's just it's going to seem like you're making stuff up.

00:07:56:18 - 00:08:10:01

The thing is really the main goal, Gary, to make sure that for Beverly, like, she would never have to come up or I know you put here the sun as well for Beverly or him, they never have to come out of pocket for any of those final expenses.

00:08:10:07 - 00:08:11:15

Yeah, that's the plan.

00:08:11:21 - 00:08:21:15

Okay. And no worries, Gary. You're in good hands. I'm gonna make sure you're well taken care of, and we'll look through all of our different options given to the state, and we'll figure out the best fit for you, Okay, Gary?

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00:08:23:03 - 00:08:24:24

Okay. So let me drink my blood.

00:08:26:14 - 00:08:30:09

I have to sing on the church on Sunday. My voice is getting a little dry.

00:08:32:16 - 00:08:34:09

Okay, that's made up. Don't do that.

00:08:34:14 - 00:08:47:12

Based on everything I have gathered so far, Gary, I'd say a whole life policy is definitely the perfect fit for you. Let me tell you why. So over here at Senior Life Services, we.

00:08:47:15 - 00:08:48:05

Work with.

00:08:48:07 - 00:08:51:20

Many reputable insurance companies as it quickly growing company.

00:08:51:22 - 00:08:52:14

We made many.

00:08:52:16 - 00:08:54:01

Insurance carriers, designed.

00:08:54:03 - 00:08:54:18


00:08:54:20 - 00:09:20:11

Specifically for our customers unique situations. They must be state and federally regulated and backed by the government. They are state approved whole life plans, which means the premiums never go up and the benefits never go down. I make sure that not only the promises I'm making to the day lasts for the rest of your life, but most importantly, that Beverly or the Sun, they'll never have to suddenly come up with a wheelbarrow full of cash. Right?

00:09:20:21 - 00:09:21:11


00:09:22:09 - 00:09:52:16

The benefit paid out to them is 100% tax free. And unlike most companies, they will pay out immediately within 24 to 48 hours, which I'll be the first to tell you, going through everything myself, it makes everything a whole lot easier when you get that. When you have that money walking into the funeral home, there's just really no other way to say it. That's good. I guarantee you all that, because every company we do work with is accredited. A-plus with the Better Business Bureau. They sound pretty good so far.

00:09:52:22 - 00:09:53:12


00:09:54:01 - 00:10:08:02

Okay. I'm glad. I'm glad. So, Gary, now that you've told me a lot about yourself and why this is important to you, what I want to do now is just take some time to ask you some health questions. Whenever you look at life insurance.

00:10:08:04 - 00:10:09:10

Or policies that.

00:10:09:12 - 00:10:28:09

Pay for those final expenses, you always want to be asked health questions because it allows you to get the best plan with the best rates. So, okay, I've been doing this a little while now. I'm not going to need to read every question off of every application. I know what company will be best by asking a few general ones. That sounds fair enough.

00:10:29:16 - 00:10:30:06

Go ahead.

00:10:30:15 - 00:10:34:20

Okay. So, Gary, tell me, I have you here as.

00:10:35:06 - 00:10:36:12

January the 7th of.

00:10:36:14 - 00:10:37:23

42. That makes.

00:10:38:00 - 00:10:38:16

You the young age of.

00:10:38:18 - 00:10:39:08

80 here.

00:10:40:13 - 00:10:41:21

You're breaking up again.

00:10:42:01 - 00:10:50:21

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Here I have you here is January the 7th, 42. That makes it a young age at 80, if my math is right. Right, Gary?

00:10:51:03 - 00:10:51:20


00:10:52:10 - 00:10:53:17

Good, good, good.

00:10:53:23 - 00:10:57:17

Good, good, good. Glad, because 84, you know, just relax.

00:10:57:19 - 00:11:12:19

You don't want to. You guys don't want you don't want to seem too nervous. That should be just like your normal job. And just every single day you do this, you're very good at it. So, you know, you don't need to be restless. It's just very simple. It's a simple job. You're just helping people and that's all you're doing.

00:11:13:03 - 00:11:26:22

For some of our companies, we have some companies that will insure you up to 80, some will insure you up to 85. We even have a couple that go up to 90, but just means you qualify for a little bit more than some of our clients here. And what's your height and weight, Gary?

00:11:27:23 - 00:11:35:09

Adding stuff to it. That's not necessary. You're focusing on if I focus on the help, that's what you're doing now.

00:11:36:11 - 00:11:42:05

Okay. Okay. Nice and healthy. Let me just put this on to the computer.

00:11:42:07 - 00:11:48:22

I'm sorry. It's been a little slow on us today. I've been in here for like, I've been in here for a little while now.

00:11:49:24 - 00:11:54:24

So. Key And tell me, for the purposes of what we're trying to do today, need to know who's the primary care doctor.

00:11:57:17 - 00:11:59:23

A Chopra. Chopra.

00:12:00:24 - 00:12:02:03


00:12:02:24 - 00:12:03:14


00:12:03:17 - 00:12:05:03

And Discovery Bay.

00:12:05:16 - 00:12:07:19

Yeah, I know. In Walnut Creek.

00:12:08:05 - 00:12:13:19

Walnut Creek. Okay. And I see, um.

00:12:15:10 - 00:12:16:21

Off of Rossmore Parkway.

00:12:17:13 - 00:12:18:05


00:12:18:13 - 00:12:19:03


00:12:19:05 - 00:12:19:20

I need.

00:12:20:00 - 00:12:20:22


00:12:23:08 - 00:12:24:04

That's it? Yeah.

00:12:24:19 - 00:12:26:15

Okay, good, good, good. Let me.

00:12:26:17 - 00:12:28:03

Get all of that put into our.

00:12:28:05 - 00:12:29:04

System here.

00:12:30:17 - 00:12:32:00

Okay? Okay.

00:12:32:02 - 00:12:39:14

And tell me, Gary, in the last two years, have you smoked used any tobacco or nicotine products? With the exception of occasional pipe or cigar usage?

00:12:40:03 - 00:12:40:24

Never have.

00:12:41:11 - 00:12:42:01

Right. Man.

00:12:42:13 - 00:12:52:01

No wonder you live a lot longer. And it saves you a lot of money too, man. It's not a good habit to pick up. Nope. I'll tell you. And is there anything major.

00:12:52:03 - 00:12:57:00

Going on with the major organs here? The heart, lungs, liver, kidneys.

00:12:58:10 - 00:13:12:17

Well, I had a triple bypass back in 2015. Okay, I'm fine with that. And I also had a pacemaker implant. Uh. A couple of years later.

00:13:13:05 - 00:13:14:18

Okay. So 2017.

00:13:15:02 - 00:13:17:03

I think it's I think that's the right age.

00:13:17:06 - 00:13:20:05

But most definitely more than three years ago.

00:13:20:15 - 00:13:21:10

Oh, yeah.

00:13:21:13 - 00:13:22:17

Would you say five?

00:13:23:24 - 00:13:25:17

Possibly, yeah. But it had.

00:13:25:19 - 00:13:27:23

Been before November of 2017.

00:13:29:22 - 00:13:32:03

You know, I'd have to look it up on my calendar, which I.

00:13:32:05 - 00:13:59:00

So this is it's good to really narrow it down, guys. So that's what he's trying to do is trying to narrow it down. Anything over three years if you're you know, everybody's starting with Pioneer. We're trying to get them qualified with Pioneer anything over three years, seven, eight, eight, you know, eight. The question eight is all over three years, A, B and C, So as long as it's over three, you can move forward with Pioneer. You're really just looking for the worst condition they have and then qualifying them based on that.

00:13:59:06 - 00:13:59:21


00:14:00:08 - 00:14:08:24

Don't worry. There's a lot of companies that would give you immediate coverage even if it was like three years ago. So no worries there. Any diabetes.

00:14:10:02 - 00:14:20:15

Diabetes. And no, funny enough, I was I was diagnosed with diabetes, uh, when I had that heart attack and triple bypass.

00:14:22:19 - 00:14:25:07

Three months later, it cleared up. So.

00:14:26:19 - 00:14:27:10

So there would.

00:14:27:12 - 00:14:31:14

Be there would be like no metformin or no insulin on your prescription. History.

00:14:31:16 - 00:14:35:03

You're interrupting him again. Let him talk, because that's interesting story.

00:14:35:08 - 00:14:37:24

For just a like 2 or 3 months. People like.

00:14:38:02 - 00:14:38:17

Hearing I'm sorry, but.

00:14:38:19 - 00:14:41:11

Nothing for like the last five years. There would be no like that.

00:14:41:14 - 00:14:42:07

Definitely not.

00:14:42:19 - 00:14:48:10

Hey, Gary, I don't hear that one every day, I'll tell you that. God must have been watching over you.

00:14:48:22 - 00:14:49:24

I was fortunate.

00:14:50:15 - 00:14:59:24

Most definitely, man. Most definitely. So we have the triple bypass, the pacemaker. Any history of angina or congestive heart failure? Maybe COPD.

00:15:00:23 - 00:15:02:16

No, not that. Okay.

00:15:03:12 - 00:15:06:17

Okay, So you've never heard the words like congestive heart failure?

00:15:07:04 - 00:15:07:19


00:15:08:06 - 00:15:11:11

Okay. I know you said you had, like, a history of stroke, heart attacks.

00:15:12:02 - 00:15:12:23

No strokes.

00:15:13:07 - 00:15:14:12

Heart attack in 15.

00:15:15:04 - 00:15:17:23

That's it. In 2015, September 2015.

00:15:18:23 - 00:15:39:08

Make sure you don't say things. He didn't say anything about stroke. So, yeah, he's confirming heart attack. He didn't even say heart attack. He said had a triple bypass. So don't keep showing people that you're listening very closely is a great way to build rapport. That's what rapport is listening very closely and making sure they understand that you're the one that's going to solve their problem.

00:15:40:03 - 00:15:42:20

Man definitely must have been devastated and going through it.

00:15:45:15 - 00:16:00:04

Hey, man. Hey, man. Right. I wasn't done with you yet, man. I'll tell you, Gary, when my dad died. He was a very strong man, like in his 50s. He could carry a motorcycle with each hand. I'm telling you, he got a heart attack. The doctor said he was dead before he hit the ground.

00:16:00:16 - 00:16:02:05

Oh, God. That's too bad.

00:16:02:11 - 00:16:20:14

I know. I know. I. It's all good now, you know? I love him very much. I just, you know. Tie that back, like shoot my whole family. I'm a I'm an insurance agent, Gary. So obviously, I'm a believer in insurance. I have a crap ton of insurance on me. My whole family's insured. That's the one.

00:16:20:16 - 00:16:22:05

Person that we never thought we'd like.

00:16:22:07 - 00:16:48:07

Need insurance for at his age. You get me? So it's just I just always use that to kind of, like, tie it back, you know? Mhm. But yeah, um. Shoot. Got me all discombobulated. Let me get back on point here. And any history of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV aids. No. So. Okay, so with the triple bypass pacemaker, I'm going to ask you this question. You can answer it 1 or 2 ways.

00:16:48:09 - 00:16:50:00

One, what medications.

00:16:50:02 - 00:16:53:17

And inhalers are prescribed to you? Or B, why are they prescribed to you?

00:16:56:01 - 00:17:02:16

Well, let's see. I'd have to get a list. I take several mostly vitamins of different kinds.

00:17:02:18 - 00:17:06:10

And the vitamins, that's all fine. Just really the stuff prescribed by the doctor.

00:17:06:24 - 00:17:10:23

As far as prescription medications I take.

00:17:13:03 - 00:17:16:23

Oh, God. I'd have to get the list out. And I don't have that with me.

00:17:17:01 - 00:17:18:18

Do you know what you take them for?

00:17:20:12 - 00:17:22:08

Well, one is.

00:17:23:21 - 00:17:25:19

A blood pressure medication.

00:17:25:22 - 00:17:28:09

So like an a load of pine or lisinopril?

00:17:29:08 - 00:17:30:24

Uh, no. Neither of those.

00:17:32:23 - 00:17:38:02

Mozart. You know, I never took that. I took that at one time, but I don't take it anymore.

00:17:38:07 - 00:17:41:11

Yeah, I know some people have a bad reaction to it.

00:17:41:19 - 00:17:43:08

And presto. Does that sound.

00:17:43:12 - 00:17:52:10

Okay? And trust, though that one does sound very familiar. No worries. And with interest or what I will say Metropol.

00:17:52:12 - 00:17:55:06

That's it. LOL. Something like that.

00:17:55:14 - 00:17:57:23

Okay. Okay. That's also a beta blocker.

00:18:02:24 - 00:18:04:01

This is how you qualify.

00:18:04:03 - 00:18:06:13

You get get you get them. You look them up, you Google them.

00:18:08:05 - 00:18:09:21

Okay, Ford.

00:18:15:06 - 00:18:16:13

Okay. Okay.

00:18:16:15 - 00:18:18:18

So that and the metoprolol.

00:18:18:20 - 00:18:19:10

You take any.

00:18:19:12 - 00:18:22:18

Water pills like furosemide or hydrochlorothiazide.

00:18:23:10 - 00:18:25:00


00:18:27:02 - 00:18:28:02

Okay. I take.

00:18:28:04 - 00:18:31:03

That. Yeah, I do take that. Yes. Do you know.

00:18:31:05 - 00:18:31:20

How big the.

00:18:31:22 - 00:18:33:16

Prescription is off the top of your head or not?

00:18:34:18 - 00:18:36:21

25mg. That sound right?

00:18:37:14 - 00:18:38:05


00:18:39:17 - 00:18:44:01

Might be less than that. I can't. I just can't remember again. I'd have to get my list out.

00:18:44:12 - 00:18:46:00

Okay. Okay.

00:18:46:10 - 00:18:49:00

And so you take stuff for, like, the blood pressure.

00:18:49:02 - 00:18:50:10

Obviously, if they offer.

00:18:50:12 - 00:18:52:21

Guys, they're saying something like, I might have to get like any like.

00:18:52:23 - 00:18:53:22

Statins for the.

00:18:53:24 - 00:19:30:05

Cholesterol if I do want to. I mean, just want to make it clear. Why don't you get that out, please? Because I do want that to I want to make sure we find the right plan. And doing that kind of stuff builds a more credibility. Like you're actually going to take the time. If you are a scammer, then you wouldn't take the time. You would just kind of blow off everything they say a little bit, be like, Oh, don't worry about that. We're going to get you the best everybody. If this was a scam, everybody would be pioneer super preferred. If you're going through health questions and actually asking a lot of questions and, you know, really trying to understand their current situation, then it will be more real for them and it would be more you'll be more trustworthy.

00:19:30:23 - 00:19:33:11

Stan could be like mixed with those medications.

00:19:33:19 - 00:19:36:22

Yeah. What is the statin that I take the stands.

00:19:36:24 - 00:19:38:03

They're really all like.

00:19:39:12 - 00:19:40:02

Not to.

00:19:40:04 - 00:19:45:11

You know, obviously I'm not a doctor, but the stands, they normally offer cholesterol and, like, helping with that.

00:19:46:09 - 00:19:50:13

Yeah, I do take a statin. I just don't remember the name of the one that I take.

00:19:51:00 - 00:20:00:16

You take like gabapentin or Lyrica at all. No, I know that's like for some completely different but I know sometimes. And no inhalers prescribed.

00:20:01:07 - 00:20:02:06

No inhalers.

00:20:03:03 - 00:20:05:12

Okay. Okay. Okay.

00:20:08:08 - 00:20:10:15

Oh, okay. Okay. Okay.

00:20:10:17 - 00:20:13:03

And how long have you been prescribed for the interest for.

00:20:14:11 - 00:20:15:01


00:20:16:11 - 00:20:17:07

Six months.

00:20:19:08 - 00:20:20:11

Much like that.

00:20:20:24 - 00:20:23:09

Okay, Gary. So I actually do.

00:20:23:11 - 00:20:26:11

Have a couple companies in mind for.

00:20:26:13 - 00:20:27:03


00:20:27:05 - 00:20:29:15

So I'm going to take a look at what you do.

00:20:29:17 - 00:20:30:10


00:20:30:12 - 00:20:36:08

For. There are a lot of different life insurance programs out there, and I know you get all sorts of stuff in the mail.

00:20:36:10 - 00:20:38:02

And see it on the TV.

00:20:38:04 - 00:20:41:11

For the purpose of describing how my product works versus.

00:20:41:12 - 00:20:42:09

The others.

00:20:42:11 - 00:20:45:22

Do you know the difference between term life and whole life insurance?

00:20:46:19 - 00:20:48:09

Yeah, somewhat. Yeah.

00:20:48:15 - 00:21:23:24

Very much follows a script. This is important. This people say somewhat, but they don't know. I mean, even when people say they do know, they still don't in most cases or they don't know as well as they should. This is an educating portion of the script. It's getting rid of objections like Globe life and AARP or not. Good for them if they're this old. And it's also, you know, if they bring up other companies like Colonial Plan 999, anything like that, and you go to useful documents, you know, you know, costs of funeral useful documents, you know, they bring stuff up like that and get rid of it by telling them how much coverage they get.

00:21:24:07 - 00:21:56:14

So it's just important to cover this every single time. This doesn't seem important. Like you could skip this, like select the plan and just move on. But if they don't understand the difference between term and whole life, every single time that they get a flyer from AARP that shows a price less than what you're offering and they don't understand the fact that it's going to expire and it's going to go up in price, They're going to switch thinking, Oh, yeah, this is so much better. What the hell was that guy telling me? Why am I paying so much? But once they understand this, they they don't have to worry about that. And they can get over the fact that the price is higher.

00:21:56:19 - 00:22:06:10

Okay. The reason I do bring it up is because I want you to choose the best choice of which type of insurance to have, obviously, because quite frankly, they're not all the same.

00:22:06:12 - 00:22:08:01

Some are better than others.

00:22:08:03 - 00:22:19:11

But you need to know the facts to make a sound decision that's right. For you and your family. So I'm sure just like me, you've received the letters from Globe Life or AARP offering term insurance, right?

00:22:20:15 - 00:22:22:11

Oh, I'm sure I have in the past. Yeah.

00:22:22:21 - 00:22:25:07

Yeah, I. I got the same letters to.

00:22:25:15 - 00:22:26:05


00:22:26:20 - 00:22:29:05

The difference between me and you is actually on.

00:22:29:07 - 00:22:56:10

Your last couple months of qualifying for those plans. And I don't qualify at all because I'm too young, but, um, I get the letters all the time, so just makes for a good example. So it will often say, I'm going to give a more accurate example for you with term products that your ads often say they're good to like 85 or 87. But what they won't tell you is what happens after that age. What happens is you lose all your insurance no matter how much money you put in. They'll keep the.

00:22:56:12 - 00:22:58:04

Money and you'll get no benefit.

00:22:58:12 - 00:23:02:09

The point is, Gary, why would you want a surance that may cancel before you go?

00:23:02:16 - 00:23:03:06


00:23:03:23 - 00:23:35:12

And to make matters a little worse, they'll actually raise their prices every 3 to 5 years. So what happens is they get you locked in cheap, but as you get older and your income becomes a little bit more fixed, I'm sure you're already on a fixed income. Gary, Like most of my clients, right? Yeah. The prices, they're just going to skyrocket. So what happens at that point? Most people either outlive those policies completely or they'll have to cancel because they just can't afford them. Obviously, I don't want to see that happen to you at all.

00:23:35:15 - 00:24:04:15

I know in your life we don't want to see that happening. That's why I wouldn't recommend you anything besides a whole life at your age. Whatever we want to get today is something that we want to make sure that Beverly does. See, when the good Lord calls you home. Yep. So look into all your options. You're the best company in your case. Really? I know that interest goes like an automatic decline with most companies especially mixed with the hydrochlorothiazide.

00:24:04:17 - 00:24:05:22

So really.

00:24:06:14 - 00:24:10:23

The bracket we're looking at right now and we're trying to take care of a burial, right?

00:24:11:21 - 00:24:12:11


00:24:12:20 - 00:24:16:22

It would really be Gerber life or colonial pen to.

00:24:16:24 - 00:24:29:03

Get you because obviously insurance at 80 isn't cheap. So we want to make sure whatever we do find for you is somewhat affordable. But Gerber's premiums are making.

00:24:29:05 - 00:24:31:13

A 100% sure because at some ages.

00:24:31:15 - 00:24:44:18

Colonial pen will beat them out. But I'm pretty sure, yeah, in this situation that doesn't even come close. We can get you way more coverage and way cheaper. With Gerber. That's a 20%.

00:24:45:01 - 00:24:47:12

Difference. So we're going to go with them. They've been around for.

00:24:47:14 - 00:24:48:13

60 plus years.

00:24:48:15 - 00:24:49:14

They're based out in New York City.

00:24:49:24 - 00:25:05:12

And it's not even a bad idea to pull up like colonial pen rates to demonstrate how much they are. Before you quote the colonial I'm sorry, before you quote the Gerber, it's good to have that rate chart. If you have this rate chart, it really will

00:25:07:07 - 00:25:39:09

get rid of that objection because 995, they said, oh, it's $1,000 in coverage. That is only if you are 63 year old male. And a 69 year old female. If you go way down to 80, it's 400 and the man will get $426 in coverage for every ten bucks he puts in 995 or 10 bucks. So if he wants 4260, then it's $100. So that's important, though. And then with the interest, though, Nathan's almost certainly right here about interest, though, is not one they like.

00:25:39:11 - 00:25:57:01

They do not like interest, though. So you can actually go into the agent guide. It might not be in here because that's fairly, fairly new. But if it's in here, it's not. But that's okay. Well, this is the term, so that's probably the reason.

00:25:58:16 - 00:26:02:23

So let's go to term agent Guy. Let's go to Whole life Agent Guide.

00:26:11:08 - 00:26:20:07

So interest was not in here. But you can you guys there's a lot of things you can do here. If you need to get clarification, you can always go to Pioneer's website, ask them some questions.

00:26:22:03 - 00:26:23:04

So let's keep moving.

00:26:27:00 - 00:26:31:17

Steady state and federally regulated. You might recognize them from the baby food brand as well.

00:26:32:05 - 00:26:33:14

Okay, so.

00:26:34:24 - 00:26:36:04

I'm sure.

00:26:37:00 - 00:26:38:07

I'm sure. Gary.

00:26:38:19 - 00:26:41:18

Wait. Let me look here. Let me look here for.

00:26:41:20 - 00:26:42:22

A quick moment.

00:26:43:06 - 00:27:16:09

Okay. Now, it sounds like you just don't know what you're doing. If you let me look here, I mean, you can do this really smooth, like colonial Penn. Let me look up an 80 year old rate that shows that for if you were to call them and we were to call them right now or yeah, the way you're doing it, they would give you $426 for every $10 you put in. So essentially, you know, $100 would only buy you $4,260 worth of insurance. So we're not going to go with that because think you qualify for better, even with interest. So he might qualify for better with some company.

00:27:16:11 - 00:27:48:09

But the hydrochlorothiazide all that stuff together in Nathan's right does indicate congestive heart failure or some major heart problem. So even if he goes Gerber or Stent. I mean even standard's probably cheaper in this situation. So 80 year old man, he said he never smoked. Never. Uh, never did any of it. Never. No tobacco. So go to Pioneer. He might qualify for better than this. So, guys, I mean, it's not it's not out of the ballpark, but it seems like hydrochlorothiazide.

00:27:48:11 - 00:27:50:00

Too many heart medications are coming up.

00:27:52:13 - 00:27:59:13

So 4260. So that you got that price and then you also have prosperity.

00:28:02:08 - 00:28:06:00

So this is well, this is the we'll have to go to Gerber and go to prosperity. You got.

00:28:07:11 - 00:28:08:10


00:28:10:15 - 00:28:26:01

247 to 4000 268,000. He ended up with 8000. So it's a little bit cheaper than colonial pen. You can also go here to. Prosperity. Because they could probably answer no to those questions.

00:28:30:05 - 00:28:41:14

Prosperity anger where 10,000 or 80 is the last stage, you can get covered with them. Go prosperity terms. See you'll get paid more money even though this is a lower premium and he will more likely accept it better.

00:28:42:22 - 00:28:47:20

For you. Okay. So congratulations. If we do get you approved with.

00:28:47:22 - 00:28:51:00

Gerber, it is a hard company to get.

00:28:51:11 - 00:28:52:02


00:28:52:04 - 00:29:10:02

For, but we would qualify you for the maximum of 25,000in whole life coverage. Obviously, with the way the premiums are, I wouldn't recommend getting a policy for that much. But we're going to do some window shopping. We're going to see the most you're qualified for. You're going to see the least. We're just going to take a look here.

00:29:10:08 - 00:29:11:05

I know.

00:29:12:00 - 00:29:14:16

You want to be buried, leave a little bit of money behind, Right, Gary?

00:29:17:03 - 00:29:19:01

I just make sure I don't leave any debt behind.

00:29:19:16 - 00:29:20:11


00:29:20:20 - 00:29:46:13

Completely confident that any of these plans are going to do just that. My suggestion here is just to pick whichever one fits you the very best. They're all going to do the job. We're not trying to break the bank here. We're just trying to do the one that makes the most sense to leave behind the Beverly, Right, Gary? Right. So while I'm pulling up these rates, making sure finalizing these, I'd like to get an additional discount for you.

00:29:46:15 - 00:29:47:18

Based on the findings.

00:29:47:20 - 00:30:01:23

So don't mean if you guys know where you're going, just go. I mean, you don't want to be like, oh, I'm doing, you know, just no hemming and hawing. You he's got some good rapport here. The guy understands. He's trying to look for it. Um, so, yeah, just keep, just keep moving forward.

00:30:02:01 - 00:30:03:21

National institution you use.

00:30:04:02 - 00:30:07:22

Gerber will actually give you up to 10% off if you use one of their preferred banks.

00:30:07:24 - 00:30:09:12

So who do you bank with?

00:30:12:04 - 00:30:13:04

Bank of America.

00:30:13:08 - 00:30:13:23


00:30:14:07 - 00:30:24:00

Okay. I know in most states they are. Let me just check for California here real quick. Oh, congratulations. The routing number pops up in our state system. That's always good news.

00:30:24:02 - 00:30:33:20

And with that, that's a 10%. Okay. Okay, Gary, I'll be very happy to go ahead and add that for you. So here and when you receive that, Social Security comes.

00:30:33:22 - 00:30:35:01

In on the first of the third.

00:30:36:16 - 00:30:37:09


00:30:39:02 - 00:30:40:05

Or one of the Wednesdays.

00:30:40:15 - 00:30:41:05


00:30:41:07 - 00:30:42:00

One of the Wednesdays.

00:30:42:02 - 00:30:42:17

The second.

00:30:42:19 - 00:30:43:11

The third or the fourth.

00:30:43:13 - 00:30:44:03


00:30:44:07 - 00:30:45:01

The second.

00:30:45:03 - 00:30:45:20

The second.

00:30:45:22 - 00:30:46:20

Okay. Okay.

00:30:46:22 - 00:30:48:03

So I'll do.

00:30:48:05 - 00:30:49:20

That. So I'm going to have you grab.

00:30:49:22 - 00:30:52:20

A pen and a piece of paper so I can go over these plans with you.

00:30:53:04 - 00:30:54:03

Okay. Hang on a minute.

00:31:05:11 - 00:31:07:22

I'm telling your time. So tell me, Gary.

00:31:07:24 - 00:31:09:08

What does Beverly do for work?

00:31:16:04 - 00:31:16:19


00:31:17:09 - 00:31:28:14

Okay. So he went to. He went to grab pen and paper. So you guys can't keep talking to people if they left the phone. But this isn't bad. It's like it's he's coming back. I mean, I'd do the same thing, but it sounds like he walked away and that's okay.

00:31:29:18 - 00:31:31:05

What does Beverly do for work?

00:31:32:04 - 00:31:33:05

She's probably retired.

00:31:33:09 - 00:31:43:07

Yeah. I mean, you know, it's. Come on. You know, she's retired. What did she do for work? Usually 80. Hopefully you're not 79, 80 years old working. But, you know, it happens.

00:31:43:12 - 00:31:45:15

That's good. That's good. What did she do?

00:31:46:20 - 00:31:48:07

Uh, she's been a housewife.

00:31:49:03 - 00:32:13:02

Oh, that's good. So you were the man of the house you really provided. And that's good, man. I'm trying to get there in the next year. I don't want my wife to work anymore. She's very good at her job. She's a great teacher. But I know I wanted to spend more time with the kids, especially putting in all these late hours. So I hope we're able, you know, in this next year to be able to do all that. So here, Gary, you got that pen and paper?

00:32:13:11 - 00:32:14:09

Yeah, go ahead.

00:32:14:17 - 00:32:15:07

Good, good, good.

00:32:15:09 - 00:32:17:01

I'm going to read you out five numbers.

00:32:17:03 - 00:32:18:04

This would be the amount.

00:32:18:06 - 00:32:27:07

Paid out to Beverly when the good Lord calls you home. Okay, Gary. Mm. So, okay, I'm going to have you put 25,000 on the top left corner.

00:32:30:19 - 00:32:31:12


00:32:32:00 - 00:32:33:22

Then I want you to put 20,000.

00:32:37:04 - 00:32:39:17

Below that, I want you to put 15,000.

00:32:42:15 - 00:32:43:18

Okay, then I.

00:32:43:20 - 00:32:44:22

Want you to put ten.

00:32:46:03 - 00:32:46:18


00:32:47:02 - 00:32:49:15

And last but not least, I want you to put 5000.

00:32:50:05 - 00:32:50:22


00:32:51:12 - 00:32:53:08

Okay. You got those five run down, Gary?

00:32:53:18 - 00:32:54:08


00:32:55:02 - 00:33:05:12

And good, good, good. And again, just pick the one that fits you the best. We're not trying to break the bank here, Gary. They're all going to do the job. We just want to do the one that makes the most sense.

00:33:05:14 - 00:33:17:20

Give me your phone number, because I've had some telephone trouble here. And once they're doing repairs on our phone lines in the middle of the conversation, we could get cut off. It drives me crazy, but it happens.

00:33:18:06 - 00:33:19:15

Well, of course. Don't worry. If we get cut.

00:33:19:17 - 00:33:20:07

Off, I'll.

00:33:22:22 - 00:33:23:12


00:33:25:10 - 00:33:26:00


00:33:29:08 - 00:33:31:11

Are you there? Hello.

00:33:35:07 - 00:33:36:22

Man. It's kind of a bummer.

00:33:50:22 - 00:33:58:22

Well, that's a complete bummer. Lost. Lost that there. It does look like that was 930. Dial the.

00:33:58:24 - 00:33:59:23


00:34:01:13 - 00:34:09:03

So in that situation, you should definitely set an appointment. See what happened. Um, copy this number. Let's find.

00:34:09:05 - 00:34:13:08

Out if. It was cold again.

00:34:34:09 - 00:34:36:00

You know, I'm gonna search every day.

00:34:39:09 - 00:34:40:06

All right, search it.

00:34:42:10 - 00:35:12:22

So he was not able to get him back on the phone. So it's just about to present numbers. So that went very smoothly. That was a very good call. That's how you want to sound on the phone. There's only a couple of things there. You know, you definitely listen a little more closely because he gave you he went through the whole thing already, but he gave you some information. Don't cut people off, especially when they're going to give you reasons to sell them. I mean, the wife's in the hospital. That's a life event. So that way, you know, you know, mortality is around the corner. Those little things make a big difference.

00:35:12:24 - 00:35:34:17

And don't sound panicked ever, Like on my mom. Good, good, good, good, good. You know, things like that. They just. They just come off as amateurish, amateurish. And you don't want to you know, you don't want to say those types of things that might cause you problems. All right. Very good. Think it was a very good call. So think if he was able to get him back, there's a very good chance of closing that sale.

00:35:36:10 - 00:35:39:01

All right, guys, I will stop the recording and send it out.

Watch the Full Video Here: Call Critique 11/4/2022

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