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Assumption and Existing Clients

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All right. So, guys, I just wanted to cover, you know, today. So a lot of us have follow ups. A lot of us do have leads or, you know, capable of getting into our own lead campaigns. Some of you will get like orphaned leads if you have a talk time and you know you're getting after it, you'll have those, uh, additional opportunities. But follow ups and leads really have to be done a certain way where they, you know, you basically have to just kind of go into it and assume everything.

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So I had several sales last week. I don't know, it was like eight, but it wasn't really. It wasn't it wasn't so much that I was like, Hey, do you want some coverage? It was like, okay. So I know that these people wanted more coverage. They certainly did when we talked the first time. Even if I didn't have the notes because that is just assuming that everybody wants more coverage. If they had 5000, maybe they want ten. If they have 10,000, maybe they want 15, 20. So I just assumed with all these calls that they wanted more coverage.

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Most of them had already, you know, had more paying for their coverage currently. So if somebody's been paying for a couple of years, it's a good bet that if they agree to add more coverage, they're certainly going to keep paying for that one, too. So this is the same thing with looking at, you know, follow ups. You know, if we look at any kind of follow ups. Let me pull something up. You know, go to a, B leads. Like if you guys see comments down here and somebody has talked to somebody, I mean, if it says talk time here and it shows that somebody talked to him for 30 minutes but was not able to close, there's a certain way you should handle that.

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So that way when you call them back, it's just simply, hey, you spoke with Pat for half an hour, two weeks ago. So I noticed that, you know, you guys weren't able to set something up. So that's my job. I'm one of the managers here, Whatever you want to say, that gets you to the next step. So we're going to go over health, make sure that she was right. We're going to find the right plan, and then I'm going to get something out in the mail to you. So this was a I'm just going to open this one and just play the whole thing all the way through. So this is just a guy that was already my client.

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Um, you know, very I was very, very assumptive, which is something I want to talk about as soon as you know, it's done plain, So let me make sure someone to share it, okay?

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Good news. It's going to be difficult and overwhelming for. Hello. We've created a news camera.

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Hey, Dimitri. Sorry about that. How are you doing today, man? But that is good. This is Ernest, your life insurance agent. How is your. You guys can hear that. Okay.

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Okay. Are your new year?

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New Year's. Great. Has yours?

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Mine was soured. I mean, I.

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Didn't do much. I was in bed by 830. So basically, a super old man that just wants to go to sleep. So did you have family and stuff?

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a few.

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Okay. Did you have to run the event or was it luckily somebody else's job this time?

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Somebody else.

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Okay, very good. Very good. So, Demetrius, I always call people around the holidays just to make sure everything is the way it should be. Your policy is still active. Was Pioneer Security. You qualified for the preferred plan, So you already have you still have your 20,000 hours of coverage. Are you still at the 702 North Calhoun Street? Yes. Okay. So you haven't moved. And let me pull up your whole file in general. I don't pull up them unless somebody unless people answer, I don't know, as it says, unable to open database.

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It's a weird.

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I mean, I'm gonna get your paper file out.

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I don't know what's going on with the thing.

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All right, so this is written back in 2000.

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Thinking in

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trying to find the notes I got on you here.

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To no kill, no jackal.

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They are

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all right to meet you. And you still have your Isha as your beneficiary or wife. Is that still how you want it to remain? Yeah. Okay. Did you. You don't have a contingent. Was there anybody else that you wanted to add to that policy?

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Not right now.

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Okay. And you still have your copy. You don't need a new one or a duplicate.

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Well, you can send me a duplicate copy or something. Okay.

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Because I am finding that sometimes we know we have life insurance, but sometimes it gets misplaced and sometimes it is good to have an extra copy. So I will send that request in 20,000. You have that for 9203.

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All right. You were 58 when you took this out. All right. So you are a preferred customer simply because you've been with us so long here. A lot of people are looking at their raise in Social Security and things like that. And my note says here you were looking at the 30,000 originally, but of course you wanted to make sure we were legit and the you got all your paperwork and everything looked good. Demetrius, do you want me to see what you else you qualify for based on your current situation?

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Yeah, we can kind of go over it and see.

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Okay, I'll take a look here. All right. So because this was written a couple of years ago, I do want to make sure that you would qualify for the same plan. So anything changed. I mean, it's okay if it has anything change in your health since October of 2020.

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Uh, no, no.

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Still fantastic health.

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It's all right.

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I mean, it's not fair. I mean, it's not perfect. I mean. Are you still taking lisinopril amlodipine for the blood pressure?

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Oh, yeah, I'm still taking my medication.

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Okay. And then you said you were still doing your checkups basically every three months.

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Okay. Because that's what's keeping you healthy. Most likely most people. My uncle just had prostate cancer, and luckily he goes like you do every three months. And they said he had cancer. And guess what? They did the one surgery and it didn't come back. I think that's just catching that stuff early.

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Yeah, that's good.

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And sorry about.

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How much life insurance have.

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Can you still hear me?

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Yeah, I hear you now.

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I don't know what is going on. I am getting out of this thing.

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How much life insurance did you say I have?

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All right. You have 20,000 with Pioneer. I'm actually pulling this up. So nothing changed in your health. So you will still get that discounted rate. And it does look like you still qualify for immediate coverage. Right now, the Trustmark National Bank is where the payments are coming out of.

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All right. So you were born in 1962, so you had a birthday this year. So you are now 60 years old. All right. And I doubt you picked up smoking in the last couple of years. So I'm putting you as a non-smoker.

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That's something that's never happened yet to me where I talk to somebody. Oh, yeah, I picked up smoking in my 60 seconds, decided that was a good time.

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I don't do no smoking and drinking.

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Good. Good.

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All right. So you do qualify for. All right. So you do qualify for all the additional benefits. You have 20,000 now, so you're only 60. The Social Security Administration recommends you have about 27,000, and that would cover you living another 20 years and a traditional burial. So what I would recommend is like we look at adding a little bit of coverage. Obviously, they would make sure that it's through the same company and that you would technically have two different policies, but they would be under the same umbrella.

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Does that make sense?

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And then we're doing a thing where it's January 2nd. I have. I can't pull that up. So when are they drafting? It doesn't say it here. Is it the first or the third that they're taking your payments?

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I'm not sure.

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Okay. I can look into that. Make sure that it's good. All right. So you qualify with Pioneer. You qualify for up to 50,000. So you do qualify for 30,000 more in coverage. You do qualify for the benefits that we went over last time. So the first one is the terminal illness benefit. And that simply means if you don't remember that, if, God forbid, you're ever diagnosed with something terminal, you're actually allowed to receive the entire face amount goes to you personally, and then you and your wife would actually work that out like how you wanted to use that money.

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Some of my clients have just gone on blowout vacations, to be honest with you, I was very surprised. But so and then you also qualify for accidental coverage. So let's say you added 30,000 in coverage would actually be 60,000 total. And if you were to pass away as a result of an accident, it would pay out 60 grand. And then finally, you do qualify still for the nursing home coverage. And if you know anybody that's gone to a nursing home, you know how they operate. They pretty much want all that person's money.

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Doesn't matter. They'll make them sell the house, the cars, all assets just to pay for the nursing home. So we don't want people to lose their coverage. So we've actually worked in a way where all premiums are gone. You don't have to pay any premiums if that day ever did come. God forbid, But your policy would still stay active and it would still be sitting there for Horatio.

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What's that? Okay.

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All right. So what I would want you to do then, Demetrius, because I do want to go over these. I finally have them all pulled up now that it's working. I'm just going to have you write down some different figures, and then we're going to go over them. And then you just let me know how much you want me to send you for you to review.

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All right. So just let me know when you have that. I'll get all these pulled up at the same time.

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And you might be way ahead of me. You might already have a piece of paper.

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Okay, we can go.

00:11:27:02 - 00:11:27:21

Okay. Are you ready?

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All right. So I'm just going to go top to bottom. So if you want to write down $30,000 in coverage.

00:11:38:17 - 00:11:40:06

$25,000 in.

00:11:40:08 - 00:11:41:00


00:11:44:06 - 00:11:46:16

And $20,000 in coverage.

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So no matter which one you pick. All plans will come with those same benefits. So next to the $30,000 in coverage.

00:12:00:04 - 00:12:03:05

That would only be one 5851.

00:12:08:01 - 00:12:10:20

Next to the 25,000 in coverage.

00:12:12:12 - 00:12:15:03

That's only one 3297.

00:12:17:19 - 00:12:24:20

And then next, the $20,000 in coverage. That's only 107 43.

00:12:27:19 - 00:12:33:07

So Demetrius, out of those plans. Which one would you want to leave your issue?

00:12:40:10 - 00:12:42:02

The one I'm in right now.

00:12:43:07 - 00:12:52:07

Okay, so it would be the 20,000 and then you would have another 20,000. So you would technically have 40,000 total.

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All right. So that's what I'll send you. And I do. Once I pull that up, I'll see what day that you receive your Social Security, because I will coincide it with that, just like the other policy. Okay? Because I don't want it to be surprised. And I want to make sure that you get it. And it'll probably fall in February, because I do want you to review everything, make sure it's the perfect thing for you and show your issue and make sure it's all going to look exactly the way you want it to look. All right. So what I'll do here is I will just do the same voice signature that we did before a couple of years ago, and I will be able to send all that out to you.

00:13:31:22 - 00:13:33:23

All right. So let me pull that up for you.

00:13:35:13 - 00:13:55:04

All right. So I'll start that. You've been through this before, so you just have to just say quick Yes. To these questions and then it allows me to release the paperwork. All right. So I'll start that with you now, Demetrius. All right. So, Mr. Demetrius King, as a final step to completing the application process, can you please verify the following? Can you please state your full name?

00:13:57:06 - 00:13:58:19

Demetrius King All right.

00:13:58:21 - 00:14:02:08

And do we agree that today's date is January 2nd, 2023?

00:14:02:21 - 00:14:04:13

Yes. All right.

00:14:04:15 - 00:14:10:22

And do your stand we're going to apply for that same type policy pioneer security, peace of mind plan.

00:14:12:05 - 00:14:13:03

Yes. All right.

00:14:13:05 - 00:14:24:00

Do you understand the peace of mind policy is separate from any other insurance policy? Pioneer's policy payment of 107 be billed to the same account. The trademark national with routings.

00:14:24:22 - 00:14:25:22

Yes. All right.

00:14:25:24 - 00:14:59:01

Last little legalese here. Do you authorize Pioneer to obtain disclose protected health, endowed from two years from the state and majors? I'm going to get to work on this. I am going to send you the duplicate policy for the 20,000 coverage you already have. And of course, I'm going to get to work on the other 20,000. Um, you're going to receive a new welcome packet and a living will and a memorial guide directly for me. I don't know if you remember the memorial guide. Were you able to fill that out to let you kind of know what you want to have happen when you pass?

00:15:01:00 - 00:15:02:14

I don't remember filling it out.

00:15:03:01 - 00:15:03:24

Okay, so you.

00:15:05:12 - 00:15:07:18

Say you definitely need a new one. Okay.

00:15:09:12 - 00:15:40:05

Because usually what I tell people is that it's basically a very simple like like pamphlet looking thing. But it does let you put down specific requests because when somebody passes like a good example is my aunt. She left me the money to take care of her final expenses, but she didn't give me any instructions whatsoever. So it's not it's not that it was a tough time financially to take care of everything. It was more of a tough time because I had no idea what my Aunt Vicki would have wanted.

00:15:40:07 - 00:16:10:15

So I just guessed on everything and it was just not a good time for me. I was like 23 years old and I'm like, Well, I think she wants a barrel. I think she wants this type of service. And I just guess and it was just a rough time. So I will get to work on this. So you're going to receive the welcome packet will arrive first. You will have $40,000 coverage total with $20,000 of additional accidental coverage and all the additional benefits as well.

00:16:10:17 - 00:16:13:09

So it's being taken out on me right now.

00:16:13:12 - 00:16:21:04

All right. So right now it is 9204 90204.

00:16:21:12 - 00:16:22:05

That's correct.

00:16:23:02 - 00:16:29:11

So that will be that's going to continue the same way because that was set up in October of 2020.

00:16:29:19 - 00:16:34:13

Okay. Well, let me ask you something concerning was Social Security.

00:16:35:04 - 00:16:40:02

So most people like this to coincide. I don't even do. Do you receive Social Security now?

00:16:40:04 - 00:16:40:19

No, I.

00:16:40:21 - 00:16:59:24

Don't. I don't receive Now I'm going to tell you, like I don't put in for my disability. Okay. I'm working right now, but I don't put in for my disability and I'm waiting. It's still pending. And that was six months ago and I'm still waiting to hear something back.

00:17:00:13 - 00:17:01:03

And it.

00:17:01:05 - 00:17:02:20

Really does. They're slow. They're very slow.

00:17:04:03 - 00:17:07:09

And that's what I'll say. What would you say about that?

00:17:08:06 - 00:17:09:23

So if when.

00:17:10:00 - 00:17:42:12

Like when you were like people that receive any kind of SSI disability or Social Security, usually they I mean, you've been paying in your payments. So obviously the day that you chose originally is working for you, but most people like to coincide that. So if you're not receiving it, it really doesn't matter yet. But when you do receive it, a lot of people, let's say you got your payments on the first of the month. Most people like to also choose that day for their payments because it just makes sense. You know, the money's hitting the account on the first so you know that it's going to be there.

00:17:43:01 - 00:17:58:17

So that way you're just not worried about it. That's what that's what I meant by that. You always coincide it back up plan. But as of like when you make that payment, you'll have 40,000 of coverage with 20,000 of accidental. And of course, all the benefits are the same.

00:18:00:07 - 00:18:05:12

All right. Yep. So I will get to work on this right now and get you approved. And I will get.

00:18:10:05 - 00:18:12:00

Okay, guys. Any thoughts?

00:18:21:13 - 00:18:23:21

Because I did write a few things down.

00:18:26:00 - 00:18:56:19

Uh, so I confirmed, just like we're confirming A Leeds B, Leeds doesn't really matter if I'm confirming email. The more information you confirm, the calmer they will be right off the bat. I mentioned the raise in Social Security because they did get a raise this month of 8.7%. So, you know, if you get $1,000, you're getting 87 more dollars a month. That could certainly go toward this or anything mean if they have that extra money, they're not using it much.

00:18:57:05 - 00:19:34:23

This guy doesn't receive it, but most of our clients do. And it adds a lot of credence to knowing a lot about these people. So if you you know, if it's an existing client, you pull up Pioneer's portal, you know, you have access to everything and it doesn't matter if you worked here or not. Like if you have access to all their information, you essentially know everything about them. You know, their banking is correct, you know everything, and it makes the sales really easy. Um, there were a lot of check backs there. Said it doesn't make sense. You with me on that? Um, you know, are you following me? I was constantly doing that just to make sure that he was on board with everything.

00:19:35:17 - 00:20:12:09

Um, and I really, when I called this guy in the beginning of the conversation, obviously didn't pull up everything I had on him until he answered. So if you guys notice that I was kind of like fumbling around a little bit, it doesn't matter because I, you know, I confirm enough information where he's going to stay on the phone and he's going to let me talk. So once I do that and like I confirmed a social, I skipped past that. But because I don't want people to hear it, but I confirmed a social if you do that immediately. They'll certainly listen to you because now they're like, Oh, this guy's got my information, like big time, so I better listen to what he's saying.

00:20:13:11 - 00:20:22:06

And then I did a lot of tech backs. I confirmed the amount of coverage, the amount of coverage he's going to add, the total amount of coverage is going to have.

00:20:22:12 - 00:20:39:04

And maybe I misheard him. I thought he didn't want more coverage. And I thought that was intelligent the way you handled it and just assumed he said, no, I just want the same coverage. I have thought that kind of dismissed you, but he just wanted to double up, I guess.

00:20:39:10 - 00:21:04:12

Yeah. I mean, that's how I read it, because you have to be a something like, you know, throughout. And then I kept saying, you're going to have 40,000, you're going to this payment's going to come out. Your your current coverage, of course, is going to be the 92. I think it's like 103 for the additional 20,000 and then confirming that a bunch of times because I don't know if he was confused. So I that's why I kept saying like, well, it.

00:21:04:14 - 00:21:20:17

Sounded like he came around when you said what you just said to me. Where are you getting an extra 20 grand for such a small amount? So I thought it was smart the way you did that, because I think he really wanted to get out. But the way you just assumed it, he came back to you, you know what I mean?

00:21:21:22 - 00:21:33:11

And to go ahead. He was going to say until you told him how much, you know, the average burial is going to cost when he when he does pass. So he knew he needed it. So.

00:21:33:23 - 00:22:06:23

Right. And then gave him the option. So he said the same the same one. So I just read that, as you know. Okay, so you want 20,000 more? Okay. So that's that's how I, you know, handle that. And everything is very assumptive. It's like, well, you know, you guys, that happens all the time where we're not sure where to go or they don't pick a plan. So being very assumptive like I almost always, especially with brand new clients, mention about how much it would cost if they're doing a traditional burial, I'll tell them that, you know, cremation, of course, would be a little bit cheaper. You know, approximately 75% or even half.

00:22:07:00 - 00:22:37:02

But I pick for them a lot. It's like, well, you know, I don't know. I want to, you know, speak to that. It's like, you know what? Let me like, let's not break the bank here. Let's make sure you have something. If you want to add to that in the future. Wonderful. So we're going to start with the 10,000. And I understand you bank with Chase, so I already put that discount in there. I do have their routing number right here. I am going to confirm that with you first and then you're going to read me the account. So if you want to grab a check, I'll begin working on your application.

00:22:38:17 - 00:23:08:18

And the reason I'm saying that I'm willing to work on your application because it gives me something to do. So they don't feel like, um, there's several reasons. Psychology. They don't feel like, you know, I'm just sitting there waiting, which makes them nervous and like, oh, you know, they feel like they have to rush. It also means that I'm, you know, subliminally telling them I'm going to fill out your application. So I do have something to do. I'm not sitting here just trying to get your account information just because I want it and I want to scam you or something like that.

00:23:08:20 - 00:23:16:01

I'm sitting here filling out this application because you're going to go grab your check and read that information to me, and then I'm going to get this policy out to.

00:23:18:19 - 00:23:19:13

Make sense?

00:23:20:05 - 00:23:20:20


00:23:23:08 - 00:23:53:15

And it really is a lot about that pick for them. Obviously, when you ask a question, you know, such as out of those plans, which one do you want to leave Deborah? Then you should shut up until they actually respond. I've waited for minutes and minutes. Feel like hours when you're sitting there just waiting. So don't don't talk through the clothes. Never do that because you have to. You have to close at some point. I do hear that a lot. Brand new agents, like they talk through the clothes and like, Oh, can you call me back? Sure.

00:23:53:17 - 00:24:13:08

Yeah. Yeah. What time? Like, no, I'm not calling you back. It's like I went over everything. You guys should feel like I went over everything correctly, and I went over it. Well, so them asking me to call them back is almost like an affront to me. It's like I am not calling you back when I just explained everything that you need to know to make this decision.

00:24:19:10 - 00:24:22:02

Questions, comments on any of that.

00:24:31:18 - 00:24:34:21

So that we tell them when they say, Can you call me back?

00:24:35:24 - 00:24:45:13

Is I'll just I'll tell many things like, well, if you, you know, can you call me back, you know, want to talk like, just give me the objections and then I'll just tell you what I would say.

00:24:47:23 - 00:24:49:17

Me give you an objection? I don't.

00:24:49:19 - 00:24:50:22

I don't care who gives it.

00:24:50:24 - 00:24:51:14


00:24:53:22 - 00:24:54:12

I want to.

00:24:54:14 - 00:24:57:07

Talk to somebody before even choose. Yeah. Yeah.

00:24:58:13 - 00:25:02:01

All right. And then the situation is talk to the beneficiary.

00:25:02:22 - 00:25:11:22

Something specifically worth you then would do it. I just something like that. So then you would just tell them that you're going to send everything out in the mail and they can look over it together. Right?

00:25:12:07 - 00:25:13:15

Right. So, um.

00:25:14:10 - 00:25:44:14

Who is somebody trying to speak to the meeting or they. Okay, so if they said something like that, like, I want to speak to my. My son. Uh, kind of the first thing I do almost in every situation, like, Oh, I want to speak to my son. Oh, I'm sorry. Do you almost say I'm sorry? Do you live with him? No. Like, if the answer is no, it's like, okay, so that gets rid of without me saying it, it's going to get rid of. Do you really have to talk to him? Like, I'm not going to say that because that's too confrontational. It's like, oh, do you live with your son? Okay. No.

00:25:44:16 - 00:26:16:14

So it's like, oh, okay. So you would need something to to show him to, you know, let him know what you went over with me and is that what you want? You want me to send you something in the mail? Yes, I'd like to. I'd like to review something like. Okay. Yeah, I mean, the way. And then I'll just be like, you know, the way it works, I'm going to get you applied and approved. I mean, obviously you can't buy this until you are approved for it. So when you receive it in the mail, I do want you to go over it with, you know, Stanley, and make sure that it is the right plan for you. Because if we need to make some adjustments, we should do that before the policy starts.

00:26:17:09 - 00:26:40:00

So let's go with the 10,000, because probably they didn't they didn't select one. So let's go. Uh, let's go with the 10,000. That's the one I'll send you. That should be more than enough to cover you. But if you guys decide that you want more coverage, of course I'll help you put that in place. So, like I said, I do have your banking information here if you want to grab that check. I do want to confirm that routing.

00:26:40:10 - 00:26:41:00


00:26:41:02 - 00:26:41:20

I'm not going to say no.

00:26:42:15 - 00:27:13:05

Oh yeah, sorry. Cartier unmuted. So then I will send that to you. And then you might have to loop them and like, okay, maybe I'm not explaining something. Like if they give me keep getting injections, maybe I'm not explaining something correctly. Let me go over this with you again. And it doesn't always have to be like talking about banking again. You can be like, okay, so you are going to get that terminal illness. You are going to have $10,000 in coverage If you guys use these rebuttal sheets and you're not sure how to do it, use these.

00:27:13:12 - 00:27:47:07

I've used these by just basically wanting to try them and they do work. So even I just have this open and this is in huge letters and they give me an objection. You know, I've already talked somebody don't do business. You know, want to talk. I want to think about it. Huge letters. Like I hear you, Bob. No one has more at stake about this decision than you like. Don't take that lightly. Let's go back over the process to make sure that it's the right decision for you and then just, you know, parentheses, just you just use the facts and discovery process to show why it's there.

00:27:47:09 - 00:28:17:17

Decision. And then if you get more pushback, just move on to the second one. But a lot of this with looping, make sure you go over the benefits again. You can talk about senior life services. Been in business for 50 years. Pioneer for 113. You know, they're both A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. And it just it just allows them to be more comfortable. It's not always about that. They want it. Of course, it's not that they want to talk to their son that lives in another state about protecting him.

00:28:18:11 - 00:28:39:17

You know, you can even go over, you know, I know what your son's going to say. He's going to send. Oh, don't worry about it, Dad. You know, I'll take care of it. But will he really or will he really want to? I could say that to my mom all day, but I don't want to come up with 20 grand, you know, hopefully a long time from now or 30 grand. You know, I'd prefer her to have some coverage and, you know, be able to help me out.

00:28:41:16 - 00:28:58:08

And one thing that I guess I guess Nate kind of touched on it in the morning meeting that Lorraine kind of told us about getting the check. Even when they're giving that objection, you tell them that it's coming out of their bank in 2 to 3 days and they still have that time to talk with their family. And you can still kind kind of try and shoot for the check with it.

00:29:00:00 - 00:29:00:18

On the top left.

00:29:00:20 - 00:29:03:20

I just thought that was really cool because it never occurred to me to do it like that.

00:29:05:01 - 00:29:35:18

And even it's even after they make their first payment, just so you guys don't know, there is a free look period. So it's like 30 days like they can have that money refunded, get it back. So it's like this is not like the biggest decision they're going to make. The more the more you make it seem easy and you know, it's not a big deal. The easier this will be. The more blasé or about it and just like yeah mean I know you want that protection I know you want to you know protect Becky and make sure that she's covered. So yeah let me get this out in the mail to you.

00:29:35:20 - 00:29:44:24

It's like, oh, don't give banking like it just keep, just keep doing the same thing. Like I loop somebody for 45 minutes once and ask for the banking eight times before they finally gave it to me.

00:29:49:21 - 00:29:54:24

When do you know it's a good time to stop looping and they're wasting your time. Eight times is a lot.

00:29:55:12 - 00:30:27:03

It is really a lot. That's like the that was just that was because somebody was listening to like four people were listening to me and I really wanted to make that sale. But, but actually, like, yeah, I mean, I had another one where everybody was listening to me and I didn't make that sale, but I did set the follow up. He's like, okay, like at the end I will be like, okay, so what I want you to write down now write down my name, my number, here's my insurance license number. Here's this or just straight up ask him. Like it's like, feel like there's a trust issue, Mr. Jones or Bob, don't use Mr.

00:30:27:05 - 00:30:57:24

Jones. Feel like there's a trust this year. Bob, are you on? What are you uncertain of? And then be like, oh, you know, this is over. And usually you finally get the answer. You want to get to the bottom of the real objection. It's like, okay, I've walked somebody over to the computer, a younger person, like, all right, so get on the computer I want and I'll be like, I want you to find my license number on your own. So Google Life insurance agent look up and, you know, they kind of found it themselves. All right. My last name is Coles with an eye behind it for the third.

00:30:58:01 - 00:31:01:15

And then they were able to find it and then immediately they gave up the social.

00:31:02:23 - 00:31:35:14

And one thing I got from a book that's like it's kind of standing on what you just said, like to find a the real objection is you'll ask. I implemented this too, and it got me 1 or 2 sales. It was. I'll ask. Okay. After looping them a few times, I'll ask, what is your biggest issue? Or like what is what's the biggest thing getting in the way right now? And they'll tell me something and then I'll ask. In addition to that, is there anything else? And then finally and then I've finally got, oh, I don't have enough money for it to start now.

00:31:35:20 - 00:31:47:03

I'm like, Well, okay, we don't have to start right now. And then it went through, right? You know, they are rarely ever gave the real injection anywhere near the first time.

00:31:47:17 - 00:32:18:24

Right? I mean, the first thing is, oh, I'm not interested. Like, is that a real objection? You've only said, Hey, my name's, uh, you know, Bob. And, you know, I'm going to go over these plans with you. Oh, I'm not interested, so that's okay. I mean, you know, it's just like, this is a courtesy. I'm just going to help you, you know, let you know what your options are, and then before you know it, you know, five minutes, and then you'll actually know if they really aren't interested. But we have to get past that, guys. You have to, like, blow that off completely. Just it's not it's not a it's a complaint, not an objection, and it's a knee jerk reaction.

00:32:19:01 - 00:32:47:13

If you can get past that, you'll increase your sales by 50%. Then you know the simple ones that nobody else is getting by because that's my favorite. My favorite about getting good at this is all those people that other agents were, you know, just letting go immediately. Those are the ones I'm going to get because I don't care about their initial objections. Like I'm just going to go right through it and pretend like they didn't say it half the time instead of addressing it and then just move on.

00:32:53:22 - 00:33:04:10

Yeah. And you were mentioning about looping back, I think I would just keep looping back till they hung up on me, you know, because that's where the. If you didn't do it that eight times, you would never got that sale, you know? Right.

00:33:04:12 - 00:33:38:02

And, um, some people use like, like, well we have a no callback clause that's pretty aggressive. Might call you back one time, but like the, the callback is going to be like when I call back, it's very simple. Like if somebody's actually really busy and you can hear a bunch of noise and unless you hear a bunch of noise, I'm not buying it. But if I heard a bunch of noise in the background, they're doing a bunch of stuff, but somehow they still picked up their phone like dummies. Um, then of course, I'll be like, All right, so when I call you back, we're going to talk about this life insurance plan. So I, you know, I'm very busy, so I will call you exactly at two.

00:33:38:14 - 00:34:09:11

If I'm on the phone, it might be a little bit after that, but it won't be far outside that window. But we're going to talk about life insurance and just want to make sure that. So this is the address. You know, I'm still confirming that information no matter what because you you need to tell me that when I call you back or at least confirm it with me when I call you back and this is an initial they want to get off the phone in the first five minutes, uh, that we're going to talk about insurance because I really want to make that clear because sometimes you tell them it's like, All right, so you do want life insurance. You do want you know, you do want help with this.

00:34:09:13 - 00:34:16:14

Oh, no. Then five minutes and no. Didn't really want that. Okay then. No, don't. Got to call you back even better. So then can just get off the phone.

00:34:18:16 - 00:34:19:21

Okay. So, Arnie, what.

00:34:19:23 - 00:34:20:20

About the ones.

00:34:20:21 - 00:34:29:10

That do set up the follow up call and you give them a call back? How likely are you able to close that cell at that particular time?

00:34:30:09 - 00:35:04:03

It all depends. I mean, if if I was able to get like I have rules with myself as far as like let's say I'm talking to Deborah, you know, she seems like she has to go at some point. I'm going through the presentation. I am going to collect as much information as possible. Like, I like if she can't find her banking, I still want her card number. If she can't find her banking, I still want her social. I want them to have some skin in the game like Lorraine. So if I can get them to give me their social, it's much more likely that they're going to answer the phone when I call again.

00:35:05:02 - 00:35:28:24

Even if it's even if it's they're worried that they gave a social to a stranger like they're going to they're just going to answer because like all right gave my social was doing. And then when you call back all of a sudden that makes them feel so much better because you called back and you really want to help them finish it. I mean, nobody's calling back if the whole goal was to get their social so they can, you know, pull out a loan or something like that.

00:35:31:01 - 00:35:32:17

Does that answer appropriately?

00:35:33:08 - 00:36:08:05

Yeah, pretty much, because I have similar situations with you. Well, if I'm going to give you a call back and I've been on the phone with you for at least 25 or 30 minutes, I need a social and a banking or a card like you stated. The thing with me is that they don't pick up the phone because of the obligation that they have, and we're closing. If you pick up the phone. So my issue is that when I do a follow up call, they just never pick up. And I can call several times that day throughout the week and even months.

00:36:08:07 - 00:36:38:13

And I've had a client where I've called for three years. Okay, guys, I know it's a bit drastic. Yeah. And they never picked up, but for one reason or another, they picked up and it's like, I've been calling you for years and it's like, Yeah, I've been seeing that you've been calling me. I just. I just wasn't ready. I said, okay, so I have everything. I don't need anything from you. Let's go ahead and close this and get the sale. You know, it's a bit drastic, guys, but it's worth it if it's a 2 or $300 sale to keep pressuring and going after it.

00:36:39:08 - 00:36:42:11

Okay. So yeah, that was pretty helpful. Arnie Thank you.

00:36:42:21 - 00:37:13:06

Yeah, especially just to piggyback off what you guys were saying to there is that whenever you get through a whole presentation, you know, you might, you've gathered so much information already to the point where you might already have the social or bits and pieces to where you go into that follow up call. You can relate to the call that Ernie played earlier because he had some of the information already. So when you're following up with someone, you'll have more information, you'll have more nodes, maybe the beneficiaries information, a lot more stuff to follow up when they do answer.

00:37:13:08 - 00:37:26:17

Finally, because I'm just like Miss Lorraine to where I followed up with people for years just because it's just a number to dial. So, you know, I'll set appointments back to back at the same time. If it's just, you know, follow ups for numbers to call.

00:37:28:11 - 00:38:08:09

And I used to have like a no callback close. Like, if it's really like they have all the information necessary, like they really do. Like, you can tell that they have all the information necessary. You can try this so or some variation of it. You can simply say it's like Bob, Actually, I wish I could call you back, but we actually have a no callback close like sorry, no callback policy. The reason for that is, you know, if people, you know, know they were talking to me and, you know, a daughter or spouse, whatever their beneficiary is, you know, sees that they wrote this information down and call me after and then they pass away.

00:38:08:11 - 00:38:39:20

Who are they going to blame? They're going to blame the agent. It's like so, you know, you can afford this, you want this. So why don't you just take it like and that's a little bit of a summation. But, you know, you can just say something like that. If it's one of those people that are on the cusp and you're just like, I don't care to set an appointment with this person, Like either I'm closing it or I'm not. You can say something like that, and then that'll find out also whether they're really interested and they're like, No, no, no, no, no. Mean no, please, please, please call me back and like, beg for the callback then of course.

00:38:39:22 - 00:38:53:21

Fine. Yeah. Then I'll set the appointment. If they're like, Oh, okay. Then it's like, well, you're just going to waste the next agent's time too, you know, I'm. I'm definitely marking. I'm not interested getting them out of my pool, get them out of my worries, my thoughts, and then just moving on.

00:39:04:02 - 00:39:19:14

All right. Well, guys, if there's no no other questions, nothing else, hopefully that was helpful. I do like doing these trainings, like daily. Mean we should do a monday through Friday because I just have fun with them. And if we can pick one thing that we learned, then it's, you know, it's gold. It's all gold.

00:39:22:11 - 00:39:24:10

Yes, it definitely helps. Ernie, thanks.

00:39:24:15 - 00:39:25:00

Thank you.

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