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AHL Application Submission Process

Watch the Full Video Here: AHL Application Submission Process

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Important to. All right, guys. So while we're in here, we're going to do a quick I'm just going to do a quick video because a lot of people don't know how to submit one of these. All right. So scroll to the very top.

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All right. Once you're enrolled here, you just have to follow that information, put all that information. The effective date will be whatever date the policy is actually going to start, like the first payment date, and then just answer these questions once you scroll down. Basically, guys, we're looking at how to submit a patriot. All right. So you see it says Patriot Series tiered final expense. That's the only one you should ever click on. So click on that. You did that scroll to the bottom.

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You have to put the benefit amount, click on the plan that you want, hit quote, and then add to Cart and then we can get to starting the enrollment. So let's start the enrollment.

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Its name was.

00:00:56:06 - 00:00:57:08

So I was struggling.

00:01:07:07 - 00:01:08:18

And Charlie struggling.

00:01:14:03 - 00:01:16:04

And will like I'm just showing you. We're just going to go through it.

00:01:18:01 - 00:01:21:13

That looks right. So, yes, there.

00:01:22:09 - 00:01:23:10

I know you.

00:01:25:24 - 00:01:52:00

Where's that? And I'll pause. Once we get to, like, social and banking and stuff. But okay, so what answer? So basically, these are all the health questions that are on the app that can be found in vanilla, soft under the tab, the Patriot tab. So all these answers are going to be no. Which answer was going to be yes? Like what's making him a standard COPD? Okay, so that's good. So yeah, so go to the top to start heading. No to everything until we get to that question.

00:01:53:16 - 00:01:54:15

Oh yeah.

00:01:56:18 - 00:01:57:17

And I'll get.

00:01:59:09 - 00:02:00:07

Have you ever seen one?

00:02:26:13 - 00:02:27:03


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The last one is. Yes, that a that last one. You just said no, is it? Yes, because that's the question. Okay. All right. You do have to hit check eligibility every time just to make sure that it lets you go forward.

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All right. So they will may qualify for the standard level plan. So we're not adding any children to this if you choose. Yeah. So if you choose to do this, then that's great. But right now we're not. So. No, no.

00:02:58:09 - 00:02:58:24


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We're not replacing anything. No, there's no current coverage. So, no, even if there was like, we're not replacing anything. So it's always. No. All right. So scroll to the bottom.

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And the last question says you can summarize the policy values. You don't want to go through that whole process so you can hit. No.

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All right. So if you have additional information, the underwriters will look at it over there at HL. So it's important to put that in if you do have it. So doesn't look like we're going to put anything here. So I'd hit next here. Yep.

00:03:40:04 - 00:03:42:19

Literally like a shovel. Wait, no.

00:03:43:16 - 00:03:47:21

Yeah. So that's. No, we're not doing a medicare supplement. We're not doing anything like that.

00:03:49:09 - 00:03:54:00

So you always when you're here at this section, you always click automatic premium loan.

00:03:55:18 - 00:04:06:04

You guys don't know what that means. It just takes whatever cash value they have in their policy and makes the payments for them in the event that they miss a payment. So a monthly effective date that all looks right. So I'd hit next.

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And it's just confirming this information. You can say, okay.

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All right. So this is where you put all the information in. So they don't ask. So go to the top. So they don't ask height and weight. If you don't if they were way out of target, then I wouldn't put it in. There is no height weight chart, but like if they're a normal healthy weight, it's not bad to put the height and weight. Yeah.

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And it's recording it. So he's recording. It shows that when when you stop recording so I can put the.

00:04:45:09 - 00:04:49:06

No, I'm gonna have you do that last just so I can stop recording. So go to address line.

00:04:50:10 - 00:04:51:12

No, no, no, no, no.

00:04:51:24 - 00:04:56:13

Just skip the social for now and just start right there at the address line.

00:04:57:17 - 00:05:01:11

And this was just in Old Town, Florida.

00:05:02:16 - 00:05:07:05

If you got two if you got two springs, you might want to just drag that tab over to the other screen.

00:05:09:19 - 00:05:14:03

Not no not not this tab because need that. See it but the vanilla soft.

00:05:16:12 - 00:05:18:11

As message.

00:05:20:08 - 00:05:24:15

Yeah, I'll make it a lot easier. Oh, yeah. Think. Think. You're forgetting the number.

00:05:26:23 - 00:05:27:21

Proton Road.

00:05:29:19 - 00:05:34:21

No, I think you're forgetting the number. You can't just put Old Town. That's not going to go anywhere. What's the street address?

00:05:36:02 - 00:05:36:21

Oh, yeah.

00:05:38:22 - 00:05:42:22

No, no, no. Start. Start that. Like that. Delete all that and put ten. Eight.

00:05:43:16 - 00:05:44:07

Yeah, you got. You got.

00:05:44:09 - 00:05:45:15

It. That's the street address. Yep.

00:05:47:01 - 00:05:47:23

A north.

00:05:48:00 - 00:05:48:15


00:05:50:16 - 00:05:51:20

One idea of.

00:05:54:01 - 00:05:54:16


00:05:58:04 - 00:05:58:24

And watch on.

00:06:03:23 - 00:06:04:13

What's on.

00:06:05:09 - 00:06:07:09

Slaughter? No town is the city.

00:06:07:16 - 00:06:09:08

Yeah. Yeah. You gotta put that in the city.

00:06:11:09 - 00:06:12:21

Why am I doing this all wrong, bro?

00:06:21:19 - 00:06:22:09

While you're.

00:06:27:12 - 00:06:28:10

Well, get out of my.

00:06:30:18 - 00:06:32:04

You're not my space boy.

00:06:34:09 - 00:06:35:06

That's not right.

00:06:40:09 - 00:06:43:09

All right. And then phone number. You don't need the email address.

00:06:44:13 - 00:06:45:21

His personal phone number.

00:06:46:05 - 00:06:48:12

Their phone number? Yeah. Okay.

00:06:59:20 - 00:07:09:09

I'm gonna scroll down. Uh, if only if it's different, but it's probably not. Yeah. Then you need at least one run primary beneficiary.

00:07:10:14 - 00:07:12:17

Uh. I.

00:07:14:13 - 00:07:16:00

I think it was just wife.

00:07:19:02 - 00:07:22:17

Gonna be the last one. It's an alphabetical. Oh.

00:07:25:12 - 00:07:26:07


00:07:30:05 - 00:07:30:20


00:07:34:03 - 00:07:34:18


00:07:43:00 - 00:07:46:02

So what? Nutrition security now?

00:07:46:09 - 00:07:49:00

No. If it's not highlighted, you don't need it.

00:07:50:08 - 00:07:50:23


00:07:53:10 - 00:07:54:04

Just 100.

00:07:54:12 - 00:07:59:17

Yep. Is there. Is there any other beneficiaries? No. Okay. I don't know.

00:08:00:22 - 00:08:03:16

What his address because I don't know what she is. Yeah.

00:08:03:18 - 00:08:13:14

You're in general with. You're going to put the insureds address because they often are not going to know the address of different people. This is his wife. This is his wife, though, So I'm sure they live together.

00:08:17:21 - 00:08:20:11

880 North east.

00:08:28:15 - 00:08:30:09

Mm. Hold on.

00:08:36:15 - 00:08:37:11

So go to.

00:08:38:23 - 00:08:47:03

Yeah. So, I mean, the app is pretty self-explanatory. I mean, even if you've never seen it before, you probably figure it out. But again, yeah, I'd put his phone number.

00:08:48:20 - 00:09:18:09

Same thing. Like if don't have like, I'm not going to ask these questions about the all your, your beneficiaries phone numbers and all that. And like in general, I'm not going to do that. So it's like you're always going to put that so that the owners, the owner so you do not you can put no to that and then you don't have to fill this information out because you have to go to the top and like, All right, so what do you wish to add? No, you'd put no there. But so after he goes security. Yeah, you'll go to the top and put the social in.

00:09:20:09 - 00:09:25:05

Right. Okay. So after he went up and put the social in and then we're going to go next.

00:09:28:06 - 00:09:32:20

All right. So that's going to happen almost every time. Ignore. You can pretty much ignore it. You can just hit Proceed.

00:09:34:12 - 00:09:42:09

It's almost the exact same address. Don't worry about that one. We're not going to save that. And then put the routing number. Yeah, put the routing number in first.

00:09:43:18 - 00:09:45:16

I got to look it up again. I don't have it.

00:09:46:15 - 00:09:47:06


00:09:47:20 - 00:09:49:06

Let me see your suncoast.

00:09:51:11 - 00:10:04:01

So basically he just put in the routing and it automatically pops up with the Suncoast Bank. So he'd hit checking account here. And then he would put the account number in. I'll pause that while he does that.

00:10:07:12 - 00:10:22:01

After you hit that, put that information in, guys, and hit ADD, it's going to pop up down here. So the routing number was correct. So you're good to go there. You can delete it if you need to change it, But of course, you should never it should be right the first time. So we're going to do payment method.

00:10:23:19 - 00:10:27:19

It measured feet or is he getting it on Social Security?

00:10:28:13 - 00:10:29:13


00:10:29:15 - 00:10:31:06

Okay. So hit spelling.

00:10:31:21 - 00:10:33:10

Because he's going to go to his big account and.

00:10:34:14 - 00:10:51:06

Yeah, so it's going to default here to draft initial premium upon a policy approval. In this situation, he doesn't want that. He wants it to start on the policy effective date. That is the very first date you put in when you started this application. So that was five three. So it's going to start on five three.

00:10:51:11 - 00:10:52:12

So account numbers.

00:10:52:18 - 00:10:59:23

Yep, just click on it. That'll be the one that you're using. And, and it sounds like he gets a third of each month. So third Social Security date.

00:11:01:15 - 00:11:03:20

Oh, isn't that what he said?

00:11:03:23 - 00:11:05:06

Yeah, he's on the third.

00:11:05:18 - 00:11:07:02

Okay, then you can hit next.

00:11:10:00 - 00:11:12:24

All right. This is just nonsense. You can close this. We don't split any commissions.

00:11:14:16 - 00:11:21:09

You don't need the state license for most things. You can go to send policy document to obviously the applicant, not yourself,

00:11:24:09 - 00:11:25:13

and then you can hit next.

00:11:27:04 - 00:11:37:01

That's only if you need notes. But in this situation it sounds like he's got COPD and they should improve them with COPD. All right. So you don't need to upload anything. So if you scroll down a little bit.

00:11:39:16 - 00:11:41:08

You can start the signature process.

00:11:43:13 - 00:11:55:05

All right. So the security question is what we're going to use the most common almost what we're going to use. It's every time you use the security questions, the easiest way to sign these applications. So what did he pick? Java.

00:11:56:06 - 00:12:03:23

So first I get I got them for Gerber, right? So he did pick anything, but I can use the state he was born in.

00:12:04:22 - 00:12:07:10

Okay, go click on the security questions, which is.

00:12:07:12 - 00:12:09:11

Greenville right here.

00:12:09:17 - 00:12:29:10

The city he's born in. Yeah. So if you do, that's one of the questions. So you can use city we're born in. So click on that one and you can give him the options. Guys, you don't have to. I usually just say, What's your mother's maiden name? Because that's something everybody remembers, or What's your father's middle name? So yeah, that that works too. But this is also an easy one. So I agree to terms and conditions.

00:12:32:00 - 00:12:33:08

Oh, okay.

00:12:33:17 - 00:12:35:00

Right. Great. Turn condition.

00:12:35:08 - 00:12:37:04

Apply his signature.

00:12:40:20 - 00:12:46:08

And now it's time for yours. So you go to. I agree to terms and conditions apply. Agent Signature.

00:12:49:14 - 00:12:55:11

And then submit application. This isn't actually submitted like completely. So you go to the next screen here.

00:12:57:07 - 00:13:03:24

I mean, it's submitted, guys, but you might as well check the underwriting so you can figure it out. So check auto underwriting. It'll automatically do it for you.

00:13:05:23 - 00:13:11:21

And it will load. It'll take a second. I'll save you guys the trouble of how slow it is. I will pause it for a minute.

00:13:13:23 - 00:13:17:18

All right, guys. So it's about done with the auto underwriting.

00:13:17:23 - 00:13:18:20

Appreciate you, man.

00:13:21:15 - 00:13:27:23

Stephen acting more of a coach to me than Moses. More than recruiting Moses. Man, that's crazy, right?

00:13:28:03 - 00:13:38:24

Okay, so it's about to get the decision. All right. So it says check underwriting after one minute. Sometimes it's going to happen. So I'll pause this in 53 seconds. We'll be able to check it again.

00:13:41:09 - 00:13:48:14

Okay. So basically we have to hit it again. So check the auto underwriting again. And I will save you guys the time.

00:13:50:09 - 00:14:20:18

Okay, guys, So it's done finally. And it should hopefully give us a decision this time. Okay, So the applicant has been declined. So what you guys would do in this situation is there is A18 hundred number that you can call or it's actually a decline number. I will give it to you here. It's 833. 5040334. So let's call that number together. Let me. Let me do this real quick.

00:14:20:20 - 00:14:30:01

Um, I'm going to. Share my sound and we're going to hack in together. All right. So go ahead and I'll give you the number to dial.

00:14:32:01 - 00:14:32:23

Yeah. What's the number?

00:14:33:01 - 00:14:38:08

It is 833504.

00:14:41:01 - 00:14:42:14


00:14:46:14 - 00:14:48:06

So, yeah, so call them.

00:14:53:22 - 00:15:03:04

Thank you for calling the American Home Life Insurance Company. This call will be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. Please. And to.

00:15:03:06 - 00:15:05:08

Avert your your sound is shared right.

00:15:05:19 - 00:15:07:18

For the next available representative.

00:15:07:20 - 00:15:08:16

Your sound is shared.

00:15:08:18 - 00:15:17:03

Please listen carefully as there may be changed. If you're a policyholder or member. So after, say, one.

00:15:17:05 - 00:15:18:13

I'm coming over, let's make sure because I.

00:15:18:19 - 00:15:26:07

Provider pressor say two. If you are an agent, press or say three three, you are an applicant. Hey, three, three.

00:15:26:22 - 00:15:27:13

Thank you so.

00:15:27:15 - 00:15:32:18

Much for services. Please listen carefully as our prompts have recently changed, so.

00:15:32:20 - 00:15:33:13

Pay attention to what you.

00:15:33:15 - 00:15:44:00

Say to ensure the highest quality service to you. To expedite service, please have your writing numbers available. You can make a selection at any time you need.

00:15:44:02 - 00:15:44:17

Me call them.

00:15:45:17 - 00:16:01:18

For login issues, password resets or registering with the agent website, press two for help with a new enrollment declined application or pending application, press three for support with an active Medicare.

00:16:03:06 - 00:16:22:08

For help creating an electronic application on the quote and enroll tool press or say one for help with a declined application or medical guidelines press or say two for help with a pending application for help with a declined application press or say one one for help with medical guides.

00:16:22:10 - 00:16:24:04

So three, two, one basically looks like.

00:16:27:14 - 00:16:30:17

Then you're just going to give them the. You want the reason?

00:16:30:19 - 00:16:34:02

Hello, This is Camille. You've reached underwriting. How can I help you?

00:16:35:02 - 00:16:36:11

Hi. How you guys doing?

00:16:37:16 - 00:16:38:16

Wonderful. How are you.

00:16:38:18 - 00:16:39:12

Doing? I'm doing.

00:16:39:14 - 00:16:43:09

Good. I just submitted an application and it was declined.

00:16:45:07 - 00:16:47:20

All right. Thank you. Policy number, please.

00:16:48:09 - 00:16:50:04

The policy number is.

00:16:53:10 - 00:17:04:16

What? All right. So I'm with you now because this is his first app. With this or so it's AMH. 6206720.

00:17:06:23 - 00:17:10:20

Could you state that, please? There's background noise. I didn't hear it. Repeat that, please.

00:17:10:22 - 00:17:18:05

Yeah, I'm on the phone with you now. It's AMH 6206720.

00:17:18:22 - 00:17:21:05

Oh, Thank you so much. Oh, please.

00:17:23:12 - 00:17:24:02


00:17:31:11 - 00:17:34:12

All right. And the applicant's name?

00:17:35:04 - 00:17:37:11

Charlie. Charlie Strickland.

00:17:37:13 - 00:17:42:23

Thank you. Thank you. Charlie, I hear that you're on the line. Charlie, would you please state your date of birth?

00:17:43:11 - 00:17:46:15

Oh, this is his upline. This is Ernest.

00:17:46:19 - 00:17:47:12


00:17:47:17 - 00:17:49:17

All right. I'm helping him call.

00:17:51:08 - 00:17:54:22

Okay. Thank you. But Charlie needs to say this. Date of birth.

00:17:55:05 - 00:17:57:05

510, 1951.

00:17:57:13 - 00:17:58:03


00:17:58:08 - 00:18:06:21

Thank you. And, Charlie, I understand that you called me and your. Your your agent or whatever is on the line. Is it okay to continue? Yes.

00:18:06:23 - 00:18:07:13


00:18:07:24 - 00:18:24:03

Okay. Because you're asking for a decline reason, and that's health question. So I do have to have your permission hit the laws. And you have stated that it is okay to give you the reason for the decline, which is a health issue. You had a cardiac defibrillator inserted, is that correct?

00:18:24:07 - 00:18:26:03

Yes, Correct. Yes.

00:18:26:11 - 00:18:30:11

All right. That is a decline for the whole life application.

00:18:30:18 - 00:18:31:17

At any time.

00:18:32:18 - 00:18:33:17

Any time. Yes, it.

00:18:33:19 - 00:18:34:09


00:18:34:17 - 00:18:36:24

Okay. Well, thank you so much. You really appreciate the help.

00:18:37:22 - 00:18:40:10

Thank you. You all have a good day. Bye bye.

00:18:46:02 - 00:19:13:04

Okay. So a defibrillator was placed in. So we got to call the client and ask them when that was put in, because that will just that will decide like where we're going to go from here. So that got a little, uh, defibrillator. Um, so that got a little off the rail. So if you're going to do that, you can call usually you can just call with a decline and then they'll tell you what's up. You don't necessarily have to have a client on the phone, don't know what she was talking about, but I've done it before. But that's how you do that. So now we're just got to basically we have the answer. It's a defibrillator.

00:19:13:06 - 00:19:14:08

Any you want to call with me?

00:19:14:12 - 00:19:19:13

Yeah, I'm gonna call it with you, But let me finish this up. So, you know, it's a defibrillator, so.

00:19:19:19 - 00:19:20:15


00:19:20:18 - 00:19:30:17

Yeah. So they put it in for a defibrillator? Yep. So I'm. This'll wrap up this session later. Like, how to. How to submit the application. So I'll stop that for now.

Watch the Full Video Here: AHL Application Submission Process

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