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Team Meeting
Brand new to insurance?
Tired of hypothetical sales training?
Looking to handle your
real clients’ real objections?
Look no further than
The Greatest Of All Teams
sales training platform. 
Curated by expert salesman Ernest Kohls, G.O.A.T. training gives you access to live sales call reviews, expert underwriting training, and many more sales training topics specifically tailored to the final expense agent who sells via the phone. 


Stop getting your sales training from people who haven't sold a policy in years! Ernest is not only the leader of a team of agents doing over 1 million a year in team production, but also a top personal producer within the company submitting over $80,000 in personal annualized premium in his best month. 

The call reviews you’ll have access to are from actual agents on team G.O.A.T. They include calls that resulted in sales, as well as calls that did not, alongside commentary from Ernest himself about what went right—-and/or what went wrong. Team G.O.A.T. is always growing, which means new call reviews and training are uploaded multiple times a week. 

Absorb and apply the valuable training on this platform, and you too can become one of the GOATS!

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